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Adalric Harti

The Pirate

0 · 287 views · located in Dotham

a character in “BLOODLINES : Fall Of The Demon King”, as played by BlueTeddyBearMelody



              THE BASICS
                    ▌Name ▬▬ Adalric Harti
                    ▌Alias ▬▬ Harti or Adal
                    ▌Role ▬▬ The Pirate
                    ▌Age ▬▬ 28
                    ▌Gender ▬▬ Male
                    ▌Race ▬▬ Human
                    ▌Orientation ▬▬ Demisexual
                    ▌Allegiance ▬▬ His family and the sea
                    ▌Appearance ▬▬ Swimmer's build, strong, calloused hands, Bright green eyes and short, fluffy blonde hair.
                    ▌Height ▬▬ 6'3'
                    ▌Weight ▬▬ 186 lb
                    ▌Markings ▬▬ Full tattoo sleeves on each arm and few tattoos on his chest.

              THE INTERESTS
                    ▌Likes ▬▬Drawing, Sailing, Music/Singing, Beautiful bodies, Astrology
                    ▌Dislikes ▬▬Rude/obnoxious people, Being in one place for longer than a year/not being able to travel, smell of burnt hair, stale food, pelicans
                    ▌Hobbies ▬▬Drawing/Sketching, Traveling

              THE POWERS
                    ▌Weapon Name ▬▬ Brother and Sister;Calabris
                    ▌Fighting Style ▬▬ Adalric prefers long range fighting, more often than not reaching for his guns, Brother and sister, for a quick and easy way to end most disputes. He is highly skilled with firearms and makes sure to keep them clean and working so that they can preform to the best of there ability. However if backed into a corner, Adal will put his three years of fencing to use and pull out his sword, Calabris. In more larger fights with faster attacks you might also see him using both his sword and one of his guns at the same time.

                    ▌Rush ▬▬ Your average melee power attack. Increases Adalric's strength and target the victims heart.
                    ▌Splinter ▬▬ A single shot, once fired splits into a flurry of multiple bullets, hitting a wide range of targets.
                    ▌Battery ▬▬ Adalric can strike a blow with so much force it breaks most bones in ones body, permanently crippling them.
                    ▌Echo ▬▬ A bullet goes straight through the chosen victim only to curve around and hit the victim a second time.
                    ▌Pacify ▬▬ Adalric can form an unforgiving pocket of water around his victim and drown them.

                    ▌Singing ▬▬ Although he usually only sings sea shanty's, one can't deny that Adal has a good set of pipes on him.
                    ▌Navigating ▬▬ Because of his many years at sea, Adalric has a natural sense of direction. It isn't hard for him to go anywhere or find anything.
                    ▌Marksmanship ▬▬ He hardly ever misses a shot. One would think he was simply born with a gun in his hand.
                    ▌Sensing Deceit ▬▬ When Adalric gets a bad feeling about someone, it's usually for a good reason. He can just tell by standing next to someone and feeling their aura whether they're gonna be trouble or not.
                    ▌Sailing ▬▬ He's the best ship captain in his family thus far.

              THE PERSONAL
                    ▌Sweet ▬▬ Adalric isn't your typical pirate. He is a kind man with a secret bleeding heart. He is usually seen wearing a soft smile across his face.
                    ▌Collected ▬▬ Just by talking to him for a few minutes you can tell Adal is man with clear and well thought out goals. He know exactly what he wants and is never indecisive.
                    ▌Gentlemanly ▬▬ Adalric holds himself to a high standard. He dresses in the best that is affordable and in what is appropriate for his position and rank as Captain. He treats everyone with their earned respect and speaks with a scholar-ed tongue.
                    ▌Boss ▬▬ Although kind, Adal is not without his pride. On his ship, his mates know their place and don't dare overstep.

                    ▌History ▬▬ Adalric is the first born out the 10 children of the royal family of Cartiea. And as long has they are able too, you can probably expect more to come from his parents. Adal's parents are humble and hardworking people that believe that you should just live your life and whatever happens was destined to happen. And therefore should be accepted. Growing up wasn't to hard for Adal, as soon as he could walk his farther began to teach him the ways of sea and the art of sailing. "Taming the waves." As his father often called it on their many lessons. Adalric can't remember a day in his life not spent out on sandy banks or rolling seas to the point where it was the only things he considered home. He was caught on more than one occasion having snuck out to go sleep under the stars only to be dragged back home by his ear.

                    Around the age of 10, Adal was made to help raise his growing number of siblings. Leaving him little time to himself or the sea. His mother and father did their best but even for the best of parents it was too many heads to keep track of all at once. That being said, having to care for his siblings forced him to have to grow up very quickly, making him a mature man at only the age of twelve.

                    Once the second born, Clovis, was old enough to take his place however (Adalric being 14 and Clovis being 10), Adal's parents removed him from his duties as caretaker and placed him in the best school they could afford. There he spent the next six years of his life, studying to be one of the few at the top of his class and training to master the sea.

                    Once graduated, Adal returned home and took a year off of everything to relax and reconnect with his ever growing family. On his 21st birthday, Adalric took the leftover money from paying for his schooling and set upon building his own ship. From which he would would work on and sail for the next 7 years.

                    ▌Peppi and Rainhard Harti ▬▬ Adalric has a close and strong bound to his parents and cares greatly for them. He is very admit about being home in time for every family event as to not miss any time with them.
                    ▌The Demon King ▬▬ Adal has a very neutral opinion about the king. He prefers to actually meet the man for himself before he believes any tall tales so he can form an opinion about the king for himself.
                    ▌The Harti Siblings ▬▬ Adal has a good relationship with all his siblings, growing closer to them as they age and he can form better bonds with them, though he still sometimes is thrown into having to take care of them when his parents cannot.

So begins...

Adalric Harti's Story