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Noelle Beaumont

We don't even have to try, it's always a good time... <3

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a character in “Bloodlust”, as played by YoureStillAnInnocent



Full Name: Noelle Rowena Beaumont

Nickname: ‘Most people just call her Noelle, ‘Snow White’, or ‘Kitty’ due to her powers.

Age: 17

Role: Vampire 5 (Bar Top Dancer)

Powers: She has a bundled together pack of cat-like powers, given she has heightened senses (smell, vision, sight etc.) and quick agility and speed.


Crush: Vampire 7

Best Friend: Vampire 3 and 4

Sugar. Pure and simple, Noelle ADORES anything sweet, as she has done since she was a small child.
Dancing; it gives her a chance to show off any dance she has been working on perfecting, keeps her body in shape, and allows her to let go and just be herself.
Music. As long as it has a beat and a catchy rhythm, odds are she’ll like it.
Confidence. This applies to both potential boyfriends, and also friends, but she’s drawn to the type of people who emit a confident vibe and have a high self-worth.

Excessive drinking. Due to the fact her older brother was involved in numerous offences that were drink related while she was growing up, she tends to shy away from drinking herself, as ironic as her working in a bar is. She has no major problems with alcohol, and will gladly have a little drink every now and then, but prefers to keep it as that.
People who are two faced. She doesn’t feel she has time for people who truly can’t make their mind up and feed off of the vulnerability of others. It really bugs her, and if you’re too faced, Noelle won’t be afraid to tell you what she thinks of you. And she won’t spare you the details.
Breaking promises. If you say you’re going to do something, you do it. Simple as that.
Rap music. The only type of music that she has a problem with, she just sees it as talking to a beat, and thinks it’s pointless and that it’s not music, just noise.

Car accidents. It sounds a very specific fear, but there’s just something terrifying to Noelle about being in one. She struggles to even watch a scene about a car crash on any movie she’s watching, and is a little bit nervous of getting into a car to begin with because of it, even more so if she knows the driver or someone in the car has been drinking.
Changing so much that people won't recognise her. By this, she means personality-wise. She doesn't want people to look at her and ever think "Wow...what happened to that girl I used to know?" and the whole idea of that ever happening is a worry for her.


Description: Noelle is slightly underweight of a girl her age, and has an overall petite build, standing at 5'2" and weighing in at 113 lbs. She has a pale skin tone, which is further emphasised by the dark chocolate colour of her hair.
With wide doe-eyes, full lips, a pale and almost flawless complexion and the overall look of innocence she possesses, she has the qualities of a certain Disney princess, Snow White. This is what earns her that same nickname, sometimes being shortened to ‘Snowy’.
Never one to dress up to impress anyone, Noelle can generally just be seen in a T-shirt and jeans on a regular occasion. That being said, just because she isn’t too girly when it comes to clothes, it doesn’t mean she compromises on fashion. She likes to look nice, preferably in a ‘girl-next-door’ kind of way; classy, yet obtainable. She DOES wear dresses, summery clothes and things such as shorts and skirts sometimes, but only when she feels like it. Which usually isn’t a lot. For her, jeans and a T-shirt is a lot more comfortable, and a lot more her.


Personality: As mentioned above, Noelle is not fussed with looking or acting a certain way to achieve approval from someone. Nor will she take any nonsense from anyone. If you like her, you like her. If you don’t, you don’t.
She is generally a happy-go-lucky person, and will strike up a conversation with anyone she meets with ease. She’s very intelligent, and she can read people pretty well, meaning if something’s wrong, she’ll know about it. And she’ll do her best to help with whatever it is and be there for whoever’s struggling.
She’s extremely kind-natured and doesn’t have a bad word to say about most, but all that positive energy and hyperactivity she possesses can be a little overpowering to some. This is considered the main reason she got into dancing; she could let off all the steam and energy into doing something that wouldn’t risk relationships with people she knew deteriorating.



History: Born into a vampire family and raised in Los Angeles by her parents, Paul and Nicole, Noelle was a very bright child with a promising future. She had a passion and talent for public speaking from a young age, offering to stand in front of her class in classroom discussions and put her point across, with such ease that her teacher and her other peers would be impressed. As well as public speaking being something she loved from the start, any physical activity always appealed to her, whether it be playing football in an after school club, or simply running around in the playground with her friends at break.
One thing Noelle has never been good with is loss. When she was seven, her childhood pet, a cat named Cindy was hit by a car and killed on impact. To this, Noelle responded by hiding in her room for days on end and was upset for long afterwards. That seemed to be the incident that triggered the fear of losing something for her, but the one thing that’s sure is that now, she doesn’t cope with losing anyone well, whether it being a friend who’s moving away, a boyfriend who’s ending things with her…just about anything that involves loss in some shape or form.
Two weeks after she turned seventeen, she decided she wanted to move into New York city and start living independently. Packing up most of her belongings and saying goodbye to her friends and family, she hopped into a cab and began her journey into the Big Apple. Once she had both feet planted firmly on the ground, with a decent sized and priced apartment in the middle of the city, she began looking for work, which is where she found the Saramel bar. Here, she discovered, worked more of her kind and she immediately applied for a job there. Noelle has been holding down that job along with her apartment ever since.

Theme Song:


So begins...

Noelle Beaumont's Story

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#, as written by Geekly
Nathan sighed, rubbing the back of his neck. Now he felt guilty. He walked over to the door finding Markus there, he smiled wearily, "Go follow her, she's going to need you." For once Nathan didn't speak as the leader, but as an older vampire lending another advice. He turned, guilt tugging at his dead heart. He walked over to Kaz and Alex, "Have you guys seen Alba?" He asked, sitting in a near by stool. Nathan sighed as he looked over the bar, now empty. "Damn, there aren't even any humans around. Usually there's at least one to feed off of..." he took out his phone, casually scrolling through the contacts. He smiled as he reached one name in particular. Noelle Beaumont. He knew he was the biggest hypocrite in the world, liking someone from the Saramel bar then turning around and telling Scarny she couldn't see Markus because he was from the same bar. He honestly felt like a jerk sometimes but he had to keep up appearances, he was the leader of this bar who was supposed to be at war with the other.
He quickly sent Noelle a text, 'Hey :) hows your night going so far? Do you want to meet up?' for some reason, Noelle made him feel insecure and stupid, but she always had something g to say that always cheered him up, he just wanted to be around her all the time.

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On her way to work, Noelle immediately sensed something was wrong, although at the time she didn't know what it could possibly be. Looking down at her phone when she recieved a text, she read it and smiled to herself. Nathan. She was supposed to hate him, but...there was just something that stopped her from feeling that way.
"My night? Torture. Meet up? YES. ;P" she typed into the keypad and pressed send, then continued her journey.
When she was still walking, she heard a large collection of loud words and noises, that sounded like a fight, and she immediately thought the worst. And her suspicions seemed to be proved correct when she noticed Fera, Nathan, Scarny and everyone else in the middle of a fight. Oh, the joys of this life.
Springing into action and tossing her bag over her shoulder then running towards them, she stopped a few feet away from both Fera and Nathan, debating whether or not to speak up. They were the first in charge of each of the bars...she was just a dancer. Nothing she could say would have an effect on them, would it?
"...You might want to take this fight a little somewhere more private..." She said quietly after a small pause. "This isn't going to do wonders for EITHER of your businesses. I mean, I'll be the first to admit that I'm insignificant, but I'm only thinking of you."

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#, as written by Geekly
Nathan was a little shocked at the small voice that seemed to be drilled into his mind. He looked over to Noelle and couldn't help but smile slightly. Nathan straightened out, looking over to Fera, still slightly holding a defencive position in case she were to attack. "Listen to your clan member. She's right, we aren't doing any good by fighting." He backed away from Fera, going to help Scarny up. "If you chose to attack me while my back is turned, well that just says something about your morals, doesn't it?" He turned back smirking to Fera. Nathan clapped his hands, "Alright, everyone to their respective clubs! There is no fight tonight." He looked to Fera smugly as he walked into Teltums.