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Blood+: The Blood that Bonds

Blood+: The Blood that Bonds


Years ago a war raged between twins. After this war a new rivalry began between the offspring of the earlier and now deceased twin. Now after yet another happened another twin dead again a war has begun between sisters who are also queens of chiropterans.

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Many years ago twins girls were born. One lived a nice life in a nice house with a nice man. She had everything she could've ever wanted while her sister whom she didn't know about lived locked away in a tower barely fed and not really cared for. All of this for the purpose of science to see how each could live in both situations. Once the first twin discovered the exsistince of her twin she made the biggest mistake of her life and she released her twin thinking her twin would sing for the man that took her in. How mistaken she was. After looking for a present for the man's birthday and causing harm to her only friend she came home to see the mansion aflame. It was her twin that slaughtered everyone and set the fire before leaving and causing trouble. Many years after that the two met in a war with the murderous and mother twin dead while her own twin girls were born. The aunt of the new twins instead of killing them then herself spared them and had her adoptive brother take there of them when she fell into a thirty year sleep.

Soon the remaining and eldest twin faced her own demise at the hands at one of her sister's chevaliers that wished to free her of her misery and did so. The deceased younger twin, Diva's, twins had grown up loving each other but that all changed when one twin killed their 'uncle' Kai. History repeated itself as one twin gave birth to sisters who surprisingly were born they were fraternal female twins. The girls had been alive for two days when their mother was killed just like Diva by her own twin. Instead of just one dying both died the same night. So the young infants were taken but seperated. One was taken by one of Diva's chevaliers while the other taken by Haji whom was the first chevalier their great aunt and Diva's twin ,Saya.

Now only one of the new twins know of the other and the same one knows what they actually are. One resembles their grandmother Diva in many ways as she has already a few chevaliers and knows along with embraces what she is and knows of her queen status while the younger one is unknown to what she really is or what happened in the past.

Things you need to know

Queens: In any given generation, there are always two Queens, who are female twins born from one of the last Queens, and they are naturally antagonistic with one another. The current queens are only awake for a few years and sleep for 30 years but something with the new ones is different. They are awake for a longer time span and have a long sleep for only a few years. They also do not age after about the age of 16.

Queens have enhanced speed, strength, and endurance that surpasses those of their chevaliers and other chiropterans. All other chiropterans are born of the blood of Queens, either through the queen's own efforts or human experimentation. Their blood can also crystallize and destroy any chiropteran of any level that was created by their sister queen. Queens are believed to be able to defeat their chevaliers due to their enhanced abilities as shown by Diva when she defeated and nearly killed Solomon after a short time with him having grave injuries while she sustained none whatsoever from the engagement.

When a Queen becomes pregnant with the next generation of Queens, her blood will lose its dangerous qualities. A queen can only be impregnated by a chevalier created by her sister queen, ensuring the purity of the species is maintained. But there seems to be a specific part of the reproduction cycle in which a Queen will either feed off of a person so they are turned into a chevalier in order to survive or sense the other Queen's chevaliers and the one that she wants to reproduce with. As well due to the Queen being the originals of the race, the chevalier cannot do anything against her while the process begins with her eyes glowing their respective color to paralyze him through a blood reaction leaving him defenseless.

Process of Elimination

The twin Queens are the only dangers for each other as each of them can die by the others blood. This method of death is only viable if neither Queen has become impregnanted, a process that would cause the blood to no longer become lethal to the other Queen. As well the possibility of taking out the heart completely from the body and crushing it or beheading could be an effective method as well but due to the Queen's high level of fighting skills this becomes exceedingly difficult as the two tend to be equally matched in all areas of ability.

Chevaliers: When the chiropteran progenitor (queen) herself, transfuses her blood into a human, the human will turn into a chevalier. It requires direct transfusion i.e. mouth-to-mouth transfusion of blood. The process might also require the human losing most of his blood before receiving the queen's; as in case of most chevaliers - Hagi and Solomon. How Amshel became a chevalier is yet unknown. A powerful bond exists between each chevalier and the Queen that sired them, compelling the chevaliers to serve and protect her at all costs.

  • Chevaliers have even greater speed, strength and endurance than regular chiropterans.
  • Though they retain the appearance in body form and age that they had when they were transformed, chevaliers have vast shape-shifting abilities. They can transform into unique forms resembling regular chiropterans, either entirely or limited to specific body parts, and can transform into the humans they have fed upon.
  • They heal instantly from almost any non-lethal wound, though severe wounds will temporarily cause an increase in their need for blood.
  • Chevalier blood can provide their respective queens with chiropteran energy. If intaken by a queen in her human form, it can rouse the chiropteran in her. It can also awake hibernating queen, if injected in her body.

Process of Elimination
  • As with regular chiropterans, chevaliers can be killed with the blood of the opposite queen; however, the crystallization takes longer and it is possible to prevent death by removing the crystallizing body parts.
  • A chevalier can also be killed by beheading or burning their whole body. This process can be adopted by the queen who made the chevalier since it does not require blood power.

Chiropterans: Regular chiropterans can be created from the blood of a queen. So far in the anime, Diva's blood is used to create most of the chiropterans. However, unlike the process of creating chevaliers, creating chiropterans takes indirect injection of queen's blood. The blood is first taken from the queen. This is either injected into live human bodies or manipulated into delta particles which are used in all cinq fleches products. The consumption of the products lead to gradual transformation into a chiropteran. The process can be sped up with using enhancement like Diva's voice. Partial transformation can take place as well, e.g. in case of Mui. Sometimes, receiving scar injury from chiropterans might also lead to partial transformation

They generally possess extraordinary speed, strength, and supernatural healing abilities. They are also capable of contorting and transforming various body parts, in-order to fly, or have longer limbs. Higher level chiropterans have the ability to disguise themselves as ordinary humans.
Chiropterans can heal almost instantly from most wounds. Thus, bullets are non-lethal and only capable of slowing them down. Explosives as well prove to be inaffective and/or non-leathal. However, if buried or sealed inside stone they will go into hibernation until freed.

Process of Elimination

Ironically, the blood of queen is also the primary method of killing them. When the blood of another queen is introduced into a chiropteran's bloodstream, it starts a crystallizing chain-reaction that destroys them. Thus, chiropterans created from Diva's blood can be killed by Saya's blood, and vice versa. Another way to eliminate a chiropteran is by the use of decapitation even though it is believed not to be a viable method for humans but it does give a much higher chance of success than the use of bullets. As well blood loss is another method without blood the Chiropteran's strength, speed and healing capabilties are greatly diminishes allowing bullets to be more effective than pervious.

Cinq Flèches: Cinq Flèches is a pharmaceutical company owned by the Goldsmiths, who are a branch of the Goldschmidt family. The five chevaliers of Diva are in this faction.

Cinq Flèches is also active in other industries, operating hundreds of companies, including food production, the high-tech industry, and military contracts. The group even has influential contacts within the United States government. Amshel holds the power of attorney of the company and owns the research faculty as well as patronizing the other faculties. Solomon headed the company as the most successful CEO. But after his betrayal, Amshel appoints Van Argiano as the new CEO of Cinq Flèches. Karl is the chairperson of Le Lycèe Des Cinq Flèches (High School of the Five Arrows) in Vietnam and James presides the faculty regarding military contracts.

Consuming the products of this company cause humans to turn into chiropteran when hearing The older queen's songs. And the chances increase from 30% to 100% if the song is heard in person or through live broadcast.

The Schiff: The Schiff are soldiers created by a group of scientists led by Dr. Boris under the sponsorship of Amshel Goldsmith. They are created using The new older queen's blood. Trained only for fighting, they mostly know no other way of living or of getting what they want except by force. However, they are deeply attached to each other.

Abilities/ Defects
Like chevaliers and chiropterans, the Schiff have enhanced speed and strength, and must drink blood to survive. However they are different in two key ways: sunlight will burn them to death, and they form a condition they call "Thorn" that causes them to slowly crystallize. It initially manifests itself as red cracks that usually appear on the neck, spreading along the body until the afflicted Schiff shatters completely.

The Red Shield is an organization dedicated to killing the older new queen and Chiropterans. The organization was started by the grandchildren of/after Joel Goldschmidt he as well as all the living members at the Zoo were slaughtered by Diva.
Leadership of the Red Shield is passed down from father to son, with the current leader being Joel Goldschmidt VIII. Many of its members have endured tragic encounters with chiropterans in the field and all members of the Red Shield carry an item containing a piece of red crystal taken from the crystallized body of destroyed chiropteran.

According to the Blood+ light novels, the organization's name is taken from the idea that the members are Saya's shield of blood, incapable of killing chiropterans themselves but were willing to die to protect Saya and are now willing to die for the younger queen.

The Characters

The new Queens


Name: Katherine Tachibana | Age: 16 (Is actually older)| Role: The younger queen | Status: Taken by me

Name: | Age: 16 (Is actually older)| Role: The older queen | Status: Reserved

The Chevaliers


Name: Hagi | Age: 140+ | Role Saya's chevalier and one of Katherine's protector | Status: (May become NPC if not taken.)

Name: | Age: 17 (Really 20+)| Role: Katherine's first Chevalier | Status: Open

Name: | Age: 18 (Really 20+)| Role: Katherine's second Chevalier | Status: Open

Name: | Age: 18 (Really 20+)| Role: Katherine's third Chevalier | Status: Open

Name: | Age: 16 (Really 20+)| Role: The older queen's first Chevalier | Status: Open

Name: | Age: 19 (Really 20+)| Role: The older queen's second chevalier | Status: Open

Name: | Age: 17 (Really 20+)| Role: The older queens third chevalier | Status: Open

(More characters except queens may be added if requested.)

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Toggle Rules

1: This is meant to have cursing, mentions of sex, and mentions of drugs and alcohol but sexual scenes are meant to fade to black after a certain point.
2: Fighting is of course allowed between characters but it is not to be taken to OOC so be respectful to everyone.
3: No Mary/Gary Sues!
4: Humor is of course allowed but some dark topics aren't meant to be humored in ooc.
5: Let me know in either a pm or in ooc if you are not able to post for a while.
6: Be as literate as possible! I'm not asking for each post to be five hundred words as long as there are no one-liners and it is descriptive I'm fine with post-length.
7: Password to reserve a character is your favorite color. More canon characters may be added if requested.
8: Have fun!

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