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Bloodshed Within The French Quarter

New Orleans, Louisiana


a part of Bloodshed Within The French Quarter, by Sunflower.


Sunflower holds sovereignty over New Orleans, Louisiana, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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New Orleans, Louisiana is a part of Bloodshed Within The French Quarter.

9 Characters Here

Tamsin Lewis [4] "Sometimes I wonder why words can't actually make us bleed"
Schuyler MacKeltar [4] "....."
Emilia Riley [4] "Kiss me or kill me. There is no middle ground."
Gemma Varjack [3] Never was one for vengeance, but as the saying goes: an eye for an eye
Miriam Hale [3] "We were born to be real, not perfect."
Nicholas Hale [3] "The beast has yet to be unleashed. But don't try to unleash the beast from within. Trust me."
Bernard Calvert [2] The bones keep better company than most people
Kade MacKeltar [2] "Always and forever..."

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Location: The French Quarter.
Event: Founder's Day.
Time: 7:00 PM.


Emilia always hated this night as joyous people were prancing among the French Quarter and basically disrespecting her home. Tourists. She absolutely hated them when it came to this event though the ones that would be passed out from their drunken state made her night a bit easier as she didn't have to stalk them just to feed from them. In the back of her mind she wondered if her boy toy, the Delta of Hale's pack, Cody was going to be at the event tonight as she shrugged her shoulders then placed the thought far back into her mind as she readied herself for tonight.

She didn't care what Kade was going to tell them what to and what not to do tonight. She didn't have time to hear that same old speech again this year as she slipped out of the door before anyone noticed her gone. She walked out of the coven's home town residence then walked along the street as she saw some particularly drunk people already. Emilia couldn't kill with everyone standing around so she'd just have to wait until the right time.

She had finally reached the French Quarter and the parade was just beginning as she has seen this parade countless of times now. Emilia prowled through the streets of the French Quarter, seeing who she could bump into along the path. She didn't hope to see anyone in particular, well, maybe Cody but that was something she was trying her best not to think about right about now. Emilia leaned up against a light pole nearby and just eyed everyone around her then eyed out towards the parade as she rolled her eyes, seeing the Founding Families of New Orleans float past down. 'Same fucking float.' She thought to herself while opening up her purse and digging through it, taking out a vile of blood and chugging it down then placing it back in her purse.

She then licked her lips then pulled out a cigarette and lit it up with her lighter then removed it from her mouth while exhaling the cancerous smoke. The cigarette rested between her index and middle finger now as the parade finally ended and she was relieved as she walked over to the Bar & Grill of the French Quarter and sat at the bar. "Apple Martini, please." She kindly asked for then turned to face everyone that was coming through the door. When the bartender sat her drink in front of her she smirked and looked into his eyes as she whispered. "It's on the house, right?" The bartender nodded his head in a trance like state then walked away. 'Still got it.' She thought as her eyes beamed towards the door of the Bar and Grill.

She took out her phone and shot a text to her little plaything, Cody.

To: Cody โ™ฅ
From: Emilia

Hope the Alpha let his wolfies out to play. If not, I still want to see you. At the Bar & Grill. I'll be waiting.

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ImageGemma stood in her dimly lit kitchen, staring at the spot where she had found her parents mangled bodies two months ago. It was odd to her, saying that. It didn't feel like two months had passed. It's felt like two hours. She didn't even have to close her eyes to see the splatters of blood on the cabinets, the twisted mess of her mothers limbs or the gash marks across her fathers chest. She could even smell the pot roast burning in the oven. The image was forever ingrained in her mind, as fresh and as vivid as the day she had found them.

In the distance, the faint cry of French Quarter's citizens drifted in through the kitchen window, pulling Gemma from her thoughts. She blinked, and glanced out between the little lace curtains. Two months was a long time to be away from home. She had missed the French Quarter.

The search for her parents murderer had taken her cross country. The night she left, she had been on watch for the pack when she caught the sent of an unknown vampire passing through their territory. They weren't from the Coven, their smell was all wrong. She had gone back home, packed a bag, and tracked the vampire all the way to the Texas boarder. She managed to flesh out some information from them about a new fledgling in Wichita that had gone on a massive killing spree; she followed the lead all the way to Kansas. And so it continued, the clues stringing Gemma along for two months across the United States. She ended up in northern Idaho right at the Canadian boarder when the clues finally hit a dead end and she returned home.

She had barley been home a week and had yet to unpack. Her bag was still sitting up in her room, under her bed.

Gemma closed the kitchen window and pulled on her boots. She needed to find Nick, or any of her other pack members. She hadn't seen them since she got back and she needed to apologize for abandoning them. She needed to make sure Nick didn't have any ideas about putting her on probation, or worse. She considered reaching out to them telepathically when she first got home, but decided it would be better to talk in person.

She locked up the house and descended the rickety porch steps, making the walk into town. She figured her pack would be there, perhaps celebrating with the rest of the residents of French Quarter.

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A roar escaped from him as he woke up from yet another nightmare of him and his pack engulfed in a war and failing. Nick breathed heavily with beads of sweat trickling down his forehead and falling down onto his muscular body as he sat on the edge of his bed now. It was New Orleans Founder's Day event and he knew that Vampires were going to be prowling around the French Quarter and you know what, so was his pack along with other ghoulish ghouls. Nick wasn't scared of war as he was now Alpha and had to prove himself to his pack as if he was scared then his pack would become scared and that was something he didn't need right about now.

Nick stood upright as he looked out of his window at the night sky above then moved over to his bathroom, where he'd run a shower to let the water get a bit warm before he step in. After showering for a few minutes, he'd get out and dry himself off and wrap a towel around him then brushed his teeth and fixed himself up for tonight's event. Nick wondered to himself if all of his pack members were going to be there. Speaking of his pack, he could hear one of them approaching his door right about now.

He walked down the stairs and opened the door as he raised a brow. "Whoa! Should I come back?" Nick raised a brow then looked down at himself as he was in nothing but a towel. "Oh, sorry. Now, what is it, Scout?" His voice roared a bit as the Scout stammered before answering. "Okay, I was walking around the French Quarter and you won't believe who I saw." Nick looked at the Scout and awaited a name or something. "Gemma." The Scout muttered as Nick closed the door in the Scout's face then looked around before knocking over various objects in his way.

'That bitch thinks she can just come back to my city and not tell me?!' He thought to himself then immediately changed into a leather jacket that was slightly hiding a white t-shirt, black jeans and black combat boots. He'd also grab his shades and place them on the top of his head then opened the door. "Let's roll."

Nick and the Scout made it to the French Quarter and his nose sniffed up towards the air as his eyes caught sight of a blonde headed female, walking in front of him. "Gemma?" He'd grasp the woman's arm tightly but it wasn't her. "Let go of me!" The blonde screamed as Nick tossed her aside then looked around and bumped into another blonde headed female but this time looked before reacting. "Gemma, Gemma, Gemma." Nick smirked as he looked behind him and waved away the Scout.

"Hm, am I happy to see you? Of course. Am I happy that you came to town without informing me? I'll let you answer that one." His eyes flashed a violent red as he didn't want to harm Gemma especially in front of everyone that was human. Nick grasped Gemma's arm roughly then dragged her to the alleyway nearby and slammed her back first against the wall.

"Why are you back here, Gemma? You leave without a word and return without a word. What is up?" Nick really wanted to know as he'd let her go then stand upright, backing away a little bit. He honestly hated it when he had to get rough with someone, especially a female and especially Gemma.

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๏ผด๏ผก๏ผญ๏ผณ๏ผฉ๏ผฎ ~ ๏ผฌ๏ผฅ๏ผท๏ผฉ๏ผณ
"If I can beat the rush, I'll be happy"
Location || The Bar
iPod || Hard To Concentrate by Red Hot Chili Peppers
Mood || Rushed


The work day always seemed far too long, with too little pay off. Sure, she only worked part-time, but hell - massaging people all day did wonders on your hands. She was used to it, almost. The face she made to herself whenever she had to massage an old man who was far to friendly remained the same.

Though, he job proved difficult when she was..."donating" blood often. Like any blood donation, it made a person weak. Doing it so frequently - did take a lot out of her, and recovering wasn't always fun. It made for her grip to be weaker, and her technique to be lacking. Needless to say - she was not tipped as much.

Money was something that had always been a difficulty for Tamsin. Growing up in poverty, she was used to the lack thereof money. With her job now, she almost didn't know what to do. It wasn't like she was rich, in any sense of the word - but she was better off than she was 3 years ago. And with the new extra income, she was actually able to afford eating out ever so often.

Moving to New Orleans opened a new world to Tamsin. The world of the supernatural. For God sake, she was giving her blood to a vampire. Through muffled sounds she heard the rumor of what she was called to them - a blood slave. Tamsin didn't like the term, and she'd never heard Schuyler use it, which she appreciated.

Her part time shift was finally over, and with that notion it didn't take her long to realize it was Founder's Day. A day in which people got drunk, and stayed up way too late. She figured she'd get a head start, and be home by the time the crazies came out.

Just down the road she walked to the local Bar & Grill to grab such things. Luckily she had the chance to change into her normal clothes before leaving the massage parlor. Her job wasn't all bad though - it always smelled heavenly. Entering she was offered a seat, but chose the bar. Tamsin spotted a girl at the other side, in which she promptly avoided. She looked strangely familiar. An uneasy feeling settled in her stomach once she ordered her first drink, a Summer Shandy. She just had a feeling something was going to happen on this supposed celebrated day.

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ImageToday was a bad day. One of those days were the weight of all that he has done crushes him. Guilt was a hell of a thing now that he felt it. When he remembered the girl he cradled in his arms, he warm life blood spilling out of her in crimson ribbons from the wound he'd caused. The look in her eyes, the fear, the acceptance that she was going to die and there was nothing she could do. It was those big brown eyes the brought him back, that woke him up, that reflected back the monster he didn't know he was. The eyes that still look at him with hate, she hides it, some days, but he can always see it, feel it.

"You made me in to this monster...."Her eyes say. "you killed stole my soul from me...." They say, in every passing glance and it pains him, like pinpricks underneath a fingernail. Even when she's not there, he can feel it and it hurts worse when she smiles.
On days like today, it is always helps to work out his aggression. The Salmon Ladder does the trick quite nicely. His hands grip the metal bar, and he uses all his might to lift himself up, hooking the bar into the rungs, up and up. His muscles scream at him, sweat traces the sharp lines of his chest. It is when he is like this when he feels human. When he hurts, when he struggles, when he sweats.

After a few hours of this, he dropped down from the top rung, about 10 feet above his own height of 6'1. He took a breath, stretched his sore muscles, alive with the activity and went showered quickly. When he finally emerged, he's dressed in a grey suit, expensive and tailor made. The night was young and he was sure he'd have someone to look after. A daughter to whom he failed and an employee that liked to linger in his thoughts more then he was comfortably with and a plethora of coven members that he had to talk to. One of them made a terrible mistake, killing an Alpha. Granted, the cretin deserved to die, but not by her and not like that. It was messy, and uncoordinated. It was terrible mistake, that he had to fix.

He grabbed his phone as he made his way toward the large dining room that doubled as a conference room. He took a seat at the head of the table. He had to talk to her. He was better when it came to these matters, even though his brother, Kade was Coven leader. Schuyler was more business minded and a better problem solver. It wasn't always this way, but it was this way now.

He dialed and held the phone to his ear. All the members knew better then to not answer when he called. Unless they were dead or dying.

"Aria....We need to talk," Was all he said, before hanging up the phone. This was a delicate matter. Surely the girl was beside herself with all sorts of horrible thoughts about what was going to happen next.
She'd just started a war...