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Natalie "Jinx" Piper

Alcohol was made for smart people to cope with the stupid.

0 · 794 views · located in Frankfurt, South Dakota

a character in “Bloody Mary the Betrayal”, as played by ChaosxChild13


Natalie "Jinx" Piper


Jinx [My Tia Anna gave this to me when I was young, because she believed I was her "Magic Charm", a blessing brought into her life.], Nat, Pip..
But seriously, call me Jinx.
"17 years young bitch. I'm almost eighteen."
August 15th, 1995
Role: [img]
FC: Mila Kunis <3 <3
Lesbian: I'll consider a guy if I'm super fucked up and way horny though. But I'm a true, rainbow-vomiting lesbian under it all.


Likes: Drugs and alcohol. Meaningless sex, smoking, thriller movies, parties, boys, women. Painting my nails, looking sexy, getting stared at -- in a good way. Dancing, it's my one passion. I never dance in front of anyone though, along with playing the piano. Sometimes I even write my own stuff
Dislikes: Being ignored/left out of things, not having a cigarette in my hand -- or a bottle of booze -- when teachers call me out for not doing homework or something. I don't really care at all. I'm more street smarts than book smarts. People in general. Heartbreak.
Fears: My fear of those abandoning me.


Description: Jinx is your tall, dark haired vixen. She is around five foot, seven inches, with long, tan legs. She has long, dark brown hair with the natural "beach" wave -- as so many call it. And of course, the deep brown eyes to go with it. She doesn't have any piercings, minus the regular ear piercings. But she does have a few tattoos here and there. She has a bird cage on her left shoulder blade with three birds in flight, coming out of it. She has the words "Love Takes Courage" across her ribs in calligraphy, it hits where the bra strap can cover it. In total, she weighs about 125 pounds, and she almost always has a flask or a cigarette as a permanent accessory.

Personality: I seem like your typical California, shopaholic junkie girl. Minus being a total bubble head. I got street smarts, I just don't see a point in school smarts. I'm not a dumb ass, but my grades don't really prove otherwise. More to the point, I don't care. I don't get as stressed out as I used to, the city made me twitch to every small thing, be it a sound, a movement, shadows.

I don't give a fuck what you think, and I don't give a shit if I hurt your feelings. Meaningless sex is kind of my thing, I don't do ties, they're a waste of my time, along with reading books, staying in bed all night, and all that other shit. I picked up snarky, witty comments from my Tia Anna, and I have a quirk of twirling one strand of hair when I'm bored, and biting my lower lip when I'm stressed -- which happens more than often.

Underneath the crazy persona I put off, I'm quite timid and shy, my seemingly shallow emotions are deeper than the ocean. One of the things I hate the most. I cry a lot when I'm alone. My depression has a way of consuming me whole, along with my social anxieties, and my childhood memories. I get worried about the ones that are close to me, which is few, but enough. I work my ass off for what I earn. Some nights I don't sleep, sometimes I don't wake up for class. I always try to juggle more than I can handle, including school life, jobs, and school work just doesn't seem to fit into my schedule. I miss my Mama every day. I may not be very religious, but I went to church every Sunday with my Aunt, and if there was one thing I learned from all of it was forgiveness and second chances. I believe in those, but I'm strong enough to know when to quit and cut ties with someone. And trust me, I'm not afraid to let people go.

I really enjoy sports, they help me release the stress of everything. Tennis, running, and competitive sleeping


I remember in my early childhood in one of the poorest parts of Mexico. I was young when my mother passed, and three years old when my father left me and my brother on my Tia Anna's doorstep. I remember small things: riding Penelope, our family donkey and my Tia Anna dragging me across the market, my bare feet burning against the harsh road, I remember Tia always making me wear a cloth over my head whenever we went into town. I used to sell Tia's picked flowers, and she would try and sell her baskets that she had woven over the week. Tia Anna helped me out with a lot of things, yet she was distant in other aspects, I'd say my childhood was pretty nice though considering what kinds of conditions we lived in. My brother Anthony would help with the chickens, and other tasks men would have to take care of. During what little free time we had, Tony and I would play in the hot sun, our feet kicking up dust in the street. Once Tia picked up enough money, we moved to the America's in a dinky town called Frankfurt, South Dakota, this was about the time when I was to be starting Kindergarten.

Our father was never around, and when I got older sometimes I would ask my Aunt to describe him to me and she would stare at me, a twinkle resided in her dark brown eyes.

"Mi amor, this is what he look like." She would tell me, grabbing the hot sauce bottle. For those of you who don't know, there is a picture of a Mariachi man on the hot sauce bottle. Anthony and I would chuckle a little bit and sigh, realizing our mother wasn't one to talk about those kinds of things. My brother and I had jobs at fourteen to help Mama out with the payments for the house. I began work as a babysitter, and Tony -- being two years older than me -- was working at a small restaurant as a waiter.

Once I got to fifteen, Tia became extremely ill, and we had no money to get her to the hospital, and we had no means of health insurance. For months she was suffering, and she slowly became delusional, which left me in charge with the more "women" based chores. At fifteen I was working two jobs -- one as a waitress, another as an associate at a business office. I was feeling extremely stressed between the two jobs, taking care of the house, bills and my sickly -- and dying -- Tia Anna that I felt the need to be at many places at once, which I couldn't do, so I broke down and found drugs..That's when my whole life kind of turned on its head.

Password: I'm not the killer. Duh. I'm too fucking drugged.


So begins...

Natalie "Jinx" Piper's Story