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Morrigan Lachdanan

The General

0 · 905 views · located in Dotham

a character in “BLOODLINES : Fall Of The Demon King”, as played by Renegade Spectre



              THE BASICS
                    ▌Name ▬▬ morrigan lachdanan
                    ▌Alias ▬▬ grey, harbinger
                    ▌Role ▬▬ the general
                    ▌Age ▬▬ twenty-eight
                    ▌Gender ▬▬ born female, however she is able to change her biology via magic.
                    ▌Race ▬▬ demon
                    ▌Orientation ▬▬ pansexual
                    ▌Allegiance ▬▬ the demon king
                    ▌Appearance ▬▬ platinum hair, seaglass hued eyes. tall and stout; well muscled.
                    ▌Height ▬▬ 5’11’’
                    ▌Weight ▬▬ 165lbs
                    ▌Markings ▬▬ various scars, runic tattoos

              THE INTERESTS
                    ▌Likes ▬▬ sparring, debate, alcohol, going for a swim, sex
                    ▌Dislikes ▬▬ people with no honor in battle, bad liars, the heat, fish, insubordination
                    ▌Hobbies ▬▬ collecting precious gems, applying her smithy skills

              THE POWERS
                    Reaper ▬▬ a demonic sword forged from volcanic glass.
                    ▌Fighting Style ▬▬ offensive tank. primarily a physical fighter, grey only relies on her magic when absolutely necessary or when the fight is over absorb her opponent's soul.

                    ▌Soul Absorption ▬▬ morrigan is able to absorb the souls of dead creatures. the souls provide her with two things; power and the ability to use their form and likeness as she pleases.
                    ▌Shapeshifting ▬▬ due to the absorption of souls, morrigan is able to shift her form to various appearances. whether changing her hair or eyes, or something more such as changing her biology completely. morrigan can also revert to her demonic form but has yet to find the need for that level of intimidation as of yet.
                    ▌Soul Reaver ▬▬ depending on how weak / strong her opponent is, morrigan can rip the soul from its host resulting in an instant death.
                    ▌Repossessing ▬▬ the ability to temporarily give life to once dead creatures to act as thralls to carry out morrigan's bidding. this only works on things that have recently died.
                    ▌Death's Embrace ▬▬ a bone chilling blast of cold used to freeze those that get too close for comfort. morrigan has rarely, if ever enacted this power outside of training.

                    ▌Grappling ▬▬ her wrestling skills are unparalleled
                    ▌Smithing ▬▬ from a young age, grey has taken a shine to forging her own weapons. she prefers obsidian to steel for how sharp and clean it’s blade can be.
                    ▌Equivocation ▬▬ whether demonic in origin or simply a learned trait, grey can lie about just about anything. all the while keeping a straight face.
                    ▌Iron Liver ▬▬ grey is usually the last one standing after a long night at the tavern.
                    ▌Courtship ▬▬ grey is by nature a flirtatious person. if she wants someone or someones in her bed, she'll make it happen with her silver tongue.

              THE PERSONAL
                    ▌Confident▬▬ Grey doesn't need to say much for others to feel the arrogance that exudes from her presence. She walks into the room as if she owns it and everyone inside. She constantly flirts with the thin line between cockiness and confidence and is not afraid to step over that line.
                    ▌Fearless ▬▬ Morrigan views herself as death incarnate; there is nothing in the world that she fears. Except her father, which is pure reverence.
                    ▌Jovial ▬▬ Despite her brash and unapologetic manner, Morrigan is quite easy going at times. She takes her position seriously and on the battlefield her presence is fierce. However, when out of uniform and relaxing, Grey is quick to laugh and make jokes.
                    ▌Charming ▬▬ It seems that Morrigan knows exactly what to say at exactly the right time. Perhaps its all the souls she's absorbed and all the skills and tactics she gleaned from them, but Grey can navigate social situations with ease. She's able to persuade and justify and by the end of the conversation, she can have people eating out of her hand.

                    ▌History ▬▬ Morrigan was born to a fierce warrior in Lalarrow. Her mother Aoife was a commander in the Demon King's army, who fought tooth and nail to protect her country and her people from the rebels. When the king took an interest in Aoife, she was amused. She agreed to the pairing, but on one condition; he fight beside her in the coming battle. Together they were unstoppable and the following night, surrounded by her comrades, Aoife married the King.

                    Aoife gave birth to Morrigan that winter, the only child she would have. She raised her daughter to be strong and independent and as soon as she was able, she was taught how to defend herself. Morrigan was a serious but mischievous child. She was bigger than the other children in town and by default, they feared her. However, the more she was exposed to other children the more playful she became. Eventually she had a pack of children following her wherever she went, and Morrigan soon learned that she could get them to do pretty much anything that an impish child could think of.

                    The first public display of her powers came after a friend's pet rabbit suddenly died. Morrigan explained that she could bring him back, but only for a few moments. Grey held out her hands and a soft blue light emanated weakly from the creature. It started quickly, the fuzzy grey thing hopped to its feet and squeaked before keeling over once more. The collected children screamed and ran away and soon afterwards, Morrigan was standing before both her mother and father. Like all children, Morrigan believed that she was in trouble. However, her father explained to her that she had a gift one that she needed to master so that she one day be a great warrior like her mother. He promised he would send a teacher to develop her powers, someone who could show her the ways of her craft.

                    The teacher, Bram, was an oddly kind man. His frame was waifish at best, his fingers skeletal and hair wispy and white. He wore a belt fashioned of shrunken heads strung together crudely by bits of leather, each face more grotesque than the last. His presence would not last long, for he along with the King assumed that Morrigan was was blessed with necromancy; but when she failed to revive a days old corpse several times over the span of a month, Bram figured that something was wrong. He tested a theory by slaughtering a pig before her eyes and urged her to try again. This time, the pig moved and jolted awake, that same blue haze settling around it in an ethereal shroud. It collapsed moments later, leaving Morrigan fairly exhausted. But for Bram, it had only deepened his suspicions. Over the next few weeks, several tests were performed. Morrigan was able to 'rip' the lifeforce from a weak creature, a give it back enthralling the thing for a short amount of time. At the end of three months, the king was summoned once more. It was proclaimed that Morrigan was not a necromancer, but a soul stealer; an apt ability for the daughter of a warrior. Unfortunately, Bram could not teach her properly as he was not experienced with such a powerful craft. So for the better part of her teenage years, Morrigan exercised her abilities by herself. At first, animals. Livestock that was to be slaughtered, or had fallen ill.

                    At sixteen, however, Morrigan would kill her first human.

                    The brat was from another country, visiting with his parents. They were apart of some traveling bazaar and he likened himself to a ladies man. He wouldn't leave one of Morrigan's friends alone, and with her temper she was told not to harm him. However, with her still learning how to control her powers, she snatched his soul from his body. The color drained from his face and his eyes rolled to the back of his head. The boy collapsed into a heap and his soul, a tranquil blue mist swirled around Morrigan as if it had found it's home. Her friend was horrified and ran, screaming just as the children had done years before. But this time, Morrigan wasn't afraid; she was empowered. With this spirit came a new power; she was able to take on the form of the boy. It was an odd change, the sensation of bones creaking and skin stretching would eventually become just another feeling, but in that moment, she almost hurled.

                    Naturally there was a commotion about the disappearance of the boy. Her friend, though now terrified of Morrigan, did not squeal. She hid herself away and refused to let anyone see her, so Morrigan being the cheeky imp that she was, decided to change the story herself. She shifted into the form of the boy and confronted his family, claiming that he had fallen in love with one of the city girls and promised he'd run away with her. Morrigan put up a good act, finding it rather easy to emulate the brat. His family protested, but before they could react, Grey dashed out of the house and down the road. They bought it, and followed him. She would return not long after, exhausted but with a new found confidence.

                    Years would pass and under her father's tutelage, Morrigan was groomed for battle. Training drills, sword fighting, battle formations -- everything to make her a great leader was pounded into her. She'd go to sleep at night, bloody and battered but with a thirst for more. All this was in preparation for the day when the King would entrust Morrigan with his army. At twenty-one, she had fought many battles beside her mother. Aoife with her bloodlust and Morrigan with her soul sucking abilities. Droves of men would fall at her feet with a swing of of her blade, their souls fueling her for more. At times, there would be a worthy opponent, one that would require an actual battle to be had. Those were her favorite.

                    Not long after, the Demon King bestowed upon Morrigan the title of General. He gave her full power of his army to do as she saw fit. It was an honor, a duty that she took very seriously. Those that stood against her would die.

                    ▌Aoife ▬▬ Grey has a close relationship with her mother. Though she no longer partakes in battle, Morrigan carries with her her mother's sword into every battle she is in.
                    ▌Name ▬▬ details
                    ▌Name ▬▬ details

So begins...

Morrigan Lachdanan's Story