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Charlie West

Smartass bartender who doesn't play by the rules.

0 · 32 views · located in San Francisco, Bloody Midnight Night Club

a character in “Bloody Midnight”, originally authored by Artik, as played by RolePlayGateway



Name: Charles "Charlie" James West
Sidenote: He hates the name Charles, so as far as anyone at the bar is concerned, his name is West.
Age: Twenty-Three
Gender: I stand when I piss - get it?
Role: Bartender
Status: No strings attached.
Orientation: Straighter than a straight guy in straightsville
Ethnicity: Well I'm not off stealing your car, so I must be some kinda white.



In one word, Hunter is to say the least, a total smartass. He will absolutely spit out, unfiltered, whatever pops into his mind, without a thought or concern. He will normally and gladly scoff, snort, or laugh directly in your face for a limitless amount of reasons, whether he thinks what you just said was utterly ridiculous, or possibly you have the nerve to try and order him to do something but at work he has a tad more reserve and subtly than that - Namira would kill him if he was constantly scaring of customers and he doesn't want to deal with that all the time. However, his mind is always concocting something, and he extremely enjoys messing with people and their emotions; maybe with something as simple as mysteriously smirking at them as if he knows something he shouldn't, or letting someone think they've actually won in an argument against him....Hah. Because that happens... He is quite possibly one of the most stubborn and sarcastic people you will ever meet. Once his mind is made up, you have the same chance of hell freezing over as you do with him changing his mind. He can have a bit of a temper if someone pushes the right buttons, and despite a lot of his anger induced decisions, he is rather intelligent, very clever as a matter of fact. If you haven't figured it out yet, he's always on the defensive, never quite letting his guard down with the ability to cover up any emotion that he sees as a weakness with a well practiced mask, or an even better timed secondhand remark. Deep down, he's not a total asshole. Believe it or not, he's got a soft side, somewhere. Hell, he can give one of the best hugs you ever had - if he wants to, and he can even cuddle like a champ! --- Not that he'll ever admit to that, of course.

Excess amounts of alcohol
Gum - Spearmint
Playing mind games with people
Suspenders & dressing well
Reading people
His dog
All around good hygiene
Thunderstorms, Rain.
Flirting - just for fun ;)
Music - particularly acoustic guitar, and piano.
(He's not actually a big fan of club music)

Bad hygiene
Chatty drunks at the bar
Whiny people at the bar
Most authority figures - brings out his stubborn side
Sitting still
Getting sick
Following rules
Losing a bet
Being proven wrong
Showing any and all weakness (aka most emotions)
Bad breath
Hospitals - more of a fear, than a dislike.
Doctors, needles, in a hospital setting, you get the idea.
Oh yeah....he absolutely hates fucking clowns.

Extra: He has scars from a defibrillator on his chest due to a child hood accident.



There isn't really any special way to talk up Charlie's childhood, he grew up moving between his mother and father's house as they were divorced, but it wasn't anything he didn't get used to. Problem was, he was an only child, and with an imagination like his, he was quite the little trouble maker even before he could think past the basics of just eating, crying, and pooping. Let's just say there was a problem with biting, even when he only had two teeth. As he got older though, he was...adventurous to say the least, and loves sneaking out to explore. A type of adventurism that became rebellion as aged further into his reckless teenage years. Past that he went to college and did great, problem was he didn't know what he wanted to do with his life. It was during college though when he got into the accident - Don't ask. To restless to sit around in an office, or do the same boring job everyday, never mind waking up early, when he saw that a local night club was hiring, he jumped on it. Not literally of course, he was way to cool for that. Regardless, he had always been a night owl, and a ... 'people person'....sort of, so the idea of hanging around, watching and conversing with intoxicated people late at night seemed entertaining enough for the time being. Charlie never has been a planner though, so who knows what he'll being doing with his life in five, ten years. Right now bar tending at Bloody Midnight is good enough for him, he actually enjoys it, so until something changes, that's where he'll be.

So begins...

Charlie West's Story