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Demitre Devine

Work in progress, almost done

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a character in “Blue Blood & Forbidden Romance”, as played by jigokunoshinzo


Demitre Devine

"Light and Dark"

Setting youself up for sarcasm by Get Scared
" Don't mind us we're just spilling our guts
If this is love i don't wanna be loved
You pollute the room with a filthy tongue
Watch me choke it down so I can throw it up"


Demitre Ashur Devine
"Hello there, love."

"Call me anything you like, I may or may not answer." He doesn’t really have one.

"I am rather pretty for a man, aren’t I darling?" He is male.

"Horse are much better company than humans, did you know?" Stablehand, Colin O’Donoghue

"Don’t be afraid to look, beauty can’t blind you." Demitre is tall, dark and handsome, every girl’s dream guy. He has clear and very fair skin which is rather unusual due to his long hours in the sun. Both ears are pierced with silver studs. Demitre is rather proud of his facial hair that covers up like half of his face. However, he has multiple scars littered across his torso and back and a few on his arms and legs. Demitre has a very cocky smile and a devilish smirk that makes girls swoon.

His hair is neither short nor long. It’s a deep brown that looks black when wet. He brushes it occasionally… but being a stable boy, he has no need to impress. So when he’s got the time, Demitre will run a comb through it. Other times, it just lies flat on his head.

His eyes are like chips of ice. They are intense and mesmerizing. Frosty snow-like blue irisis are surrounded by dark lashes and rings (from insomnia). Demitre’s eyes are piercing and rather cold though he isn’t trying to appear menacing.

Demitre is lean and tall. He’s always been a bit on the skinny side but over the years, he’s filled out rather nicely. His abs aren’t too big but nor too small. His arms are strong and sure due to years of heavy, hard labor.

He tends to wear darker clothes to not stick out of the crowd more than he needs to. He’s usually wearing a form fitting black t shirt with slim black jeans tucked into dark black boots. On a day he doesn’t work, Demitre prefers to wear white or black button down with black skinny jeans and comfortable sneakers. He also always wears a small silver locket hanging from a delicate silver chain around his neck.

General Demeanor
Demitre doesn’t smile. He smirks. He doesn’t laugh. He chuckles. Demitre seems intimidating at times, maybe even threatening. He can charm any woman, and occasionally men, into doing what he wants with sweet sounding words. He’s manipulative, scary, and observant. He notices the things most people wouldn’t notice. Demitre has a special knack for finding out weaknesses and using to his advantage. He doesn’t sound very nice… but he would never harm a child or someone who can’t handle the loss. He takes from those who can afford it. Basically, he’s a con man… kind of.


"I don’t have many likes…" He loves animals. He finds them so much more comforting and likable than humans. And despite his outward demeanor, he has a fondness for writing and drawing. He’s also a good cook and eats lots and lots of honey. He also enjoys reading throughout the entire night. Demitre also really enjoys storms be it snow, rain, or ice.

"I dislike many, many things, dearie." He hates talking about himself and it makes him awkward, and he hates being awkward. Demitre hates the color yellow because it’s the color of urine and daisies. He also cannot stand the scent of strong perfumes. And despite popular belief, Demitre gets sick at the sight of a child in pain.

"Well, as a mortal, I fear death above all else." He doesn’t talk about his fears. In fact, Demitre isn’t scared of death at all. He was traumatized by fire when he was younger and it still haunts him today. He fears being abandoned and being dependent. Demitre is also claustrophobic. When he sees whips or something long and metallic and sharp, he starts freezing up and sweating profusely.

"Are you kidding? I’m a god. I have no weaknesses." He actually isn’t a god. A long time ago, when he was six or seven, his arm was wrenched out of its socket and very damaged. It healed in time but it still pains him, and when he strains it too much, he loses the use of it for a few hours. He is also a bit hot tempered. Small random things can set him off on a furious rampage/rant and is hard to be controlled.

Demitre is strictly independent, stubborn, and charming. He will never ever raise his voice to a child or woman. In fact, when he wants to be, he can be painstakingly polite. He puts up a tough front and never backs down from a fight or a challenge. He has pride. He’s good at blackmail and learning other people’s weaknesses. Demitre knows how to manipulate and twist things to his advantage.
However, on the inside, he’s like a scared little boy. He’s never really had a child hood and he was never taught how to express his ideas and emotions like a proper child is. He’s impulsive and daring and he has yet to reach his full potential. He loves animals and children, and he can be very sweet to them if no one is looking.
Demitre is also a very determined individual and works very hard for the things he wants. He dislikes letting others see his weak side and acts cold and uncaring to those that try to get close to him. He’s scared of commitment and to trust. In fact, he doesn’t trust himself and usually does the opposite of what he feels he should do. It’s almost like he’s scared of himself and Demitre doesn’t know what to do.

Love Interest
"When I want to see her, she’s there. When I don’t want to see her, she’s there. " He’s uncomfortable with the way the baby daughter spends her time in the stable. He isn’t used to being watched while he works. In the stable, its just him and the animals. Now its him, the animals… and her. Demitre knows it isn’t right, but it excites him, finally feeling like he’s met someone who actually understands him.

So begins...

Demitre Devine's Story