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Bloodmoon Rising

Bloodmoon Rising


In a world where humans exist as livestock for vast vampire and werewolf nations, a prophecy has foretold the rise of humanity and the destruction of its overlords.

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For countless centuries the realm of Khorth knew only two great powers, locked in an endless struggle for dominion of the continent and control of their primary food source: humans. In the south lay Vasha, a refined mercantile civilization ruled for millenia by the noble vampire families, the Vashir or Purebloods, each of which could trace their bloodline back to the first of their kind. In the north looms Luxor an unruly confederation of a hundred barbaric tribes brought to heel by the brute power and feral cunning of the Gorvang, greatest of the werewolf clans. In this world ruled by monsters humans stand at the lowest tier of society: servants, slaves, livestock, prey. In the north humans live free yet impoverished lives in small tribal villages for the werewolves relish the stalking and slaying of wild 'game'. In the south the leisurely vampires prefer to breed humans like cattle for slow consumption and keep many as blood bonded pets and servants.

For the past three centuries, constant war has ebbed and flowed across the border between the two nations and the whole focus of each remained on the throat of the other. All this came to an end with the prophecy, issued from the charred lips of a human witch burned alive for practicing the blood magic, a guarded secret of the vampire mystics. Her dying words fell on those about her pyre like hot lead for all knew her as a gifted seer. "When the bloodmoon runs red cross the nightsky and the white wolf walks, humanity will break its chains, harness the Light, and smite the spawn of the Beast from the surface of Khorth!" News of the prophecy was, of course, squashed by the vampires lest it become self fulfilling but it managed to spread none the less, carried on the lips of hopeful slaves and fearful undead alike. It eventually even reached the cold northern tundra and the acute ears of the werewolf Chiefs. The Gorvang, superstitious like most of their tribal kind, placed stake in the witches words and dispatched stalkers to roam the packs, search out, and destroy the albino werewolf cub.

In the south reaction to the prophecy by the Pureblood Patricians was far more ruthless. Since the witch had been part of a secret cult of sun worshipers, the undead inquisition focused it's fangs upon them. Thousands of light worshipers were rounded up across Vasha, their blood drained, their bodies buried in mass graves or roasted in stinking piles. Cults were infiltrated and temples scoured and burned. Yet despite all these measures on the ninth day of the ninth month of a particularly cold and bitter year the bloodmoon rose to taint the sky and for the first time in many centuries the predators looked on their prey with fear.

Player Characters

Characters can be vampires, werewolves or humans. Each have their own magic. Werewolves use totemism and spirit magic. Vampires practice blood powered sorcery and a very few humans command a light magic which is powered by faith. Other powers might be available, but you should check with me first before introducing them. The supernatural abilities of werewolves and vampires are diverse and varied so have fun and be creative with them.

Toggle Rules

1) Don't God Mode PCs or major NPCs (villains). Minor NPCs like barkeeps can and should be God Moded.
2) Be chill and don't harsh the GM's mellow; it's a game
3) Try to post regularly: 1/week for side characters, 2/week or more for main characters

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Khorth by glibglobb


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Character Portrait: Davorn Gorvang "Twinmoons"


Character Portrait: Davorn Gorvang "Twinmoons"
Davorn Gorvang "Twinmoons"

Alpha of the First Clan's Stalkers, the pack called upon for missions requiring stealth and subterfuge


Character Portrait: Davorn Gorvang "Twinmoons"
Davorn Gorvang "Twinmoons"

Alpha of the First Clan's Stalkers, the pack called upon for missions requiring stealth and subterfuge

Most Followed

Character Portrait: Davorn Gorvang "Twinmoons"
Davorn Gorvang "Twinmoons"

Alpha of the First Clan's Stalkers, the pack called upon for missions requiring stealth and subterfuge

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Bloodmoon Rising

Vampire/werewolf rps are, of course, as plentiful on the interwebs as trolls, but that only makes creating an original one a more compelling challenge. I hope I have succeeded at least in part in creating a unique take on the genre. I tried to keep my write up brief so questions will inevitably arise about the 'rules' regarding vampirism and lycanthropy. We can cover those here and in other oocs. In most regards I will stick to tradition, sunlight and stakes will be bad news for vamps, werewolves will gain ferocity with the fullness of the moon and must avoid the touch of silver.