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☢ Full Name ☢
"Names are a bit strange, aren't they?"
Dorothea Mouse

☢ Nicknames ☢
"Most people just call me by my role."
Doormouse, Dora

☢ Age ☢
"Let's see. One, two, three. . .Oh, bother."
She can't recall

☢ Gender ☢

☢ Romantic Interest ☢

☢ Sexuality ☢

☢ Nationality ☢
"What? I don't understand. Heart?"
Her affiliation is with the Hatter's Manor

☢ Face Claim ☢
Heroine || Amnesia

☢ Physical Description/Clothing Preference ☢
Most people might assume that the girl best known as a Doormouse would be rather tiny- in fact, Dora is quite average in height, standing at around 5'5". Her most distinctive feature would be a pair of eyes that always seem to be focused on something in the distance, giving off the impression of sleeping while awake. Her hair is kept just past shoulder-length, often quite messy because she's never been one for keeping up a particularly neat appearance. Clothing-wise, Dora varies with mood, though one consistency does exist: she's always wearing a sweater or cardigan or jacket of some sort, because she seems to be perpetually cold.

☢ Birthmark/Piercing/Tattoo/Scar/Noticeable Features ☢
While Dora lacks any piercings or visible tattoos, she does have a birthmark on her forearm that she is quite convinced is a map of the land of hearts. No one else is quite as trusting of it. The girl does often have scratches and bruises on her legs, due to a tendency to wander through the forest and scrape her legs up.

☢ Weapon{s} ☢
When people first consider Dorothea, she hardly seems like the type to be worth anything in a fight. However, the girl is in fact quite the skilled chemist, and can brew a poison that will kill a person instantly, if she has the correct resources. So poison is her weapon of choice- often through darts. Of course, as the person who is in charge of torturing for the mafia, she is quite capable of getting creative with pain, which is her greatest weapon of all.

☢ Powers ☢
Dora doesn't consider her powers very impressive, but they have been occasionally useful in escaping and the like. While she can't transform into a mouse, the girl can shrink down to the size of one, making her very hard to grab. However, she has once or twice accidentally become stuck in places in this form, and that has never been particularly fun. She uses is most notably for eavesdropping.

☢ Skills ☢
Stealth - With her ability to become rather small, and knack for going undetected, Dora is quite good at things that require stealth. This has been put to use once or twice in gathering information- either for her own benefit, or that of the Hatter. Besides, she's known for being left to clean up the messes other mafia members leave behind- this requires discretion.
Torture - Dora's primary role in the Hatter Mafia is that of the torturer. She has a way of finding a person's greatest fear or dread, and twisting them until they are just about to break- and become putty in her hands. Behind seemingly sleepy eyes is a gift for pain, and breaking things.
Puzzles & Mysteries - Dorothea often seems to not pay attention to things around her, but there is something about the way her mind works that makes her quite gifted with deductions and the like. Anything to do with clues and putting pieces together is fun for her.
Cheating at Card Games || Lying || Falling Asleep Anywhere || Killing

☢ Personality ☢
{ Sleepy-Minded, Clever, Loyal, Liar, Remorseless }
For those who do not know of her scarier side, the one who works as the primary torturer and cleaner up for the mafia, Dora's most distinctive trait is her tendency to always look as though she is just about to nod off. There are often times when she will zone out, lost in her own thoughts, and completely mishear whatever it is that the people around her are saying. This is something more common in casual conversation than anything else- she can at least manage to maintain attention when working, though even then just barely. There is something about this casual laziness, this almost dreamy inattention, that only magnifies how frightening she can be when it is required of her. To the everyday person, or stranger, she is simply an individual with her head in the clouds, who can often be seen sleeping in strange places, or hugging people and then beginning to doze off simply while leaning against them. How this makes her sleepy-minded is more easily seen in the softness of her words, like a person just woken from a nap, and her aforementioned tendency to mishear things, or not catch them at all.

Not always paying perfect attention is hardly the same as being incompetent or unintelligent, though, which she quite proves in her own capacity for mind games and the like. Dora is a very clever person, in fact, quite handy with anything that involves clues or putting pieces together. She seems to see the strings that connect things, even when others cannot. Of course, one might suggest that this, too, is involved with her place in the mafia. Torture often goes hand in hand with interrogation, after all, and confessions do not always come in a clear and full manner- it is important that one puts pieces together. And psychology almost plays a larger part in torture than the physical pain does. Cleaning up the messes of others also requires a quick mind- to not leave evidence and other pieces behind. She is a very logical person, which is nearly strange for a resident of Wonderland, except that her logic can occasionally be corrupted in the typical way- a lack of remorse that borders on sociopathy. But more on that later.

While she might not always be the most honest of people, Doormouse is fiercely loyal to those who have gained her loyalty. If she likes someone, they may very well be a friend for life sort of thing- whether they approve of this or not. She is very much loyal to most of the Hatter mafia, if not all of it, and will not hesitate to show her teeth if necessary to preserve their safety. She is something like a sleeping lion in many ways- or a dormant volcano. Trigger her wrath, and one will likely regret it for the rest of their life- which she will likely ensure is long and miserable. She's a gift for holding people at the edge, but never quite pushing them over. Loyalty does not equate honesty, and Dora has been known to cheat at cards and such. She lies when feeling it necessary. If someone were to ask her what she does for the mafia, she might lie- even if they very well know her tasks. Sometimes, it is difficult to tell fact from fiction with the girl.

Dora is hardly uncommon in her ability to kill without thinking much of it- this behavior is simply typical of the culture in the land of Hearts. However, she does go a bit further than simply killing people. She is a master at making people beg for death, at getting people to say things that incriminate everything and everyone they've ever cared about. She can have the strongest of the Red Queen's guard sobbing like an infant, should she put her mind to it. And yet, to meet her, one would never guess. She is sleepy, but willing enough to help others if asked, and surprisingly affectionate. The girl comes off as relatively sweet, if a bit lazy and slightly air-headed. The feats of torture she is capable of do not seem to affect her in anyway- this is because she, in a sort of sociopathic nature which isn't uncommon among the Hatter's brood, feels no guilt for what she has done. It's nothing personal, though she has done things to people that would make one squirm and shiver simply to hear told. In this way, this lack of psychological consequences, she can be very frightening indeed.

Image☢ Likes ☢
The Mad Hatter || Wandering || Puzzles || Mysteries || Card Games || Gambling || Napping || Stories || Outsiders || Interesting Tactics || Gossip [Listening to it, anyway] || Hot Tea || Pastries || The Hatter Family || Roses || Fine China || Money [She's Quite Greedy, Actually] || Humming || Nursery Rhymes || Chemistry || People Who Are Easily Broken || Puns || Rhymes in General || Hats || The March Hare || Swimming

☢ Dislikes ☢
The Cheshire Cat || The Red Queen || Being Woken Up || Sleepless Nights || Cats in General || Being Trapped || Sudden Loud Noises || Surprises || Being Frightened || Stubborness in Torture || Being Left Large Messes To Clean Up || Incompetency || Losing At Cards || Money [She plays card games for favors] || Being Yelled At || Hypocritical Accusations || Being Called Dorothea || Vulgar Language || Milk || Salt

☢ Flaws ☢
Remorseless - Perhaps she doesn't think it a flaw, but some people might be rubbed the wrong way when they see how easily she tortures people, with little signs of feeling guilty or regretful.
Easily Startled - When not in "work mode", so to speak, Dora can be a bit jumpy. She doesn't like surprises, for this reason, and as a side not is quite afraid of the Cheshire Cat- after all, it is well known the relationship cats and mice tend to have.
Falls Asleep - Dora seems to have this sleepy look to her all the time, and her sleeping patterns live up to it. She has often been found sleeping in places she really oughtn't be- and it is because of this behavior that she was captured on one or two occasions while in her tiny form.
Poor in Active Close Combat || Farsighted || Tends to Wander Off

☢ Fears ☢
The Cheshire Cat [to some extent] || Sudden Loud Noises || Small, Closed in Spaces

☢Secrets ☢
"I don't really keep secrets. I don't share things, either."
She never openly admits to her role in the mafia, but it isn't precisely a secret either.
She sometimes collects the clocks of people she's killed, though she really oughtn't do so.

Image☢Bio ☢

☢ Other ☢

So begins...

Dorothea Mouse's Story

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The current time in Wonderland is April Season. The Amusement Park boasts the season of spring, the season of new birth. The Castle of Hearts allowed the sunshine of the season of summer to come through its windows. The Hatter Mansion enjoyed the crisp air of the autumnal season and the Clock Tower presented the beautiful, white, frosty landscape of winter. Welcome to April Season.


The pearly rays of the sun played with the flowers of the patches of earth in the Amusement Park. The air smelled earthy and dry and drooping plants were now boasting of their new found youth. It was coming of age; but yes in the reverse order. Adjourning the plants were their new neighbors, slick, curly, twirling bougainvillea and spring weeds. They almost looked up to the trees that lined the paths of the Amusement Park, wishing to grow as tall someday. They gyrated with the smooth wind, letting their leaves dance to its tune. In the middle of the Amusement Park laid a young woman with light orange tresses. Her name was Amelia V. Christen.


Dots of sunshine dance through the windows of Heart Castle as the smell of honey suckle flies on the wind. Small animals scurry from hedge to hedge, occasionally sprinting up a tree full of forest green leaves that are caressed by the wind. The vast blue sky over the pink and red castle combined with the rolling green hills in the distance. The horses in the stables were being fed fresh hay that had just been threshed. Birds twittered back and forth in a beautiful song. The courtyard was the same, except for the young man that lay in front of the fountain.


A golden brown carpet of leaves crunch underfoot, tree limbs quiver in gusts of wind, shaggy autumnal decrepitude, disheveled beauty in gold and scarlet. Earthy smell of autumn, air that had the first bite of late autumn, beech trees at the height of their autumnal gold, bathed in the yellow warmth of the autumn sun, air fresh but without a chill. The leaves dance on the breeze, dead but still alive in some instances. Copper leaves fall to the ground that is now scattered in a plethora of colors. Gold, orange, red and brown, they all dance and die as the clouds overlap each other, making the sky a gloomy gray. A young girl lay at the steps of Hatter Mansion.


The naked winter trees line the avenue leading to the Clock Tower. Residents’ breath rises in visible puffs to join the clouded sky. There is a freezing chill in the air that brings crispness to the leaves, bejeweled with frost, that crunch underfoot. Rosy cheeked, people who visit here pull woolen hats over the reddened ears and tighten scarves over the blue tinged lips. Teeth chatter. The cold seeps into gloves, numbing fingers until they cease to bend properly. Stiffened and frigid, like the cold winter air.