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Titus Dashiell Warren

Estrange son of the Demon King

0 · 243 views · located in Dotham

a character in “BLOODLINES : Fall Of The Demon King”, as played by Torrentwolf



              THE BASICS
                    ▌Name ▬▬ Titus Dashiell Warren,
                    ▌Alias ▬▬ Wolf by his friends and family
                    ▌Role ▬▬ The Tamer
                    ▌Age ▬ 26
                    ▌Gender ▬▬Male
                    ▌Race ▬▬ Demon
                    ▌Orientation ▬▬ Straight
                    ▌Allegiance ▬▬ Himself, his step family and the people
                    ▌Appearance ▬▬ strapping, light tan skin, black ponytail, close shaved beard, dark brown eyes
                    ▌Height ▬▬ 6’2
                    ▌Weight ▬▬ 185 pounds
                    ▌Markings ▬▬ A few scars on his arms and torso from hunting

              THE INTERESTS
                    ▌Likes ▬▬ hunting, the moon, children, wolves, spicy foods
                    ▌Dislikes ▬▬ Tyranny, people threatening those close to him, bitter foods, the demon king, injustice.
                    ▌Hobbies ▬▬ reading, chess

              THE POWERS
                    ▌Weapon Name ▬▬ Moonlight, Claw and Fang, ▌Fighting Style ▬▬ Titus knows there is no such thing as the perfect fighting style. So he has spent a long time honing his skills with his blades to create the perfect style for himself. As such it takes three forms. The first is the Hunter Aspect, where he uses his skills to stalk his prey and wear them down with traps and hit and run tactics before moving in for the kill. Should he be forced or initiate a full on engagement he will fall into the other two aspects. Aspect two is the Timeglass form, in which he does not attempt to attack and instead focus on perfect defense, blocking, deflecting and avoid all strikes. This draws on the Hunter Aspect mindset of conserving his energy while wearing his opponent down before moving to the last aspect, the Wolf Aspect. In this aspect Titus becomes a speed duelist as he moves with great speed to attack and overwhelm his opponent. Like a lone wolf he strikes at openings, weakness and more often than not, taking down tired opponents. Though not perfect this style serves him best and has won him many fights.

                    ▌ Moonlight Cloak ▬▬ One thing that Titus’ prey fear is his ability to manipulate the light around him to cloak himself from sight. Though it does leave behind a distortion effect similar to heat waves Titus has learned to use this ability to sneak up to everyone but the most observant of beings.
                    ▌Vocal Mimicry ▬▬ Titus can manipulate the muscles in his throat to create a wide range of tones and mimic sound include other people’s voices. A useful trait he has used to great effect when tricking his prey be it animal or human.
                    ▌Animal Senses ▬▬ Titus’ senses are enhanced beyond normal human levels. He can detect scents in the air,which he can identify people by. His hearing lets him hear even the softest sounds. His eyesight is much more enhanced so he can see even the slightest movement but his seeing distance isn’t that much better.
                    ▌Swift One ▬▬ Titus is naturally fast but his powers enable him to move faster than most people. Said to be as fast as fabled windigo (Though he denies being that fast) his speed and reaction times allow him an edge of swift offense and defense. He has been recorded to deflect fast moving projectiles with his sword and one time caught an arrow mid air aimed at him.
                    ▌Nature’s Friend ▬▬ Titus has a natural connection with nature and can communicate with animals on a level no being has been able to. He has tamed many animals to his cause and can bring forth a deadly team of animal allies to bare upon his foes should he need to.

                    ▌Silent One ▬▬ Being a master hunter Titus’ footsteps are completely silent. He uses this to stalk prey without being heard and he often uses this to sneak up on others, appearing right behind them when they least expect it, much to his friends chagrin and his prey’s horror.
                    ▌Strong Mind ▬▬ Titus has a naturally strong mind and does not succumb
                    to outside influences.
                    ▌Mask ▬▬ Titus has made it a habit of watching people and learning what they like in others. When he knows he tends to act in ways that appeal to them to make let their guard down. Though with family and select friends he makes the exception of using it to get along rather than deceive.
                    ▌Proper Noble ▬▬ Titus may be a hunter but he knows the advantage of a proper education. As such he has a broad education, ranging from manners, politics, dance academics and more. Though he may not be a genius he can fit in with the other ‘snobs’ as he calls them.
                    ▌Tactician ▬▬ Titus may not be extremely intelligent but he prefers to use his mind first. He will carefully plan his moves in a fight or in a board room before executing them. Though he may use unorthodox methods at times he can get the results he wants most of the time.

              THE PERSONAL
                    ▌Good ▬▬ Titus can appear hard and harsh at times but most know him to be a king and gentle person who wouldn’t hesitate to help someone as low as present. He refuses to let himself be anything but a good person. However to mistake his kindness for weakness.
                    ▌Family person▬▬ Titus holds his family, both blood and not, in high regard. He will try to be the best brother or son he can to those he deems his family. Make no mistake he will fight them if he has to but only those he does not consider in his select circle will he pull no punches.
                    ▌Intelligent pursuit ▬▬ Titus considers himself a man of the mind. He may not be the greatest mind in the country but he would not charge in head long into a situation or not give something a second thought like most people he knows.
                    ▌Under the Table ▬▬ Titus doesn’t drink very much, but when sharing one he has been known to hold quite a lot more than his comrades. He can tell you have many times his friends try to outdo him in a drinking contest only for him to come out the only buzzed while everyone else was out cold.
                    ▌Gentleman ▬▬ Titus treats women properly and with respect as he believes most should be. He is by no means a womanizer but he does appreciate female company so long as they don’t try anything funny with him he does not approve of.
                    ▌Open Minded ▬▬ Titus does not think himself above anyone. Man, woman, children, human, demon or otherwise. He is respectful of all beings and cultures that are not criminal or otherwise.

                    ▌History ▬▬ Titus’ mother Thalia met the Demon King during one her hunts. She found him charming and with time came to care for him. One day she became one of his numerous wives and sired her first child, Titus. Both mother and father welcomed the young boy into life but for some reason the demon king didn’t spend so much time with Titus as he would his mother. It wasn’t until he was five when his ability to befriend even predatory animals showed itself that his ‘father’ took notice of him. While Titus was thrilled to have his father’s attention by then a seed of doubt had been planted in young boy’s mind that would grow to fruition years later. The catalyst for it’s growth would appear in the form of tragedy. During a hunting expedition a group of bandits ambushed his mother and her hunting group. Titus had to watch as each of person of his mother’s group, people he considered family, were killed one by one. When his mother was killed just before he watched the life leave her eyes, she told him to run.

                    And he did.

                    Titus broke free of the grip of his captors and ran, he ran faster than anything they ever saw and faster than they could. Soon he was miles away from the massacre, afraid and alone. And where was his father, no doubt sitting upon his throne while the mother of his son was killed. Later Titus learned his father had buried her with great honors and a heavy heart, cold comfort to his son who now despised him. Yes, when his legs could carry him no farther the young by thought about it and blamed his father’s absence for the death of his mother. For a year the young boy lived off of what his mother taught him and the kindness of the animals he made friends with. Until at six and a half years of age the boy was found by a royal hunting party of Brancor. He was brought to the royal family who after hearing his story adopted him as one of their own, unaware of his true heritage. For years Titus lived happily with the royal family, having a family he always wanted but never forgetting his mother. The King and Queen helped him hone the abilities he knew at the time and as more developed he was given guidance to help control and wield them. They encouraged his interest in hunting and over time he became one of the best hunters in Brancor. He would later use his skills to mercilessly hunt down the last of his mother’s killers and bring justice to her and reclaim the brass ring which had been in her family for generations. Some time later Titus revealed to his parents and siblings his true heritage, something which shocked them. After sorting through the conflict that came with this new information still considered him one of their own, something Titus hoped would never change.

                    For years Titus had listened to the words of the people about the Demon King and with his own hatred never dispelled he came to hate his father with an even greater passion. As the last of the rebels fell into silence Titus took up organizing his on rebel faction only this time doing it properly. He took a hunter's approach to building his rebellion, keeping themselves in the shadows, not making any moves but building their numbers and securing their position until the proper time to strike came. One day when Titus turned nineteen, the Demon King imposed a new tax on Brancor Titus had kept silent long enough. He went to Dotham and after making an attempt to get in without success, fought his way in. Years of hunting animals and bandits showed itself as Titus caused such a ruckus to draw out the guards then disappeared. He used the confusion to sneak into a room where his father, his wives and some of Titus’ blood siblings, demon and human, were having what appeared to be a family get together. When a commander rushed in to inform the demon king Titus revealed himself and silenced him. The Demon King was prepared to fend off the assassin when Titus spoke. At first the king was puzzled by some of the things he said after his demands, then he rebuffed Titus’ claim he was the kings lost son until he told him things he only told Titus and his mother.

                    The king was ready to welcome his son back with open arms but Titus shrugged him off, not hesitating to tell the king what he thought about him after his mother’s death but smartly making it appear his hate stemmed from the king not being their to save his mother. With his ‘formal’ request delivered Titus departed without staying to listen to his father’s excuses. Not long after Titus’ identity was revealed to the known world which shocked many and sowed doubt in the people of Brancor about him. But Titus through time was able to solidify most of the trust of the people. Though through the personal request of the Demon King Titus became the ambassador of the court for Brancor, much to Titus’ chagrin. This was no doubt an attempt to over time heal the rift between father and son but as far as he is concerned his family is in Brancor.

                    Years passed with Titus building his rebellion and honing his skills for the future fight. Though the Demon King tried to reconnect with his son Titus rebuffed him at every turn. Titus has no doubt’s the king did love his mother and loves him but it came to late to stop Titus’ from feeling the way he does now towards the King. Titus doesn’t have much interest in forging a bond with his father, he has his eyes on one thing, bringing this empire down around his father and if need be taking him down with it.


                    ▌Name ▬▬ details
                    ▌Demon King ▬▬ Titus is estranged from his father by his own choice and despite efforts from the king Titus still refuses to be apart of his circle any more than he has to.
                    ▌Thalia ▬▬ Titus loves his mother, a love that transcends beyond the grave. He never will forget her and will make sure her memory lasts forever.
                    ▌King and Queen of Brancor ▬▬ The King and Queen of Brancor are Titus’ true family. They may not be bonded in blood but they are the only ones other than his mother he recognizes as his true parents.
                    ▌Brancor Princess and Prince’s ▬▬ Titus loves his adopted siblings like his own. Before his blood sibblings Titus would do anything for them and their parents and will fight to the end to keep them safe.

So begins...

Titus Dashiell Warren's Story