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Octavio Sinclair/Tenebrous

The estranged son of the Demon King

0 · 523 views · located in Dotham

a character in “BLOODLINES : Fall Of The Demon King”, as played by Torrentwolf



              THE BASICS
                    ▌Name ▬▬ Octavio Sinclair
                    ▌Alias ▬▬ Tenebrous
                    ▌Role ▬▬ The Witch
                    ▌Age ▬▬ 27
                    ▌Gender ▬▬ Male
                    ▌Race ▬▬ Demon
                    ▌Orientation ▬▬ Straight
                    ▌Allegiance ▬▬ Himself and his mother.
                    ▌Appearance ▬▬ Coltish and a slight strapping built, light tan skin, black ponytail, close shaved beard, dark brown eyes
                    ▌Height ▬▬ 6”2
                    ▌Weight ▬▬ 175
                    ▌Markings ▬▬ A birthmark on the front lower right side of his torso about the size of a hand.

              THE INTERESTS
                    ▌Likes ▬▬ Alchemy, Ravens, his siblings (Those that accept him), his students, magical artifacts

                    ▌Dislikes ▬▬ The demon king, his siblings (Those that shun him), sour foods, anyone harming his students, people snooping around his things

                    ▌Hobbies ▬▬ Alchemy, reading

              THE POWERS
                    Mauve Knell ▬▬ This blade was forged by Tenebrous with the help of a blacksmith. While the blacksmith made the sword Tenebrous enchanted it to make it so only he can wield it.

                    ▌Fighting Style ▬▬ Surprisingly, Tenebrous likes to fight up close and personal with his sword, but he is no fool. Tenebrous has natural strength but knows it’s not enough to stand against a power duelist. As such he takes advantage of his superior speed and utilizes a fast, acrobatic dueling style, darting in, out and round his opponent and striking when presented a target. The style incorporates jumping, rolling, spinning and cartwheeling to dodge attacks and gain positioning advantages. Tenebrious avoids meeting power duelests head on unless he knows he can win. He also incorporates magical strikes into his attacks to help take his opponent off balance or strike a killing blow if able. Tenebrous also makes use of breaking his opponent's will to continue through psychological taunting. If he manages to do so he will attempt to turn them against their master and into one of his allies.

                    ▌Lighting Manipulation▬▬ Tenebrous’ favorite power he developed on his own was the ability to conjure lightning from his fingertips and manipulate them as he pleases. Be it tendrils of lightning, bolts flung from his hands or even energizing his sword.

                    ▌Mind Force ▬▬ Tenebrous’ most useful skill is the ability to enter the minds of others to either try and read them or influence them. He can typically read immediate thoughts and influence another's mind to control them. But for the most part he uses it to wipe out memories, mostly those of himself doing things he rather be kept secret. But when it comes down to powerful minds this power is near useless.

                    ▌Telekinetic Force ▬▬ The most basic powers that made him an outcast, Tenebrous can telekinetically manipulate things from a distance of up to twenty feet, lift weight three times heavier than him and release blasts of kinetic energy to knock things over.

                    ▌Alchemic Manipulation▬▬ Tenebrous’ mastery of Alchemy allows him to use it’s mystical arts to manipulate the physical nature of things. From enchanting to manipulating life itself (Even on a limited scale so far) Tenebrous is by the most gifted Alchemist the world has seen in many years.

                    ▌Soul Shroud ▬▬ A skill Tenebrous is most thankful for, Soul Shroud allows Tenebrous to minimize his presence so as not to be detected by any extrasensory means, Such as magic.

                    ▌Stealth ▬▬ After living a life of being shunned Tenebrous has developed ways of remaining unseen by most people’s five senses. Only those with trained senses can detect him, something he takes advantage of when performing his missions.

                    ▌Dance with me?▬▬ Tenebrous may be an outcast but his mother did make sure he attended the social gatherings. Though he mostly keeps to himself he did learn to dance so he could have something to do with his mother and occasionally the girl who took a momentary fancy to him.

                    ▌Grand Planer ▬▬ Tenebrous’ goals are one of secrecy and he can’t afford to do things halfway. Often he tries to plan things out in advance like a tactician and plays the games necessary to set the board in his favor.

                    Speedster ▬▬ Tenebrous’ is naturally fast on his feet. He is able to dart around almost like a blur for very long periods before tiering.

                    ▌Writer▬▬ Tenebrous has been gifted with an unusual talent of literacy and has written everything from notes on his research to fictional stories.

              THE PERSONAL

                    ▌Good ▬▬ With how Tenebrous has been treated he wishes never to put others what he went through. It has shaped him into a kind and considerate person who would just as easily give you his last coin as he would kill his enemy. Though he can be detached and cold at times

                    ▌Resentful ▬▬ Tenebrous has a resentful nature that stems from how he was treated. Though he mostly holds this against his father, if someone was to do something he deemed a be too reprehensible or disrespectful he will turn on them in an instant.

                    ▌Intelligent ▬▬ Tenebrous prides himself on his intelligence. He’s not arrogant about it but he won’t hesitate to say your wrong and then explain exactly why you are. He is a think first act second person, as such he is open to many different culture and intellectual subjects and is not a person to brush them off without think about it first.

                    ▌Stubborn ▬▬ One of Tenebrous’ greats strength’s and weaknesses is his stubborn nature. Though it can be a great source drive for him it can also get him into trouble at times.

                    ▌History ▬▬ Tenebrous life is one of sadness that he would rather put behind him. His mother Yasmin Sinclair was a noble in one of the minor houses of the land and a very well educated woman at that. She caught the eye of the Demon King who liked her sharp mind and lovely personality. Of all the wifes she was the longest to capture, for she wanted more than to become another one of his playthings. Once they knew each other on a more deeper level she relented and became his wife. Not long after, Octavio was born much the happy couple’s joy. Octavio was able to enjoy the attention from both of his parents but eventually the Demon King began to delegate his time among his other children and Octavio saw less of him.

                    Time went by and it was apparent that Octavio inherited his mother’s mind, able to grasp subjects at a far younger age than most children. By six he was holding conversations most people expected from a thirteen year old and advancing in academics most children couldn’t at such an age. But it wasn’t until he was ten that his powers manifested.

                    The Demon King sensed this and suddenly was in Octavio’s once again, much to the boy’s joy. But it wasn’t to last, as his first powers to emerge were telekinetic abilities, something a normal mage could do with but a few months training. The king was very disappointed but held out hope more would appear. But Octavio’s powers were slow to emerge and the king’s interest in Octavio wavered until finally the king’s only reason for visiting was for Yasmin. This saddened young Octavio who wanted to have his father in his life and angered Yasmin who in time divorced herself of the king and focused more time on her son to make up for not having a father figure in his life.

                    Though Octavio was happy to have his mother in his mind he was an outcast. In the time before his mother distanced herself from the Demon King his siblings mocked him for being ‘the weakest’ and ‘lowest’ of them. These and many more insults were thrown at him even as he became older. Even those who didn’t insult him shunned Octavio, treating him as if he was beneath them. Octavio’s self esteem plummeted and he turned to his studies, particularly magic and alchemy, to distance his mind from their hurtful words and actions. His trainers, fellow mages and friends of his mother, continued to help him master his telekinetic abilities and with time he did but it didn’t help him with his father. Octavio couldn’t even use other types of magic outside of his telekinetic powers which made him feel even more a failure.

                    But then it happened, when Octavio turned thirteen things changed, suddenly Octavio developed more powers, abilities he never thought he would ever be able to use he now had access to. His mother and trainers were overjoyed and immediately began training him in these new powers. They suspected Octavio went through the equivalent of a growth spurt which unlocked his hidden powers. Octavio for the first time was happy, but when they mentioned telling the Demon King they saw a part of Octavio they never thought he had. Octavio told them under no circumstances was the absent donor to be informed of his development. If what it took to have the king in his life was some fancy powers then he would live a life without him.

                    With the new changes in him Octavio changed as well. Octavio rebuilt his sense of worth and developed a sense of resentment for his father. He vowed never to be like this man and became more of a person for the people. Octavio hid his powers well and used them and his own skills to help the common person, finding more camaraderie and warmth among them than his own family with the exception of his mother. As such he took a new name to be known as, Tenebrous. To this day he answers only to that name with only people close to him being allowed to call him by his birth name. Through alchemy Tenebrous made several advancements in the field and used them to create potions and elixirs which he sold to the commoners at a fair price. Eventually many nobility wanted his remedies and Tenebrous admast a large fortune for himself.

                    This made his familly house much more prominent and allowed his mother to become the Grandmaster of the Mage’s Guild. Tenebrous was also offered a position to teach Alchemy to which he accepted. Tenebrous found he was much at home teaching the next line of Alchemists and while many of his “family” still consider him the Black Sheep he could care less of them. But the Demon King Tenebrous could never forgive or forget for how he was treated. Tenebrous resents the king so much he has been secretly conducting experiments to discover how to do one thing.

                    How to purge the Demon King’s blood from his body


                    ▌Yasmin Sinclair ▬▬ Tenebrous has a very strong relationship with his mother. They love each other to pieces and bond they share with each other is stronger than any normal bond a mother and son can share.

                    ▌Siblings ▬▬ Tenebrous has a complicated relationship with his siblings. Most he resents as for how they treated him as a child and how they continue to treat him. Though he knows there are some that don’t he hasn’t made much time to build a great relationship with them until recently.

                    ▌Demon King ▬▬ Tenebrous resents his father for neglecting him as a child and not being a father. As such he wouldn’t shed a tear if he dropped dead.

So begins...

Octavio Sinclair/Tenebrous's Story