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Bernard Calvert

The bones keep better company than most people

0 · 538 views · located in New Orleans, Louisiana

a character in “Bloodshed Within The French Quarter”, as played by penelope lemon


"The bones keep better company than most people."


Bernard "Bones" Calvert

Ever since moving to New Orleans, everyone calls him Bones, and now that seems more like his actual name than his nickname


|Birth Date|
January 8th, 1985


|Sexual Orientation|

Human and blood slave

Structural engineer, though lately he's been working as a grounds keeper for the French Quarter cemetery

Bones has dark brown eyes and dark brown hair to match. He takes particular pride in his appearance; keeping his beard neatly trimmed and hair out of his eyes. His jaw is soft, but his beards helps hide that. He has a straight nose and heavy brow. His skin is dark, with a few smattering of freckles across his face. Bones is tall, just over 6' with good physic. He's not much of a gym person, but loves being outdoors more than anything and can attribute his muscles to hard labor and physical activities. As for distinguishing marks, he has a few scars on his arms and back.

Bones has a hard time making friends and building relationships. The only person in New Orleans that he can really call a friend is Gemma Varjack, though he has no idea she is a werewolf. Unaware that he's been giving blood to one of the coven members for almost a year now.

His beard
Soft music
His sisters
The great outdoors

His speech impediment
Negative people
Crowded places

First impressions of Bones can be very misleading. Bones is a quiet, keep-to-himself kind of man. Because of his stutter, he tends to be very shy and does not make friends easily. He struggles in social situations and often people misinterpret this as being egotistical and stand offish. But they couldn't be more wrong. Bones has a kind soul with a caring disposition. He loves love and is gentle and soft spoken. He's the type of man that would prefer reading poetry over porn. He continually tries to look for the good in people. Creating a friendship with him make take more time and energy than normal, but it's always worth it. Bones is a very devoted and thoughtful friend, always thinking of others before himself. He is selfless, good natured and sweet.

Because of the skewed family relations, and the abuse he suffered, Bones has a stutter. After months of speech therapy he's been able to keep it under control for the most part but sometimes, when he is nervous or over excited, his stutter comes back. When that happens he gets frustrated and embarrassed, making the stutter worse. A few deep breaths and a bit of focus usually takes care of the speech impediment.

With Bones having such a quiet temperament and tender heart, it's a wonder he went through the struggles he did and turned out the way he is. Bones grew up in northern Utah with his mother, father and five sisters. He was the youngest, and despite being the only boy, was very close to his sisters. His father was a raging alcoholic and would often come home drunk and looking for a fight. Those nights were the darkest in the Calvert house hold. When his father would go after his mother, Bones and his sisters would wait out the night hiding in the spare bedroom, all curled up over each other on the bed. It was a rare occasion his father hit him or his sisters, but it was not unheard of. Bones still carries a few scars left by his father.

One night his father didn't come home; he had died of alcohol poisoning after having too much to drink at the local bar. Bones couldn't help but feel like a sudden weight was lifted off his shoulders, and was surprised when his mother didn't feel the same way. After the death of their father, their mother began spiraling into a deep hole of self loathing and depression. It started with small things, like not cleaning the house or sleeping in later than normal, but then grew to periods of time when she would forget to fix dinner or disappear into her room for days on end. Bones and his sisters learned to take care of themselves, after it was clear their mother no longer would. He had a hard time understanding what his mother was going through, and resents her for not stepping up and being a mother to him and his siblings. He also blames himself for not being able to stand up to his father and for not being able to protect his sisters better.

As soon as he could, Bones left his home and moved to New Orleans to get as far away from his family as possible. He moved there when he was twenty five, where he met a girl by the name of Jane Goodwin. They dated for a few months then were engaged and for once in his life, Bones felt as though everything was falling into a place. He was truly happy, and he vowed not to ruin it by turning into his father. The couple bought a house on the outskirts of town and lived together until Jane fell ill. When Bones was twenty eight, Jane passed away at the local hospital and was buried in the French Quarter cemetery. And suddenly, Bones felt as though the sun was ripped from his world. The one happy thing in his life was taken from him and Bones struggled to remember himself during his time of mourning. The one thing that seemed to console him, was visiting Jane's grave site on a daily basis, spending hours among the tombstones. After noticing that the cemetery was overgrown Bones took it upon himself to become the new grounds keeper. Citizens of the French Quarter began noticing this mysterious man who spent all of his time with the dead, and began to dub him "Bones" which is how he got his nickname.

Over time he finally sold the house him and Jane had bought and moved into a one bedroom apartment in the center of town. He spends his mornings mowing glass and laying flowers. Ironically, he plans to be cremated when he dies.

|Theme Songs|
The Civil Wars: I Had Me a Girl Kansas: Carry On My Wayward Son

|Face Claim|
Jamie Dornan

|Dialogue Color Code|

penelope lemon

So begins...

Bernard Calvert's Story

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Location: The French Quarter.
Event: Founder's Day.
Time: 7:00 PM.


Emilia always hated this night as joyous people were prancing among the French Quarter and basically disrespecting her home. Tourists. She absolutely hated them when it came to this event though the ones that would be passed out from their drunken state made her night a bit easier as she didn't have to stalk them just to feed from them. In the back of her mind she wondered if her boy toy, the Delta of Hale's pack, Cody was going to be at the event tonight as she shrugged her shoulders then placed the thought far back into her mind as she readied herself for tonight.

She didn't care what Kade was going to tell them what to and what not to do tonight. She didn't have time to hear that same old speech again this year as she slipped out of the door before anyone noticed her gone. She walked out of the coven's home town residence then walked along the street as she saw some particularly drunk people already. Emilia couldn't kill with everyone standing around so she'd just have to wait until the right time.

She had finally reached the French Quarter and the parade was just beginning as she has seen this parade countless of times now. Emilia prowled through the streets of the French Quarter, seeing who she could bump into along the path. She didn't hope to see anyone in particular, well, maybe Cody but that was something she was trying her best not to think about right about now. Emilia leaned up against a light pole nearby and just eyed everyone around her then eyed out towards the parade as she rolled her eyes, seeing the Founding Families of New Orleans float past down. 'Same fucking float.' She thought to herself while opening up her purse and digging through it, taking out a vile of blood and chugging it down then placing it back in her purse.

She then licked her lips then pulled out a cigarette and lit it up with her lighter then removed it from her mouth while exhaling the cancerous smoke. The cigarette rested between her index and middle finger now as the parade finally ended and she was relieved as she walked over to the Bar & Grill of the French Quarter and sat at the bar. "Apple Martini, please." She kindly asked for then turned to face everyone that was coming through the door. When the bartender sat her drink in front of her she smirked and looked into his eyes as she whispered. "It's on the house, right?" The bartender nodded his head in a trance like state then walked away. 'Still got it.' She thought as her eyes beamed towards the door of the Bar and Grill.

She took out her phone and shot a text to her little plaything, Cody.

To: Cody โ™ฅ
From: Emilia

Hope the Alpha let his wolfies out to play. If not, I still want to see you. At the Bar & Grill. I'll be waiting.

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A roar escaped from him as he woke up from yet another nightmare of him and his pack engulfed in a war and failing. Nick breathed heavily with beads of sweat trickling down his forehead and falling down onto his muscular body as he sat on the edge of his bed now. It was New Orleans Founder's Day event and he knew that Vampires were going to be prowling around the French Quarter and you know what, so was his pack along with other ghoulish ghouls. Nick wasn't scared of war as he was now Alpha and had to prove himself to his pack as if he was scared then his pack would become scared and that was something he didn't need right about now.

Nick stood upright as he looked out of his window at the night sky above then moved over to his bathroom, where he'd run a shower to let the water get a bit warm before he step in. After showering for a few minutes, he'd get out and dry himself off and wrap a towel around him then brushed his teeth and fixed himself up for tonight's event. Nick wondered to himself if all of his pack members were going to be there. Speaking of his pack, he could hear one of them approaching his door right about now.

He walked down the stairs and opened the door as he raised a brow. "Whoa! Should I come back?" Nick raised a brow then looked down at himself as he was in nothing but a towel. "Oh, sorry. Now, what is it, Scout?" His voice roared a bit as the Scout stammered before answering. "Okay, I was walking around the French Quarter and you won't believe who I saw." Nick looked at the Scout and awaited a name or something. "Gemma." The Scout muttered as Nick closed the door in the Scout's face then looked around before knocking over various objects in his way.

'That bitch thinks she can just come back to my city and not tell me?!' He thought to himself then immediately changed into a leather jacket that was slightly hiding a white t-shirt, black jeans and black combat boots. He'd also grab his shades and place them on the top of his head then opened the door. "Let's roll."

Nick and the Scout made it to the French Quarter and his nose sniffed up towards the air as his eyes caught sight of a blonde headed female, walking in front of him. "Gemma?" He'd grasp the woman's arm tightly but it wasn't her. "Let go of me!" The blonde screamed as Nick tossed her aside then looked around and bumped into another blonde headed female but this time looked before reacting. "Gemma, Gemma, Gemma." Nick smirked as he looked behind him and waved away the Scout.

"Hm, am I happy to see you? Of course. Am I happy that you came to town without informing me? I'll let you answer that one." His eyes flashed a violent red as he didn't want to harm Gemma especially in front of everyone that was human. Nick grasped Gemma's arm roughly then dragged her to the alleyway nearby and slammed her back first against the wall.

"Why are you back here, Gemma? You leave without a word and return without a word. What is up?" Nick really wanted to know as he'd let her go then stand upright, backing away a little bit. He honestly hated it when he had to get rough with someone, especially a female and especially Gemma.