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Preston Vyse

Gone away; just not far enough.

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a character in “Blood Which Binds Us”, as played by Riareous


ForeBearers' Pet


Name: Preston Vyse

Nickname(s): Vyse

Age: 24

Birthday: 17th August 1988

Bloodtype: AB-

Place of Origin: Ohio

Performing music - specifically in a function
The Human life - the blissfully ignorant and un-involved
Bright sunny days - breathing the cool breeze
Card games - Preston has quite the repertoire of games under his belt
Sleep - preferably at night
Dancing - always partial to the oldies and the flair they give
The arts - most forms of expression connect with Preston

The dark - but Preston is taking steps to adjust
Teeth - specifically the fanged sort
Racists - he's endured his fair share
Grease - food with too much in doesn't sit well
Dead bodies - after seeing his wife...

The responsible of his wife's death - though he would still act
Becoming a Prisoner
Whatever other magical beings may prowl - it's put a lot into question for Vyse

The baby within his wife died that day too. He liquidated his house and assets days after the incident and has funded a vampire-hunter duo to track the responsible fallen vampires down, a contact also helps train Preston during the day. He has a younger brother, Maxwell Vyse who has almost shadowed Preston's history a year behind until Preston got engaged.

Preston's natural stance is to be polite, and though his internal reflex mechanisms still default to this etiquette, Preston has lost the peripheral "chipper" which had previously exuberated his presence. Inside the Preston's mind the wheels of emotion drive him, causing an almost unexacerbatable determination towards vengeance. His outward expressions show no sign of this hidden turmoil he has been subjected to.
The daylight hours where he can be caught in a cover song or distracted by minuscule "human" things bring Preston the most peace; the tiniest fulfillment of his soul.
He would never show it, but Preston is weary, the new life is difficult to adjust to and strenuous but at the same time Preston is growing, developing, though a little more callous than he ought.
Preston isn't the type to act rash in normal situations and prefers to adorn to role of the diplomat, of course he has one known agenda.
When Preston isn't so encompassed with the vampire war, he can even reveal a cheekier, and genuine smilier side, with jokes - real jokes.

Born to Mary and Peter Vyse in 1988, he grew up in a skewed version of the modern world. Preston was enrolled in a British etiquette boarding school for boys where he learnt to dance and appreciate the older fancies of the 20th century. Trained in classical guitar from 6 he excelled in musical comprehension and soon played prominent parts in the schools orchestra, later taking his music abilities on to university. Uni life was an eye opener and he felt disjointed at first, struggling to fit in. Joining a function band mistaking the ad for an orchestra he trialed contemporary music. The function didn't take off quite as well as expected by some members and soon the lead singer was replaced by Preston, which is where Uni life changed. He was a hit in Ohio and ventured sometimes into Michigan for shows, becoming quite the womanizer.
Jane changed everything for Preston, the cat and mouse was reversed and Preston had to re-learn his gentleman-self. Courting Jane, settling for a job in Vibe - a music instrument store, and leading a function band sufficed for Preston and he got lucky that she eventually conceded to his efforts.
During their first vacation (travelling south), they were surprised to find they were greeted with varying degrees of passive and aggressive hostility due to Jane's African ancestry. They cut their expedition short and flew to Paris instead, the experience only strengthened their relationship.
Four months prior to the present, Jane was murdered. It was under the most suspect of conditions, her life was drained out of her by someone sucking her blood. Preston attempted to intercede but was thrown across their abode, breaking 3 ribs, his wrist and winding him; he could only watch until she no longer struggled and was dropped to the floor. He awaited his own death closing his eyes and only thinking of Jane, but the bitter relief never came and and when he opened his eyes some time later there was only him and the dead body of his wife.
He has since ruthlessly sought out the creature responsible and uncovered the truth. THAT VAMPIRES EXIST. It didn't stop there and has willing subjected himself to the thirst of the vampires who live without killing humans, in hopes of avenging his lost love.


Anything Else:
Preston has a large tattoo up his arm which he uses to cover up vampire bites - it's of a keyboard, a new instrument he's learning.

So begins...

Preston Vyse's Story

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[OOC: The day leading to recent events]

The air clutched in soothing waves, neutralising the sun’s early glare. For some reason Preston had become unusually sensitive to the globes bright touch, often just an hour absent shade meant his skin would glow, he sighed, It must be rubbing off on me.
He wasn’t in his accustomed attire today, a tight blue sports shirt and black shorts adorned his body along with trainers. The comfort these items provide irked Preston but he ignored urge to change; suits aren’t advisable during exercise. Warming up Preston push forward and breathing deeply in, then out. His brown eyes piercing ahead marked out the day’s route and a bead of sweat appeared at his hair line, as the building he’d emerged from disappeared behind him.
It was far too late to react when a wooden pole thrust out of a bush along the paths edge, Preston found himself face eating the soil in less than seconds. “The problem is, you have no intuition,” a grisly voice commented from behind the foliage, “You see the world as it is without change,” the voice continued revealing itself to belong to an aged man in black and grey combats; Preston squinted, cupping his mouth and nose. “But the world does change,” he said bending down on his knees as Preston spat rolling onto his back, “it’s a stream of colours, each colour a different possibility,” the man grumbled down at Preston, “And at night the colours become shades, you have to see these actions… Or they’ll seize you.”
The man regained his height and turned pacing away. Gyial! Preston removed a handkerchief from his front pocket and after sitting up he proceeded to blow his nose; he took a second and wiped his mouth. Blood. Fantastic. Rising to his feet he shakily stepped over the pole and moved to catch up with Gyial who had found a green clearing and was removing items from a black travel bag.
Reaching the man Preston began to speak, ”Could we focus less on the cloak and…” but he was cut off before he could finish with a glove to the stomach. A loud crack could be heard coming from where the glove impacted Preston and he crippled in agony to his knees crying out. At least two ribs had been cracked by Gyial’s assault, one had fractured puncturing skin but Gyial didn’t hesitate, he swung the other fist into Preston’s face and Preston was floored for second time in minutes.
“Why?” Gyial responded after Preston failed to produce the question, blood now flowing from Preston’s mouth. “You failed, that’s why.” The man removed his gloves and let them drop down; they hit the floor with a thump. Bricks. Lined with… “Where’s the pole Preston?” Gyial asked, “Left behind. Like your life.”

Preston walked back along the trail, his shirt and face smattered in blood and dirt. I don’t understand Gyial, Preston thought, disconcerted. Gyial had been like that since the word go; traps, tests, surprises and brutality were all common themes and Preston bitterly recalled his initial meeting, Lost my favourite tie to that villain. Vampire blood coursed through Preston and Gyial had done an expert job at forcing Preston’s rib back in at the expense of Preston’s pain threshold. Next time, Preston vowed, I’ll be ready, he thought shaking his head before a - Thunk – sound pierced through the back of his leg and Preston falter to a knee. Behind, far off, a voice faintly called out, “Just push it through and you’ll heal right up!” Gyial. The tip stuck through the side of Preston’s shin however Preston didn't have time to consider pain, the wound was already healing around the arrow.

Day’s peak had been reached by the time Preston had returned carrying a four pieces of arrow, Blasted arrow had to break three times. He wasn’t fatigued, the vamp blood saw to that and he’d have hours before it would wear out of his system. Shower. Upon entering his room Preston discarded his clothes into a bin liner in preparation to dispose of them, he didn’t need unwanted attention from his “patrons”.

Refreshed, dressed and fed Preston turned his attention to a table situated at the window side, its surface held a kettle, tubing and empty blood bags stacked neatly in a tray. Beneath the table was a small fridge with a clear door, a couple of full bags could be seen through. As he sat he removed a needle from the kettle and attached it to the tube, the other end of the tube was attached to a blood bag and Preston carefully hooked the needle in a vein running through his synovial joint. The drops of vampire blood will certainly give this batch a kick, Preston mused but it needed to be done, otherwise he wouldn’t be able to rest before sun down, syncopating him with his allies.
Two bags later Preston withdrew the needle, the remnants of the vampire blood healing his wound and readjusting his blood level. ”Sleep at last,” Preston breathed as he moved to his bed which flapped as he sat down. I should really… but Preston didn’t get to finish contemplating about the bin liner as sleep had taken him. He gently fell backwards, feet still firmly planted to the floor and just like that was asleep, abandoning the daylight.

A forceful jolt to the bed awoke Preston.