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Welcome one, welcome all, to BloodSport! You've all come to find out which Gladiator has found favor in the eyes of the Reaper and which one will die! So now, let the games begin!

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This was originally the idea of BilgeWater, however, due to events this idea never made it through to the end. He also gave me permission to do a little editing here and there, but it is completely his idea. Thankies Bilgey! (Hope he doesn’t mind that I call him that.)

Welcome! It’s good to see you again; if your here then you must want to renew your contract right? Six months were not enough, eh? Well, it seems someone must have liked your performance because you've been offered a sponsorship to go pro! There’s big money to be made; especially with the new events that have been added to the team circuit.

History of Blood Sport
In 2020, a game was devised as a way to lower crime in the U.S. and depopulate the prison systems, Blood Sport, a violent game mimicking the Gladiatorial Games of the Coliseum (Amphitheatre Flavio) during the Roman Empire. Inside huge arenas viewers could gamble on prisoners who fought against each other in death matches. In its first year, Blood Sport became a smash hit and in 2022, after many heated legal debates and a strong response from the sport’s extensive fan base, it was opened to civilian competitors (more commonly referred to as 'Gladiators'). This caused the show’s popularity to skyrocket and its ratings quickly passed Football, Basketball, and Soccer. The increase in popularity funded new events and match types such as mounted vehicular combat, team events, and the opening of dozens of arenas across the globe.

Current Information on Blood Sport
The game has been separated into three tiers or leagues, the first (and lowest) being the Maladroit Tier. Those that compete in this tier are many times referred to as Droits and are novices to the games. In this tier you are paid only when you win, you earn reward money. However, it is also here that many civilians get noticed by sponsors and are moved into the ProGames. This tier is self-explanatory. It is the highest level in the Game; if you make it here you get mass media attention, become the poster child for popular products, etc. In this league you are not only being paid reward money and a salary from your sponsor but you are also earning an income from outside sources, thus this is the highest paying tier. The level that resides in between the two is the Prison League. This is also self-explanatory. In this league, prisoners are made to fight, and make no income in doing so. It is either do or die.

As for seasons, the Single Games and Team Games do not take place during the same seasons in the ProGames. The Single Games take place during the summer and fall whilst the Team Games take place during the winter and spring. The exact months being May through September for Single Matches and November through March for Team matches. April and October are off months where no events take place.

Rules of the arena include these four, you are allowed any one weapon you wish, however if you can successfully sneak anything else in you are perfectly welcome you use it. Within the Grudge Matches, Team Grudge Matches, and Battle Royals matches explosive devices are not allowed to be used. Any form of medicine is allowed if you can sneak it in without being caught, and you can only win the match if all opponents are dead.

U.S. Arenas:
Nevada Desert Dome-find your own picture, I gave up on making it work.
A huge underground arena in the barren desert region just north of Las Vegas. The battleground here has a maximum of five miles and can be sectioned off to as little as two-hundred feet and has a hilly landscape made of loose dirt and large boulders.

Kentucky Bio Dome
Although, not quite as large as its sister arena in Nevada, the Bio Dome boasts a highly wooded landscape littered with tall cliffs and many water sources adding a unique depth to the combat. At its maximum the battlefield is just over four miles in diameter, but can be sectioned off to a minimum of one-hundred feet.

East Asian Arenas:
Tokyo Mega Dome
A fairly new Battleground that boasts a unique urban environment, the only one on the pro circuit. It appears as a ruined city and was also the inspiration for the mounted vehicular combat match type. The scope of the arena at its maximum reaches about six miles, and its minimum is about two-hundred feet.

Hong Kong Arena
A well-tended arena that is comprised half of tall grasslands and its other half of bamboo forest. This was the first arena built outside of the U.S. and it brought a huge revenue basis into China's once failing economy. This particularly small arena tops off at two miles in diameter and can be annexed to as little as fifty feet.

Euro-Australian Arenas:
London's Nocturne Arena
This arena's unique environment simulates a moonlit island about three miles across, with rocky beaches and a wooded inland area. It also has been, recently, upgraded to simulated different weather patterns that change quickly and unpredictably.

Australian ThunderDome
The largest arena on the pro circuit by a landslide; the battlefields maximum diameter reaches almost eight miles and features Australia’s harsh 'outback' environment. It can be downsized to three-hundred feet.

Rome Coliseum
A large replica of the ancient coliseum of the bronze age. It is a huge tourism attraction for visitors of Southern Europe; this arena boasts a five mile battleground that, when downsized to its minimum of one-hundred feet, mimics the ancient coliseum's circular gladiator arena.

Match types
-Grudge Match: original one on one fight to the death with melee weapons of choice ranging from battle axes to chainsaws [small battleground required].

-Team Grudge Match: Same concept with eight man teams instead [small battleground required].

-Vehicle Combat: Two Teams boasting a modified combat vehicle go head to head [large battleground required].

-Search and Destroy: Two individuals or teams separated on opposite sides of the arena are given prep time before being released to search for opponents [large battleground required].

-Battle Royal: Six Teams are pitted against each other in grudge match style combat [medium battleground required].

-Shootout: Three teams pitted against each other are given a firearm of their choice and a large supply of ammunition in the form of a backpack *suppressors and silencers restricted* [medium to large battleground decided by sponsors].

As a Gladiator coming from the Maladroit Tier you have been sponsored by Isaiah Frost, a two year veteran to the Solo ProGames and last year’s North American champion is looking to compete in the Pro team circuit this year. You have been chosen for Isaiah’s team because you have shown exceptional skill in the arena and can handle yourself with the Press and Television. All that stands between you and fame is one tiny little signature, what will you do?

With Mr. Frost's generous sponsorship you will have unlimited access to a vast array of Blood Sport approved weapons and equipment along with access to Mr. Frost's personal garage and pit crew where your combat vehicle, when you should acquire it, will be housed and properly maintained.

Character Sheet
Gender: [females are welcome to compete as well]
Arena Alias: [Badass nickname? optional]
Age: [competitors must be over the age of 21]
Physical Description: [I don’t honestly care if you have a picture, you better have a description too.]
Photo: [optional/Anime preferably]
Melee Weapon: [within reason, no pocket knives and no 10 ton hammers]
Firearm: [shootout matches only, no snipers or rocket launchers, be reasonable.]
Phobias: List here!
Brief History:

-No Godmodding, i will kill your character off without a second thought if it persists.
-Romance? There will be plenty of down time in this roleplay, so yes, BUT site (and my rules) rules are PG-13... don’t go overboard. Seriously, blinding people is rude!
-Swearing, know when it’s appropriate, and I would prefer if you didn’t use the F-bomb, but I won’t stop you either.
-There will only be 8 spots on the team, if you still want to take part after we fill up i might come up with a non-combat role for you... Fan? Mechanic? PM me first, however. I can make you a separate Character Sheet.
-Activity is key, don’t join and then never post
-Posts must fit the situation, it only takes a few sentences to stab someone if you leave out the unneeded crap, and it takes a paragraph or two for a character to reflect his/her thoughts or emotions, so make sure the length of the post fits the situation. ^-^
-Please check back here in the rules periodically, I may see something happening that shouldn’t be, and may add something about it in the rules. So please oh please come and check this every once and a while.
~Put *chu* on your Character Sheet if you read the rules. If not, a gentle nudge, is all you will receive. However, I won’t approve (but won’t reject) your Character sheet until you put *chu* somewhere!

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The Story So Far... Write a Post » as written by 2 authors

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Character Portrait: Isaiah Frost

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A dark figure entered a dimly lit room a faint flicker of an ember as it fell from the figure's hand and landed on the ground, a sizzling sound becoming more apparent as the figure stepped on the ember and walked to the man at the desk. The older man sat with his hands crossed gazing at the papers in front of him, a grand total of exactly five. A copy of the letter he had sent and the four responses he got in reply. A small smile played across his lips as he happilly admired the answers he had craved and expected. After shuffling through person after person he had found them, the best of the best. The deadliest of their rank. Droits that had gone undefeated and were catching the eyes of sponsors across the nations; to think he got to them first.

The figure's face became more apparent as he came into the range of the singular lamps light bulb as it shot out it's iron bars of illuminaton revealing two frosted green eyes and a slight smirk, disrupted by the cigarette currently being held by the corner of his mouth and the faint touch of his finger tips. "I take it you got the response you wanted?" Frost said as he removed his cigarette and put it out on his sponsor's desk, "I haven't seen you smile so much since the day I accepted your sponsorship." Isaiah's smile widened, as he watched the older man eye the his hand and the cigarette that was fizzling to its expected end.

"I don't remember telling you to use my desk as a way to put out your cigarette."

"That's 'cuz you didn't." Frost chuckled as he said these words, "So, what exactly did you tell them?"

The older man wiped off his desk, not allowing Isaiah's obvious disrespect for his property and attempts at arrousing his rage affect is great mood, "I simply informed them that they may be given a very suitable offer to enter the ProCircuit and that if they wanted in they would meet me in this office in a day's time. At that point a small test will be given to decide whether they are truly worth sponsering. If they passed they could name their own wages, to a point that is."

Isaiah snorted, "After all you aren't made of money, right?"

"Exactly." The older man stood and walked out of his office his hands rubbing together anxiously, "if you don't mind I'll be excusing myself to make the proper arrangements for their arrival. Please don't make too much of a mess in my absence, Isaiah." The man left, a small smile with a dark and somewhat mischevious shadow overshadowing the sweetness of his rosy, and somewhat chubby, lifted cheecks.

"Proper arrangements my ass." Isaiah said as he reached into his pocket and pulled out another cigarette and lit it. Sitting himselft down on the desk he reached over and grabbed the papers the other man had previously been holding and a folder. The papers were letters of acceptance from four soon to be, hopefully, team mates of his: Roady Domene, Liam McCarthy, Saraphael Envonge, and Jeremy Krull. "Or rather, better known as Feral, Swift, Mademioselle Guillotine, and The Krull." He said as he looked at the papers in the folder sitting on his sponsor's desk. As he looked at each picture thoughts came to him.

First one being, he'd love to know why Feral was called 'Feral'. "He must be a pretty fun guy." He chuckled, and glanced at the next one, "Swift huh, he looks like nothing more than a kid. What exactly is BloodSport coming to?" Although, this thought was put in check as his face lit up at the next picture, "The Mademioselle, however, is most certainly my type of team mate: beautiful and female." Last but not least was The Krull, a prison league fighter, intersting to say the least but even more so was the reason he was there. "Ex-military, lead his men into a slaughter...remind me to stay on his good side." With that he closed the folder and set it back on the desk, leaving the room for the day and almost looking forward to the next.

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#, as written by Corvan
Jeremy sat in his cell reading a book on car motors his "caretaker" had provided for him between his fights. His cell was not exactly a cell, but he couldn't leave when ever he wanted to. The size of a studio room, It had everything he needed to live, cycling air, bed, bathroom, sink, shower, tv a computer even with full internet usage. A full weight set to work out in with a punching bag, bookshelf dvd rack. The walls themselves were made of five inch reinforced steel. Also a gas system filled with some kind of gas Jeremy did not know that would cause him to go into shock if he refused her demands. Hes done it several times already

Jeremy sat at his bed reading the book. If he was allowed back outside in the streets, most would of thought he was a professional body builder, who had gotten into one to many bar fights. His years in the prison league, had earned him several lifetimes worth of scars from his neck to his knees. It had also earned him a reputation for Brutality. Having won the top set every year, Most would think he wanted this life for how good he was at wrong they are. Shaved full expect for his crew cut hair and eyebrows, Jeremy had nothing else in the terms of hair on his face. He wore a simple black shirt and Camo shorts. His most comfortable.

The sound of the door unlocking, Jeremy knew who was coming. He took his bookmark and put it between the pages and closed it setting it down on his bed. Standing up Jeremy put his hands behind his head and waited in the middle of the sparse room. The woman he had come to hate with anger beyond reason entered along with five guards almost his size and armed with m249 saws aimed at him by the hip. She was a well built woman in her mid thirties. blond hair down to her mid back in a pony tail with thick rimmed glasses that enhanced her beauty. She wore a tight fitting business skirt uniform as she always did in stark white that showed off her curves, but he knew better then to take her as a beauty business woman..she was a predator and he wanted her dead.

"You did good this year good in fact you are being transferred to the pro circuit..we got a invite from a powerful long time runner of those leagues..and your going..With you there..ill make a lot of money..more then sense we started working with one another"He merely growled at her. "Aww..whats wrong still want to kill me..and everything else you have thought of doing to me in revenge for taking your life away from you? Without me you would of rotted in that prison! be grateful!" He glared at her and she sighed.."Pack your things Jeremy..your leaving lawyer will go with you to sign everything..sense im loaning you to this Frosts team..Ive payed a lot of money for this..I expect ample return for your wins..your going to make me very happy..don't disappoint me.."with that she left along with her boy toys. The moment the door locked, Jeremy grabbed the bed and tore at it. The frame bolted to the floor, but with his strength it did not last long, and he flung the hundred pound bed across the room and into the nearest wall shattering the wooden dvd case there.

With that he grabbed his fallen book and grabbed a bag from were the bed once was bolted to the floor and packed the book into it along with his arena outfit, of combat boots, leather jacket studded fingerless gloves and his armor weave pants. Within ten minutes Jeremy was lead down the corridor after getting shocked for destroying another bed. He barely flinched at the volts..use to the punishment. They couldn't beat him, He would swing back in reaction. Instead all seven kept their guns trained on him as he was lead down to a armored car and strapped into the back. Her lawyer looked nervous..and who wouldn't be. He was a mouse of a man with messy black hair and a battered brief case. He stood in a black suit and was barely five feet tall and probaby almost as wide.

Jeremy did not know how long he sat in the back of that armored van, but he did not care. He read the contract over and over again..he would be free..more so then he has in many years.

-the next day at the office-

The van suddenly stopped and the engine turned off. Jeremy sighed and waited for the guard to let him out. It took only a few minutes and the door opened to a large office building, he was at the rear entrance to avoid the crowds. Even his Brutality had earned him fans over the years. Getting out of his restraints Jeremy was lead into the building were the security there would take care of him from there. They were big guys, but Jeremy was bigger and had much more experience in fighting with his bare fists. "You two know who I am..yes?" They both nodded obviously nervous "You have wifes?" he asked next and they both nodded once more"Do you want to go home to them tonight not looking like you were beaten half to death?" They started to back up from him reaching for their tazer guns. "Then do not follow me..and don't bother..those things just piss me off..""go sit at your desk..and ignore what im about to do"They watched in horror as Jeremy turned around and grabbed the lawyer by the neck and lifted him off the ground with one arm as if he weighted nothing. "You will send the bitch a message for me..when this is over..I WILL KILL HER!" Jeremy then headbutted the lawyer as he screamed his nose breaking, and again, and then punched him across the jaw, the sound of it shattering and his teeth scattering over the floor, he screams became weak cries and then heaved the lawyer threw the glass door of the office building. Spitting at the lawyer as he barely moved, Jeremy turned and picked up his bag and headed towards the office were he was supposed to meet this Frost character.

Finding the Office, he pounded on the door a little too hard still pissed from before, as the door rattled on its hinges. While he waited for the door to open, he took note how small it was.."I hate ducking.."He said to himself.

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Character Portrait: Saraphael (Phae) Envonge
Character Portrait: Jeremy Krull
Character Portrait: Liam McCarthy
Character Portrait: Roady Domene


Character Portrait: Roady Domene
Roady Domene

"You think you can control me? I can literally smell your fear."

Character Portrait: Jeremy Krull
Jeremy Krull

Convicted in the Arena

Character Portrait: Saraphael (Phae) Envonge
Saraphael (Phae) Envonge

"There is only cure for grey. It was invented by a Frenchman. It is called the Guillotine."


Character Portrait: Jeremy Krull
Jeremy Krull

Convicted in the Arena

Character Portrait: Roady Domene
Roady Domene

"You think you can control me? I can literally smell your fear."

Character Portrait: Saraphael (Phae) Envonge
Saraphael (Phae) Envonge

"There is only cure for grey. It was invented by a Frenchman. It is called the Guillotine."

Most Followed

Character Portrait: Roady Domene
Roady Domene

"You think you can control me? I can literally smell your fear."

Character Portrait: Saraphael (Phae) Envonge
Saraphael (Phae) Envonge

"There is only cure for grey. It was invented by a Frenchman. It is called the Guillotine."

Character Portrait: Jeremy Krull
Jeremy Krull

Convicted in the Arena

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Re: [OOC] BloodSport-Death's Game

Sorry Machubi, but I don't see this rp going anywhere with just 3 people. If you love it enough then I would recomend trying to remake it again, but also try to advertise more, or maybe frequently edit the introduction(That makes it constantly stay on the 1st page of the list of rp's). Or at least do that whenever it isn't on the first page. That way more people who might be interested will see it. You might also want to use more popular tags(action, adventure, blood, fiction, etc.). Believe it or not tags actually play a big part in if people join or not.
^Pretty sure you already knew most of that since you've been here longer then me, but just in case. xD

If you do make it, I might not be able to post too frequently since I'm grounded, and my mom got fired so she'll be home practically every day for "AT LEAST" 2 months until she finds a permanent job.

Also, I went to a Skillet(or rather, a Christian/Christian Rock) concert Saturday. They played all of my favorite songs. xD

Re: [OOC] BloodSport-Death's Game

Hey hey! Ima around, checking in every day I jet don't want to post too soon after the last one however, I will go ahead and give you all what I consider a fun start to this rp. All of your charis will undergo a dangerous series of tests (all of which play to your individual strengths and weaknesses which is why you all will be writing your own) the goal is to reach the top floor oft building in one piece, the first one there will receive a substantially higher pay than everyone else. However, I will be deciding on who will be first based on which test I consider the most creative and hardest for each individual character. When you reach the room corvan is in you will be shown a video and it is a race to the top starting from there. ;)

Re: [OOC] BloodSport-Death's Game

I sent rocker a message so hopefully if he has it set to see it in his email he will remember to come back! Can always message chu as well and see how she is doing.

Re: [OOC] BloodSport-Death's Game

Sorry about the no post. But testing week and a half has started, and I had to get ready. And a half cause the tests are dragged out longer then a week. =.=
Btw, I'm not sure if Rockerr69 will post any time soon, either. That being because it says he hasn't been online in 14 days. Of course he also could have made it to where it dosen't show when he comes on. But this is just my guess.
I will post eventually however. To be truthful, the earliest time I can post would be on Monday. The reason being because I got screwed over by a fucking Chemistry test I had "this" Monday. I mean who da hell makes tests on Monday?! Thats like the 3rd worst idea in the history! Don't press me for the top 2. xD
That is all for now. Ciao until Monday, or *Chu!* as some would say. xP

Re: [OOC] BloodSport-Death's Game

Been roleplaying a long time..when i really get into something I really get into it. course my spelling and grammar is not the best, but it works. And don't worry chu i still love ya!

Re: [OOC] BloodSport-Death's Game

You're a Yandere! :D
I freakin love yandere's. xD
And bi-polar people in general... Eheh?
I used to know a guy who took like 5 lines in an rp on opening a doorknob. He was so pro. xD

Re: [OOC] BloodSport-Death's Game guys don't take part in alot of row with me do you? I only say that because the post you see there pales in comparison to my norm in some other rps. Now if you really want to see long I have a fanfiction site with an incomplete story featuring 50,000 words and is barely a quarter of the way through. Unfortunately, though that is currently on hiatus considering the fact juggling school and this is making it near impossible to find time to work on it AND I'm in a play. *bangs head against wall*. Pretty sure I'm a masochistic sadist. Aiyai yai. Oh well


Re: [OOC] BloodSport-Death's Game

thats how long i been waiting for this to start..figured i would give Jeremy a little background this time to from the last time. I am quite creative..I love doing this.

Re: [OOC] BloodSport-Death's Game

Damn. It would take a hell of a lot more imagination then I have to make a post that long for one character. Instead I just made a post for two different characters that is about that long(Bozu's character is tied in with Raith's). And this is for another rp I recently joined.

Yhu awoke with a gasp. He felt something pulsating underneath his jacket. It was the badge that he had gotten from WH. He had hung it around his neck with a red ribbon he had come across at some point in time. Yhu wondered if this meant the Witch Hunters needed assistance. He threw off his covers, grabbed his sword, and darted for the main entrance of his cave. After he reached it, he pushed the large boulder out of the way with ease, using his large metalic arm. He didn't waste time resealing it, as he rushed out into the open snow.

Since Yhu didn't have the badge for long, he didn't know that he could use it as a communication device. A loud voice erupted out of nowhere, causing Yhu to tense up.
"Helloooooo! Anyone there? This guy lives in a cave right? Could it be interfering with the signal?" Yhu then noticed that the feminine voice was caming from his badge. He grabbed it, wondering what to say.

"... This is Yhu. Why have you called for me?" He asked the badge while holding it to his mouth. There was no responce. He than decided to push some magical power into the badge and see if that works, and repeated the same thing. The cold frosty air was beginning to numb his already pale-white fingers.

"Oh! There you are. This is Miki. I'm a D-class agent for the northern WH base. I've called you to tell you that we have a mission that we need you to handle for us. Right now, we're searching for someone from our base to escort you. I'm guessing sense you're an A-class it will either be our S-class member or a senior A-class member. We still haven't found anyone yet. Would you like us to send transport for you?"
The girl asked him, although he did not fully understand. "...No thankyou. I will walk there on my own." Yhu responded, dropping the badge and making his way towards the base at a slower pace. 'This is all very strange. It will take some time to get used to being around other people... Or at least people.' Yhu thought to himself, staring down his manefestation of an arm.

He couldn't help but wonder what would have happened if he hadn't decided to help the WH when their ranks started fighting against each other. He probably would have remained simply living in his cave only eating off the fish he catches in his private fishing hole.

He didn't see what the use of having money would be, if people tried to kill you when you're simply trying to buy a loaf of bread. He decided eating nice meals was a reservation for the living, which he wasen't really much of anymore. As far as Yhu was concerned, he was already dead.

Once Yhu made it to the base, he was met at the front door by a B-class member who's name he never learned. He escorted him to the main office where most of the D-ranks were working diligantly, hoping to rise through the ranks one day.

Hi there! You must be Yhu. A small girl who seemed too young to be here walked up to him. She looked to be about 12 and had long brown hair that fell to her knee's. She wore red wire-rimmed glasses, and an extra-small WH woman's uniform.
I am Miki. The person you were talking to earlier. Wow. You really do have a strange looking arm, don't you? I was only recruited 2 weeks ago, so I wasn't there for the big rebellion. Anyway, you should come wait in here until we find you a partner for your mission." Miki stated, while opening a door that led to a waiting area-type room.
Yhu retained his deadpan expression the entire time, and went inside without question and sat himself down in a chair. He noticed a folded uniform next to him on a sidetable. 'Is this meant for me?' Yhu thought staring at the uniform in wonder.


Raith sighed as he made his way slowely and intimidatingly over to the D-class agent. "Wrong. Wrong! Don't just swing your arms! Put your whole body into it. If you get it wrong this time, I'll cut out your left kidney." He threatened, which only made the D-rank even more nervous. He dropped the sword and almost stabbed himself in the foot, because of the pressure. "Idiot! Make that both your kidney's!"
"No! Please! I'm sorry!" The young agent ran off, probably in tears.

"This is why I hate training noobies. The D-ranks will never get stronger than they already are, its pointless." Raith sighed to himself.
"Well then maybe you shouldn't be so rough with them." Bozu said in a lecturing tone, as she hopped down from the pile of sleeping mats she was sitting on.
"Why do we even need those things? Its not like were going camping." He refered to the sleeping mats.
"Well, since there aren't that many people who live here, the only other place to sleep are training rooms. And I'm pretty sure you wouldn't want to sleep on just the floor would you?" She commented back.

"Whatever. Lets just check up on the Boss. Lord knows what he's doing." Raith stated, avoiding the question.
"You're a real hard shell, huh?" Bozu asked following him.
"We've been working together for 3 years, and you've just now noticed?" Raith replied as he walked over to Vincent's office. Once he reached it, he kicked it as hard as he could, causing a crack or two to pretrude their way through the fine wood. "Hey Vincent! I'm coming in. I want to have a talk with you about why I've been stuck training damn noobies for the past few days. They're all spineless."

Raith opened the door, only to find that Vincent wasn't there. "Damn it. Where did that bastard go this time?" He hissed under his breath.
"Maybe he's trying to avoid you. I don't know what he was thinking choosing someone like you to be 2nd in command." She giggled.
"And it'll only be a matter of time before he kicks the bucket. Then I'll be the new WH leader, and I will make everyone bow before my supreme might. Hehehehehe." Raith chuckled to himself rather evilly.

"H-hey. You're not planning on making this place into an empire or something, are you?" Bozu asked him worriedly, a little scared by his sudden mood change. Although, she should be used to it by now.
There was a sudden akward pause as she asked the question. After a little while Raith started walking in a random direction, once again dodging the question. "Lets just find the damned boss already." He mumbled.
"Hey. Wait a minute!" Bozu followed after him. 'We're all going to die if he becomes the leader.' Bozu thought to herself as she followed him.

Don't laugh. I know its horrible. I have a writers block. Anyway, sending in my post for this rp as soon as I think something up.

Re: [OOC] BloodSport-Death's Game

Had to make it look good! kinda long but Im glad we are starting finally!

Re: [OOC] BloodSport-Death's Game


I finished as a matter of fact I am attempting to upload it now. However something seems to be wrong with the accept button. Anyways, we ARE starting tonight! I will get this stupid thing to press accept and I will make a post featuring what it is you guys should be doing, ;)

Yippe Hoorah!


Re: [OOC] BloodSport-Death's Game

You almost done with your charry, Machubi? xD
I'm almost reaching the limit of my patience to be truthful.

Re: [OOC] BloodSport-Death's Game

Well ya got one from me at least chu! Friends! and hey don't worry I have more female friends then male and other males don't connect well it seems. Im just me really..goofy and fun. If anything comes to mind ill let ya know.

Re: [OOC] BloodSport-Death's Game

Eh, he's lookin' like somethin'. THAT'S for sure.

Aiy yai yai. Oh well, I found the picture I think I'm gonna use. At least that's something.

If you happen upon any ideas that you see as being a key 'Frost' trait, tell me. I would greatly appreciate some back-up with his sheet. I do make guys and all, I just don't do it often since I just don't really get them and never get a personal feeling with my character. This is probably largely due to my lack of male friends...heh. I'm such a weirdy. Lols.

Anyhoo, joking aside, back to work, mental implosion, restart.


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Well then it works out even more. Hows frost looking?

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*Chu* is one of my sort of signatures for the fact that I was in the area. Seriously you can tell I've been somewhere if you see a *chu* somewhere in that general area.



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Thats funny. Someone started calling me Chu just last week. xD

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Hehe your doing just fine Chu! yes im calling you Chu! my nickname for you. Can't wait to get the Krull of the prison league back in action.

Re: [OOC] BloodSport-Death's Game, i am in the middle of doing Isaiah's profile and I am keeping alot of the same stuff from before, excluding the picture that is. The one thing that always bothered me about that picture was alot of things but mostly the hair. I don't know, he's supposed to be a playboy or whatever but he has this obnoxiously long hair. I'm not against the long hair it just, I'm pretty sure it's longer than MY charis hair and she is a girl. I realize this is the future and all however I still have to take into consideration some of the 'playboy styles' as my good friend refers to them. Yes, long is one of them, but once it reaches past the centre of the back it isn't playboy anymore but more along the lines of surfer or native. Am I being to picky or does that make sense?

Anyhoo, the problem now lies with the fact that, though I'm finding alot of good pictures all of them look so girly. I mean honestly, I want his hair shorter but otherwise I'm perfectly fine with the rest of him. Perhaps some help would be greatly appreciated?


With sugar on top.


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The pic is pretty much a huge version of the gif I'm using for this character. xD
When I try to use resizing sites on large pics like this, the pic changes after a few days and says something like, "this is a resized image from *insert site here*." And blah blah. At least that happens with the resizing site I'm using. I think this is the link.

Edit: I'm totally gonna add a theme song. xD