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Travis Maldoran

0 · 138 views · located in New York, New York

a character in “Bloodlust”, originally authored by KameJLa, as played by RolePlayGateway



Full Name: Travis Maldoran

Nickname: Trav

Age: 20

Role: Vampire 10 / Bartender

- Memory Manipulation (Erase only)
- Super Strength


Crush: Vampire 11

Best Friend: Vampire 9 and 11

- Reading
- His private time
- Collecting Swords
- Billiards

- Being Bored
- Potatoes
- Hang Overs
- Lights (At his house. He lights his place with candles. Bar is fine)

- Rabbits (They creep him out for some reason)


Description: Travis has a scar on his back from when he got sliced by a sword when practicing when he was 14. Travis also switches his work clothes for dress pants, and silk shirts when not working. His collection of swords all range from English craftsman, to Scottish, to Japanese and so forth.

Personality: Travis always has a smile on his face. He minds his manners and it extremely polite. He helps his friends when he can, and tries to give advice, but usually fails at it. Travis is known to use his power to erase Human's memories especially when feeding. There is an odd feeling to him though..


History: Travis is old for a Vampire. Born in England in the early 18th Century to a Noble Family, he had it all. Looks, Wealth, Power within the Government, and a stable, happy home life. But with having everything, he quickly became bored once he mastered all he needed to. When he learned about the Birds and the Bees, both male and female provided him with a slight distraction until he again, got bored. It wasn't until the Ball at Buckingham palace when he was 20, that he encountered, and turned into a Vampire. This, it seemed, would provide useful to rid himself of the boredom.


So begins...

Travis Maldoran's Story

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#, as written by KameJLa

Elizabeth was ready when the bar filled with the awaiting crowd. Feeding before her shift became a regular habit just in case she happened to run into Alba after hours. Lately, she has had the blonde on her mind more than she would like to admit. With the crowd as rich as it smelt, she could feel herself starting to get hungry again. But it would have to wait. The 'Intoxicating before feeding' plan had only just commenced.

She set drinks down left, right, and center. Money slid from her fingers to the register and back. Tips ringed in the jar in the middle of the bar, graciously smiling at those who tipped "Thanks!" She said in a sweet tone. With her hair let loose in waves, her black heels gave her another four inches to her form. The white mini skirt clung to her hips, red strapless tank fitting her form, long necklaces adorning her neck.



Travis walked in through the back doors with a blonde in tow, his slightly muscular arm thrown around her shoulders. He was walking slow, like he was helping her walk beside him. "Are you sure you're alright from here? You took a nasty spill there in the back." Sapphire eyes looked down at the shorter girl. In reality, he had just fed off of her, and took her memories of it. The girl nodded, and took her leave. Stuffing his hands into his jean pockets, he watched until she passed through the doors before spinning on his heels, making his way to the bar. His shirt was an old local band from a few years back named 'Radio Logic'.

Ducking under the pass, he flashed the customers a smile. "What can I get for you hun?" He asked, getting the girl her drink. For being an old Vampire, he lost most of his British accent, but at times it slipped through. Setting the Budweiser down in front, he collected the money, moving onto the next. In time with serving, he noticed Scarny up at the DJ Booth, and waved to the three who occupied the space.

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#, as written by KameJLa
Travis tilted his head to the side, a confused look on his face, but thought nothing of it. "Sure hun, take as long as you need. I can handle it from here." But it was too late. Scarny was already long gone when he looked from the register. "It's not cool to let someone talk to themselves." he chuckled. Shrugging his shoulders, he took the next few orders. After those were done, it seemed quiet for the second, so he took this time to fill a glass with ice and water, and grabbed a cold beer from the fridge. Ducking under the counter, he walked his way over to Alex who seemed in his own little world. "Hey brought you drinks!" He flashed the new vamp a smile, setting them down on the small table behind him to the left, out of the way of the equipment.

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Character Portrait: Travis Maldoran
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#, as written by KameJLa
Travis stood in disbelief by the DJ booth for a good twenty minutes. He didnt know what it was with everyone ignoring him today, but he just shrugged his shoulders. He had brought Alex a beer and water, and the young Vamp just walked by him like he didn't exist. Hanging his head, he took the now warm beer and glass of water before going back to the bar, setting them down on the counter, and leaving. He was hungry again, and wanted a early morning snack.

(Will post for Elizabeth when I get home. Just heading to work)