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Fryda Vex Sevant

The Assassin

0 · 568 views · located in Dotham

a character in “BLOODLINES : Fall Of The Demon King”, as played by Doom



              THE BASICS
                    ▌Name ▬▬ Fryda Vex Sevant
                    ▌Alias ▬▬ Fry ; Phantom
                    ▌Role ▬▬ The Assassin
                    ▌Age ▬▬ Nineteen
                    ▌Gender ▬▬ Female
                    ▌Race ▬▬ Demon
                    ▌Orientation ▬▬ Pansexual
                    ▌Allegiance ▬▬ To the Demon King
                    ▌Appearance ▬▬ Curvy ; Lithe ; Slight muscle mass
                    ▌Height ▬▬ 5'5
                    ▌Weight ▬▬ 150 lbs
                    ▌Markings ▬▬ Scars all over ; Paints her face

              THE INTERESTS
                    ▌Likes ▬▬ Weapons. Drinking. Training. Drawing. Sunbathing.
                    ▌Dislikes ▬▬ Loud mouths. Womanizers. Rebels. Religion. Most mortals.
                    ▌Hobbies ▬▬ Horseback riding. Cleaning.

              THE POWERS
                    ▌Alpha and Omega ▬▬ xx
                    ▌Fighting Style ▬▬ Fryda prefers for her attacks to be quick and stealthy often attack from the shadows.
                    Fryda is efficient with almost any type of weapon but prefers to dual wield.
                    Like all demons fry can shift her form, it's something she avoids doing for personal reasons.

                    ▌Arms of Shadow ▬▬ Four arms act instinctively on their own to protect Fryda. They have a short attack reach.
                    ▌Shadow Control ▬▬ Fryda can control the shadows around her, make them into different shapes.
                    ▌Shadow Walking ▬▬ Fryda can walk between locations by using the shadows. She must known the area she is walking to.
                    ▌Shadow Minions ▬▬ Using the shadow she can make constructs that can fight for her. They can be destroyed with light.
                    ▌Shadow Talk ▬▬ Using the shadows she can issues orders to her Horsemen.

                    ▌Fright ▬▬ Even for certain family members Fryda has an odd feeling that she gives off, scaring those around her.
                    ▌Beast Taming ▬▬ Having a natural talent for taming wolves and crows, Fryda has trained with some masters to hone her skills.
                    ▌Heightened Senses ▬▬ Each one of her senses are heightened. She is stronger and has more stamina than a mortal.
                    ▌Drawing ▬▬ Fryda has a natural talent for drawing. She can draw someone fairly spot on.
                    ▌Weapons Training ▬▬ Like most in her family she has a natural talent for weapons.

              THE PERSONAL
                    ▌Possessive ▬▬ Maybe it's because she is from a huge family but Fryda has an hard time not clinging to her possessions, friends and loved ones.
                    She has a hard time of letting things go, often threatening those who attempt to leave her in an attempt to make them stay.
                    ▌Outspoken ▬▬ Fryda isn't one to keep her opinions to herself, if she feels that someone is ignoring her she grows more persistent.
                    She feels the louder she gets the more likely she is to be heard.
                    ▌Loyal ▬▬ Through and through Fryda is loyal to her father and her family. She will do what ever is necessary for their survival and safety
                    ▌Risk Taker ▬▬ Fryda has a habit of taking risks, from swinging one to many punches to being the one to starting the fight even to taking a dare from one of her many older brothers.
                    ▌Determined ▬▬ Once her mind is set on something it is almost impossible to deter her, even if she is in danger nothing with push her off her path.

                    ▌History ▬▬ When Alessia gave birth to her ninth child it was a moment of celebration for she had finally gotten her wish as she laid there holding a baby girl. Growing up Fryda spent most of her time at her mother's side, pestering her father when she was able to. These were simple times it was before anyone knew what the little girl could do. When she wasn't spending time with her mother she was playing games with her siblings one of these games was hide and seek, a game that Fryda always seemed to somehow win. It took a few years for them to find out that the girl had the ability not only able to walk through the shadows [which she would constantly use to hide] but to morph them as well. This was one of the first times she felt the love her father had for her, after asking her to demonstrate her walking powers he laughed scooping her up telling her that she had a beautiful gift. Days later her training begun, against Alessia's wishes who claimed that the 10 year old was too young to do such things but her words fell on deaf ears. For the next few years Fryda honed her skills, both in her shadow ability but as well as her weapon ability. In this time she begun to spend less time with her mother and more with her father and the many masters that he brought for her and the other children to learn from. Shortly before her 14th birthday Alessia fell ill. Fryda took off from training to spend the last few months her mother had left. The mourning was short lived though as a day later along with her father and 8 older brothers they laid her to rest in one of the many temples that made up Halliah.

                    Fryda dove into training once more with more of a determination than before and it was this determination that led her to feel the affection of her father once more. It had been a few years since he started given her small missions to do for him, spy here and there gathering information for him. The night of her 17th birthday her father gave her one of the most precious gifts that she ever received. Fryda was to gain control of the Horsemen from her father. Since then she has been part of her father's elite circle, commanding a grand army of assassins.

                    ▌Demon King ▬▬ Fryda loves her father deeply, he has his own way of loving his children. When he gave her control of the Horsemen she felt nothing but the love he felt for her.
                    ▌Alessia ▬▬ Fryda misses her mother everyday, she wishes that she had been able to spend more time with her still hanging onto the locket that was hers. She was the 26th wife.

So begins...

Fryda Vex Sevant's Story


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#, as written by Doom
Everyone had been given a month, a month to accept that their lives were going to change forever. Fryda remember standing there with several other siblings around her, each were unmarried and while some she knew others she didn't even recognize. It was no surprise to her though, there was never a true count on how many children their father had. All that any of them knew was there was a lot of them, some ancient with young looks taking after their demon heritage while some were old and crippled taking after their mothers. It was a crap shoot on which one you would be and Fry hoped that she would be one of the majestic demons that her mother told her stories about as a child. When her father broke the news to the select few that stood before them the first thing that she felt was sickness. Her stomach begun to turn and flip on itself, marriage? Was the man crazed? A hand covered her mouth as if she was going to be sick even though she knew it to be an overreaction. Marriage had never once crossed her mind, she never had a reason to think of these things. While yes, typically one being a princess was married off to create political ties or peace offerings - it was something she never had to deal with. After all she was the child of the great Demon King. The only solace she had was that she wasn't the only one doomed to marry someone who was lower than them. There was only one mortal she could and ever would love and that was her mother. A hand touched the locket that draped loosely around her neck. Fry's heart beat faster for a few moments as she wished her mother was there to help her, maybe even talk her father out of this ridiculous idea.

Shockingly enough she soon found out that the marriage wasn't even the worst part. There was to apparently be no sanctuary for her [or anyone else], upon arriving back in her quarters she found it half empty. The other twist to the marriage was the apparent moving of their rooms in an attempt to solidify the marriages quicker - they were forcing each child out of their comfort zone in an attempt for make the couples...friendlier. Fry snarled at the thought, how dare they take the one place she was going to feel comfortable in away. After all she had already planned from the second she left the meeting to hide in her room as often as possible, the shadows at her feet started to swirl around as servants came to move more furniture. The second they crossed the threshold into her room they were gone screaming as shadowy holes opened up below them, causing them to fall. For a few hours the move was halted but Fry had other duties to take care of and was forced to allow it all to continue.

Bright eyes stared out the unfamiliar window, watching as the branches were pushed around in the light wind of the day. The month had passed quickly, giving her almost no time to prepare the arrival of the flood of fiances. Some of the children were to marry high ranking officials and noblemen while others were to marry actual [though she used the term loosely] royalty. The idea was still absurd to her. There was a panic mess currently through out the castle as her father announced last minute that he wanted to honor their guests with a ball, the man was slowly becoming hard to read. This was the first time she had ever seen this side of him honestly she was fairly sure that it was the same for everyone. Scrunching her nose a little bit she tried to figure out what was setting him down this path, he actually seemed happy to be forcing his children into this arrangement, she was fairly sure she had seen him smile - actually genuinely smile a month ago when he told them his plans. Of course the man had showed emotion through out the years but this seemed different, she wasn't sure what was making him act this way. Maybe this was all part of some sick game but it was going to give her a headache if she actually tried to figure it out. Gently rubbing the side of her head slowly the assassin moved away from the window and towards her vanity, thankful that the idiots hadn't damaged the old wood in the move. She might have shadowed it over herself but honestly she was still scared to damage it, smiling as she ran fingers over the obvious years - probably decades of wear thinking of her mother once more. It seemed most of what she owned were pass downs from the woman, it wasn't as if her brothers needed any of it. The only thing it did was make her want for her mother even worse.

Thankfully getting herself ready was a short process. Fryda was never one to draw attention to herself, make up was rarely anything she bothered with. The only thing she did was pull her long black hair into a high pony tail that still reached her waist at it's longest length and add some eyeliner to draw more attention to her already unique eyes. Donned in her usual lace finally the youngest of her family emerged from her room to the unfamiliar hallway, while it looked like all the others in the castle she was still having a hard time adjusting the change. She knew everything about the hallways she normally walked in, every corner had been touched with her shadows - every little crack was known, everything. Here she knew nothing, she was still learning and while she had hoped she know all of it by now it seemed it was impossible as a shadow slowly moved touching every stone, she was still finding new areas. It made her feel uneasy. This continued until she reached the doors to the ballroom, it was easy to hear the bustling of people behind it and a small sigh escaped her lips.

Pushing the large door open, she looked around at the other siblings in with the walls. Those there were among the few that were to be married to the nobles of the varying lands around them, only a select few were to marry the royalty. Those were the ones she'd much rather speak to, biting the inside of her lip she looked around the room once more, grabbing a glass of a tray as a servant quickly walked by. This was the main thing she enjoyed from these parties, the champagne and wine supply always seemed to be infinite. For now she would stand off to the side, those she wanted to would find her and she honestly hoped they didn't take too long. Taking a sip from her glass she quickly finished it before grabbing another, snarling at the servant to send them scampering away, laughing a little as she watched him.