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Davorn Gorvang "Twinmoons"

Alpha of the First Clan's Stalkers, the pack called upon for missions requiring stealth and subterfuge

0 · 195 views · located in Khorth

a character in “Bloodmoon Rising”, as played by glibglobb


Davorn was born on a new moon, a auspicious sign for a future stalker. Like most werewolf cubs he grew up in his den among close siblings, shifting between human and lupine forms as easily as one breathes. A black wolf with yellow eyes he all but vanished in the shadows leaving only those two yellow orbs floating in the dark, an attribute which earned him his pack name: Twin Moons. In his youth he made his name not by strength or ferocity, but sly cunning besting even the greatest warriors at the game of the hunt. When he dragged Kibok Tree Father, the elusive elk god, before his father's table, he earned his place as Alpha of his pack, all skilled stalkers like himself.

When the prophecy filtered into the longhouses of the Gorvang, Davorn and his pack were the obvious choice for hunting down the fated albino pup and slaying it before it could breathe life into the witch's words. Choosing only his most trusted packmates and his mate Aeri, he traveled south visiting every clan along the way ever on the watch for the rare white wolf.

So begins...

Davorn Gorvang "Twinmoons"'s Story