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Ilyana Astrid Averdeen

The Healer

0 · 353 views · located in Dotham

a character in “BLOODLINES : Fall Of The Demon King”, as played by Doom



              THE BASICS
                    ▌Name ▬▬ Ilyana Astrid Averdeen
                    ▌Alias ▬▬ Ly-ly [lee-lee] , Astrid
                    ▌Role ▬▬ The Healer
                    ▌Age ▬▬ Twenty-Three
                    ▌Gender ▬▬ Female
                    ▌Race ▬▬ The Healer
                    ▌Orientation ▬▬ Pansexual
                    ▌Allegiance ▬▬ Henning
                    ▌Appearance ▬▬ Short ; Lean ; Muscular
                    ▌Height ▬▬ 5'5
                    ▌Weight ▬▬ 120 lbs
                    ▌Markings ▬▬ Scars all over

              THE INTERESTS
                    ▌Likes ▬▬Gardening. Swords. Training. Drinking. Learning.
                    ▌Dislikes ▬▬ Death. Weakness. Loud Noises. Her Mother. Demons.
                    ▌Hobbies ▬▬ Flower Arrangement. Writing.

              THE POWERS
                    ▌Oath ▬▬ A simple sword that was designed specifically for Ilyana, never is the girl without it.
                    ▌Fighting Style ▬▬ Ilyana has been trained with a sword, in her family she is the best sword fighter. Without a sword Ilyana can still fight, she is up close and personal dishing out punches and kicks.

                    ▌Energy Constructs ▬▬ Ilyana can concentrate her magic into shapes, tools and objects. She can use these constructs for various reasons. The more constructs she makes at once or over time can either weaker her or them.
                    ▌Magic Energy Absorption ▬▬ The energy she absorbs she can use to refill her own mana and stamina. The more she absorbs the more powerful she can become. If she absorbs magic that is too strong for her it can backlash against her
                    ▌Forcefield Generator ▬▬ Ilyana has the ability to produce a force field around herself, her field is always on around her. She can control the size of the field, it can either surround her close to her skin or shield several people. The larger the field is the weaker it will become. She has the ability to project a field onto someone but this is extremely tiring.
                    ▌Healing ▬▬ Using her natural abilities Ilyana can heal almost any wound. The larger or deeper the wound the harder and longer it will take for her to heal. Healing can drain her emotionally and physically. If she doesn't like you she'll make you beg to be healed. Wounds will scar. It is easier for her to heal herself, often the power kicks in subconsciously.

                    ▌Gardening ▬▬ Ilyana loves to garden and seems to be able to grow any kind of plant in any kind of area. She'll often make flower arrangements, crowns and reefs for those she likes.
                    ▌Magically Adept ▬▬ With decades of magic wielding in her blood she has no issue picking up new tricks. It still takes her time to perfect and master it
                    ▌Creative ▬▬ Broken shoe? Ripped pants? Impassable road? Ilyana has a way of fixing everything or getting around an issue that someone else might not think of.
                    ▌Compass ▬▬ Ilyana always knows where she is no issue, she can tell what direction she is facing.

              THE PERSONAL
                    ▌Kind ▬▬ Ilyana has always been a caring person, as a child she would often give her toys to other siblings when they were crying and without or food to a citizen who looked sickly. She will always be the ear for someone to rant into or a shoulder to cry on.
                    ▌Passionate ▬▬ With everything she does Ilyana has a habit of diving head first into it. She will remain focused on the task at hand until it is complete or she feels that there is nothing else she can do.
                    ▌Easy Going ▬▬ As far as she is concerned she has no cares in the world. Ilyana will always take a peaceful, laid back approach to things. However if someone does manage to anger her she is impossible to stop or calm down
                    ▌Ambitious ▬▬ Ilyana has always strives to be the best she can be. It's why she dives to heavily into training both her stamina and physical strength but her magical strength as well.

                    ▌History ▬▬ Aliyah was the youngest of the Averdeen family and therefore nothing was ever expected of her, if anything she was to be used as a pawn to marry someone in another kingdom or one of the many high ranking officials of Cartiea. How ever that is not how she saw her life turning out actually from a very young age the princess was determined to be the one that would sit on the throne - not caring that there were almost ten siblings in front of her who were not only stronger but more fit for the role. In these younger years she begun to train herself to be stronger with her magic as well as with a sword as well as the history of their kingdom and the rest of Ti'ieam. Soon there wasn't a family she didn't know the history or crest of, often making her siblings look unprepared when the ambassadors from other kingdoms came to visit to make sure their treaties still stood. It wasn't until she bested her sister who was only a few years older than her in a duel over who would marry a nobleman that her family begun to grow suspicious of their little flower.

                    As the time passed Aliyah grew into a well knowledge teenager who could easily stand her own in a fight, she was third away from being the next in line to take the throne when another marriage was proposed between her and another high ranking official of the Demon King. While everyone had always been taught to be submissive to the Demon King she refused the offer, telling the man if he could best her that she would accept. The two played a simple game of chess that lasted several hours with her as the victor, entertained by the whole thing the Demon King allowed her to remain a single woman instead forcing one of her sisters into marrying the man - the girl of course tried to best the man as well but failed miserably and was shipped off. With two proposals dodged her father finally asked what she wanted in life, when she answered the throne he laughed. It wasn't that she wasn't qualified she still wasn't the next in line - her eldest brother was. While she had done an admirable job in securing her power she wasn't strong enough yet of course Aliyah thought otherwise. The years of training had made her the strongest and most knowledgeable to run the country, she challenged her brother to be the heir. Everyone laughed at her as he agreed to the duel, finding is amusing that the youngest at only 20 thought that she would be able to rule. When he brother charged all she did was raise her hand, water formed in the air around and with a smirk a wall of ice formed blocking the attack easily till it fell showing she was gone. The duel was quick after that, while the story over the years have changed the only thing that remained the same was Aliyah beat her brother taking her place as her father's true heir.

                    It would be ten years later that she took the throne, her siblings despising her but respecting the strength she showed. She treated each one with the same amount of respect appointing those that hadn't been married off into key positions in her guard and advisers. The next few years after taking charge Henning became a stronger and more oiled machine, they were soon supplying crates of exotic jewels and magic relics to the nobles and countries around them. With the notoriety brought in more men and women offering themselves as partners to the Queen, it was a young nobleman from some small unknown village that caught her attention. He showed her all the different kind of magics he could control - from light to darkness to the earth itself. It was the strength and possibility of growth in him that she wanted, with his power they would be perfect and their offspring unstoppable.

                    They were married in mere weeks and their first child was born later that year. Over the next ten years their reign continued and each year they had another child, each one proving they were strong in one way or another, a prize gem to their mother. It wasn't until Ilyana that there were issues, the pregnancy was a difficult one. Aliyah found herself constantly tired and drained, finding it hard to deal with her daily duties. 7 months into the pregnancy the little girl was born. At first she wanted nothing to do with the premature baby, claiming that it was weak and not worthy of her attention, when Ilyana made it to be a year old her mother finally held her even if it was only for a brief moment. To her, her other children were deemed more important and so she was left in the care of her father, who showered her with affection since he finally had a child to his own.

                    Growing up Ilyah was nothing short of happy, under her fathers care she was taught the history of everything. She enjoyed the stories he told her, about his homeland and about her own. From afar she watched her siblings with her mother, growing slightly envious of the attention they earned from her. Soon she found herself seeking that affection, during diner she would give comments on the affairs of the kingdoms around them, the knowledge she spewed seemed to make the woman pay more attention to her but it wasn't enough - not yet. At the age of 11 she challenged her eldest brother to duel, everyone laughed at her even when she drew the sword from her father's side and waved it at them. Her siblings were about to walk away from her when Aliyah told them to stop, with a cold smile on her face she told them to fight. At first Thomas was hesitant but when his sister came at him he was forced into defending himself. Of course she had no clue what to do, her stance was all wrong and she looked as if she was flailing around like a baby but with each strike her brother started to grow furious and finally he attack back slicing his sister deep across the chest. Horrified screams filled the room as the blonde fell down to the ground. Aliyah simply laughed as she waved her hand to dismiss everyone, when she was about to turn her back to her when Ilyana slowly got up from the ground. While blood was still pooled and fresh around her the slice across her chest was gone, a slight scar left in it's place. Everything changed then, Aliyah spent all her time with the youngest daughter training her to fight and was overjoyed when the girl started to show an natural talent with defensive magic, helping her grow and perfect it.

                    It seemed everything was falling into place. Several years passed and Ilyana continued to prove herself a worthy warrior even though it went against their pacifist ways, when the request from a small village on the outskirts of Henning came asking for soldiers and aide in order to protect their borders in a recent scuffle with Lalarrow. She was the first one her mother sent with a small garrison, for several years she fought for her homeland. When she returned home she felt a stranger in her own home, some of her siblings had married off - the many children running through the halls of the castle. Everything felt unfamiliar to her and that feeling only continued to grow when she found that her mother had immediately married her off as well, to one of the Demon King's many children. The woman was to have no say in her life and just as soon as she arrived back into the safety of her home she was to be shipped away in a little less than a month once more.

                    ▌Alliyah ▬▬ Ilyana hasn't cared for her mother in a long time, the whole vying for her attention thing has become annoying - if after going to war she isn't good enough for her than she wants nothing to do with the woman
                    ▌Damien ▬▬ If there is one person in the world she loves it is her father, he has always been there for her and without a second thought defends the man from anyone who would seek to harm him physically or verbally.
                    ▌Andrew ▬▬ One of the soldiers she grew close with over the years, it wasn't a surprise when they developed feelings for one another. When they came back home they expected to continue to follow their feelings only to have them snubbed out by her pending nuptials

So begins...

Ilyana Astrid Averdeen's Story