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The Duke

"Emphasis on The" (History in the Making)

0 · 447 views · located in The Country of Hearts

a character in “Bloody Clocks”, as played by CATFACEIDOL



☢ The Duke ☢

☢ Dukey, [Secret Title] ☢

☢ Age ☢

☢ Male ☢

☢ Money! ☢

☢ Hetero-Money ☢

☢ Country of Hearts ☢

☢ Aoi Toori ☢

Image☢ Physical Description/Clothing Preference ☢
A black school-like uniform. The outfit itself is flamboyant with feather shoulder pads and rainbow strings strewn all over. Everything about the clothes is just for the sake of being chic and hold no actual combat capabilities.

His body also reflects the clothes as it comes off thin and averagely fit. He also stands around 5'10 and weighs around 160 pound.

☢ Birthmark/Piercing/Tattoo/Scar/Noticeable Features ☢
He pierced both his ears to let hang two gold rod piercing, the only way to showcase his love for money and flamboyancy. He also have a battle scar slashed from his shoulder to the tailbone from a confrontation with the Queen in an attempt to cut off his head.

☢ Weapon{s} ☢
He had never practice any use of weapon or combat outside of his powers. The best he can do is use an axe to decapitate his target but even then he would not have the body strength to do so.

☢ Powers ☢
Animal Morphing
He once could morph himself to variety of animals. Ranging from something mouse to elephant, alligator to zebra, deer to lion. Even the most legendary creature of Wonderland was a form he could easily imitate. But due to having been weaken by the great Queen's strike. His power was sealed away and he could only turn into a tiny dog.

☢ Skills ☢
Magic Tricks
Ranging from card tricks, pulling animal out of hats, levitation, and other tricks of deception and foolery "The Duke" can do it all.

Croquet Red Medalist
Don't think that "red" is anything like bronze or silver in terms of skill. His talent in croquet is absolutely god-like rivaling the Queen. But can never beat her. The Queen would always take home the "Red Trophy."

☢ Personality ☢
Duke is a very flamboyant soul, the type who would yell more than speaking. He is energetic, playful, and goofs off quite a lot. His love for the amusement park is the only thing that is keeping him cheerful and smiling. Company of others is also what he needs to keep him alive. Ever since leaving the castle grounds, he developed a weakness to depression which can kill him if not careful. And thanks to Cheshire taking residence, he simply could not help but constantly be energetic hoping to have guests for his park and win the impossible war.

However, his depression attacks are his fatal weakness and he becomes lazy, weak, depressed, lethargic, and pessimistic. Refuse to play a game, depression. Don't respond to him, depression. Seeing an army approaching his territory, death! Duke is much more annoying in his pessimist mode than his blissful mode. When his greediness shows however, Duke becomes a whole different person. The type who would gladly abandon his friends if you pay a hefty sum.

Lastly, when Duke ever becomes serious. Duke becomes the person he used to be back in the Castle. But no one have ever seen that side of Duke since his exile.


Image☢ Likes ☢
✪Money || Just touching gold and silver simply get him into a fantastic mood.
✪Amusement Rides || He always had a fascination for the Amusement Park when he was in his prime. Rode every ride and fell in love with each of them.
✪Having Fun || With his goof-off attitude, fun would very much be his middle name. He just simply like smiling.
✪Duels || Not in terms of gunfights or sword play, but through games and challenges. The duels have to be fun at least.
✪Cheshire Cat and Door Mouse || Ever since they moved into his place, he considers them as friend. Despite always getting depression attack from their rejection on helping his cause.

☢ Dislikes ☢
✖Losing || Evident through the war as well as when tasting defeat of his duels.
✖Decapitation || Simply gross and scary
✖Croquet || Despite being a master of the game, he just simply can not defeat the Queen.

☢ Flaws ☢
☇Greed || Toss him a bag of coin and he will slave himself for the payer.
☇Weakest of All || He holds no strength in both influences and man power.
☇Pessimistic || Not a serious flaw, but a weakness of his nonetheless. Just getting him sad will instantly put him into a depression attack and he becomes lethargic.

☢ Fears ☢
☠Losing the Amusement Park || With the breakdown of the park as well the war, he holds major concern of the great land getting destroyed.
☠Decapitation || He almost lost his head once. He intend to keep it on his neck as long as he can.

☢Secrets ☢
- Knowing all of the Queen's Secrets
- Knowing how to return the Outsiders back to their world

- Knowing the identity of the Queen's Brother

Image☢Bio ☢
Long ago, before the war had begun, Duke was once part of the great ranks of the Castle of Hearts. A powerful asset to the manpower of the Queen's forces. With the unified Queen and her country. It was far from an overstatement that the Country of Hearts was the strongest of the four.

One day, Duke however rebelled against the Queen. But his rebellion was weak and disorganized. This boy did not have a heart of a ruler or a sword of a knight. It was an impossible feat for him to think he could take the Queen's throne. So Duke was imprisoned and have been given an execution date. No one have ever escaped the foretold date set out by the Queen. For him, Duke knew he was meant to lose his head.

Destiny however had other plans, on that day a disturbance by the Hatter's forces gave him a chance to escape. But the Duke would not escape without harm as a strike dealt a great wound on his back. Duke traveled far from the castle and far from Hatter's territory. Trying his best to get to a land safe enough for him to rest. Then he stumbled onto an abandoned Amusement Park. He looked at the atrocious and rusted home and knew this was the place he will call his own. With his newly gain land, he will fix up this broken down land and will fight against his enemy. With a very weak influence in the struggle, Duke will find a way to contest against the two other powers and dethrone the Queen and diminish the Hatter's power. But what can a weak person like Duke do against them?
☢ Other ☢
Many of the rides of the Amusement Park are currently broken down and Duke is the only one trying to fix them despite no knowledge on how each of them works. The only ride that seems to be operational is the Carousel. But many of the steeds can not be ridden.

Toy Castle is the main home for the territory three inhabitants. But many of the living quarters and show room are in shambles. Luckily enough the three of them were able to spruce there rooms well. But Duke have more comfort resting in the Carousel.

Breasts Beware

So begins...

The Duke's Story