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Bloodlust- Just another reason to fight.

Bloodlust- Just another reason to fight.


The Southern Wars, every vampire on earth knows about them. What would it be like though, to be human one day and undead soldier the next? What's worse is that you end up serving under the worst of the lot, The God of War.

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Welcome to your new life. You are now a member of the undead. You have one purpose, and one purpose only. To fight. If you don't fight, you will die. If you resist, you die. You feed on blood now, so get used to killing. Oh and one last thing. Remember that my word is law.

Two hundred years ago a vampire named Brianna changed a young, vitually meaningless man. Little did she know that he would grow to become the most feared being on earth. He goes by many names, but he prefers The Major or The God of War.

As his first year passed, The Majors strength didn't wane, and Brianna's control grew to cover most of the southern territories. What she didn't know was that her przed possession was growing tired of taking orders, he wanted to be giving them. Then as fate had it a soldier, one The Major created, started whispering plans of rebelion and free will in The Majors ear. His plans were good, and in a short time Brianna was dead, the south in chaos and The Major and two of his closest comrads were all that was left to rebuild and start building their army to face the dozens of warlords that were now after them.



A decade after his rebelion The Major had pioneered a new form of warfare. He doesn't just make a horde of newborns and just throw them at his enemy. No, he carefully selects and trains his newborns so that they have enough discipline to fight together as a team. Each newborn was trained by the master himself, and he ruthlessly tore them down so that they could be rebuilt as the perfect soldiers. Now he was finally zeroing in on the last couple of warlords, but he needed new recuits.



You awaken in your new life the night before the other vampires reach their one year mark, most of which will be killed. The first thing you hear with your new sensitive ears is The Majors speech about your new life. How do you react? Has he ruined your life? Or maybe you feel a magnetic pull to him so strong that you think you might die if you aren't with him. Only time will tell


The Roles

The Major
The Major- Taken

The Comrades in Arms ( Please Pm me about backstories)

James Hale
Face claim: Ian Somerhalder

Sarah O'hare
Face claim: Scarlet Johanssen

The Majors Mate (She's a big deal, please pm me for details)

Abrianna 'Ace' Holtz- Reserved
Face claim: Alona Tal

The Newborns ( Each has a gift, make it good)
Samantha Kelsing- Reserved
Face claim: Allison Scagliotti

James Logan
Face claim: Ryan Cartwright

Zane Masters
Face Claim: Niall Matter

Character Skeleton
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[b] Position:[/b]
[b]Strongest Human Memory:[/b][/size]
[img]Gif if possible[/img][/center]

Keep cheking here I will be adding more things as time goes on.

Toggle Rules

* This is a war kiddies. There will be blood, death and swearing. If you don't like it I suggest you leave before something eats you.
* Again. This is a more mature rp, there will be swearing and smutty comments, if you don't like that, GTFO.
* I would really like the posts to be at least three lines. I'm on here often, and would like regular posts, but I would rather have good quality posts less often than Bad quality posts all the time.
* if you've read this put Bloodlust in your character skeleton.
* Pm me to reserve a character, I don't look at the OOC very often
* reservations on characters will last 24 hours, then I'll give it to someone else.

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Character Portrait: The Major Character Portrait: Abrianna Holtz
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#, as written by Tonks
The Major

The Major looked out over the ruins he and his were staying in. The only reason they had even stopped was the casualties they had sustained. He was forced to carefully choose more humans to turn, that alone was a multi day process. The fact that he had to stay anywhere for more than a couple of days.

" Sir," James said appearing about nine feet behind his sire. " They're starting to wake up, and there is one I think you'll want to see."

His empty, almost pitch black eyes looked his comrade, " Gifted or amusin'?" he asked flicking his cigarette off the edge of the tower.

" Neither, both. You'll just have to see her." James flitted out of the room and lead The Major to the basement that a blonde girl was making the last transformation into being a member of the undead.

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The South

The South by Tonks


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Character Portrait: The Major
Character Portrait: Abrianna Holtz


Character Portrait: The Major
The Major

" Honestly, I don't care if you live or die. I can always make more."


Character Portrait: The Major
The Major

" Honestly, I don't care if you live or die. I can always make more."

Most Followed

Character Portrait: The Major
The Major

" Honestly, I don't care if you live or die. I can always make more."

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Re: A War Over Blood

Sure you can have her. Just check the main page I changed her name and she isn't mated with James. That would just end badly with h ow possessive The Major is.

Re: A War Over Blood

Can i reserve Abrianna 'Ace' Hale? I assume she is James Hale's mate as well, correct?

Re: A War Over Blood

And if you join in as one of the comrades in arms or the mate you'll have a lot of say in the plot. That is if anyone else joins in so this rutting thing gets off the ground.

Re: A War Over Blood

....Now I'm moderately interested.

Re: A War Over Blood

Actually, we might depending on where this goes.

Re: A War Over Blood

I have a feeling that we wouldn't be killing the whole cast in this RP.

I won't be joinging. Goodbye.

A War Over Blood

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