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Alessa Dattolo


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a character in “Blood which Binds”, as played by WhiteTiger08


Forbearer Leader


Name: Alessa Fia Dattolo

Nickname(s): Alessa asks her vampires to call her by her full first name. Only those she cares a great deal about are given permission to call her by a nickname.
Age: 22 years young (1601 years old)

Birthday: 2 .18. 411
Blood type: O-
Place of Origin: Scotland


-Loud noises

-Being Forever Alone
-Becoming Fallen

Alessa believes her fears are irrelevant. Being a vampire having lived as long as she did, she believes that she must be powerful to be alive for that long, and that she will be able to overcome the fears that she has. Everyday she attempts to convince herself that her fears are silly, and that she is too strong for them, and everyday those fears sit in the back of her mind, constantly horrifying her.

Years ago, when Alessa had first became a vampire, she couldn't control her thirst. She tried to deny what she had become, but she grew weak, and lost her mind after going so long without blood. She lost her consciousness, and attacked a young male. She pounced on him and almost completely drained him. His life was slipping through her finger tips, and she finally came to when he was on death's door. She feared that she would Fall, so quickly changed him as his last breath left his lips. He become like her, but crazy. He went on a rampage, killing all over Italy. Eventually, Alessa was forced to kill him. She had been so close to Falling that she was scared to drink again, and to this day she has trouble controlling her thirst.

There are many faces to Alessa. She can be a doll one moment, and a raging wildfire the next. She's been through a lot in her long lifespan, and all of the horrific things she witnessed will show on her face. Her expression may seem emotionless most of the time because she doesn't like to show how she feels. She remains calm in tough situations, but even in the most serene places, horrible images will replay in her mind, and frighten her. She will usually go off on her own to think, weep, or remember.

The girl is also compassionate. Throughout her life as a human and vampire, she had always been a compassionate person. When someone is hurt or in need, Alessa will be there to offer a hand to squeeze or shoulder to cry on. She sympathizes with others, and has a strong feel for human emotions. She gets sympathy pains and feelings when around others in distress, and can't help but be there when someone, human or vampire calls for help.

Getting close to someone can cause little Alessa to become over protective. Vampires tend to be overprotective, but Alessa has seen that is becomes worse with age. The older you are, the more attached you become, also making you more protective. She will not let her family be in harm's way, and will sometimes get to the point where she spends all of her time with her coven. She will not stand to see those she loves in danger.

Over protectiveness comes with rage, and that is something Alessa has dealt with before. When she fell into the first thirst after being changed, she became so angry at the world, at herself for being changed. She was close to making a big mistake in her life, and it was all because of her anger. Once a match hits the fuse, she'll go off like a bomb and blow out everyone in her path. Her anger only comes in desperate situations, and when she is incredibly angry from lack of blood.

Of all of the faces of Alessa, the judgmental mask has to be her worst. She makes assumptions quickly, and because of those decisions she has ended up where she is today. Before she was turned, she deemed her attacker just another boy desperate in love with her and blew him off. Because of that she became the creature she is today. A vampire. She also turned a girl into the blood thirsty creature when she promised her revenge on the person who attacked her. Alessa didn't even know the full story.

Alessa was born as the daughter to Maggie and Giuseppe Dattolo. The couple had met in Scotland, Maggie's home country. Giuseppe was from Italy, but loved Maggie so much he decided to move to Scotland. They were only able to conceive one child, and were overjoyed with their little girl. The family was wealthy, and had everything they could ask for. The family was well known, and were respected by all in the country. They were known to be quite kind despite having the status they did. Alessa wore fine clothing, ate delicious foods, and was taught by the best tutors. The tutors had the most impact on her life, for the girl grew up to be extremely interested in learning.

Though she was skilled academically, Alessa was also blessed with her appearance. She was a stunning girl, and was sought out by many bachelors in the city. She was of age to accept partnership, but always refused. She was more interested in studying paintings, reading books, and writing stories. When she had turned nineteen, a man who she had seen around the city before approached her as she read in the park. He offered her a flower, and asked for her hand. He pronounced his love for her, and waited patiently for a reply. After a silent moment, Alessa politely declined, saying again how she needed to study. The man left abruptly after apologizing for interrupting her book.

Later Alessa walked through the streets of the country side. She was on her way home from the park, her path illuminated by the full moon that shined brightly above her head. She took her time, thinking about specific chapters in her book. She had particularly liked this novel. It was a love story, a sad story. Scenes in the work flashed through her mind, bringing smiles or frowns to her lovely face. She was unaware of what went on around her; she was too caught up in her book. She only briefly looked up to see where she was headed, and saw the dark eyes the stared back at her .

Alessa was scared, but curious. She looked harder at the eyes, trying to decide if she was seeing things. Her conclusion was made quickly when the glowering eyes disappeared, leaving her alone in the darkness again. The girl began to make her way down the street again when she was attacked from behind. She fell hard against the pavement, her hands not even strong enough to stop her fall. Her wrists cracked, and she immediately knew from the sudden wave of nausea that her bones had broken. She struggled to crawl away, but was whipped around onto her back. She stared into deep red eyes. She kicked up with her right foot, catching her attacker in his sweet spot. It didn't fase him, though. Alessa tried again, and made contact with his nose. She knew she had broken it, for blood dripped down his chin. He grabbed her loose hair, and pulled her head sideways. His legs rested on hers, pinning them down. Her arms were rendered useless with her broken wrists. He dipped his head, and bit her, his long fangs sinking into her warm flesh. A scream escaped her lips, and it shrilled through the air. She struggled, but her strength ebbed as more and more of her blood was sucked from her body. When her attacker pulled away, he smiled at Alessa's limp form, and Alessa recognized him as the man from the park. He left, leaving Alessa alone in the dark.

The change came slowly and painfully. Her once limp form writhed painfully on the pavement. She convulsed, and her eyes fluttered shut. Her bones cracked and splintered in impossible angles. A fire began in her heart as it stopped beating. The flames spread throughout her body, burning her inside. Alessa screamed for help, but no one heard her. The screams stayed inside her, and never passed the points growing from her canines. After what seemed like eternity, Alessa's consciousness slipped away again, leaving her alone.

When she awoke, Alessa was no longer on the pavement. Her finger tips stretched out, and felt the soft feel of cloth. She was rested on a warm bed inside her parent's home, sleeping soundly. She finally regained her consciousness when she heard loud yelling. Only, it wasn't yelling. Her mother and father were speaking in the foyer. Only then did Alessa remember the previous night. Her senses had been heightened. Her ears could hear speaking in a home five blocks away, her eyes could see the shore a mile away, and she could spell the bakery in the next town over. Alessa gripped a bedside table to pull herself up, but the wood splintered, and Alessa realized her strength. Immediately, she made the hard choice to leave her home with word. She slipped out of the window and fled, only to later feel the pains of thirst.

Alessa denied what she had become at first, trying to live among humans in a southern town in her home country. Her pains become worse, though, and she fled again to an abandoned city at the shoreline. She made a residence in a small home, hiding away from the sunlight which burned her skin in a cellar. She rocked back in forth in a ball on the ground, until one day she went mad and nearly killed a man. She then made the decision to train. She exercised daily, and tested her resistance to pounce with nearby homeless humans. After about a year, Alessa felt ready, and left.

She roamed Europe and Asia, going from country to country looking at art, reading different books, taking part in different activities. Alessa spent five years in Japan and became a black belt in karate trained by an ancient master. She visited India and was taught with weapons. She met with a business man in Switzerland and learned how to handle finances. Alessa learned many things throughout her time in Europe, and returned to Italy twenty years later to collect money her parents had left for her when they passed.

Feeling as lonely as ever, Alessa roamed Europe and Asia for centuries until she decided to take a trip to America with the British. She had learned English on her journies, and was quite fluent in the language and easily adopted the accent. She lived in America all of her years, becoming quit wealthy. In the late eighteen hundreds, she discovered a coven of creatures like herself, but was intimidated by the red eyes.

It was two hundred years late that she stumbled upon a meeting of a coven. The vampires were unlike others she had seen. Their eyes were human colors, but either dulled or more pronounced. One she recognized as a man from another time. She was curious, so she snuck up to the top of the building they met in. There was a glass sky light right above them, she she laid herself on the glass, and peered in at the group. Alessa spent a good five minutes up there when she felt the glass crack. Before she had time to react, she fell two stories down and landed on the shoulders of the male speaking. He reacted immediately, throwing Alessa to the ground. She rolled to the side as he punched at her face. Quickly, she jumped into the air and onto the man's shoulders again. He grabbed her hair, but she quickly twisted his head around. The man slumped to the ground, and Alessa jumped off. According to the other members of the coven, Alessa had succeeded in killing the leader, and that made her leader. She tried to decline, but the members said that she had a duty as leader. Alessa explained that the entire situation was an accident, but accident or not, Alessa was leader of the Forbearers.

So begins...

Alessa Dattolo's Story


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Alessa Fia Dattolo

Sweat beaded above her brows. The warm liquid trickled down the length of her face, stopping at her chin. Angrily, she ran the back of her hand over the line, swiping it away. Her lips curled back over her white teeth, and her fangs gleamed in the dim light overhead. Her body was positioned in a crouch, with her upper portion leaning slightly forward. A snarl erupted from her mouth, echoing throughout the small room. The bright brown eyes adorning her face formed slits, and she looked out at the dark figure in front of her from under her long, dark lashes.

Abruptly Alessa sprinted forward. She sprang out of her crouch, launching herself forward. Her arms pumped quickly. Her nails dug little crescent moons into the palms of her hands from the tight way she clenched her fists. The muscles in her long, bare legs bulged, straining. They pumped hard, and even harder as the vampire pushed herself. She had never gone so fast, for she never had a reason. Never had she been the prey, fleeing from an attacker. She was always too fast, and too strong. Wind blew through her hair dark hair which hung freely down her back. The long tresses flew in the breeze she had created. The speed was exilerating, and she would've whooped with glee if she wasn't so angry.

As she neared her target, Alessa placed her left hand on his right cheek. Her nails dug into his face, finding a hold. Satisfied that her grip was secure, the momentum carried the rest of her small frame upwards. Before spinning full circle, her left leg braced on the side of his neck, and she dug the heel of her sneaker into his broad chest. Grabbing the side of his head with her right hand, she dug her palm into his locks and grabbed a fistful of hair. The momentum of her run pulled her still, and as she flung the rest of her body away, her nails still dug into his head. A terrible rip sounded as the head of her target separated from his body.

Grinning, Alessa laughed as the head of her rubber boxing dummy tumbled to the floor and rolled down her long run way. Glee and pride filled her mind as she turned to stare at her now headless workout company. She was so successful this training. Her muscles were still aching from the straining during her long sprint, and she was positive that that had been her fastest time yet. How accomplished she felt, and how. . . powerful. All of her training sessions for the past however many centuries felt as if it finally paid off. All of this was to prepare her for the Fallen.

A scream broke through her train of thought. It was blood-curdling, and familiar. Living with the same people for centuries as Alessa had, she had grown to recognize the slightest murmur any of her coven made. And suddenly, she recognized this one. Adonis.

Not even bothering to slip her blade into a pocket of her workout ensemble, the vampire bolted out the door. She had been in a one-room gym she built years ago into into the surrounding woods of her home. It was five miles back from her house, but she could clear that distance in two minutes. The room wasn't wide, but it was long. There was a long runway in which she used to time her intervals included. Her training today definitely helped in her situation. Now, she ran just as fast as she had in training, trying to reach Adonis. He was a favorite of hers, despite his horrid attitude towards others. He was almost always kind to her. She also felt the need to protect him was like the need to protect a child. He was fragile to her, and she hated thinking of anything happening to him. She longed for the day when he gave in and permit them to change him.

Alessa reached the house in one minute and fifteen seconds. Slinking through the brush in the woods, she sensed more than one being by the home. This frightened her even further. Had it had been one person, Adonis would have been able to handle himself. How many would she have to go through to help him? She resented killing humans in any way, shape, or form, but she wouldn't think twice about to save her family. Family. That word had grown on her when she had met her coven. She became leader by accident, but they accepted her willingly, some more so than others. They had grown on her, too, and she loved them all.

At last she erupted from the brush, only to come to a screeching halt as she saw Adonis sitting alone and in one piece on the step of their home. She stood there, staring wide-eyed at the human, trying to catch her breath. He seemed to be fine, except that his arm seemed to be lying on his lap awkwardly. She thought about how she must have looked, probably frightening as she had arrived so quickly. She pulled her hair out of her face and tied in back with her bandanna headband. "Adonis," she said finally. "You're okay."

Walking to him, she sat next to him on the step. Her breathing slowed, and Alessa calmed herself. She pushed his hair out of his eyes, and leaned on his shoulder. How scared she had been. Never had she been so happy to see a human. Her eyes closed as she took in his scent. He smelled wonderful. The blood thundering through his veins intoxicated her, and took over her senses. Her eyes fluttered, and she briefly noticed the scrape on his arm. If she hadn't been resting on his shoulder, she would have swayed. Only then did she feel the all-too-familiar burn of her thirst make it way up her throat. Her eyes darkened at the feeling, and she brushed her tongue over her teeth. Involuntarily, she leaned closer to Adonis.

Immediately, she froze. Holding her breath, she stood and ran across the yard. She searched his face, looking for any sign of fright. She would never hurt him in the way she was just thinking. Though he was with the vampires to be a blood bank, Alessa would never risk drinking from him. As old as she was, she hadn't gotten the resistance to human blood as her fellow vampires had. Any smell of fresh blood - such a cut- could take her on a rampage. To this day, Alessa won't feed on her own. She was so close to Falling as a newborn, and fears that she is always that close when feeding.

"I'm. . . . I. . . I'm so sorry." Alessa spoke through gritted teeth, while trying to tuck her fangs back into their hiding places. Now, her eyes were pitch black, frightening against her wind-blown look. "I. . .I've got to go." Turning away from Adonis, she ran around the house, and slammed through the back door. Derek. Her protector. He was the only one she trusted enough to take her hunting. She sensed people upstairs, and caught Derek's scent mingled with Eva's. No doubt that he was feeding. Alessa didn't bother calling him. Anyone in a mile radius could have heard the door slam, and Derek would definitely recognize the reason for it. She hadn't told any of her other family members about her issue. She didn't want them to think less of their leader.

Sprinting, Alessa went up to her room to change. When hunting, she mostly flirted with her victims, stole blood from a bank, or looked for lonely stragglers. Nightclubs were good places for hunting, for the alcohol in a blood stream always added extra flavor. Blood banks were easier, for she could manipulate the employees to get what she wanted. The stored blood never tasted as good as fresh blood, and it didn't settle well in her stomach. Lonely victims were her favorite. They weren't always healthy or clean, but they didn't seem to have a destination, meaning that no one would be looking for them if they didn't make the meal.

In her hunting gear, Alessa waited in the garage on the side of the house. She sat in the driver's seat or her black Lamborghini Murcielago. The car was a favorite of hers, and she rarely let anyone else drive it. The speed was like nothing she ever experienced besides running herself. Her nails dug into the leather of the steering wheel as she tried to control her breathing. The burning had gotten worse, and she felt as if her insides were consumed by the fire. Her head throbbed, and she leaned it against the wheels. Where was Derek?


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#, as written by Mela
Derek Fleitner

When Eva told him she had merely been reading, he nodded absentmindedly. It explained the thud he had heard upon entering her room. It seemed she had hidden her book quickly, which only made him wonder what she had been reading. However, he was by far more focused on the hunger burning in his throat by now, and the sound of running not too far from the house. It smelled like Adonis, but the scents following him were more or less unfamiliar to Derek. Quietly and in no time he moved to Eva’s window, looking in the direction of the sound. Trees were everywhere, though, rendering him unable to see Adonis. He was wary. This seemed like trouble, although they were all humans. Humans could easily hurt Adonis, though, as he was no more than a fragile human himself.

He heard Eva apologizing behind him and heard her moving, but he paid no attention to her. He was busy. Folding his hands behind his back, his stature straight and primed for battle, Derek waited for Adonis to run into view, not that he couldn’t have gone to help him in the forest; he could’ve followed the sound, but he would much rather have a better advantage, and Adonis seemed to be keeping himself at a distance from these intruders. People being in danger was not foreign to Derek. In fact, he was very used to it, and it was his job to make sure everyone within his coven was safe. And so, he knew he would have to leave his meal if it came down to it.

However, when Adonis pushed through the trees, the other humans right at his heels, Derek heard Isaac moving and soon the younger vampire was in the lawn in front of their house, taking care of the humans, which meant Derek didn’t need to. To Derek, Isaac was a child, so seeing him all threatening and on top was a little amusing if nothing else, but he would admit the kid was useful at times like these. Eva spoke again behind him, and as the fight ended downstairs, he relaxed his stance slightly and glanced at the human girl who looked more or less uncomfortable at this exact moment. He didn’t blame her. He had ignored her for a while as he looked outside, registering everything but her, and it had a tendency to unnerve people. Apparently he was very intense.

He cast her a brief smile before moving towards her once more, his senses finding Alessa close in that same instant. It seemed his family had decided to invade his senses all at the same time and all while he should be feeding. Timing, timing, timing. How many times had this not happened to him? Derek’s eyes were on Eva once more, however, and he was focused on her. No one was in danger anymore, and he was hungry. Eva’s scent was all around him, mixing with the flowers in her room and her subtle perfume. It was seductive to his hungry senses, and he couldn’t help but move towards her as he finally replied, his voice smooth and deep; a sexy purring as always. It wasn’t conscious on his part; it was just how his voice sounded. “Mostly…” he began, his eyes intense on hers as he added “I’m hungry.”

With that, the tall male moved quickly, having picked her up and pinned her against the wall in the next instant. His manners had a tendency to be neglected a little once his hunger was burning in him like this, and Eva was too delicious to resist, so he leaned in, his lips already against her bared neck when he spoke again, his voice a husky murmur, “and you smell amazing.” Derek let his hands slip from her wrists which he had used to capture her against the wall and moved them towards her hips, one settling there while the other cupped her jaw, his palm against the side of her neck he wasn’t murmuring against, thumb on the opposite side of her chin.

His grip on her jaw was firm yet gentle as he tilted her head to the side, baring more of her glorious, smooth neck to him. He would give her his present once he had sated his thirst, he decided as his fangs extended, folding out like those of a rattlesnake. He scraped them gently against her neck, almost in a caress, waiting for a sign of approval before digging in. He didn’t wish to overwhelm her, and he knew his fast movements were confounding to her as it was. That was when he heard the door slamming. Alessa was hungry, it seemed. Ah, fuck. Was Adonis bleeding? He’d hardly noticed, too focused on Eva’s tantalizing scent.

Derek sighed quietly. This meant he had to hurry his feeding on Eva, which was incredibly frustrating as she was an especially delicious treat and he’d rather enjoy her blood than gulp it down greedily. “I apologize for this,” he whispered then before simply digging in. Mostly he was apologizing for the way this feeding would go down. Usually he took his sweet time with her, doing all he could to make it amazing for her. This time he simply didn’t have the time, but he hurriedly released the proper amount of toxins, knowing that even then, it wouldn’t be as pleasurable to her. He would make it up to her, he soon decided as he gulped down the amazing, thick, sweet substance that was Eva’s blood.


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#, as written by Vix

Dmitri glanced over at Kaleigh as they were instructed to head into the basement. He resisted pulling his face into a deep scowl. What the hell had he done now and what did it have to do with Kaleigh? He shuffled behind Kaleigh, pulling up the hood on the jacket that he usually wore and shoved his hands into his pockets. Helena was probably just on another one of her episodes. Dmitri despised it when she decided to go mental out of nowhere and then take it out on either him or Kaleigh. Though he preferred that it be taken out on him.

He took his sweet time going down the steps into the basement, keeping his head low. Without his guitar or blueprints to occupy his thoughts, he couldn't help but to keep his mind from drifting off into thoughts on how he might escape and return to kill each and every one of them as well as how he would kill them. His latest idea involved looking for a group of vampires that Lucan called the Forebearers. Helena hated it when Lucan talked about them so Dmitri didn't know too much about them. But he did know that they were different from the Fallen. In a good way.

I'll start with Roxanne. That stupid bitch will never see it coming. She's not a fighter, either. Its been a while since I've fought. But I'll train and then I'll cut her head off. Then...Then I'll kill Oliver. He's such a hypocritical bastard. I'd be doing him a favor. And then Kristof. Fucking prick – I'd make sure to kill him as brutally as I possibly can manage. Could I draw and quarter him? No. He'd probably be stronger than four horses. I'll think of something. Lock him in a room and starve him to death. And Helena...I could chop her head off and burn her body. Or starve her, too. Let Kristof's body rot a little and throw her in the same room. His rotting body will be the last thing she ever sees and my laughter the last thing she ever hears.

He smirked to himself as he imagined rather vivid images of each and every one of the deaths he had planned in fast forward. He almost missed what Helena had ordered. Glancing around at her toys, he scowled before flopping into and slouching in the chair. Roxanne thought she had an attitude about following Helena's orders. She really had nothing on Dmitri's foul attitude. Dmitri kept his gaze down until Helena's next words reached his ears. His jaw tightened as he tried his very best to re-imagine more ways to kill Helena. Things that were more fucked up than what he had already come up with. He turned his head to the side out of respect for Kaleigh, refusing to look upon her body.

Sure, he had thought about him and Kaleigh in that way before. Of course he had. But as much as he enjoyed the idea, he didn't want to see her this way. Never like this. As Kaleigh pleaded that Dmitri leave, Dmitri parted his lips for a few brief moments as though he were going to say something. But he thought better. Anything he said would only fuel Helena's little game and further embarrass Kaleigh. He had seen her body before, but only viewed it in the way that a doctor might. He had always refused himself arousal in her presence. And he would refuse now even though every part of him screamed for her.


Angiluzza's fingers skipped a few notes in her playing.

Odd. She never missed any notes.

She perked her ears some to listen for what had disturbed her from deep within her thoughts and immediately heard pounding feet. One set was Adonis. He was wearing the new shoes that she had gotten for him – Size ten Air Mac 95s. He never wore dress shoes; always wore running shoes. Probably because he was so paranoid that someone was always after him. She sighed as the sound of four more pairs of feet running right behind him. She sighed in an irritated manner, her face pulling into a light frown. He was always stirring trouble in every town they went to. He probably snuck into a club again and hit on some guy's girlfriend. Or he went to the movies and hit on someone's girlfriend there. It didn't matter because everywhere he went, he was always hitting on someone's girlfriend. Sometimes a few wives. She winced in remembering the time a Navy sailor caught him in bed with his wife. Angiluzza teased him about it for about three months – How could she not?

She didn't make a single move to go and help him. Why should she? Derek, Annie, and Isaac were all at home and Angel wasn't a fan of Adonis using her coven as his own personal body guards. And right she was – For it wasn't too long until Isaac was at the steps dealing the the trespassing males. Angiluzza sighed for it was Alessa that soon followed, checking quickly upon Adonis before leaving him with an apology. The scent of the Brazilian-Grecian's blood reached her nostrils and made her frown – She found O negative to be positively disgusting. Squinting, she moved away from her piano, now rather irritated. She hated when Adonis was fed on within her presence.

It wasn't too long until the scent of cooking food reached her nose. Her bright blue eyes lit up and she clasped her hands together. She loved it when Jasper cooked. Of course, she didn't need to eat human food. But she loved the way it tasted and Jasper was such an excellent chef. Purring to herself, she undressed herself and replaced the oversized t-shirt with a short black dress that looked like Tinkerbell's dress and slipped on little shoes that matched. Smiling, she ignored Eva's scent as she stalked down the hallway. She wondered if she would creep out people by climbing along the walls like a spider.

That would be totally ninja. Epic on a whole new level. Pleased with her thought, she continued on her merry way. She was as silent as a predator stalking prey. With that particular thought in mind, she thought that she might as well grab herself some of Jasper's food with a side of Jasper. She giggled at her own little joke just as she came into the kitchen. Her eyes lit up at the sight of the pale man standing over the stove. Her mouth watered as she zoned in on the blood thundering through his veins and the scent wafting under her nose. She tiptoed silently, focusing on him rather than the food. The only thing blocking her was the island counter. She didn't let it bother her, leaping up on it with ease.

Any human not used to her presence would have been frightened at the sight. She was crouched like a feline, clad in black, stained with dirt, and gazing upon Jasper the way a child gazed longingly into a candy shop. Angel was...strange. To say the least. She was a lot more cryptic than the other vampires she kept company with and that proved often enough to unnerve the humans living with them at times. “Jasper, dear. I'm absolutely starving. Might I have a bite?” Angel never took without asking. That was just her being nice. When denied...Well. Let's just say that it was rare that people living with her told her 'no'.


Adonis was curled into the fetal position with his ears ringing. He hadn't even noticed that Isaac had come to his rescue until he found himself seated on the steps and a strange liquid filled his mouth. Isaac left before Adonis could bring himself to reply. He frowned and swallowed what he identified as vampire blood. It didn't taste like human blood but it also didn't taste bad. But he also wasn't about to go stark raving mad when he didn't get it. It had a strange...exotic taste to it. Tangy...Spicy. It was like human blood with a dash of chile pepper.

He sighed as his arm began to slowly feel better, though he still had it laid in his lap awkwardly. Before he could get up and go inside, Alessa was standing before him. Though to many she would look frightening, he found it attractive. Then again, he found everything about her attractive. He was smitten with the vampire's beauty and the way she cared for those around her. Growing up, humans always thought that vampires were blood-sucking demons and they only lately became nothing more than a trend. Because of books like Twilight and House of Night. Ever since he moved in with his new family, he viewed things differently.

He saw vampires as simply those who were higher on the food chain. Which is why humans despised them. Because they were frightened of those with more power than themselves. That's how it always was. And it would be a cold day in hell before someone ever said anything cross about Alessa or anyone else in the Coven and wouldn't hear about it from him. He couldn't really do as much as they could. But that didn't mean that he wasn't going to still try.

“I'm alright.” He told her, offering a cracked smile as she sat down and rested on his shoulder. She never had been this close to him before and it made his heart race. He knew that he was her favorite blood type...but she would never take from him. He was hardly fed from and it was usually Isaac and Annabelle who would feed from him. Sometimes he felt as though he was just...there. He turned his head some and noticed that Alessa was leaning really close to him. For a moment, he thought that she meant to kiss him. His face turned red with color as he leaned in as well, lips puckered.

And then away she went.

She was gone from the home altogether before he could even process what happened. His anger spiked. Anger at himself. Of course she didn't want to kiss him! She was just hungry. Now he looked like a total idiot in front of her. More than usual. Shaking his head, he growled and stood, limping towards the house. With his blood no longer running and the bruises fading, he headed straight for his room in the attic, kicking the door shut behind him so that it shook the attic and caused a few photos to fall.


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#, as written by Mela
Helena the Bloody

She heard Dmitri shuffling along to grudgingly obey her orders, and as he sat, she uttered her order for Kaleigh, listening as the girl slowly took off her clothes. The vampire could practically smell as comprehension dawned on her, her human mind finally grasping the concept of Helena’s game this night. Her smile grew as Dmitri’s bristling anger filled the room. Oh, yes, this was going to be fun. Then again, Helena could change her mind half way in and leave both of them tied up to do something more fun. She’d forgotten about Kaleigh a couple of times in the past, merely leaving the girl tied up in the basement, because she’d become distracted. It wasn’t really that unusual.

After a while she’d recall her little human because she’d get a little hungry and then be reminded of Kaleigh’s scent under her nose, but it could take hours. One time she’d gone hunting elsewhere and completely forgotten the little redhead in her basement for almost a day. Since no one else was allowed down there, unless she expressively told them to, no one had come to get her, and she’d been a little hungry and thirsty once Helena thought of it. She’d felt bad for a while about it, cooing at her pet, taking care of her like a mother would a babe. That was the other side to Helena. Her moods and her personality swung back and forth, not really consistent at any way, and sometimes she would get very motherly with Kaleigh.

A disturbingly amused smile grazed her lips when Kaleigh then began begging her to make Dmitri leave. Oh, this was simply joyous! She crouched down in front of the girl, her right hand moving to gently caress the young girl’s cheek, wiping away the tear. “Now, little bird,” she cooed, “what would be the fun in that?” Her smile grew as she stood and she clapped her hands in excitement, spinning around to move to Dmitri in the chair, binding him to it with heavy chains, one wrapping tightly around his neck and the chair to keep his head completely steady, and his eyes pointed towards Kaleigh.

Then she let a few nails run down his neck, almost in a caress as she purred into his ear “it’s no fun if you don’t watch. Close your eyes and I will cut off your eyelids. Hers too.” This was as much an experiment as a game to the female Fallen leader. She wanted to break Dmitri entirely, to diminish every bit of fight he had left in him, choking it out of him like sand would a flame.

She wanted to figure out just how much Kaleigh meant to Dmitri, because he was astoundingly good at withstanding pain, even when she tortured him. Sometimes it was a fun challenge, and she always won it, but at other times she got bored with him halfway through. However, if Kaleigh was who she thought to him, well, then Helena could pride herself on having found a lovely little weakness in the stubborn human. She grinned up at Kaleigh, her eerily red, unseeing eyes focused on her, even as Helena’s cheek remained against the side of Dmitri’s face, her body bended downwards slightly. She knew her touch was nauseating to Dmitri, and she loved it. She loved the effect she had on him, just as much as she loved the one she had on Kaleigh.

She straightened herself then, one finger twirling in Dmitri’s hair, the nail scraping against his scalp without breaking skin. “I believe Dmitri and I would like you to remove all of your clothes, little bird.” Helena then purred before stalking towards the small, frail thing, a hand quickly unclasping her bra then, nail slicing through the sides of her panties, effectively removing the fabric. “Hmm,” she hummed then, smiling once more as sadistic light lit up her eyes. Yes, this would be a fun game.

Derek Fleitner

The male could easily feel Eva fidgeting beneath him, and he knew she had to confused, a little hurt, and probably shocked too at how this felt as oppose to the other times he had taken her blood as his life force. He hated this. He hated that he needed to do this. Hated Alessa’s timing. Hated that he was forced to behave so unlike himself. Her whispering of his name registered, but he didn’t pay it much mind. In fact, Derek knew exactly when a human wouldn’t be able to take any more, and he had an impressive amount of self control in… well, all that he did. He felt really bad about doing this to her, though. She deserved better; most humans did, sure, but her in particular. Eva was a sweet, caring, and helpful type of girl, and generally he’d have wished her more than this life…

But, he hadn’t had much of a say in the matter. She had been insistent and though Derek had since berated Isaac on the matter, telling the kid never to make coven decisions without his or Alessa’s counsel at least, he had let Eva stay. And the taste of her blood reminded him why. It was heavenly, his senses sent into a intoxicating spiral as he sucked from her, his tongue lapping up any stray blood. He was in a hurry, but he didn’t need to be messy. He moved the hand on her hip around her when he felt her growing weaker, steadying her against the wall as he selfishly stole her blood. How was he going to make this good again? How could he possibly explain his situation to a human?

Generally, Derek wasn’t your open, talk-about-whatever kind of vampire. In fact he detested small-talk, and he despised explaining himself to anyone. He would have to with Eva, however; he knew that much. When Eva finally whispered to him that she felt sick, he pulled back simultaneously, carefully sliding his fangs out of her neck, gently licking the small puncture wounds, almost like tending to a wounded loved one in regret. “I’ll make this up to you,” he promised her quietly, moving to scoop her into his arms like you would a bride and as he cradled her, he pecked her forehead sweetly, giving her a vague smile, his fangs back in hiding at this point. He gingerly placed her on her bed and sighed, putting his small gift on her bed, next to her pillow.

It was a small thing, but it made him feel at least a little better about the whole situation. He would have said “sorry” if he were the type to. But he wasn’t. Not even when he genuinely regretted his actions, and sometimes that bugged him. He hadn’t uttered a proper apology in all of his life. The closest he got was “I apologize for…” and that was really more of a kind warning than an apology to him. He hadn’t missed the sound of Adonis, but had more or less ignored it, much like he was currently ignoring both Angel and Jasper downstairs. He gently brushed a hand through Eva’s hair, murmuring “just rest. You’ll feel better soon.” Or, in about an hour or two anyway. That was the usual coping time when he had fed on a human this way.

Then he left her room without another word, closing her door behind him, a slight sigh escaping the male. Fucking Alessa and her lack of control. It still stunned him, how you could be 1601 years old, and not have mastered the art of self control. She was worse than Lucan and Angel had been when they were new. Of course he was there for her, and he supported her, but he didn’t understand her. He couldn’t.

Soon, the tall vampire was inside Alessa’s car, riding shotgun, although he hated it, his movement nothing but a blur in the wind. He looked at her then. He had fed on Eva in only a minute’s time, total, so she hadn’t had to wait for long. He gave her a brief nod, gaze turning out the window in the next instant. “Let’s go,” he told her, saying nothing else. He was still a little upset with her timing.


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He didn't understand. He didn't understand why Annie had come down here. That was good, right? That had been what the female vampire had wanted. Not to show him how she truly felt about him. She couldn't; it would make things far too complicated. Still, there was a part of her that shriveled up a little when she saw that he gave an angrier response back. Ahe really did need to talk to someone about how she felt. She was smart, granted, but feelings? That was a whole different ball park. Maybe she'd talk to Angel about it, the female vampire was like a sister to her. Annie searched for Angel's scent, locating it not too far away. It mixed with the smell of cooking.. and Jasper. Ah, perhaps now wouldn't be the best time.

She smiled, accepting Isaac's apology; she secretly marveled in the way that she was able to make him turn around and say sorry so quickly.. She shoved the thought to the back of her mind. She didn't want the male to feel he shouldn't hurt her. She could see it in his eye every time she looked at him and she hated it. Isaac's abrupt departure left her a little shocked, had she done something wrong to upset him? Of all the people in the covern, Isaac was the one whose opinion truely mattered to her. 'Hey,' She called, a softer, more playful edge to her voice, 'Try not to get into any fights this time.' She smiled to herself as she watched the handsome vampire walk away.

It was then that she heard another slam of the front door, looking up she saw the broken form of Adonis. Annie hide herself in the shadows, not wanting to startle or frighten the human. She watched as he stumbled across the hall, obviously quite hurt. Somebody should check if he was okay. She searched the house for the scents of her covern. Only Angel, herself, Isaac and the humans. Derek and Alessa must have gone out. With the other two vampires in the house currently preoccupied, although what Isaac was up to she had no idea, the blonde decided she had better go and check on the human. After all, they were pets, not slaves; they needed looking after.

Just then, Isaac came back. He looked a little upset. What the hell had distracted him so and then made him like this? For once, the female vampire let a little concern seep into her expression as she looked at him. She came within a second of asking Isaac what was wrong, but then he spoke, asking her if she wanted to grab something to eat. 'I'll join you in a minute, i'm just going to and check on Adonis, he looked in a pretty bad way when he walked past a second ago..' She said quietly, staring into the eyes of the handsome vampire before casting her eyes downward, turning around walking away at human speed. ' Oh and Jasper's in the kitchen, making food, however I think Angel got their first.' She gave Isaac a small smile, before running at vampire speed to find Adonis.

Within seconds she was at is room. She knocked on the door firmly 'Adonis, it's Annie. Open the door please?' She spoke softly but clearly, not wanting to scare the human on the other side of it.


Jasper was making brunch. In normal human life's, this would have been dinner time, but this wasn't a normal human life. The humans didn't really sleep in the night time, they slept more in the day; much like vampires did. So the meal Jasper was making was more across between breakfast and lunch. Bacon, Eggs, sausages and beans. A hearty meal. He liked cooking it soothed them male greatly to have total concerntration on what he was cooking. Jasper espeically enjoyed cooking for others, it gave the male a great deal of satisfaction to see others enjoy something that he had created.

It was then that the male heard a thump on the desk, he stepped back from the counter, startled by the sound. It was then that he saw Angel. It was instantly apparent to the male that there was something different about the female. She was dressed in an extremely short dress that showed all her assets of..quite nicely actually. Not that Jasper cared; she looked good, just not as good as Robyn did. There was something in the female vampires eyes that was scaring him. She looked..almost manic. This meant only one thing in Jasper's head. It was feeding time for Angel.

The male was aware of somebody entering the room as Angel spoke. She told me how hungry she was; he suspected it wasn't just for the food he was cooking. Angel was regular company of his; when she wasn't feasting on his bloody was actually ok to be around; however at this moment Jasper knew he had to comply with what she said; for his sake. 'Angel' He began softly, before he was interrupted by something falling to the floor behind him. He turned to see an extremely weak looking Eva staring back at him, the two of them now standing in a pool of orange juice. He knew she'd been feed on almost instantly. There was something in the male that didn't like that. Not one little bit. He know, of course, that it was her choice to be here as much as it was his, the two of them had discussed, at length their reasons for being here. However, there was something about the weak female standing opposite him that didn't sit right with the South Africian. He almost resented the vampires for doing to her.

'That's quite alright, there's another carton in the fridge,' smiling at her as he brushed past her, opening the fridge and pouringo out another cup full for Eva. 'Go and sit over there,' He said soothingly, pointing to the sofa's not ten yards away from them, 'I'm about to dish this meal up, sit and eat it here. That way I know you've eaten.' He told her simply. Jasper was an extremely calm person, he always cared about those who were close to him. He had become quite good friends with Eva, she reminded him of his old self in a way. Well when she wasn't recovering from being feed on at the very least.

The male then turned back to Angel; the vampire was still crouched on the desktop, watching the whole scene like a hawk. 'Why yes, Angel, you may have some of my meal, please sit down and I'll bring it over.' He told her quietly, completely ignoring her obvious lust for his blood as he began to serve the meal.


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#, as written by Vix

Lucan had arrived and took his window into the home. He smelled like he had just finished a meal. But he could be a bit of a glutton sometimes. No doubt he'd share his meal with the mouthy Frenchie when she came around. But neither of those two were of Kristof's concern. He glanced over as Scarlet came downstairs only to have a knife hurled at her. A smirk crossed his face as she dodged it. Though he thought it would have been funner if she would have gotten hit. But then poor Oliver would have been upset. Again – He didn't care.

He didn't have to wait long for the reaction he wanted, for he soon found Helena's arms wrapped around him and his body pinned against the wall. His smirk turned into a smile as his own powerful arms wrapped around her slender body and he buried his face in her hair. He inhaled just as she did, taking in her scent. Helena's scent was far more intoxicating than any blood ever could be. While blood aroused his hunger, her scent aroused...him. He let his fingers press into her sides as he held her close, brushing his fangs against her neck.

“I assume that this means you missed me.” His trademark smirk returned as he pressed his forehead against hers. He hated to have been away from her, even if it was only for two days. It was two days too long. He moved his left hand over her body, slowly tracing up each curve, cherishing each one before he cupped her face. “I thought that you'd like to go out for dinner. But then I thought better and decided to bring home some takeout.” He dipped his head down to the much shorter woman's, capturing her lips in a ravenous kiss. He loved that privilege. Of touching her. Whenever he wanted. Wherever he wanted. That was something that was allowed for him and only him. Helena was his. And...well he was hers. Even though he'd never tell her so.

He nicked her bottom lip with a single fang, gently sucking the blood that rose up from the tender pink flesh. He was both enjoying his little welcome home committee while also giving the girls a little head start on arming themselves and hiding. He was hoping that they'd get outside – It was a lot more fun chasing them through the woods. But they were so slow that the games didn't last very long. That's why he preferred his games to be with Helena. The rewards were so much sweeter. Both metaphorically and literally. He lifted his head some as he heard the backdoor open. They were escaping, making him smile. “You know. We could get a round in while they start running...” He grabbed her by the thighs and hoisted her up around his waist. The wall damn near cracked with the force he put into it when he spun around and slammed her against it.

“But. I so love to make you wait.” He snickered, putting his forehead against hers again. His nose went to the air for a moment as he finally registered the scent of blood. And a lot of it. It wasn't from any of the girls he had brought home... “Oliver's been an idiot again, hasn't he?” He growled, tightening his grip on Helena. He had respect for Oliver's ability to fight, but he didn't like the way the man went apeshit while feeding. He left a trail. And Kristof doesn't like trails. Especially those leading back to himself or Helena.


“Kaleigh...” He forced the tears threatening to fall to stay back – He couldn't let Kaleigh see him cry. He watched in utter horror as Helena restrained Kaleigh and began to carve into her skin. He struggled against the chains, wanting nothing more than to beat the living shit out of Helena. Even if it killed him. “Stop...Stop it!” His voice was hoarse as he leaned forward, the chains pressing into him. Helena seemed off in her own little world now, enjoying her la-la land. But it was over soon as she dashed off upstairs.

Dmitri slumped as much as his body would allow, grinding his teeth together. He sat in silence for a few minutes before slowly parting dry lips. “I...I'm sorry, Kal...” His voice was cracked and the pitch hinted that he might actually be crying. He was. Small rivulets trickled down his face, dripping from his chin. “This is my fault. I never meant for this to happen to you...God. Please forgive me.” He had diverted his eyes elsewhere, but he found them drifting back to her. He refused to look at her body, keeping them locked onto her face.

“If she kills me. Promise me that you won't do anything stupid.” His voice had grown serious, though still a bit cracked. “Just promise me” He kept his composure as best as he could. He was mentally bracing himself for Helena to come back with Kristof. He knew that the Sicilian was back. That was pretty much the only thing that could get Helena to stop her games. Even if only for a little while.


Adonis was busy brooding upstairs. He had the guitar that Alessa had bought him when he first arrived, playing absolute nonsense. He wasn't even sure if it was a melody. His fingers weren't dancing across the strings, they were just...strumming. He didn't want to talk to anyone and he didn't want to see anyone. He had turned off all the lights in his room and shut the curtain over the small, circular window. He wanted to be alone in the dark to brood. Immature as it may be, that's what he wanted.

“Eu sou tão idiota de merda. Claro Alessa não queria me beijar. Ela é uma vampira. Eu sou um ser humano. Ela não vai querer alguém que acabou de morrer em mais 80 anos. Ela não quer alguém que vai olhar como um homem velho em mais dez ou vinte anos. Não significa que não pode ainda tentar.” He was muttering to himself in Portuguese, glaring in the dark at the floor. He loved Alessa. Not the idea of her. Not that she was a vampire. Not that she was gorgeous. He loved her. He hated that he couldn't know as much about her as he wanted to, but he still loved her.

As much as he thought it to be a secret, he wasn't exactly familiar with the vampires' ability to pretty much smell emotion and hear every change in the human body. He didn't know that every time Alessa so much as smiled in his direction his heart would literally skip three beats. He didn't know that when she accidentally brushed against him, he held his breath and reeked of want and need. He didn't know that every night they could hear his whispered prayers that Alessa would one day love him.

No. He didn't know.

He was drawn from his brooding by the knocking and voice of Annabelle. He frowned. Not because he didn't like Annabelle, but because he wanted to be alone. But what would a little company hurt? It wasn't like he could say no. She'd probably kick down the door if he did. Sighing, he set down his guitar on his bed as carefully as possible and eased over to the door. He pulled it open just enough for him to peek out with one eye. “O que você quer?”


Lucan had already removed his shirt and was searching through his closet, aided only by the dim light of the moon shining through the branches and a candle lit on his nightstand. He settled for a plain t-shirt, knowing that he might just go ahead and play the game with the others. He didn't want to bloody up any of his outfits. He had just pulled it over his head when Scarlet had slipped in. She was promptly greeted by Pierre and Adelaide, as Roxanne named the two wolf pups, growling and snapping at her feet; Lucan found it funny that they didn't like females besides Roxanne.

“If we keep you alive long enough for you to see them hit their teenage years, I won't stop them from tearing you apart when you let yourself into my private quarters.” He moved towards the door, blocking her from entering any further. “Pierre, Adelaide. Va te coucher et attendre pour la nourriture.” Roxanne had taught him French years ago and that was the language he spoke when speaking to both her and his pups. He watched as they whined with tails between their hind legs, scampering off to their little plush bed.

Lucan then turned his ruby gaze to Scarlet. It wasn't that he didn't like her – She was alright enough for a human. But she was strange. And he thought she was stupid. But Lucan really didn't think highly of any humans. Scarlet might be his second favorite of the humans that were in the house with them. Dmitri had been around much longer and Lucan admired the man's strength and endurance. He wasn't half-bad for a human. But Scarlet was still Scarlet – She was a tasty treat and he didn't mind the conversation either.

He regarded her with a lifted brow before moving some so that she could come in further. “Need something, I presume.” He canted his head, speaking with his usual Irish lull.


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Alessa Fia Dattolo

Dark, matted hair fell into her face, dragging across the stone. The nails on her slender fingers were sharp, long. The soft but sickeningly frightening sound of her bare footfalls echoed in the silent night. Her body was positioned into a half crouch as she crawled down the alley. These traits combined were all but welcoming, though none of them made the young man at her feet truly shudder.

Her face was breathtakingly beautiful, and the man gave a silent gasp at the sight of it as he crawled slowly backwards down the alley. No creature he had ever seen could surpass her beauty. The smoothness of her olive skin, the gentleness of her jaw line. But when he dared to look into the eyes of the monster, he turned to stone. Her dark lashes lifted and stared forward. Though the whites of her eyes were visible, the pupils weren’t. The irises were as black as the night sky above her, blending in with the pupils. The midnight of her eyes was everything but dark, however they shone brighter than the full moon.

The man at the end of the alley was still locked into place against the stone wall as the woman came closer. She was on top of him in lightning speed, not giving him any time to defend himself as she attacked. She gripped his face and lunged her head into his neck, digging her fangs into his flesh. The blood curdling scream of her victim shrilled through the air before he felt the pleasure of her feeding. The monster was too overwhelmed to care, swimming in the blood that flowed freely out of his neck into her mouth.

“Let’s go.” Alessa jumped when she heard the low purr of Derek’s voice. Her painful reminiscing had restricted her from hearing or sensing his approach. Her hands still trembled as she turned the key in the ignition and drove smoothly out of their garage. The memory had been horrible, though she barely remembered the experience. The event had taken place long ago, and she hadn’t been conscious through most of it. It had been her first feeding as a Fledgling, the feeding that turned her into a newborn vampire. Going so long without feeding had turned her crazy, sending her on a rampage that nearly killed a man, and nearly made her fall.

Alessa shook her head, shaking away the memory of the first night. Now wasn’t the time to think of such things. She had to focus on the road, not that it was necessary. She could be facing backwards in the driver’s seat and still drive better than most humans.

Turning briefly, she noticed the stone expression on her protector’s face. Derek gazed out the window, not bothering to look at her. She sighed. “I. . . apologize – to both you and Eva. This came suddenly, and it wasn’t polite of me to not respect your feeding and Eva’s wellbeing. I’ll make sure that when we return I will apologize immediately, and explain to her that her sore experience had been of my fault.” She gripped the wheel tightly, hoping Derek would understand that she was sincere. She wouldn’t be surprised if he didn’t take her apology. She didn’t feel like she deserved it.
he drive was quiet for the most part; neither of them felt like talking. Alessa didn’t blame her passenger. She would’ve been upset, as well, if she had hurt and maybe traumatized someone she truly cared about. Eva must feel horrible back at home, sick after the fast feeding. Alessa resolved to make it up to the girl, later. She hated feeling responsible for the girl not feeling well. And what had been wrong with Adonis? The Forbearers’ other pet didn’t seem in good spirits after Alessa had let his side. Well, anyone would feel sour after having been almost murdered by someone you thought of as a friend. What had he been mumbling about in his room? The female vampire picked her brain as she tried to remember Portuguese. Kissing. He had said something about kissing. Is that what his earlier fight had been about? Had he kissed some guy’s girlfriend and gotten chased by a goon? Alessa sighed. Adonis was always getting into trouble. She couldn’t stay mad at him though, she would talk to him later. She loved him, and wanted to make sure he was okay.

Love? Alessa thought about the word that had appeared in her mind. Love, she repeated. Never before had she questioned which love she had felt. Surely she loved all of her coven members, but she loved them like family. Adonis didn’t really count as a coven member – did he? – so family love might or might not apply here. Sure, the leader favored him, but was this the reason why?

Alessa snapped out of her train of thought when Derek asked out their hunting venue. She pondered this quickly while he patiently waited. She thought a nightclub was best, and wanted some alcohol flavor in her blood tonight. She suggested this, and drove onto another road. This road was long and mostly deserted, except for a lone bar that sat halfway down the road. It was a bar, nightclub, and a truck stop. Drivers came here to take a break from driving long hours on the road. It was an ideal feeding place for Alessa, because if something did go wrong during her feeding, no one would notice a truck driver missing from out of state.

She drove off the road and into the dirt parking lot, parking around back. She stuck her keys into the glove compartment, and pulled out a blade. It was six inches long with a leather bound hilt. She slipped it into the sleeve of her jacket, and motioned for Derek to take any of the other weapons in the compartment. Alessa pulled out a shiny revolver and stuck it the waistband of her pants by the small of her back.

After Derek closed and locked the compartment, they stalked into the club. It was small, but not claustrophobic. The darkness was welcoming, and it seemed like others had the same feeling as the club was crowded. Smoke flowed through the air, and the
crowd stared awestruck at the vampires in the doorway when it cleared.

Vampires, being predators were perfect in human eyes, and this feature came in handy when looking for a meal. Already, Alessa spotted several men who would do, and sent a smile their way. She spoke softly in Derek’s ear, telling him that he was free to feed if he wished. The female vampire said that she would talk to the men in the corner and wait for him while he took his time feeding on a female in the room. Several of them were eyeing the protector, already. Alessa could hear the giggles as they appraised him.


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#, as written by Mela
Helena the Bloody

When her vampire chuckled in response to her words of Kaleigh and Dmitri, it was a clear message that he had understood her, not that she was surprised. Kristof always understood her. Even when she hardly made sense to herself. She grinned, satisfied with his reaction. This was why Kristof had been perfect for her. Not the sex, not the good looks, nor the devotion… but the cruel, violent, unrelenting side to him. Even as a human, he had torn into his enemies with viciousness rivaled only by her own. She had loved watching him; simply looking on from the shadows as he hacked and swayed, his technique impeccable. He was the most magnificent human warrior she had ever laid eyes on.

However, as Kristof then sighed, Helena’ face whipped up, her unseeing eyes on his face instantly. It was most likely more of a habit than anything, though, because really, she could be directing them anywhere and it wouldn’t matter one bit. Well, that, or maybe she did it for Kristof’s benefit, although that would be exceptionally unselfish of her, and most wouldn’t consider her the type. Maybe Kristof was different. Well, that much was a given, but no one knew how much. Not even Helena herself. She had no clue how important the male was to her sanity and generally… life. But he was. Important, that is. More than anyone, Kristof was the thing she could not exist without.

Not anymore, anyway. He had grown too close to her, and she depended on him too much, which was probably why two days without him was like an eternity to her, which was funny, because she sorta had lived an eternity. She realized how much she needed him when he wasn’t there, but then promptly disregarded it when he was back, because hey, would never leave her. She felt secure in that belief. They were the perfect fit, always had been. Well, once he had been properly introduced into life as a vampire, as it was.

Before Helena had decided to say something, Kristof shook his head… and then his lips were on her, scorching her cool skin, his hands clasping her hard enough to break bones had she been human. She moaned into the forceful, hungry kiss as she responded instantly. This, she had longed for. This, she had missed. This… she needed. Her hails dug deeper, puncturing the skin on the back of his neck, little trickles running down the steely skin, as his mouth began nicking her, drawing blood in little doses. And Helena… well, she was mad for him already, her head thrown back against the wall as her body pushed itself as close to his as possible.

He had her pinned though, and in the throes of ecstasy, she even tended to forget she was the stronger of the two. Then his fangs were suddenly deeply buried in her neck, and Helena groaned right along with him, the pleasure almost too much after two days without him. Her blouse had bloody holes in it by now as Kristofs fangs had torn through the fabric to get to her breasts. She didn’t even care. Not for a second. As he fed, Helena’s one hand, the one in his hair, guided his teeth deeper by pushing down his head, causing another moan to escape her. It was so good.

Kristof would not draw back from her this time. She knew that, and so Helena let herself go, not caring if anyone else heard or saw. Hell, they should be used to it by now; Helena and Kristof never gave a fuck about things being public to the rest of their coven. They never had.

~~ Some time… later ~~

Helena was blissfully naked in the rubble that had once been their livingroom. Now it was… well, a mess. The walls had holes in so many places they might as well just put up new ones. All the furniture was in pieces, lying around in different places. A couple of windows had been broken, and… well, Helena herself had puncture wounds… everywhere. So did Kristof. A lot of blood had been exchanged, but that was how it worked. It was a pleasure drug, and none of them actually lost any blood, because they’d just take it back from the other after losing it in the first place. She was grinning up at Kristof, who was still on top of her. They would both be fully healed in minutes. Even the deep scratches on Kristof’s back, caused by her nails.

She wrapped her arms around his neck, guiding his face properly to hers and she licked some stray blood from his chin. “Mmm,” she murmured, satisfied after two thorough, rather rough rounds. “I will never know how the others avoid breaking their human sex toys.” She added on a thought, the splinters of the broken wood poking at her naked back as a reminder of how Kristof had thrown her around, passion ruling both of them. And just like that, she wanted another round.

However, her ears perked at the sound of the humans in the forest. They were all still alive, but finally divided. However, they were calm now, more or less, feeling like they had lost their monstrous captors. If they only knew… the hunt had yet to begin. It would take only one death to get the other two running again, but they were tired. However, the survival instinct in humans was sometimes extraordinary. That was what made them fun; their unrelenting wish to live. Helena’s hands trailed over Kristof’s broad shoulders and onto his collarbones, adding a playful “I do believe our fast food slowed down.” With that, she turned them both around in a blur, grinning as she pinned him, the spark in her eyes now also sexual. “Let’s hunt naked.”

Derek Fleitner

The forbearer protector was watching anything but his leader and sister. Instead, his thoughts were on their home, and their humans. Eva was a centerpiece at current. He pondered the ethics of even keeping humans the way that they did. Sure, their humans wanted to be with them, but what happened when they didn’t anymore? In the past, Derek had killed humans because of this purely to protect his coven. That was another part of his job. The hard tasks always fell into his lap, and so he had emotionally distanced himself. It was better that way. While the humans were there, however, Derek was civil, albeit usually rather removed and cold towards them. Eva was different though. Perhaps because he felt guilty for the emotions she harbored.

It wasn’t that he felt any actual romantic feelings towards her, but perhaps he had grown to care for her in his own way, in spite of his wish not to. Last time he had cared for one of their humans was 600 years ago, and he’d had to kill a girl he had come to view as a younger sister, because she had wanted to leave. He had warned against it; told her it would not be safe, that he would have to take steps. However, she hadn’t cared. She wanted more out of life, being a woman of only 22. And so he had ended her life. It still got to him now, but the uncertainty had been too much of a risk. How was he to know hunters wouldn’t sniff her out and torture her for information, or what was just as bad, the Fallen would?

No, the risks had been too great. He was pulled out of his own world, when he felt Alessa’s eyes on him and her voice traveled towards his head. He glanced at her, granting her a curt nod, his eyes traveling to the wheel she was clenching. “Don’t break the wheel.” He merely noted, seeing no reason to make a comment towards her apology. Not that he particularly cared, since he would merely have it fixed, but his nod had told her he accepted it, and that was simply that. Derek merely had to simmer a bit more and he’d get over it. Guilt was a powerful thing, however. Especially to a man like Derek.

Soon, Alessa pulled into the parking lot of one of her regular hunting grounds, and Derek merely watched as she armed herself. She motioned for him to take his pick, but he merely snorted and shut the thing, glancing at her revolver with disdain. He shook his head, getting out of the car. The protector hated guns. He always had, and he probably always would. They weren’t honorable, nor did they take any particular amount of skill to handle. They were easy, and too… human. Way too human. Especially since a bullet wouldn’t do shit to a vampire, so what was the point? It wasn’t like he was worried about the humans.

As for the other weapons, Alessa should simply know better. Derek always carried throwing stars, knives and various other little trinkets; things that could actually hurt a vampire if thrown hard enough. And Derek definitely threw hard enough. He followed her in silently, though. This was Derek when he was irked about something; he got a little moody, and he didn’t bother hiding it from Alessa. She would know he merely needed a little time to figure out how he wanted to deal with the situation before he could officially move on.

The protector took a quick, but thorough look of their surroundings, all of his senses helping him register every blind angle, every unclear patch. Nothing was unknown to him once Alessa spoke to him. He sighed in reply, shaking his head. Firstly, none of the women appealed to him in any way. Probably because he had just fed on the most amazing blood, and he didn’t like gorging on blood. Ever. He never fed even twice in a day. Well, unless he had lost blood in battle or the like, but on a normal day, Derek didn’t drink much. Not compared to his fellow coven-members. For some reason everyone seemed to need more blood than he.

“Ally, I just fed. And ruthlessly so. I’m not really in the mood for... slutty humans.” He told her quietly, using the nickname only he had ever called her to show her he wasn’t angry with her. He knew she was offering because she felt guilty about him feeling guilty. Geez, they were a nice pair, eh? He rubbed his neck, sending a vague smile her way. She needed to feed... now. He could practically feel her hunger. “Just get it over with, please.” For some reason, the male wanted to get home and be with Angel.

It was just one of those times where Derek felt like being sociable, and unlike most others, Angel was perfectly comfortable with his silence. He'd leave explaining things to Eva, up to Alessa. Hell, she'd offered, and he was more than happy to accept if it meant he'd get out of it.


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Alessa smiled and looked at her protector when he used her nickname. No one ever used a nickname with Alessa other than Derek. It made her smile; she couldn’t help it. Derek always found a way to stick it into a sentence during their arguments. He knew she couldn’t stay mad – or hungry – when he used it.

“Just get it over with please,” Derek muttered. Alessa nodded. She still felt guilty about what had happened earlier, though Derek seemed in good spirits now. She eyed the men in the back corner in her peripheral vision. They still looked her way, smiling and winking. Turning back to her protector, she took a deep breath. She looked up at him; he was so much taller than she was. “I’ll meet one of those guys and talk to him. I’ll take him through that door. Promise me you’ll be close.” She paused. “Just in case.”

Fright was something Alessa wasn’t used to, but it seemed to be showing its ugly face a lot lately. First, in the scare with Adonis. Her frozen heart nearly broke in two when he was in danger. She couldn’t stand the thought. Right after she realized he was alright, she nearly stuck her fangs into his neck. She was so close to doing so she was scared being in the same house with him.

Scared. There was that hated word again.

Alessa took a deep breath. She gagged slightly, for the smoke was very overwhelming. It did well, though, in hiding the all too mouthwatering scent of the humans. She could barely smell them. The small dose of the wonderful perfume did get to her, however, and she stalked briskly to the back of the bar.

There were three men at the table. One was stocky and short. He wore a burly beard covered with dirt, sweat, and crumbs from his previous snack. Donuts, Alessa realized. His biker jacket was wrinkled and in it was stitched plenty of patches. They all stood for different things, and Alessa wasn’t interested. The second man looked much like the first, wearing an almost identical jacket, except for the fact that his nose seemed incredibly disfigured. Looking closer, the vampire saw the bones were broken in several places. His eyes formed slits, and an angry or distrusting look was plastered on his face. Alessa didn’t notice, though. It was the last man who caught her attention.

He stood up when she neared. What a gentleman, Alessa thought to herself. He stood much taller than she did; slightly taller than Adonis, but shorter than Derek. His blue eyes gazed at her longingly under his dark eyebrows as he gave her a long look up and down her body. Dark hair fell lazily into one eye, and he brushed it back absent-mindedly. He smiled crookedly, mischievously. His attire was nothing like his companions’. Dark work boots stuck out at the bottom of faded jeans. His shirt was long-sleeved but rolled up to under his elbows. It matched his eyes.

Alessa smiled back at the handsome man. She noticed his boldness when he took her hand and ducked his head to kiss it. “Hello,” he purred in a thick accent. “My name is long and Italian, and I won’t ask you to remember such a mouthful.” The man smiled again, looking down at Alessa. “Call me Luca.” Smiling, Alessa feigned the girly giddiness produced by females when speaking to foreign men. “I’m Nikki,” she lied smoothly. “It’s nothing special.”

Luca sat down in his seat, and motioned for the vampire to join him. Blushing falsely, Alessa arranged her small frame on his lap. The man looked gravely at his buddies, and motioned for them to hit the road. He didn’t want company when he hit on his new girl. He stared at the backs of the bikers until they left, and smiled back at the woman on his lap when they closed the door behind them.

The young man took Alessa’s hands, and put them around his neck. Again, the vampire noticed how bold this man had been. What’s his deal? Must be Italians. . . “So, honey. How about we skip the talking and get moving. We both know that you didn’t come here just to hang with the lonely boyfriend of yours.” Alessa looked at his face, searching for any signs of a hidden plan. She didn’t recognize anything, but she had a feeling that something wasn’t right. “Aw, he’s no boyfriend of mine. I’m single,” she purred, rubbing her thumb on the back of Luca’s neck. Apparently he enjoyed her flirting. The vampire leaned down to kiss him, but he put his large hand on her cheek gently, stopping her. “Not here.” Luca scooped on arm under Alessa’s legs, and another on her back. He carried her to the back of the bar, opened the door, and closed it quickly behind him.

In the safety of the incredibly narrow hallway, Luca cupped his hands around Alessa’s face and kissed her. He kissed her passionately, wanting something back. The vampire acted surprised, not kissing him back at first. Soon, giving in, she kissed him back. The kiss didn’t last as long as Alessa had expected. The Italian man quickly shifted his grip from her face to her shoulders and threw her down. Too surprised to react, the vampire hit the ground, and rolled down the hall.

When she came to a halt, her gaze was directed to the concrete floor. Blood dripped from her nose and down her mouth. The impact had broken her nose, and her right fang had pierced her lower lip. Her dark hair spilled onto the floor, and was pulled roughly from above. Luca pulled the woman up by her long locks, and she feigned confused innocence. “Why, Luca?” she coughed.

The man slapped her face, and it took all Alessa had to rip his head off. “Why?” The “Italian” now spoke without his think accent, and laughed. “I was bored. No one to play with, but now I’ve got you.” His blue eyes attempted to bore into her bright brown ones, trying to make her cower. Alessa scolded herself for not catching onto his plan. Why hadn’t she? The whole thing had been a hoax from the start, and she was only realizing this now. She mentally shook her head, discouraged. “What are those for?” she whispered.

Luca laughed quietly, and responded without looking at his capture. “This,” he began, “is to make sure you can’t leave me.” He looped the zip-ties onto her hands. With one of his large hands, he held both of hers firmly. With the other, he reached into his back pocket and retrieved an old bandana. He put it over the woman’s smoldering brown eyes, not noticing her fiery glare. Satisfied that Alessa was properly bound, he quickly slung her over his shoulder. “Ready to get moving, sweetheart?”

Just then, Alessa wrapped both of her legs around Luca’s torso and squeezed. He gasped lightly from either shock or air-deprivation. She looped her tied arms around his neck, and rammed her forehead into his temple. The man was strong, though, and only staggered. Grunting, Alessa swung around him, braced her feet on his back, and tightened her grip on his neck. Luca gasped again, clawing behind himself. Acting quickly and too hungry to wait for her prey to pass out, Alessa lunged into his neck, sinking her fangs into his flesh.

She pushed Luca into a wall, and held him there, giving her more support. He slumped to the ground before they made it, and the vampire went down with him. She barely noticed the fall. Her mind screamed Blood! too loudly for her to hear the feeble call of her conscience, shouting at her to stop. She groaned, swimming in the blood that flowed from her prey’s neck. A whisper escaped Luca’s lips. “Monster.” Who was the monster?


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#, as written by Mela
Derek Fleitner

Derek didn’t even bother answering Alessa when she asked him to stay close. Instead he regarded her with an almost dignified look, as if to say “when have I ever not been close?” but no words came out of his mouth. He then watched as she made it over to a group of males, and he himself walked to the bar, taking a seat that gave him perfect view of everything Alessa was doing. Then he ordered a whiskey and merely listened, his eyes straying to the group unnoticeably once in a while.

When his sister met up with the only one of them who seemed to ever look himself in the mirror, Derek was aware, and he snorted at the guy’s “Italian” accent. It was so fake, the male vampire had to force himself not to roll his eyes. Seriously? What the hell was even up with that? If men had to resort to cheap little tricks like that, they probably weren’t the types you should hang with. They were never good company. Why were so many humans so unbelievably stupid? It was completely beyond Derek’s substantial comprehension. Besides, just… the words he spoke made Derek want to get up, stalk over there, and rip the guy’s head from his neck.

It was just so obvious that he was no fucking Italian, and Derek was almost embarrassed that Ally bought it. But then, she had this odd tendency to be rather… naïve, considering she was his age. All of a sudden, “Luca” was telling his goons to leave him alone with Alessa, which made Derek pay more attention. Something was up. He took a sip of his Whiskey; however, seeming like nothing at all was going on in his mind. He paid attention to their exchange even as a blonde woman made her way over to him, seating herself next to him. He barely spared her a glance, not at all interested.

Apparently that only made her more interested though, and she leaned over, her generous breasts only just kept in by her shamelessly revealing red dress. Again, he wished himself home. Angel would make better company.
“Hey there,” she began, Georgia accent gently rolling off of her tongue as she let her eyes dance up his body. Derek couldn’t help a wry smile. Women of this time had this tendency to go for the guys who were the least interested. Why was that, exactly? In reply, Derek took a swig of his whiskey and calmly said “hello to you too.” He had no intentions of letting her think he was the least bit interested.

“I’m Ariadne,” she then added, smiling at him, doing the whole eyelash bashing move and everything. “But ya’ll can call me Ade. What’s your name, darlin’?” He couldn’t help but think her slightly amusing, but still, he longed for home. He really wasn’t in the mood for these… frankly, slutty humans. He gave a brief nod, emptying his whiskey as “Luca” began carrying “Kikki” towards the door behind the bar. He’d have to get up and go with, for Ally’s sake.
“Name’s Derek,” he told her coolly, smoothly sliding into a standing position as he regarded little Ade with a polite smile.

“Now, if you’ll excuse me…” he trailed off with at that and promptly left her, sliding into the shadows as he stalked Alessa and her prey. He moved into the hall, but turned around a corner, watching the pair out of the corner of his eye, out of sight himself. He watched the happenings, hands clenched into fists. What the hell was she waiting for here? He was a fucking human. Well, now he was a dead human, granted. It might be that Alessa could easily overpower the guy, but no one touched a member of his family like this. Derek was officially tempted to hand him over to Helena, just because he knew the female vampire would either change or kill him. A change would take away his guilt of killing a human. The kill, well, it’d be well deserved.

When the human slung the woman Derek considered a close sister over his shoulder, the vampire growled under his breath, the instinct to protect those dear to him, forever ringing clearly. He was about to moved when Alessa finally took charge of the situation. About fucking time, if you asked this vampire protector. When she latched onto his neck, Derek moved out of the shadows and watched her silently, knowing he would have to pull her off of this one. She had been too hungry, too desperate, and too pissed at the human… which were all pretty good reasons for her to lose control. Which she would. Derek didn’t doubt that one second.

After a little while of her sucking furiously, the male’s heartbeat slowed too much for it to be healthy anymore, and ignoring the guy’s murmured comment, he took a single step, bringing himself closer to Alessa, and he crouched down, one hand placed at her jaw to force it open, another at the back of her neck, as he powerfully pulled her head, and thereby her teeth, from the human. “Ally,” he murmured soothingly, turning her head to look into her eyes. “No more. You’re taking too much.”

The human was whimpering, scared and weak as he remained horizontal on the ground. Derek was focused on Ally right now, however, and his eyes bored into hers until the bloodrush had calmed and then he leaned in, kissing her forehead. “Did you have enough, or are you still hungry? You were starving when we arrived. You really need to stop pushing yourself so far.” He shook his head, sighing before finally glancing at “Luca”, still trying to decide ultimately what to do with the guy. He wanted to kill him, so badly, but he knew it could potentially be dangerous. Many had seen him go back there with Alessa.

Helena the Bloody

When Kristof asked her whether she was sure she wanted to start now, she wasn’t quite certain what he meant. Hadn’t she just told him that she wanted to hunt now? Naked, too. Did he need more than that? She’d stated what she wanted. However, then Kristof’d hands were wandering on her body, caressing her in all the right places, and just as expected, Helena purred in pleasure, her body softening in his hands, her own palms wandering up his chiseled chest. Her nails scraped gently against the hardened skin, his muscles flexing beneath her.

He really was the most delicious thing she had ever touched. Then he pulled her down onto him completely, and she giggled, one hand moving into his hair, the other coming to rest on his muscular shoulder. She wanted him. Again, and again, and again. Apparently Helena really didn’t take well to being away from Kristof for days. When she had been younger, before changing Kristof, she had been lonely, but not desperate like this. Why it was different with this male, she didn’t ponder, mostly because she hadn’t really thought to ponder it. It wasn’t important to her brain why she apparently couldn’t be without this vampire, only the fact that itself.

Besides, she could feel him wanting her too… again. A shiver went down her body at the thought of him taking her once more. “You feel so good,” se purred softly, her slender body curving to his wants as always. Just like that, she was distracted from the hunt. One would think sex ought to have gotten boring between them after all this time, but with a man like Kristof, one didn’t simply grow bored. It was too amazing, and in fact, it had only gotten better over the years. They knew exactly what the other liked, and doing those things had become instinctual.

Kristof was about to penetrate her once more, starting another round, which she was anticipating with glee, but then he paused and she responded with a pout, her lips trailing kisses up his neck, until his words caused her to stop instantly. She sat up, her blind eyes narrowed, fangs immediately bared as she hissed. There would be no touching of Helena’s man. None. Her nails dug into his chest as her body tensed, ready to burst into the forest at any point. She would die painfully for this. Helena saw red, and red alone, anger coursing through her at an alarming rate, her possessiveness causing her reaction to be rather exaggerated by normal standards. “I’ll tear her apart, limb by limb,” she half sneered half purred.

Kristof was hers and hers alone. No one else was to touch him. The word mine kept drumming in her head and she subconsciously dug her nails even deeper, a low growl emanating from her the more she thought about it, but Kristof still had his hands on her. When he got up though, and put her down, she was bristling with fury and she set off after him, however heading in a different direction. She quickly picked up speed, bypassing Kristof in seconds as she ran, no clothes to hinder her speed in any way, and so Helena let go of inhibitions. Oh yes, she was filled with the need fro vengeance. The human had no idea what she had gotten herself into.

The second Helena reached the girl, she burst through the brush, hand shooting out to grab the girl’s throat, slamming her into the nearest tree, which bended back, groaning in spite of its great size, the whole thing hardly even a blur to the human, and so she blinked, confused. It didn’t take her that long to register that Helena’s fangs were bared in a soundless sneer as her red eyes glared into the girl. And so, panic spiked, Adrenaline kicking in. Helena didn’t care. Fear had stopped being the point. Now pain was all she wanted this girl to experience. So. Much. Fucking. Pain.

“Mine,” she growled, nails digging into the girl’s throat. She didn’t pay attention to the whimpers and she sobs. She wanted screams, and begging and thrashing. Helena was mad with anger now that she was far from Kristof too, every sense of logic taken over by her fury. “You will suffer,” she then added in ancient Greek, the language smooth and almost sexual, if it hadn’t been for her deadly expression. She was too far gone to recognize any other language, or the fact that the girl wouldn’t understand a word.

She threw the girl down onto the ground, which wrenched a scream from her, and Helena grinned, a cold, angry grin. No amusement. Not really. This was strictly revenge.
“P-please,” the redhead stuttered, tears already running down her cheeks as she tried to scramble away from Helena, “d-don’t hurt me… p-please.” Helena laughed, the sound so filled with cruel anger, it made cold sweat break on the girl’s orangey skin. She was still laughing when she told her “no one touches Kristof,” in ancient Greek once more. Which the girl of course didn’t understand.

Helena grabbed a hold of the girl’s ankle when she tried to move without the vampire noticing, which was of course impossible in all. And then she twisted, the ankle breaking with a loud crunching sound. The human screamed, throwing her head back onto the bed of leaves behind her. Helena’s cold smile became satisfied as she broke the other ankle too. “No more running, little lamb,” she told the human in a sing song voice, the Greek still being her choice of language. But of course, the girl’s loud scream and subsequent whimpering sort of drowned the words.


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Annabelle knew all too well what she had let herself in for as she stood at the door to Adonis's room. He was a hard one to control, she would never deny that, but she found him interesting; ironcially enough like the rest of the men in the covern. Of course, the whole process was purely objective and scientific; Annabelle wasn't curious because she wanted them. Well in most case at least. After observing Adonis for a while, the blonde vampire had concluded that the person he put on to most people, was in fact, an act. But what was he like inside and what was he trying to hide?

She stood with a hand on her hip, a dismayed looked on her face as Adonis opened the door; only letting a single eyeball show as he asked what she wanted in her business was in Portuguese. She raised an eyebrow; he'd never be that forward with Alessa, why to her? The boy needed learn a little respect for the people he lived with. 'I came,' She began coldly, ' To check how you were. That was quite some chase you had in the woods earlier. Oh and please don't speak in Portuguese to me, I much prefer Spanish.' The blonde smiled as she fondly remembered the little experiment she had conducted a few hundred years ago. Ah Oiliver, what a lovely reunion that would be.

Annie was also acutely aware that she had probably just offended Adonis; but eh what did she care? The male seemed to have no appreciation for the fact she'd come to check on him. She sighed, 'Look, there's food in the kitchen, I believe Jasper's making something... I'll see you later.' She ended the brief encounter; fully satisfied that the male was healthy enough. Annie didn't show a lot of compassion, when she did it only came out as anger; like with Isaac earlier. Right now the blonde wished she stayed with the brown haired male rather than and find Adonis.

Turning on her heel, Annie searched for Isaac's scent. Traces of it still lingered in the hallway and it the basement for some reason. However, it was strongest in his bedroom. Annie gathered her thoughts for a second. She had done an awful lot of tracking him down lately. What if that came across as desperate? She snorted at herself inwardly. What was this? A seven hundred and nine year old vampire weak at the knee's of what, in vampire terms, was a boy. This could be dangerous for her, she needed to talk to Derek or Angel; most probably Derek, just because the conversation would be a more sane level, even if it was on a more objective and cold one.

For now though, Annie traveled to Isaac's room. He was the best company the blonde had expierenced for a long time. She loved her covern, of course she did and she was grateful for everything they had done. But never had she felt so comfortable around anyone as she did Isaac. Of course, she loved Angel like a sister, but there was just something about Isaac that turned her world upside down and made her feel safe at the same time. Quickly, she knocked on Isaac's Door;

'So, the rude little so and so didn't need my help... Can we go for a run before I self conbust' She said plainly.


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Alessa Fia Dattolo

Thump, thump, thump. Blood! More and more, as much as possible. Alessa drank hungrily. Thump, thump, thump. The dark liquid flowed down her throat easily, each drop making her crave more and more. Thump, thump. So thirsty. When was the last time she fed? Last week? Yesterday? Two years ago? The woman couldn’t remember. It seemed like so long ago. The craving was so strong. Thump, thump. What was that? The sound bothered her, thundering loudly in her ears. Thump. Blood! The short mantra rang in her mind again, louder and louder. She drank again, groaning at the wonderful taste in her- thump. Stop! Alessa yelled to no one in particular. The thundering was ticking her off, ruining the pleasure of feeding. Thump. Mentally growling, the woman began to think the sound was getting quieter. Finally. . . .

Large hands gripped her face and neck. Strong hands pulled her away, retracting her fangs and making the pleasure stop. Blood! Her mind still screamed. She pushed and pulled her fangs in and out of their hiding places, trying to find the warm flesh again. Where was it? Sniffing the air, Alessa caught a scent of blood. She tried to reach for it, straining, but the hands held her back. Who was doing this? The vampire growled softly. Who would take away her precious blood?

She was pulled away, away from the scent of the blood. Why? Her mood transitioned from anger to sadness. She was just so hungry; what was so wrong with feeding yourself? Did they want her to go hungry? Several questions flashed through her mind when a voice broke through her thoughts. “Ally,” it purred. Ally. That name struck a nerve in the vampire’s mind. It was familiar, and she liked the sound of it. The nickname had a certain ring to it. Ally.

“No more. You’re taking too much.” Too much. She was sure she had heard those words before. For an unknown reason, they made her stomach twist in knots. She felt suddenly sick; guilty. The feeling grew worse and she took deep breaths. She was vaguely aware of another set of lungs breathing in and out. The sound was different than humans; as if it wasn’t needed at all. There was only one other creature she knew of that had no reason to breath. Vampires. That also explained the strength it took to pull her away from her blood. Blood.

Alessa opened her eyes, becoming fully aware of herself and her surroundings. She sat in the dark, narrow hallway of the bar. Her body was splayed on the floor, leaning heavily on the concrete wall. Another body was writhing on the floor, twitching uncontrollably. “Luca”, as she remembered him, mumbled nonsense to himself, cringing away when she met his gaze.
The young man at her feet wasn’t the source of the odd breathing. His breaths didn’t sound stable, though they were nothing like the other sounds she had heard. Turning, Alessa met the eyes of her protector. Derek. She stared at him incredulously, shocked to find that he had stopped her from feeding. His large hands cupped her face, forcing her to stare at him. As hard as she tried, she couldn’t help but look into his eyes.

He didn’t seem at all frightened by the bloodthirsty vampire he held in his clutches; instead he looked concerned, and a bit annoyed. The longer Alessa looked at him, the more she realized what she had done. Again, she had nearly killed a man. Again, Derek had stopped her from Falling. Again, she owed him. How many times did she owe him now?

Sighing, Alessa stopped resisting. Her dark eyes brightened, finally adjusting to the tremendous amount of blood she had just taken. The knots in her stomach gradually weakened until she could feel them no more. The burning was gone; the flame extinguished. Derek leaned in and kissed her forehead, noticing the absence of the bloodlust. “Did you have enough, or are you still hungry? You were starving when we arrived. You really need to stop pushing yourself so far.”

The woman took shaking breaths, hesitating before answering. “I – I’ll be fine. I don’t want anymore.” She stole a quick glance at ”Luca”, still quivering on the ground. “He can’t give me anymore.” Alessa swallowed thickly, feeling slightly guilty for nearly killing the man who wanted to kill her. Looking back up at Derek, she questioned, “What do we do with him. We can’t kill him.” The woman slid away from her victim, leaning up against the opposite wall. Leaving him alone in the hall wasn’t an option. She didn’t want to kill him; no, she couldn’t. He was too scared now, and the guilt was rising in Alessa’s chest.

“What if we knock him out? We can take him out back and leave him by the bikes. He’ll think he got into a fight with some bikers when he wakes up.” The vampire’s brows furrowed as she thought of way’s to escape safely and keep the young man at her heels alive. She leaned forward, putting her elbows on her knees, rubbing her temples. Her head was stilling spinning, and she leaned back again when the scent of human blood was in the air.

“You could throw him onto the bar floor, and make the people out there think he beat me up. He won’t leave if they gang up on him. They won’t believe him if he tries to explain what really happened. It will also explain all of this blood,” Alessa murmured. The idea was a long shot, but how else could “Luca” leave alive?


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#, as written by Mela
Derek Fleitner

Derek watched intently as his sister for all intents and purposes took several deep breaths. For some reason, the human habit had always had an oddly calming effect on her. He supposed it was because it was so far from vampiric that it had come to be a sort of reminder that she wasn’t a monster. He didn’t miss the slight hesitation before she replied to him though, and Derek, being the man he was, didn’t doubt for one second that she wasn’t being entirely truthful when she spoke.

He sighed, looking her over. She had definitely quelled the bloodlust, but he knew she would feel much better if she had a bit more. Hmmm. He would force her to drink a bloodbag or two when they got home. Which reminded him that they were low on stock. He sighed, taking out his blasted phone. He hated these devices, but he couldn’t deny that they were useful, and he’d definitely gotten used to them. He typed in a text to Isaac, the forbearer procurer:
To: Isaac
“How’s the O negative stock? I’m taking Alessa home and she’s having two. I hope you made sure we have enough.”

Derek was always rather strict with always having O negative in the house. The bloodbags weren’t exactly delicious, but they did what they were supposed to, and they were important to have when they were really in dire emergency. Alessa’s control had a tendency to slip. It was a good thing he cared as much as he did, because a lesser man would’ve probably taken over. He could do it. He was only a little younger than her, far superior in every fighting class, and he had control in bunches. Fact of the matter was, Derek loved his sister and he would never let her fall. Besides, he didn’t actually want the position as leader.

He felt comfortable where he was. Well, except when he was forced to feed on Eva like he had today. The thought still made him inwardly cringe. Regardless, Derek spoke to Alessa. “Are you sure?” His voice was skeptical, and she followed it by explaining that the human couldn’t give her anymore. He shook his head, seeing the guilt painted on her face. “Ally, please don’t feel guilty about this. He’s a spineless bastard who preys on innocent women.” His voice was cold at the next sentence and he subconsciously flexed his fists, recalling a male many years ago.

He had been human too, this man. But instead of Alessa, he had been trying his luck with the newly changed Angel. She had been not even a day old – as a vampire – when he had walked into the room Derek had rented for her. Derek himself had been away to buy her clothing, and had only just walked in when she was about to kill the man. He had pulled her off, yes, but he had wanted to rip the man’s head off himself. Well… once he’d found out why his presence caused his new fledgling to break down entirely. He had held her in his arms as she sobbed, and the memory still made him livid.

As Derek returned to the present, Alessa was leaning on the wall, and asking him what they should do with the human. He almost smirked. Almost. Why would he want to be leader? She already looked to him on most things. He didn’t like how she was fighting to keep the bastard alive though. Derek himself wanted to leave him dead in the streets. Of course he couldn’t, but he wanted to. Next time he tried this with a woman, she might be human, and she would have no way of escaping. Hell, how many women had he already mistreated? Maybe even killed? His protective instincts were demanding he kill the male.

And he was going to. Oh yes, he was going to. Point in case was that Derek did not like uncertainties. Leaving this man alive, they could not know whether or not he would remember anything, and Derek didn’t need him leaving descriptions around as he rambled. Some hunter might pick up on it, and then his family would be in danger. No, none of that. He couldn’t have that. See, that was the reason he always grabbed his prey from behind. Ever careful, Derek never let the victims see his face.

That way, he could leave them alive, and they would ramble about vampire, maybe, but they wouldn’t even have a scar to prove it, because the male always fed them a little of his blood afterwards and they’d heel right up. This, however, had been messy and complicated, and he didn’t like it. And so, Derek shook his head at all of Alessa’s suggestions and straightened, looking down at the human with determined eyes. “I don’t like the doubts – there are no guarantees any of it will work.” He told Alessa, although his eyes were on the human. “Let’s just kill the bastard.”

It was rather unlike Derek to be so callous about the life of a human, but he was nothing if not determined to protect his coven, and this scum could potentially jeopardize them. He continued, his plan spilling forth in calm, collected tones. “We’ll knock him out, place him out back, and then wait until someone comes out and sees him asleep. We will be cleared of any suspicions as he was now last seen alone. Then we’ll snatch him up and kill him. We’re moving soon in any case.”


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Alessa looked up from under dark lashes. Derek watched her, noticing how she hesitated. They had known each other so long – how many years was it now? – that they could recognized the little things they did. Now, Derek had seen through her thin veil and sensed her lie. The woman always hesitated before a lie, even as a human. No one had noticed except for her mother and Derek.

He took her state in – the dishevelled vampire barely able to control her guilt. She could see him weighing his decisions, trying to determine which of her crazy ideas, or one of his more practical ones, would work. Alessa noticed when he made up his mind. He had a look on his face that gave him away, but only she could recognize it. Finally he sighed, pulling out his phone.

She suppressed a smile watching him work with the device. He had never liked the modern phones. Alessa didn’t know why – she loved her phone. The sleek body felt good in her hands, and using it was easier than sending a carrier pigeon or a message by horseman. She had the habit of breaking them, though, gripping them too tightly in her hands without thinking. She kept spares throughout the house now, and was working on her terrible habit.

Derek looked down at her again, telling her not to feel guilty. He was right, of course. He had always been the practical one. She was more stubborn, like in their current situation, wanting the keep “Luca” alive. There was no reason why they shouldn’t kill him; he was just going to try to get another girl. The same thing would happen to her as it did to Alessa, though the outcome wouldn’t be nearly the same.

She looked at her protector as he stared thoughtfully at the man at his feet. He was imagining killing him, probably very grotesquely. She couldn’t stomach the thought of the different ways Derek pondered ending the human’s life. The quicker, the better, in her case, but she didn’t know what Derek’s opinion on that would be.

There was a gleam in his eyes as he spoke. “We’ll knock him out, place him out back, and then wait until someone comes out and sees him asleep. We will be cleared of any suspicions as he was now last seen alone. Then we’ll snatch him up and kill him. We’re moving soon in any case.” She nodded, knowing that this plan was better than hers –he had told her so. There was no way they could leave and not kill him.

Suddenly annoyed and homesick, Alessa bent and trust her fist into the man’s temple. She watched his eyes flutter shut as he slipped into unconsciousness and realized that her face was the last he would see.


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#, as written by Mela
Helena the Bloody

Helena was grinning, lying on the soft forest floor, completely satisfied, her body relaxed as ever. She loved the brief moments right after an orgasm when she could just lie there in her own sweet afterglow, satisfied smile on her lips, enjoying the clarity of her mind. Her lids covered her red, unseeing eyes as she listened to Kristof moving, running a hand through his probably already very tousled hair. Mmmm, just to imagine the sight was a joy. She purred softly, stretching her arms above her head as he stood over her, watching her; she could feel those intense eyes of his on her, and she loved it. How could she not? Her smile widened enough to show off her pearly white fangs.

Then he spoke and she hummed an almost indifferent “hmmm,” as if she would rather just lie there and enjoy the clarity… enjoy the speed and straight forwardness with which her thoughts seemed to come. They all made sense during moments like this one; they were all logical. She didn’t move as Kristof began running, but instead remained still, listening to him as he sped through the forestry. She smiled to herself before suddenly sitting up, the softest of whispers reaching her ears. The smile left her and her ears perked as she tilted her head to the side, occupied by the beautiful voice.

”Little lamb, little lamb… don’t you fear no more,” it sang in soft Ancient Greek and Helena smiled, blinking several times as she got to her feet. “Mommy will take care of you,” Helena continued in ancient Greek as well. The voice was so beautiful, but it just kept singing that same bit over and over again, and as Helena wandered the forest, listening to the song, she almost immediately felt herself grow frustrated with it. “Sing the rest!” She growled at the invisible voice, still in Ancient Greek. One that sounded only in her head. “Sing the rest!” She then repeated, demanding of the voice that it continue the ancient song.

It didn’t take long for her to hiss in the direction she thought the voice stemmed from when she got no answer, and that was when the scent of blood snuck into her nostrils. Her unseeing eyes widened as a sliver of clarity slithered into her thoughts, Kristof’s scent accompanying it. All of a sudden, her focus shifted, the haunting voice forgotten as she grinned, racing off towards her man, and the source of blood. Words didn’t take long to reach her, and as she babbled, Helena stopped, crouching right above her in the tree tops, completely soundless. She rested the palm of one hand on the bark of the tree, feeling the slight vibrations in it; the flurry of life.

It was a small help for her to get properly back to reality, but it helped some, and so, Helena giggled when Kristof reply to the girl had her asking what they were going to do to her. His voice had been matter of fact, but cold and indifferent all the same. It was a tone he took with almost everyone but her. The sound of the giggle made the girl look up, her young eyes widening as Helena grinned, suddenly behind her. “Boo,” she whispered into the girl’s ear and laughed when she squealed, scrambling away from her. She soon seemed to realize that would take her towards Kristof though, and she changed her route, moving to make the three of them each a corner to a triangle.

“You’re sick! Sick and twisted!” She sobbed, swinging that silly little piece of metal through the air. Helena grinned. “I’ve been called worse,” she noted, amused, and present enough to remember to speak English. “Oh, wait, you asked a question, didn’t you?” She then added, seemingly only just remembering her “manners”. She moved to the human, standing right in front of her in an instant, her red eyes intense, although unseeing, on the human’s furiously pulsating neck. “Kristof, dear,” she cooed, reaching up to run her fingers through the human’s hair. All the victim did was shiver as she tried to take another step backwards but found herself caught between Helena and the wide trunk of a tree.

Helena merely grinned, her head turning to face Kristof. “Would you care to explain to this little squirrel what’s going to happen now?” The words were almost purred, sensual as was the norm with Helena.

Derek Fleitner

Derek said nothing as Alessa nodded in agreement. He merely watched her, gauging her inner workings. She seemed to simply accept his way of doing things. Not that there was anything new in that. Things had worked much like that ever since he’d become her protector. She’d soon figured out that Derek had experience, training and education in areas where she could simply not follow, and in the end, Derek had become more than simply a Protector. He had become an Advisor, a trusted friend, and in time… a brother. Alessa meant a lot to him, which made him feel rather bad for thinking the Coven could use a new leader. He would never act on those thoughts, but their mere presence bothered him.

He remained rigid even as she moved to knock the man unconscious. He did, however, raise an eyebrow at her, but before he could say or do anything, his phone vibrated. Taking it out of his pocket, Derek quickly checked Isaac’s reply, nodding once. He didn’t text much, so the simple “okay” and so forth, were lost on him. He did not see a need for them. Or rather, he didn’t see a need for all of this texting. He preferred calling. Possibly because he had had more time to get used to that, or possibly because it was a hell of a lot easier. Derek was a quick study only if he bothered to be. Phones would come in time, but right now they still bothered him.

The phone went back into its pocket, and Derek cast a wry smile in Ally’s direction. “Sometimes you worry me,” he told her simply because grabbing her wrist and pulling her onto her feet. “No more pushing off your feeding, okay? And remember a blood bag once a day like I told you to. I know it tastes like shit, but you’d avoid situations like this one.” He concluded this, knowing she had not been following his advice. If she had, she would not have come to this point. Then he sighed, shaking his head as he pulled her into a hug, arms wrapping around her waist.

“I’m serious, Ally. You’re killing yourself bit by bit doing things this way,” he whispered more softly, giving her a brief squeeze before letting go of her, stepping back to grab a hold of the human, easily hoisting him atop his own shoulder, casting a look at the stray blood. They’d have to clean that up too. Sometimes he really wished his life back to when he had been a nomad; a stray, lone vampire. He had no one to protect, no one to answer to, no one to babysit, no one’s feelings to consider. But then, he hadn’t had any family, nor any trust, or even the slightest bit of warmth. Nah, if he had to be honest, he was more or less okay with things the way they were, even if they sometimes sucked.

He looked at Alessa then, before nodding at the blood. “I’ll get this one outside and into the right position – cover up the bite marks and the stray blood.” He gave her an apologetic smile then, half shrugging. “That leaves the cleanup here up to you.” He bent down to peck her forehead. “Don’t freak out.” He noted before making his way outside, placing the human where he wanted him, how he wanted him. He gave the guy a couple of drops of his blood – just enough for the bites to heal up. Then he licked the running blood off of the man’s neck, stepping back to take a look at him. He would do. Looked like he’d been drunk and fallen asleep out there after a meet with a whore. Perfect. Then he looked up, smoothly jumping from ground to trashcan, to roof, where he seated himself casually, waiting for Alessa. She shouldn’t take too long.


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The phone vibrated in Derek’s hand. Alessa watched as he read the message, and then abruptly closed the phone. The look of mild disgust on his face would have been amusing if not for the situation they were in.

“Sometimes you worry me,” Derek said. At that, Alessa managed a half-smile. She worried herself, too. She oftentimes did things in the spur of the moment, without giving them a second thought or a thought at all. Derek, as if on cue, lapsed into a brief lecture about her feeding; don’t push off her feeding, do drink at least one blood bag a day. She felt like a child with her head hung low receiving a long talk about her responsibilities as a big girl. But, she was already a big girl – 1601 years old – and this wasn’t her first time hearing such a speech.

She did, though, giggle under her breath when her protector spoke of the horrid taste of the bagged blood. The longer away from a living human body, the worse blood tastes. The blood dies, until all of the life is gone. The sizzle in the taste vanishes, the electrifying feeling after feeding gone. Human blood is like a drug; once you have a little you can’t get enough. The taste is unlike any other in the world. You feel a buzz afterwards, as well. You step is lighter, and no one can rain on your parade. Alessa was marching in the eye of a hurricane. Her stomach was in her throat, and her head was just starting to lose the cloudiness it had.
She snapped out of her revere when Derek pulled her into a hug. The woman was just tall enough in her heals to be able to wrap her arms comfortably around his waist. “I’m serious, Ally. You’re killing yourself bit by bit doing things this way,” he whispered. She thought about what he said, nodding against his chest before he gave her a squeeze. He bent down, grabbing the momentarily forgotten man at her feet and heaving him over his shoulder.

“I’ll get this one outside and into the right position – cover up the bite marks and the stray blood.” He looked at her, and then gave her a shrug. He had given her the clean-up job. Killing humans wasn’t something she was unfamiliar with, but act itself never got easier. Someone had once told her that after the first death you caused, killing would get easier. She had imagined herself after many years becoming utterly expressionless, never blinking an eye after tearing out someone’s throat. On different occasions, killing was easy. At a time she was a lone wanderer, and sought out evildoers in the towns she visited, only killing those who were more of a danger to mankind than she was. Deaths never settled easy with Alessa, and this one was particularly nauseating.

“Don’t freak out.” Derek said before leaving, the limp figure in his arms thumping lightly against his back as Derek moved. The female stared at the back door briefly before sighing. She had a lot of work to do. The hall was drenched in red; the floor was a still river, the wall was a waterfall, and even the light overhead was dripping red rain. Shaking her head, Alessa began working.

The job didn’t take long. Cleaning supplies was in a nearby closet; mops, paper towels, etc. Her incredible vampire swiftness helped speed up the work, as well. Alessa smiled, remembering her workout this morning. She must’ve gotten a little faster, just a little. Being as small as she was, she was already faster than most, but Derek surpassed everyone in the house with his speed and strength. Alessa was hoping for the day when she could actually beat him in a race.

Her thought of racing kept her mind occupied while cleaning up the rest of the blood. After swiping away any trace of fingerprints, her, Derek, or “Luca” could have left behind, she exited the bar. She leaped onto a nearby trashcan, and caught hold of the edge of the roof before swinging herself on the top of the small bar. Again, she cursed her small stature she inherited from her mother. Getting on top of the building wouldn’t have been so hard if she wasn’t so darn short.

“Wow,” she said quietly. “Thanks for leaving me with cleaning duty. I sure made a heck of a mess in there.” She smiled slightly, gazing at the skyline. Alessa gave a low laugh. “’Though she be but little, she is fierce!’” the vampire quoted, wondering if Derek recognized it.


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#, as written by Vix
Adonis watched as Jasper merely glared before walking away. He never did really like the guy anyways. He was stupid, that's why. Eva was stupid, too. He was the only smart human here. He was the only one who took the entire situation as seriously as it needed to be – He knew that he could die any day either by the hand of the Coven members or the hands of others. He didn't fantasize that he was completely safe with them – Except for Alessa. He knew he'd be safe around her, always. Even though he was a total dick and often teased everyone...minus Derek and Angiluzza. The boy shrugged and simply made his way back to his room, not bothering to stop and ask Angel if she wanted a bite; She found his blood type revolting. Which he was kind of glad for. No, he simply went back to his attic room and locked it up for the night.

Angiluzza had stopped pounding the the piano keys shortly after. Her instincts were going off wildly, making the hairs on the back of her neck stand up. She eased up from her seat and slid quietly out of her room and down the hall. She could hear...Adonis cursing himself upstairs...Jasper mumbling about what he had gotten himself into...Eva's movie; My Fair Lady was a good choice but Eliza's damn voice was so annoying. But...There was something else. Running. It wasn't Derek and Alessa...They took the car. Annie and Isaac were talking about the house.

Angiluzza's fangs immediately slid out with an audible click as she pulled her lips over her teeth and hissed. Who the fuck was coming, then? And with Alessa and Derek both gone...Angiluzza wasn't very happy about it. “Annie...Isaac...Come here, now.” She spoke evenly, though not shouting. She knew they'd hear anyways. As she reached the front door, they were by her side in an instant. “What's wrong, Nina?” Annie tilted her head quizzically, as did Isaac until they heard what Angel had heard. They both bared their fangs in response as the running became walking...up the the door.

And then the doorbell rang.

They were knocked back by the strong scent of fresh blood, almost overwhelming them. And another scent. Six, to be exact. Three of them were highly familiar. “Knockity knockity.” came a condescending voice that was the deep baritone of Paul Johnson. A woman's giggle followed; Morganna del Rio. Silence was heard on Gaspard's end while three more female giggles were heard. Angiluzza opened up the door with a yank, hissing lowly. Paul laughed with a sneer and attempted to push past the three at the door. “Now, now. Is that any way to treat old friends?” He gave a tut tut as Annie stepped forward. “Old friends my ass.” She hissed at him. Angel held her back with a single hand, her face placid.

“What do you want? Derek and I have already said no. And the answer is still the same.”

A few centuries ago, Paul and his troupe had come knocking on the Coven's door, offering Derek and Angiluzza a place in their Coven. But, they were Fallen and of course the pair was far from interested, engaging battle with them – But the slippery fucks had used pawns to make their escape. Angel couldn't stand them. Isaac was staring hard at them, his face contorted into a look of pure hatred.

“Well, we don't take kindly to rejections. Surely you didn't think we were just going to let you go, eh? Plus you did kill off Renata, Kiko, and Leann. I really did like those three.” Paul faux-pouted before snickering. Angiluzza didn't give them a chance to strike first, her fist flying out and meeting Paul's jaw, sending him half way across the yard. Her hit was immediately responded to by Morganna and Gaspard tackling her into the house while Annie and Isaac engaged the three 'groupies' at the front door still. Angiluzza didn't like being pinned down, flashbacks hitting her one after one as she clawed, kicked, and bit the two on top of her.

She didn't take long to get a grip, grabbing them both by the neck and tossing them away from her as though they were rag dolls. Well, there went the kitchen. Isaac had just been put through the living room wall, smashing into the television. The groupies had just stopped when they noticed the sound coming from Eva's room and the screaming coming from Adonis' attic and ditched their fight immediately, heading towards the stairs. Angiluzza might have paused to go and stop them...

Might have.

But she had her own to handle. She could hear Adonis on the phone in the attic, frantically screaming for Derek and Alessa to hurry. No doubt that it was Alessa he had called; He was too scared to ask for Angel's or Derek's. Angel was blindsided by Gaspard who punched her in the back of the head, Morganna following suit by delivering a kick to Angel's chest, sending her into a wall. Paul was about to join the fight...Until he caught sight of a scared shitless Jasper. Angel didn't have time to move for him in defense because Gaspard and Morganna were now trying to tear her in half. Angel wanted to scream out as the human that she had thought about killing earlier was killed right before her eyes.

Isaac and Annabelle had grabbed the two women heading up the stairs by the backs of their necks and yanked them down, throwing them into a wall behind them. The pair were quick to dodge the bits of rubble thrown at them, moving ever closer with each dodge until they were within five feet. They jumped onto the two girls and hacked away at their necks with their fangs, clinging to the young vampires with every bit of strength that they had. They could not let these two upstairs because Eva would be the first to go. And then they would bust down Adonis' attic door. They had already lost Jasper - They couldn't lose their other two! It didn't take too long from the gnashing teeth and tugging hands for their heads to detach from the women's bodies. Feeling victorious and strong, they headed to take on Paul now.

Angel roared in pain as she pulled her arms together, causing her two targets to slam into each other. She saw red now, everything moving being a target. She bit deeply into Morganna's neck, ripping off her flesh and clawing her. Formal training went out the window as primal survival instincts took over. She was literally growling as she fought, intent on ripping them limb from limb. She could hear Paul's taunts as he took on Annie and Isaac in the background, seeming to be enraged underneath by the fact that his groupies were killed off so easily. Paul glanced over at Annie, dodging an incoming punch with ease, grabbing her arm and offering another 'tut tut tut' as he slammed her into poor Isaac.

Angiluzza heard a rip as Gaspard's head came off, watching as Morganna broke down into tears. Using the redhead's moment of weakness, Angel leapt onto her and twisted her head clean around and pulled until it came off. The sound of her head coming off was followed suit immediately by two more of the kind...What was that? She looked over to see Annabelle and Jasper without heads and a whole new kind of rage filled her body. She ran to Paul and leapt up, landing on his shoulders, wrapping her legs around his neck tightly and beginning to pull up from his jaw and the back of his head. She felt his hands grab her waist as he slammed her down, putting a hole in the floor. She wondered where Eva was. Was she still in her room? And Adonis...? Wait - She could hear Adonis still screaming into the phone. She focused solely on her fight now - she refused to let go until Paul's head came off. She was slammed repeatedly into the floor and into the wall as her nails dug into his flesh, one of them breaking off; acrylic.

Finally, she heard the sound that she wanted to hear and she fell off of him as he fell down, his head in her hands. Angiluzza was lying on top of Annabelle and Isaac, soaking in their blood as she entered a daze. They were gone. Both of them. She didn't give a shit about Jasper's death - He was getting on her last nerve, anyways. But her sister and little brother died...It was six against three and only one survived...

You know...Nicholas and Alessa will blame you for these deaths. You were the eldest here. Two food sources gone, an Enforcer, and the only Procurer. That leaves us down to three Vampires and only two humans.

We were outnumbered! Isaac was so young! Gaspard and Morganna and Paul were all just barely younger than me.

Aww. Too hard? You sound like a whiny little brat trying to make excuses. There is no excuse and everyone knows it. This. Is. All. Your. Fault.

We'll be fine with just Adonis and Eva and we can always get replacements!

You'll be fine with just Eva and Adonis...? Is that so? You realize that nobody but Nicholas feeds from Eva? Alessa fears to feed from Adonis. And you find both of their blood types absolutely revolting. The only human here with a use is Eva and the only person benefiting from her use is Nicholas. You and Alessa are shit out of luck because Adonis is pretty much useless. But you're fine right...? You fucked up, Angiluzza. You fucked up.

Angiluzza curled up in the pool of blood, seeming to nestle against the bodies as she sobbed. She could hear Adonis still frantically screaming into the phone. "Alessa! Apresse casa! Não está lutando! Eu não sei quem está aqui, mas Jasper estava gritando e Angel é louca e eu não sei onde é Eva e Annabelle e Isaac não posso ouvi-los! Depressa, por favor! Eu não posso ouvir mais nada!"


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#, as written by Mela
Helena the Bloody

Helena tilted her head rather slowly as she listened, her face expressionless for once safe for the slightly widened, blood-red eyes she sported at all times. She could feel him at her side, could sense the second he let his fangs slide out. She knew the sound so very well. After all, she had heard it countless times, both as he bit into her, but also when he bit into others. It was a sound which never failed to make her reach out, a hand landing on his upper arm, just to feel him physically since she could not see him. The contact was enough of a substitute.

Then, however, the human spoke and Helena’s own fangs slid forth in irritation as a soft growl escaped her, one which could only be heard by Kristof as the female vampire took a few steps away, closing her red eyes to focus her energy. Fortunately Kristof was there. If he hadn’t been, this would be around the time Helena tore out the irritating human’s throat. The mere sound of her voice now irked the redhead. While it was slightly amusing, Helena much preferred the fear. It was not supposed to disappear this easily!

Helena could feel the human’s eyes on her, but she did not move. Instead the coven leader remained perfectly still, her hands at her sides, eyes closed as she listened, her posture relaxed but alert. Then Kristof spoke again and Helena noted the moment the girl let her silly little metal thing fall to the forest floor. But still she did not react. She stood quiet, still as a statue even as she sensed both of them turning to move towards her, Kristof of course reaching her first. She already knew what came next. Kristof had told her once that he did not wish to sire vampires, so of course he would use her blood to change the human girl. Helena forced back her irritation, part of her grounded enough to know that Kristof wanted this one.

Besides, Helena felt fairly certain she would not find another human like… like Kaleigh. Oh, Kaleigh! Her poor little pet was still chained to the table, wasn’t she? The thought made a sadistic grin curve her full, red lips as Kristof brushed her hair to the side, her neck now presented to him without a second obstacle. She felt his hand in her hair and she let him tilt her head back, the grin still remaining as she moaned lowly with his bite. The hand remained, keeping her head in place as he moved back, and soon Helena felt a stranger’s tongue licking her pale, smooth skin. She remained in place, knowing very well that the dominance as well as the display turned Kristof on.

The girl’s tongue and lips barely caused any reaction from Helena. Kristof’s hand in her hair, however, had her humming with contentment, her lids still covering the red of her eyes. Next Helena heard Kristof move and then a crack as he snapped the head of the human while she was distracted. From the puncture wounds Kristof had made on her neck, blood trickled down slowly, undisturbed. As he spoke, Helena hummed softly, adding drily “Let’s hope she comes back less irritating.” With that, Kristof’s teeth were back inside her neck, and she moaned, her hands finally moving to clasp him to her, keeping her body meshed with his.

Everything else escaped her mind when Kristof pinned her against another tree and let her soar once more. She did however notice when he merely kicked the human out of the way and the cruel disregarded forced a giggle from her, even as a moan attempted to escape at the same time. All too soon the pleasure ended, however, and just as the human stopped screaming, Kristof pulled away. Helena easily moved onto her feet once more. She was swimming in the bliss of her orgasm – in the tranquil clarity, but still she let the red of her eyes land on Kristof as he spoke. His words made her giggle.

She put a hand up as though in class before she spoke up. “We might also just do it for fun,” she added, not caring that the girl might end up scared. Which she didn’t. What was wrong with her? The irritation was back, doubling only when Kristof moved to help her up. She growled deep in her throat, eyes narrowing slightly, but the girl’s words made Helena’s mind go in a whole other direction. Kaleeeiiigh! Helena grinned suddenly. “Oh, I know!” She spoke, knowing Kristof would understand that it meant she had a solution to that particular problem. “Let’s go make little Dee Dee very sad,” she chirped, already speeding off to the basement. She was there in no time, bursting through the door very abruptly.

It smelled like… tears. And blood. But they were both still in their places. Keeping Kaleigh alive anymore was only going to make Dmitri think he’d won something, and it was going to make him want to escape more… for her, no matter how futile. Now, she could kill Dmitri, but really… what was the fun in that? He’d only be freed from his misery, and she’d never have truly broken him. This… however, just might do the trick. A gleeful grin spread on her face she turned to Dmitri. “Have you ever wondered,” she began as she waited for the others to join her, approaching him slowly, “what it would feel like to have the one thing you love… die in front of you?” Her grin widened, completely ignoring the now frantic sobbing from Kaleigh.

Derek Fleitner

Derek couldn’t help chuckling when Alessa fought to get onto the roof of the building. She looked clumsy for a vampire, really, but then, Alessa had never really achieved the grace he had. It was odd really, since she was the same age, but nope… she’d always been different like that. Or maybe he was different. But nah, it was probably just Alessa. Even Angel was more graceful than their beloved coven leader. Alessa’s strengths were not physical in any way. No, her strength was in her inspiration. As a leader, Alessa left most of what would normally befall her, to him. Not because she was lazy, but because she wanted the best possible to take care of important jobs.

So he was charged with them, and really, Alessa was a genius when it came to figuring out another’s strengths. She had everyone do what they did best and perhaps that was why, in spite of her lack of… well, control, everyone in the coven accepted her. She did not lead because she was the best – she led because she did so without dominance. Honestly Derek wouldn’t do too well under the hand of someone who tried to domineer him every step of the way. He’d been there, he’d done that, and he’d gone his own ways regardless. Luckily so, because if he hadn’t he would’ve been quite fallen by now. She’d certainly done her best to convince him, his maker.

When she settled next to him, he glanced at her quietly before his eyes landed on the dead human in the alley. Then she spoke, and he smiled wryly. “You did indeed,” he agreed lowly, still not looking at her. He was eager for this hunt to end. Not because he wanted away from Alessa, but because he simply got restless when the two of them were away from the house for long simultaneously, leaving vampires half their age to defend if something was to happen. He let a sigh pass his lips. He was patient, but the world around him waited for no one, and if something happened while the two leaders were away, it would be on Derek’s shoulders. He was the protector.

Her quote made him quirk an eyebrow, gaze searching the streets beneath them. “A Midsummer Night’s Dream, if I recall correctly. Act 3, scene 2.” He glanced at her with a playful smirk at that. “If you’re going to quote Shakespeare, at least make it challenging,” he told her teasingly. He didn’t really care to battle her on it, but back in the days of Shakespeare himself, much of Derek’s circle had been rather wealthy, and quite prone to the works of the man. In simple turns, he had watched many a play. He had even had a few interesting conversations with the man and Alessa had chosen one of the most well-known quotes from one of the most well-known plays.

The sound of Alessa’s phone ringing then, caused Derek to frown lightly, wondering who would be calling her now. The others usually didn’t call either of them when they were out hunting. When his pseudo sister picked up, Derek watched her carefully, considering every intake of breath, and every frantic word on the other end. It was Adonis, and of course he was speaking Portuguese, one of the few languages Derek hadn’t bothered learning. He did know Spanish, though, along with Italian and French, and so most of it made some kind of sense. Someone was there and he needed them to hurry home.

Derek stood immediately, jumping off the roof to hit the ground on all fours. Then he immediately straightened, looking up at Alessa. “I don’t know exactly what he said, but I know we need to hurry, so come on. We’ll leave the human and skip town. Our DNA isn’t in any database, so we should be fine.” He looked back at forth, his body brimming with what to humans would work much like adrenaline. In vampires it was the instinct… to kill, to protect. If anything had happened to his coven – anyone in his coven, Derek was sure to seek revenge. He was impatient now more than ever and he needed Alessa to get the hell down. When she finally did, he hurried to the car and slid into the driver’s side. This may be her car, but they needed to hurry, so he was driving.

Fortunately it didn’t take them long to reach the house, but they did, the air was permeated with the scent of blood and Derek stepped forward slowly. No strangers were alive present at current – he could tell as much, so that meant he could do nothing, but three scents were much too familiar. He sped up, bursting through the door only to freeze briefly at the sight, his eyes scanning the scene.

Angel was huddled in a pool of blood, hulking and sobbing uncontrollably. The room was littered with dead bodies, three of which belonged to members of his coven. Annabelle, Jasper, Isaac… Derek stood there for a moment, staring at the bloodshed. He didn’t doubt who had done this; the perpetrators were dead at his feet as well. “Angel,” he breathed suddenly as he came back to himself, and he hurried forward, not caring that he soaked himself in blood as he sank to his knees next to her. She was the only one he could help right now. The others were… beyond him, and so he chose to focus his energy on her. Alessa could deal with their remaining humans; a vampire who was completely out of it was a danger to everyone, and so he simply needed to prioritize.

Derek moved a hand to Angel’s cheek, wiping tears from it as he watched her. Then suddenly he leaned forward and pulled her into his embrace, holding her like a little girl as he more or less cradled her in his arms. He’d not seen her like this in centuries, and it still did not sit right with him in any way. It just… felt wrong. “Shh,” he added softly as he held her, trying to make her calm down.


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#, as written by Vix

Angiluzza was damn near completely unaware of her current surroundings. Everywhere that she looked, all she saw was the deaths of Jasper and her 'siblings' on repeat. She just couldn't get it out of her mind...She could feel her body back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. She soon felt arms around her and began to struggle against the arms, feeling immediately threatened again as she cried out. “No! Get off of me!” Her cry became more of a roar until she felt Derek's fingers wiping the tears from her face, smearing some of the blood. But the blood smearing didn't matter to her because Derek was holding her. She practically crumbled in his arms, leaning into him as he lulled her with a soft 'shh'. “I'm so sorry,” she whispered softly, closing her eyes shut and cringing against him.

“I tried to protect them! I did...But it-” She choked up and broke down into more sobs as her body went limp. How could they have fended them off on their own? They hadn't gotten to their 'breakfast' yet and it was...unexpected. No! There was no excuse at all! Derek had trained her and she had trained as formally as it got with her Senseis for over three decades! How in the hell could she have been so defenseless against them?! She berated herself mentally over and over again. She would have been slamming her head into a wall except she was limp, tired, and there weren't that many walls nearby suitable for that sort of beating.

Instead, she looked up weakly, sniffling. “ fault. And I'm so sorry. Please don't make me go...Don't let me go.” Her voice was as soft of a whisper as it could possibly be. She lowered her head back down, resting it against his chest as she fought back the hysteric fit threatening to overwhelm her. She was reflexively breathing as though hyperventilating, finding the feeling of not being really out of breath so strange and frightening; it had been a while since she breathed. She imagined that was what it felt like to drown, driving her further down the road to hysterics. Her body went from limp to rigid as though she were physically bracing herself for hysteria to slam into her.


Kristof chuckled as Helena remarked that they just might kill the girl off simply because they felt like it. He almost sneered as the girl cowered as soon as his beloved left. “Come on.” Kristof didn't trust the girl as far as he could thro- Well. Considering his strength, that particular phrase was somewhat useless. The point is that he didn't trust the girl enough to let her run off on her own nor to follow him. He motioned for her to come with him, though on a second thought he grabbed her wrist. As they ran, he did his best to move at the pace that was her peak so he didn't just end up dragging her along like dead weight.

He knew exactly what Helena had in her twisted little mind, which did make his lips curl into a devious smirk. To break Dmitri...Now that was something that he would like to see. It had been ten years – Ten years was longer than any human had ever survived with them. At least as far as the slaves went. He couldn't deny that the human intrigued him. But not enough to really care for him; The only person that he cared about was Helena. Though he was positive that little Kelsey was already scheming on how to seduce her way into the black hole that his heart used to exist within.

As she grunted for him to wait, he ignored the request as they had only just come up to the house. He released her hand but kept going, causing her to stumble and fall; how ungraceful. He sighed and breezed on in, finding Lucan pacing and Scarlet cleaning. He smirked “You missed a spot.” His fist went through the nearest wall. “Clean it up.” He spit on the floor nearby before heading down into the basement, Kelsey in tow right behind him, her eyes looking about in wonder. “What happened here?” Her mouth hung open and her eyes got wide. “Great sex.” Kristof chuckled, a chill going down his spine as he remembered just how much he had enjoyed it.

He was at Helena's side soon enough, wrapping his arms about her waist and pressing his face into her hair, inhaling slowly. “You're such a bitch sometimes,” He whispered softly, moving his face down to her neck, kissing her ivory flesh softly. “but its so God damned sexy.” He bared his fangs, though he didn't bite her as he looked over at poor little Kaleigh. “Well. Aren't you just a broken little bluebird?” Kaleigh cried out, pleading to be let go. But Kristof knew it wasn't going to work. It seemed as though Helena's need to break Dmitri was now priority over Kaleigh's wellbeing. Poor little thing – Kristof can't say he cared too much about her. She had no spirit. No fight in her. She was boring.


Dmitri had spent as much time as his voice would allow whispering to Kaleigh, trying to cheer her up in such a dismal situation. He told her about the time he accidentally glued his dad's hand to the doghouse and the time he replaced his cousin's refried beans with cat food. The soft smiles and light giggles warmed his heart – Did he truly love this girl that was nearly eight years his senior? Of course he did! How could he even question it? How could he not? She was so...Kaleigh. A sweet, innocent thing. And she loved him. One could not express in words how it made his heart soar to know it,

It had been silent for a while and he could hear pacing upstairs along with the sweeping of broken glass; Lucan and Scarlet? Probably. He sighed and slumped a little more until the sound of Helena's voice caused him to stir. His immediate reaction was to spit at her feet, but he caught himself before doing so, remembering that Kaleigh was at stake for his actions. He ground his teeth and looked away from her. That is, until Helena spoke a phrase that he had only heard in his frequent nightmares. She was soon joined by Kristof and a blonde...Great. A new vampire.

“Ohhh. He's cute! Can I have him?” She eyed him like the food that he was, inching closer. Dmitri kept quiet, his head held high and proud. He knew that he wasn't today's lunch...It was Kaleigh. The drastic measure he never thought Helena would take. How could she be so cruel?! It was true – She really had no heart. And Kristof wasn't any better. He looked over at the crying Kaleigh and his lips quivered as he fought another stream of tears. “You've already done that. Remember?” He hissed at her, remembering the day that he walked in ten years ago to see his then-future husband taking his last breath in Helena's arms.


Lucan glanced as Helena breezed in followed by Kristof and a new girl. Oh joy – A newborn. From the generation of the whores. He sighed but said nothing, for it wasn't his place. Typically, at least in the Forebearers' Coven, before a human was turned and joined the Coven, the whole Coven must agree first upon it. But Helena and Kristof generally just didn't give a fuck what the others wanted within the Coven or who they wanted. They did whatever pleased them. But he didn't mind so long as he had company and a home. And Rox...


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#, as written by Korrye

Eva had dozed off. Sitting still in her bed, her empty plate in her lap, the brunette had finally given into the tired weight of her body. Normally she was a light sleeper, so the knocks on the doors and noises from downstairs didn’t rouse her. She was captivated instead by a dream of Derek (but really, when wasn’t she dreaming about him?)

She was in her room, but not the current one she had made for herself in their house. No, she was in her home in Easton, the big house the one she had so desperately wanted to escape to New York from. The walls were painted a pale yellow, the color her mother had chose for her nursery when she hadn’t known the gender of her only child. It had never been a color Eva had admired and as she’d grown more drawn into fashion and theater and the stories of New York and Paris and London and Milan, her walls had gradually become plastered with posters and sketches and drawings. All of it remained. In the corner were a pair of dress forms and beside them a desk littered with fabric scraps and sewing paraphernalia. Tacked up along a bay window were fairy lights, which were turned on as the rest of the lights were shut off. A hundred candles were also lit and scattered across the room, all adding to the ambience, taking away from the cluttered walls.

Laid across her double bed was Eva herself, as she was currently, twenty one years old, her hair long, dark and curly. She was dressed in a black lace corset and stockings, kitten heels on her feet as she displayed herself for the man who stood in the center of the room. Derek smiled at her, unbuttoning a fitted white collar shirt that he wore. He strode across the room, eyes glued to her. As he approached the bed Eva rolled onto her back, pressing her hands to his shoulders without the hesitation she felt every day around him. No, she wanted him. She couldn’t deny how much she wanted to give herself over to him. Instead, however, he sat down on the edge of her bed instead of crawling over her. Derek sighed, stopping with undoing the buttons of his shirt. Immediately Eva sat up, drawing her hands over his left shoulder and under his right to clasp across his chest. She rested her chin on his shoulder. “Please,” she begged. He leaned his head into hers and she saw him smile. It was always a game. Suddenly he was whirling her back onto the bed, shifting with vampire speed to pin her hands and press her back into the numerous pillows. He hovered over top of her, his eyes taking in her frame. He leaned in, the tension building. Eva’s eyes fluttered and she closed them, inhaling deeply, wanting him to kiss her.

A loud crash forced her to open her eyes. Eva took in the surroundings of the house and the screams from downstairs, her plate sliding off her thighs and onto her bed. Her heart was immediately racing in her chest as she stumbled, her weak legs buckling as she moved to her bedroom door. She landed in a heap by it instead, pressing her face up to it to listen. She swallowed, hearing noises she didn’t think possible. Screeches, animalistic cries and shrieks. It didn’t last long as suddenly it was ended by the most wretched tearing noises and cries. Her heart lept into her throat then, as silence fell. Eva opened the door to her room and stood on the landing then, looking down wearily, so confused, so dazed. She could see Adonis, a phone in his hands, his voice frantic but his words beyond her. Instead she heard the most frantic and hysterical of cries coming from Angel.

"Alessa! Apresse casa! Não está lutando! Eu não sei quem está aqui, mas Jasper estava gritando e Angel é louca e eu não sei onde é Eva e Annabelle e Isaac não posso ouvi-los! Depressa, por favor! Eu não posso ouvir mais nada!
" It went on and on, building, the weeping growing. Eva’s eyes widened as she moved down the steps one at a time. As she turned the corner she was met with a blood bath that took the breath right out of her. She fell, her feet losing their grip. She bounced down three steps before her hands flew out to grip herself on the banister and wall. Her fingers slid through a spray of someone’s blood and she gaped, so stunned that for several minutes she didn’t know what to think. Angel’s hysterics were the only noise in the dead silent room that she could hear. Eva felt herself begin to hyperventilate as she took in the Italian vampire on her hands in knees, surrounded by the heads of strangers. “Oh..oh,” Eva gasped, her face knitting into uncontrolled sadness as she suddenly became aware that three of the bodies were not strangers as well. Isaac. Jasper. Oh dear Jasper. And Annabelle, blessed woman. They were all torn to shreds with the strangers, their heads and limbs so strewn about like someone had thought it a funny game. Fear caught her chest tightly but for some reason she was too stunned to cry.

The main door to the house flew open suddenly and Derek stepped in, his eyes going immediately to Angulizza. Eva leaned back into the stairs, her lips trembling as she saw Alessa behind him. Derek didn’t hesitate, he went straight to his hysterical companion on the floor, fighting her as she wept and pushed him away.

“Angel,” he whispered, sinking to his knees to bring her into his lap. “No! Get off of me!” she yelled. Eva watched the exchange continue, how Derek suddenly moved to caress the Italian’s cheek. Her cheek. Not Eva’s. No. He was coddling the threatening bitch who had an hour before wanted Jasper’s head for disobedience. Well she had it now didn’t she? Her friend was in the pile of bodies. Isaac too, the very man to whom she had grown close to. And Anna, the wise voice of them all. Eva felt her eyes burn then, not with sadness but hurt unaltered jealousy and fear.

“Shh,” he cooed. Eva gasped like she had been stabbed. How many times had he done that to her after feeding on her? It was no longer some special thing. She had convinced herself that he only treated her the way he did but it was so clear then that that wasn't the case. “I'm so sorry,” Angel apologized. “I tried to protect them! I did...But it-”

Eva’s eyes knitted, her lips twitching as she sucked in air so rapidly. Protect them? She had actively participated in all of it! For all Eva knew she had shredded their coven members in her ‘defensive’ rage.

“ fault. And I'm so sorry. Please don't make me go...Don't let me go,” she sniffed. Eva forced herself to get up then, her knees shaking as she suddenly forced herself down the stairs. She couldn’t see this. She didn’t want to see this. Derek was with her. It was so clear now. The dreams, everything had made it seem so real. She loved him, so loved him so much but months of this, months of merely being fed on and pleasing him, that’s all it was. This display, this coddling and whispering and consolation was so much a display of affection to Angel. It was so much more than she had gotten in months. What did that say about how he felt about her? She knew she had to leave. She had to get out of this horrific house, away from them all.

She threw herself through the open door and started to run.