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Eleazer "E.J" "Elly" Cato

Who would dare try to cross me?

0 · 231 views · located in Blacksburg, South Carolina

a character in “Bloody Mess”, as played by jigokunoshinzo


Full Name- Eleazer Jeremy Kato

Nickname- "People call me E.J. or.. umm Elly..."

Gender- "Let's see... I'm sure that I'm a male... Would you like to check?"

Age- "I have passed that age and now am proud to call myself an adult at... 20 years old!"

Love Interest?- "Hmmm.... I like women... but no one that I want to really get involved with, if you know what I mean."
Are you in the Pack or Coven?- "The one and only, Coven's lead fighter! Do you know how much I worked to get that freaking title?"

Personality- "I'm amazing, though people say I can get kind of... loud."
E.J. is a very talkative, friendly vampire. He likes conversing with people and just enjoys hearing his own voice, really. However, though he may just seem like some annoying moron, E.J is very sensitive and spreads his love easily. If someone needs a hug, he's there with his arms wide open. If an old lady needs help crossing the road, his arm will be the first offered for her to take. Eleazer doesn't even try to put up a tough front because he believes in what he does and... his fighting skills kick ass. He's gentle and kind most of the time but if something does not sit right with him or his loved ones are in danger, E.J won't hesitate to kill. He's actually very professional and skilled in killing. E.J. doesn't enjoy it particularily but if it has to be done, so be it.

Eleazer is also self flattering with his words but he is also very generous in his compliments to others. Basically, he's a charmer that smiles a lot and makes flowers appear out of nowhere. He's like a gentleman and is very good at being chivalrous. He's honerable when he fights and does not attack an opponent when they are not ready. E.J. is mostly carefree and happy with a silly grin on his handsome face. He's willing to listen to people's problems and help them out as much as he can though he will keep his own problems mostly to himself. E.J tries to live each day as if it's his last day on earth. Though he is a vampire, E.J has been through so many near death experiences, life is precious to him and he is not tired of it.
He;s also fiercely loyal and very caring.
Any Special Power?- "Let.s just say my wounds never hurt for long..."
He has an unusally fast recovery rate. Most vampires already heal much faster than an average human but E.J can recover three times as fast, giving him a better stamina and energy to work off of.

Likes- "I love to eat human food, swim, drink blood, play with cute furry animals, read books and... learn new languages."

Dislikes- "Don't ever put an open can of paint, or any other fumes near me. Ever. I also dislike bad singing, birds, sweets, and crickets chirping."

Appearance is Description- "Tall, dark and handsome!"
He is indeed very tall at 6 feet and five inches. His silky hair is soft and a rich black color that he keeps trimmed above his pierced ears. E.J. eye's are a sparkling green color. It's like the color of emeralds with lighter and darker flecks according to his mood. He likes to wear clothes that make him look neat and kind of fashionable. Though he doesn't admit it, E,J tries to keep up with the latest trends. But his attire is usually made up of dark colors.

Theme Song- Tick Tock by UKISS

Other- He thinks fire is fascinating.'The Beginning of The End'

So begins...

Eleazer "E.J" "Elly" Cato's Story