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Al Vaccardo

Use my casino...its great...and if you dont...youll wake up in a coffin.

0 · 128 views · located in Chicago 1921

a character in “Blood Vendetta's”, originally authored by Fallout Decree, as played by RolePlayGateway


Italy's Mafia

So begins...

Al Vaccardo's Story


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Alex woke up with the Feeling of wicker under him. The Snapping of fingers could faintly be heard as Alex Began to open his eyes. "Wake up" A man stood there in a Tuxedo with a red tie, but every thing was incredibly blurry and Alex had no idea where he was. "h-huh? where am I?" he murmmered as he woke. "Somewhere Where no one can hear your screams, so don't even try" the man said as he stood up from kneeling down. "who, who are you?" Alex asked ask he attempted to stand up from the chair, but was tied to it and all he could do is struggle. "When I know I can trust you, ill tell you but first..." The man Swung his hand in a left hook, nailing Alex in the Cheek. Alex looked back up at the man, with his Bruised left cheek.. "nice hook, you box?" Alex said as he attempted to escape the rope tying him to the chair. "before my father sent me here from Italy, ya" the man said. Alex chuckled as he gave up his struggle. "no way out I guess" he said as he looked up at the man. "your damn right, we caught you trying to steal a few bucks from our safe...your family, they must be dirt poor" said the man as he walked around the chair "Dirt's probably got more money than us.." Alex said while looking back down. "well you did a good job stealing from our safe...which means you could be useful to us..." the man cut the ropes holding Alex to the chair. Alex put his arms forward and rubbed his wrists "as long as I get paid with valuable items...or cash" Alex smiled "oh you'll get cash if you accept, 50,000 Dollars" the man said as he helped Alex up "I've already accepted" Alex said while reaching his hand out for a shake. The man shook his hand "I am Al Vaccardo, Leader of the Italian Mafia...and you are?" Al asked "Alex king, the poorest kid in the world" Alex said chuckling. "you're under my protection now kid your part of us, your...a brother" Al said pulling his hand back. "thank you Mr. Al" Alex said pulling his hand back and turning to the door "wait, Alex, do you have a gun?" Al asked as he grabbed something from the table behind him "my father has 38. that i'm going to inherit when I get older, but otherwise no "Alex said as he turned around "well here then" Al handed him a rifle "Don't lose this, you'll have to get rounds ya self but it should do" "Thank you" Alex said As he grabbed the rifle and walked out the door.