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Neptune Vega

"What the hell are you looking at?"

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a character in “Bloodlust”, as played by TheGoddessReborn



Full Name:Neptune Vega

Nickname: Nep


Role:Vampire 6 (DJ)

Powers: Telepathy and Telekinesis


Crush:Vampire's 1 and/or 6

Best Friend: Vampire's 1 and 2

Likes:Excerise- you tell him to lift something and he likely to do it.
Flipping- you can always find nep flipping off something? what can i say hes a child..
hunting- he loves the chase of the hunt looking for his pray, he particularly good at it since he can hear your thoughts
Spinning- Loud music and goosebump bringing beats whats more to ask for?

Dislikes: Disrespect- his biggest pet peeve especially toward women. hell telekinetically rip out your spine if he catches you.
Chocolate- this make fat which makes it bad!
Authority- this sucks...
Losing- he hates to lose at ANYTHING hes just competive like that..

Fears: Be alone- Neptune never wants to be alone he likes companionship this is psychological scars from his mother
Tight Spaces- he is likely to go from calm to get me the f*ck outta here in 2.5


Description: Neptune is very buff and tall he stands at about 6'2, he also has a scar on his left shoulder from a "altercation" with the enemy clan. Neptune before he turned he was very much into urban exploration (free running) so he has taught himself to be light on his feet and shift his weight accrodingly.

Personality:Nep is a big ball of mess after being emotional and physically abused pre-turn he has a lot of stuff he needs worked out, is usually not the quiet one but the in your face look at me right now type of person but he really is just hiding the pain the plauges him so. nep can be compared to a pregnant woman; his hormones are usually high, hyper and his powers dont help much. But when he does find a person that understands him he will be loyal beyond compare he will do everything in his power to help whoever may be in danger.


History: before nep was turned he was a very quiet person, went thru the motions of life taking crap from his parents. Who would demean his endlessly, Verbally abuse him, physically abuse him and mentally abuse him. he can remeber the pure pain of spending endless months in a dirty cage like an animal. the punching and kicking and bleeding always bleeding.. finally after years of a trifecta of perfect abuse. then Micheal, had a chance to get revenge and killed his parents, in his mind got what they deserved.

his escaped his home, well set fire to it and ran away. one day in the lush forests he met a man, a man who never really gave his name. "what should i call you then?" "God." after meeting his now, Neptune Asteroth changing his name and leave his horrid past behind became good friends with "god" and after some talking found out the he was a vampire and willing became one himslef.

So begins...

Neptune Vega's Story

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#, as written by KameJLa
Elizabeth lifted her eyes to where Neptune stood, dishing out track after track. She raised her arm high up in the air, with a thumbs up, letting Neptune know that she heard him loud and clear. Grabbing a cold beer from the fridge, she walked out from behind the bar, weaving through the crowd of dancers until she hit the DJ booth. Setting the drink down, she looked to him. "Good night so far don't you think?" placing a hand on her hip, her head bobbed to the music.