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Claire Poplar

"Everything is perfect."

0 · 403 views · located in New Orleans

a character in “Bloodshed in the French Quarter {Reboot}”, as played by Starlight Keeper


"I am a genius, aren't I?"

Claire Ophelia Poplar

"Most people call me Air."
Air {Common|Loved}|Clary {Less Common|Disliked}



French~British~American Blend

Bisexual Panromantic
Claire is not the most notable person in the world. She has long blonde hair that is naturally curly and stands at an average 5'6", weighing a healthy 129lbs. She prefers bright and colorful clothing and limited makeup. Her jewelry is usually a bit large and sometime overdone, but it works for her. She's supposed to wear reading glasses, but she doesn't usually put them on. She takes her time to do her hair and put together and outfit and she hates when people see her in an unkempt manner.
~Claire has a tendency to bite her lip when she appears to be nervous.~
~Although most people don't realize it, Claire is a compulsive liar.~
~Claire will often hum under her breath when she's preoccupied with something.~
Manipulation: Claire is skilled at manipulating people to believe what she wants them to. She can guess what they want from, what they imagine her image would be, and can worm her way out of situations easily.
Lying: Similar to manipulation in a way, Claire is a skilled liar. She has no twitches and is able to monitor er heartbeat in a way that makes it nearly impossible to tell if she's lying.
Empathy: It helps with her other skills immensely. Claire is able to sense someone's emotions through a simple touch or through eye contact. She can then adjust herself accordingly to counter or match those emotions.
Locator Spells: Claire is skilled at using various Locator Spells to find people or objects.
Fire Spells: Mot spells that involve fire, Claire is able to use with great proficiency.
Spirit Magic: It has been proven time and time again that Claire is virtually inept at using any form of Spirit magic.
Physical Contact: Although she doesn't actually have a fear of it, Claire is prone to jumping or jolting away from sudden physical contact as it sends the other person's emotions through her.
Mortality: Like all witches, Claire is mortal. In fact, she is a bit more mortal than most because of her inability to use protection spells.
Personal Questions: Claire has spent most of her life pretending to be someone she's not. As a result, she's not even sure who see really is and as a result, is unable to answer questions about herself truthfully.
Arrogance: Claire is arrogant about her own abilities and honestly doesn't believe they can fail her, which could lead to her downfall.
Attachment: Claire is afraid of becoming attached to people and letting them see the real her, an empty shell of a person.
Water: Claire is unable to swim, which explains why she's afraid of deep bodies of water.
Fading Away: A strange idea on top, but it makes more sense if she explains it. Claire is afraid of staying an empty shell for the rest of her life until the last remaining parts of her souls just fade away.
~Claire is not at all the person she seems to be. In fact, she isn't much of a person in her own mind.~
~Almost all information about her past.~
Crowds~Blending In~Animals~Sweets~Chocolate~Smiling~Lace~Colorful Clothing~Magic~Fire~
Being Mortal~Commitment~Reality~Water~Spirit Magic~Anything Personal About Herself~Her Parents~Her Past
{Intelligent, Charming, Bubbly, Manipulative, Arrogant}
Claire appears cheerful, bubbly, kind, and sociable. Not much of that is actually true though. She is sociable and kind and does genuinely care about people. However, in her mind Claire is rarely cheerful. She often says the phrase: "Everything is perfect" in her mind to stop herself from thinking negative thoughts. She can come off as a bit overbearing with her bubbly exterior that seems to pull people out of their shells. To most, she seems to be simple and altogether normal. And that's exactly what she wants you to see. She doesn't want you to see the truth.

In reality, Claire is always lying and manipulating her way through everything. She snakes her way out of trouble and forces her way into your heart by crawling through the cracks. She tells you what you want to hear or offers you what she knows you want. She's crafty in a dangerous way and charming enough to make nearly anyone fall for her. She hardly ever shows her true self or her actual emotions. In tough situations, she might be freaking out on the inside, but she has the perfect facade of calm and collected. She doesn't raise her voice when it's inappropriate and never acts outside of the role you have set in your mind for her.
Claire Poplar was born in Denver, Colorado to a happy and affectionate couple. Her mother was also witch and that was where Claire learned a large amount of her magic from. Her first couple years of learning magic was spent in bliss. Her mother was proud of her abilities, but her father didn't know anything about it. However, things changed when Claire's mother tried to teach her the basics of Spirit Magic. No matter how hard she tried, Claire was unable to learn anything spiritual. Her mother came to think of her as a disappointment. The next couple of years were spent in neglect and hatred. Her father was obviously confused, but stuck with her mother.

Claire ran away when she was thirteen. She bounced across the country and discovered her ability to manipulate people. She got housing and food and almost anything she wanted with ease. More than a few times, she had been caught by the cops, but she lied and talked her way out of being arrested. Then, she would skip to the next state. Claire worked various jobs, both from humans and supernatural beings. At one point, she even worked as a mercenary. Even now, people have contacted her with jobs like that. She eventually made into New Orleans, joined the witches there. She quickly climbed the ranks through manipulation and lying. Recently, she has been tasked with gaining information about the Coven, so she's been getting it in the only way she knows how. However, she has began to get a bit more attached to him than she feels comfortable with.
.:Theme Song:.
Echo: Jason Walker

So begins...

Claire Poplar's Story