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Kayle Lannigan

"Not everything is worth proving. Hitting your head on a brick wall could prove that you have a thick skull, but you'll still be in pain afterwards."

0 · 378 views · located in Blue Empire

a character in “Blue Empire”, originally authored by Quakernuts, as played by RolePlayGateway



If you're going to make joke based around the words 'shocking', 'electrifying', or 'over 9000', I will have you know that I can literally roast your eyeballs in your skull.


Kayle Lucifer Lannigan



Candy, Neon signs, Witty banter, Fighting, Alcohol, Parties, Games.

Rain, Overbearing arrogance, jokes regarding lightning, Unnecessarily cruel people, Mornings.

At first glance, Kayle seems to be a pretty laid back person considering that his body is seemingly made out of electricity. One can easily find him lounging in a chair or on a sofa somewhere simply playing away on some kind of handheld game device. Despite his inherent abilities, he’s not jumpy and generally likes to take things in stride. He tends to act distant to passer by’s, but in reality is a lot more attentive than he appears. He’s quick to offer a sarcastic or smart ass comment to any situation, and rarely backs down from a challenge. While he may not seem like it, Kayle also enjoys being around other people despite the fact that he seems to separate himself from groups. In other words, you’ll see him lounging around in a cafeteria or common room with tons of people around, but never just by himself if he can help it. He accredits this as ‘being drawn to the electricity of people’.

On a more personal level, Kayle is a surprisingly smart individual. Not necessarily in books, but his knowledge of how the streets work seems to have gotten him through many tough situations. He’s educated at least to a high school level but not any further, and can sometimes come across as being smarter than he actually is through the clever use of bullshit and smooth talking. That being said, while he may not understand something straight away, he’s a quick learner and is always willing to listen to someone who knows more about the situation at hand. In regards to friendship, Kayle has had very few over the years but that’s mainly in part to his magical latency. Once you get to know him, and get past the barbed wire fence that is potentially his quippy mouth, Kayle is a loyal friend who would back you up in a situation even if you were completely unjustified in your actions if only to hold it over your head later. He’ll still come across as lukewarm in conversations, but his actions often speak louder than he does with pranks, hugs, and fights.

Now onto the more or less bad stuff. Kayle can be extremely competitive should the situation call for it. While not necessarily born on the streets, he took to them like a fish to water and is constantly trying to oneup people in a show of pure force. This can lead him to being completely headstrong and temporarily losing focus of the current objective and refusing help even when the logical thing would be to accept it. He consistently pushes himself past his limit, and it has cost him several fights in the past. He’s slowly trying to get over the fact that he won’t always be the best, but it’s an attitude that’s hard to get rid of.

A particular trigger is also bad for Kayle, regarding the use of lightning jokes in reference to him. He’s heard them all...over and over and over and over again. He gets almost violently mad when someone says them, and if they continue, you can expect a full on brawl to happen. He can also be incredibly cranky when he hasn’t recharged in awhile, leading to small electrical bolts spiralling up people’s spine when they bother him. He’s nearly impossible to talk to at this point save for his closest friends because his naturally quippy nature becomes downright mean and horrible as he’ll spout insults and threats in equal measure just to make you leave him alone until he’s charged himself back up.

All in all, he’s not a bad guy once you get to know him and his attitude. Avoid lightning jokes and his “morning” persona, and you should get along just fine.


Kayle is not an overly intimidating guy, standing at a mere 5’8 and weighing roughly 155lbs with baby blue eyes and jet black hair. Despite living for fights and slouching off in equal measure, his skin is remarkably smooth and devoid of scars, save for the brand which is etched onto his right breast. Relatively thin and lanky, Kayle is quite a measure stronger than he initially appears. His limbs are laced with sinewy muscle that is more than capable of contending with people who might be bigger than he is.

In terms of clothing, one of things that remains unchanged about his attire at nearly all times, save for sleep, are the goggles on his head that somehow never find their way to his eyes. If one were to ask him, he simply found them one day and decided he liked the look of it, so he kept it. Normally Kayle is wearing some sort of t-shirt under a mix of hoodies and trench coats. He will sometimes wear gloves on his hands, switching between grey and black leather material. When he’s lounging around, he’ll wear shorts of nearly any kind, his personal favorite being a ripped baggy pair of brown shorts that he calls his ‘ultimate relax wear’. When he’s not slacking off, he typically wears jeans or slacks of differing colors, but nearly all with a slightly baggy feel to them. On his feet he simply gets by with brown shoes that border on the line of being boots.

W E A P O N \ S T Y L E
Kayle isn’t militarily or professionally trained, but he has picked up enough know how through his life to get by. Kayle’s style is one of range, preferring to keep his enemies at bay with pistol fire and electrically based attacks. .45 caliber pistols are powerful enough that even people wearing body armor have to worry about the force of the round slamming into their chest. When the bullets fail to do the job, Kayle lashes out with concentrated electrical power that is more than capable of throwing a man to the ground should it connect.

Up close, he’s not as versed in hand to hand combat but his latent abilities still make him more than a threat. His style at this point is more street brawler mixed with tinges of wrestling. He’ll swing with what seems like random abandon, but typically he’s simply trying to gain a position to grab his enemy and hold on while he blasts his target with enough electrical energy to either knock out or kill them. That being said, anyone with any amount of formal CQC training or a few years experience with hand to hand will most likely be able to out maneuver Kayle.



Electrical Manipulation - Kayle’s body is essentially one massive battery, capable of taking in and outputting an enormous amount of energy at any given time. This state of being can manifest in several different ways.

Human Battery - Kayle can power electronic devices on his own using his own personal energy as a power source. Anything ranging from a simple hand held gaming device to potentially an entire building is within his grasp if he has enough charge left in him to perform the feat. This works in the opposite way as well, with Kayle able to take power from any electrical device.

Focused Energy Blasts - Better known from everyone else as ‘Blue Lightning’, Kayle can violently expel his energy from his body like a bullet from a gun. The effect of this blast is entirely dependent on him, ranging from something like a static shock to full on brain melting goodness. While he typically fires it from his arm, he can produce these lightning bolt-like expulsions from anywhere on his person.

Electrical Tether - This has something to do with his human battery ability, but slightly more complicated. Kayle has learned how to make a tangible energy link with anything within a certain radius, creating a visible strand of blue electricity between himself and his chosen target. The target can be anything, including a person, and he can output as much power through the tether as he has the charge for.

Power Line Travel - One of Kayle’s more unique abilities. With his body filled with so much energy as to almost become it, Kayle has the ability to travel along power lines with the capacity to hold his energy. He becomes an incorporeal blue ball of sparks, and can travel remarkable speeds upon the electrical grid of anything ranging from, well, a power line to subterranean power grids. He can’t stay in this form indefinitely and can only travel certain distances before being forced to stop and take a break.

Energy Subsistence - Due to his body being mainly energy, Kayle no longer needs food or even water to maintain his body. While he certainly can enjoy the odd meal, or force down a glass of water, he doesn’t need them to survive. Instead, Kayle can subsist on only an energy charge from an electrical device every so often much like a meal would for anyone else.

Water - Water is somewhat of a bane to Kayle's existence, ranging from a mere annoyance to lethally dangerous in a heartbeat. While this applies to all liquids in some form or another, water is generally the biggest contender. Kayle can suppress his powers to a minimal level, and even then water still slightly stings him as it would if dropped into an electrical outlet. He can drink it, but it burns much like alcohol would. Rain drops feel like someone flicking his skin really hard, and falling into a lake or pool in this state would make his entire body feel like it was on fire, and this is all while his abilities are suppressed. He can’t actively use his abilities when it’s raining outside for fear of ‘Shorting out’, and getting hit with a sufficient amount of water while fully using his abilities has the potential to instantly knock him out and/or kill him.

Tether Vulnerability - His tether is a useful tool that allows him to power machines and hold people while being relatively free to move. Since the tether is a physical thing though, it can be severed through conventional means such as a blade or even a bullet if you’re a crack-shot. The energy will then be split through the tether, affecting both Kayle and his chosen target. Depending on the amount of energy he was transferring at the time, this has the ability to incapacitate or kill Kayle. Also note that an expulsion of energy will also happen at the point where the tether was severed, so this action is also dangerous to the person hitting it.

Power Line Interruption- While power line travel is convenient and quick, Kayle has no ability to defend himself until he exits the line and regains human form. He’s fully aware, and has his speed to help him keep ahead of attacks, but should someone sever a line unexpectedly before Kayle has a chance to react, he can be violently thrown from the line in question. He would regain his human form upon exit, but retain his speed which would be akin to jumping out of a car on the highway. Obviously this has the potential to seriously wound, if not kill Kayle.



Contrary as to how he would like you to believe his life was, Kayle’s life was almost boring in comparison to everything and everyone else. He was born to a fairly nice mother and father in a middle class neighborhood and continued life as an only child. There was no life changing event, no murdered parents, and a relatively violent free childhood until his powers began to manifest at the early age of 10. From there, things would finally start getting interesting as nearly all of Kayle’s energy from that point on was spent on either perfecting his new found abilities or playing games with them.

From there he created his own fun as he started gaining a more nuanced approach to his powers, mixing pranks with elaborate set ups in school, even once having the school closed by literally sucking the power out of every classroom he went into. He became mischievous, and when that too started getting boring, Kayle went into something a bit more extreme. His grades didn’t change as he managed to study and keep up his work, but it was mainly so that he could keep using the excuse of going over to a friend’s to study.

By the time that Kayle was 16, he was involved in what could be the equivalent of high school fight club. They fought each other for small amounts of money, favors, and respect in their group. Kayle kept his ability usage to a minimum to prevent people from figuring out exactly what he was capable of and it was here that he was given his nickname of ‘Warpath’, as everyone within their little gang was given one as a right of passage. All in all, it was relatively straight forward fun with little risk of permanent injury although Kayle did end up on the receiving end more than a few times. Again this wouldn’t last though, as their schooling ended two years later and everyone went their separate ways. Kayle took a low paying job at a restaurant somewhere that he would rather forget, and managed to sneak his way into the criminal underground fight scene where he learned that maybe boredom wasn’t entirely a bad thing.

So Kayle worked during the day and fought during the night honing what skills he could in what was commonly called “The Dead Zone” by those who knew of it’s existence. Kayle found his way in through determination, detective work, and more than enough dumb luck. What he found there was exactly what he wanted, for a little while anyways. The fights were more or less the same, save that magic users were allowed free reign here, with all kinds of abilities being thrown every which direction. Kayle was a kid in a candy store the first time he came up to bat, and metaphorically crying like one when he was dragged out of the arena. He had learned through a brutal lesson that his abilities weren’t going to be enough for this, so he would need to train.

This was the time where Kayle trained the hardest, the earnings from his both his daytime job and his underground fighting providing enough to afford a shitty little apartment so he could stop lying about where he was all the time to his parents. His skills and abilities reached new heights in this time of his life, even though his win\loss record wasn’t overly great. Like everything in his life though, this time in his history was destined for an end that would shake him to the core.

A new leader took the reign of the Dead Zone when Kayle as 22 years old. By that time, he was a respected fighter and electrical based Mage, going by his high school nickname of “Warpath” in the arena. The new boss instigated new rules and fights, including monster battles, which at first Kayle thought was amazing. That is, until he realized that the new leader of this fight club wasn’t in it for the simple sport, he was in it for the blood as the first person to fight a magical creature was split into pieces and killed before a cheering crowd demanding more.

Everything in Kayle’s head told him to leave, but he couldn’t. He needed to be better, had to be better than this. So he stayed for another year after that day, racking up a few wins against magical creatures and people alike as his determination to not end up just another corpse pushed his win column higher and higher. It wasn’t until later that he realized he should have kept a level head and listened to himself a year ago. During a fight with another mage, one who could control figments of one’s mind creating illusions and nightmares straight out of their subconscious, Kayle produced a massive electrical shock wave that threw the mage across the arena, shattering his illusions and giving Kayle the win through technical knockout as the man couldn’t even get to his feet.

Or at least, it should have been a technical knockout.

The new leader, who everyone had simply started calling “Tor” due to a lack of a real name, ordered Kayle to kill the man for losing in such a spectacular fashion. Naturally Kayle refused initially, insisting that the fight was over and there was no need for death. Even as he stated this, several guards with automatic weapons lined the outside of the ring, and Kayle was given an ultimatum. Kill the mage, or he would kill them both. With nowhere to go, no way to defend himself, and knowing that Tor would do exactly what he said, Kayle delivered the quickest death to the man that he could muster. I lethal dose of electricity that fried the already weakened man’s mind instantly, leaving smoke pouring from every hole on his face.

As he walked from the arena, anger, hatred, sickness and guilt pouring from him in equal measure, he was presented with his prize. Twin .45’s, belonging to the man he had just killed as a trophy. Kayle took them with more than enough hesitance to make the more heartless spectators laugh at his cowardice, before storming from the Dead Zone and never returning.

Kayle was lost for awhile, his mind lost in the throes of what could only be a guilt induced mental coma. He finally found his calling as a member of a magic guild a few months later, joining Blue Empire, dumping his apartment and moving on site.

It’s been nearly a year and a half since that day, his skill with his firearms having improved due to his dedication to the man he killed that day. He’s killed a couple more people since then, his mind having adapted to the mindset and the sight of death no longer bothering him. He tries to not let the past control him, either refusing to talk about it or glossing over the details. Now though, he hunts the bad men and women of the city with the possibly subconscious desire to stop another Tor.

To date, he’s one of the stronger members of Blue Empire but by no means top of the class. While he retains his nickname of Warpath from before, it’s less common now and he mainly maintains it more out of formality than anything else at this point.

So begins...

Kayle Lannigan's Story


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Tiny lights and sounds emitted from the electrical device being played in a man’s hands as he laid on the bench, facing upwards towards the ceiling. His eyes showcased a surprising amount of concentration despite the fact that his body was completely relaxed and at ease. Kayle had been trying to beat the level on his game, “World of Warriors”, for some time now. Each time he got to the boss he managed to screw it up, and sure enough just as he was getting that little bit farther than he had ever gotten, the electronic equivalent of ‘Wah wah wah’ sounded. Kayle sighed, letting the game fall to his chest as his arms fell over the side of the bench and touched the floor.

Nope...not touching you for at least another ten minutes. Kayle thought as he stared up at the ceiling, looking over just in time to see a punching bag smack another member of the guild into the floor. His eyes peered over for a second, recognizing Aella and giving a slight smirk. Not the safest way to pass one’s time when in the presence of others, but he would be damned if that wasn’t funny. It wasn’t long after that moment that their illustrious leader came down from his high tower to present them with the latest info on new targets. Kayle pulled out his phone as the man demanded that they be done by the end of the week. He pressed a few buttons, got into his online banking, and a grimace appeared on his face. That low already? What the hell have I been buy-....right, games. Kayle thought to himself as he slipped his phone into his pocket once more and sat up from the bench.

With his funds in question, it wasn’t whether he wanted to do a bounty at the current moment, but which one. He slowly stood up, stretching his arms slightly as he made to walk over to the board. There was a brief moment, out of the corner of his eye that he saw something flying his way, and took a casual step back as yet another punching bag came flying through the air. It missed him by inches, his bangs actually fluttering from the force as he watched it sail into a wall. It was funny when it was happening to other people, not so much him. “Not that I don’t appreciate someone keeping me on my toes, but maybe your energy would be better spent doing something punching bouncers...or wrestling an alligator.” Kayle remarked dryly at the small woman before continuing his trek towards the board.

There weren’t too many people around it, the general atmosphere at the guild seeming to be at a low level today. Maybe a few stories of victory would cheer everyone up by the end of the week, if they were lucky. He ended up standing next to...some woman that he couldn’t place the name of. He hadn’t seen her around much, and he liked to think that he was fairly observant of everything around him. Maybe she was new, or maybe she stayed to herself. Now the name thing was going to bug him for awhile, but he had another problem on his mind.

“Bitch, bird, wolf, snake or...does that seriously say ‘Nandi Bear’?” Kayle asked out loud to no one in particular. “Someone apparently lost the game of life when they named that thing.” Kayle stated once more, again his voice relatively low as he more or less talked to himself. As much as he liked the idea of a 230 grand payout on the Nandi bear, which would forever remain in his head as the Big Bad Teddy Bear, he didn’t know enough people to warrant teaming up for it. Most of his jobs up to this point had been solo operations, and many of them within city limits where he could truly utilize his abilities. From what he was going to gather here, there wasn’t really a chance for that with these bounties.

His hand rested on the Amarok creature finally, ripping it from the board and holding it in front of him slightly. “If there’s no arguments, there’s a bank account that needs to be rescued by yours truly.” Kayle folded the parchment and shoved it into an inside pocket on his trench coat before giving a slight nod to the others in front of the bounty board and turning to walk away.


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#, as written by Pobeep

"Like ants to a picnic." Geraldine sighed, watching as the bounty board was immediately surrounded by young enthusiastic faces. Dark blue eyes flickered at the sight of a sudden movement, un-phased as Aella's punching bag soared through the room like a poorly executed rocket.

"Hey!" He barked, pointing a manicured finger in her direction. "Do that outside, you heathen!"

It came as little surprise to see Ajax already disappear from sight. He had probably stormed back up to his room the moment Geraldine had turned his attention away. Eagerly searching the area for sight of his co-officer, he let out a dissatisfied grumble. There were 3 people in charge here, and two of them were off avoiding responsibilities. That left Geraldine alone to sort out the mayhem.

"You!" He snapped at Kayle, watching as the boy carelessly ripped a bounty from the board. "If you try at that bounty alone, you're dead! And if the hunt doesn't kill you, I will!"

Honestly. He grumbled to himself, crossing his thin arms under his make-shift bosom. It's not as if Castor would have actually been of any use, but he was at least intimidating. His glare could cut like a knife, and it sure as hell made Geraldine's life easier. After all, the self-expressive drag queen wasn't one to be taken seriously.

Sighing in defeat, he slumped back into the gentle arms of a nearby leather couch. He'd cross one leg over the other best he could in his restrictively tight pencil skirt, and watch as money-greedy hands snatched at the fresh bounties.

Ants are far more organized.


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#, as written by Fetch

It was routine for Emery to go around the city for a few hours. Well, routine wasn’t a very good word to describe him, as the young man was as disorganized and on a whim as he could be. But he always loved exploring the city before it woke. He usually stayed out for several hours, just enjoying the small freedom as he rode his skateboard, narrowly missing people as they made their way to work and so on.

Despite this, he was currently slumped against a wall of a local convenience store, downing a bottle water. Skating around for a few hours would tire anyone out and Emery was no exception to that rule. Leaning back, he let out a heavy sigh before grabbing his phone and looked at the time. “I should get back.” He was pretty close already, and it would probably a five minute walk if he left now. Standing up, he threw the plastic bottle into one of the trash cans outside of the store and made his way back towards the Guild building, his home. He had been with the guild for a good three years, and even if it were short, he still felt as if they were more family to him than his parents had ever been.

If he had left any later, he would have missed Ajax putting up the bounties. Grabbing his skateboard, he slipped in quietly and watched as he made his announcement. All right, old man. I need some money. While Emery was a frugal person, he still felt safe with payment of a bounty. Afterall, with several years sleeping on the streets you tend to take less for granted. He grinned, wiping his forehead with the back of his hand and bounded over to the board to see which ones he would be able to snag.

As he approached, several others were already there but he squeezed through, tapping his fingers lightly on the Cerastes. The reward was nice, but the thing looked dangerous and a fun fight. His lips turned upwards in a grin as he took a photo of the bounty, noting his roommate was yelling at some guy for ripping the bounty that was a star lower than Emery’s interest. “Geraldine, you’re lack of faith in guild members is kinda insulting.” He teased lightly, glancing at his friend. The two were complete opposites, but that didn’t mean they disliked each other. Though, Geraldine was constantly scolding him for leaving their room a mess.

“Though if anyone wants to team up, I’m cool with it.” He stated this simply before walking away from the board and falling into one of the plush chairs and kicked his feet onto the coffee table.


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#, as written by Senpai

A Collaborative Post Between Eileen(Senpai) and Maria(MaccoTango)

While Maria couldn't complain about the dinner she just had, she definitely wanted to whine about the lack of sweets in the Guild Hall. Scouring the premises was a futile search, only disappointing and making her crave sugar even more. She'd been living there for a month and the blonde felt like she spent more time trying to re-stock the kitchen than going after bounties. It felt harder to do, considering the way some people went through food. Yeah, Blue Empire provided most basic necessities, but other things they were on their own. No way was Ajax going to provide for all the sweettooths in the guild. She wouldn't do it if she were him.

With a sigh, she shut the door to the fridge, finally accepting that there was no form of dessert anywhere.

She made her way to the common area, where others milled and idled around doing their own thing. "Would anyone else like to come with me to the pastry shop? I'm craving sweets." Already Maria had her purse, ready to move out the moment she got a response or none at all. Maria wasn't going to wait around. She wanted that cake.

A rather loud yawn made its way around the common area from a face that most members of Blue Empire knew very well. Though dinner was already done and over with, all members having had their fill, she lay down taking up an entire sofa with a turkey leg in one hand. The life of the food was rather short-lived as the almost-completely carnivorous woman ate it away until not a scrap of meat was on the bone. Lazily tossing the bone to the side, falling just short of a waste bin, she pat her stomach a few times with the most content grin upon her face that one could have. "Ahn... Tameleuic. Almost like slow-roasted lizard belly." The jungle-origined woman nostalgically sighed out, though she did feel a certain emptiness in her stomach still. The woman who could devour a king's feast and still have room for dessert would not be so easily filled... "Dessert! Of course, that is what is the missing!" Her thick accent shown through in her exclamation as she sat upright.

As if answering a call, one of the cute newer girls, whose name Eileen could just not remember, came to the common area and asked for someone to accompany with her to get sweets. Before she had quite realized she had moved, Eileen was already up and behind the shorter woman, draping her arms over her shoulders and wrapping around like a scarf. "I will be the accompany! I have not had cake since last birthday, and Sycdan does not give out the sweet sugars. I will let you get for me the pastor... pasteria...." She struggled to find the word, giving up with a shrug that still kept a hold on the smaller woman. "You may get for me the sugar snack food, please." Though it may have sounded a tad demanding or condescending, her translation work led her to believe that she was being absolutely polite to the other girl. "Let us make with the go. So cdusylr lyhhud luhdyeh edc aqledasahd!" Her excitement led her to subconsciously swap to her native tongue as she finally relinquished her hold on the girl's shoulders and make her way to the door. "Lusa, lusa, mad ic ku!"

"Oh, um, sure!" Her name was... Eileen? Castor had given her a basic rundown of who was who in Blue Empire during her stay, and this woman did fit the description. The way she spoke was off-putting. Maria could feel herself get mildly insulted, but the blond male did mention something about English not being her first language. It was apparent anyway, with the way she struggled with the words "pastry shop". Patience was a virtue, and one she prided herself on having in abundance. She lightly shrugged off Eileen's arms, who complied and headed for the door. Maria followed suit. This was going to be... an interesting excursion, for lack of a better word.

A jumble of excited gibberish fell out of her companion's lips, which brought forth a question of her own. "What did you just say?" It was definitely not a language she was familiar with. "I don't think I've heard the way you speak before. Where did you come from?" A genuine query; Maria liked knowing who she was dealing with. It usually provided a point of interest for conversation at least.

From just outside the the Guild Hall, the blonde could already spot the bakery. "You see that sign over there?" She used her free hand to point in its general direction. "That's the pastry shop."

The shorter girl did not retaliate with violence or loud words. That was good enough to earn more favor from Eileen. Some people did not take too kindly to being touched for some reason... "I am the very excited for pastrami." She stopped in her tracks with a snicker.
I mean the pastra. Pastrami is the meat thing."
She still didn't quite get it right, but it was close enough for her not to notice. An excitement put a light spring in her step in the anticipation. Not expecting the questions that came from the sweets girl, she smiled. Few ever asked about her culture, apart from Daylran Morgan. "I apologize for the confuse. I say in my native tongue sometimes when excited. Or drunk. Especially while drunk." She let out a laugh for some reason or another before continuing. "I said to you that my stomach is excited. Then I said to follow me." Nodding, she slowed her pace to match the other girl's, since a conversation had started.

"As for where I am from, it is beautiful place. Jungle forest, not touched by metal or city. The man say that I am from America South?" She couldn't quite remember specifically which country, or even the continent's proper name, but it didn't mean enough to her to remember. "First white-skinned man come to my village and hunt with me. I ask him to bring me here, and here I stay. City is like jungle that never sleep. Always something new to find and eat. Is very exciting. Much like sugar sweet foods!" In her head, it all just came full circle. At the end of her explanation, the pastry shop was pointed out to her. With a nod, she studied the sign a moment. "Oh, pastry. That is word I look for. Pastry is sugar sweet things." Better late than never. "What is it that we will be eating? The doughnut? Or maybe it will be a pee?" A giggle escaped her quickly. "I mean pie, my mistake. I apologize." With a soft come-down sigh, she opened the door for Maria. Like a gentleman, Morgan always said when he did it for her. So that was what it felt like to be a gentleman? Alright, not bad. "So what is our snack treat? I am excited to eat it all!"

Eileen's word choices brought a small chuckle out of Maria. It was nice that she actively made the effort to correct herself. However, her answers only served to bring more questions to the blonde's mind. "South America? That's quite a ways from here. But I'm glad you're enjoying San Clemente. It's home for me, and always has been. I grew up here." It was a short walk and before long they stood in front of the entrance to the shop.

"And yes, the word is pastry. Pastrami's delicious, but not what I want for tonight." A look of surprise, quickly followed by a short burst of laughter was her reaction at Eileen's mistake with the word pie. "Thank you for holding open the door." The bell chimed as they entered, and there was a cheerful greeting from a male brunette who worked behind the register. She gave him a nod of recognition, before turning towards the displays near the counter. Considering they were at the tail-end of the workday, there wasn't much stock left.

A small smiled appeared as she recognized most of her favorites were still available. "Hmm, what about we have both and then some?" Maria felt like being a bit greedy tonight. "We can get some doughnuts for ourselves, then get a whole pie and cake to bring back to the hall." It's not like that was going to last past two hours given the number of people and appetites in Blue Empire. "You want to eat here, or get the doughnuts to-go?"

Both. More. A certain fire lit up in Eileen's eyes as she felt her stomach suddenly empty... despite just having a large dinner. "Do you speak with the truth? More than just pie? Oh, happy day! Drec haf vneaht ec fuhtanvim!" Hopefully Maria would not choose to regret those words, as Eileen did not carry money on her ever. She truthfully left it with Morgan since he could manage her finances well... and simply forgot about it all and let other people take care of buying her things. "It is very convenient that there are places to obtain food things. It takes from thrill of hunt, but very good for lazy days!" Something she seemed to have plenty of lately, going down to the store was certainly much easier... "Let us do the eating now, then. I feel as if I may fall over from hunger now. Sweet sugar rings with the frost tops and the bread pies with fruit and chocolates in center..." She barely caught her saliva before it overflew in her mouth, gulping it down hungrily. "I will take one of the everything!"

Well, fuck. At least there wasn't much stock to begin with, so the total cost wouldn't be as bad as expected. Maria was enough of a regular that she knew the place accepted card at least. That was a relief. She'd severely underestimated her company's appetite; Eileen was probably one of the main reasons why Blue Empire's pantries were always empty.

But first, let's see if she could attempt some damage control. She looked to the slighty bewildered (and highly amused) employee working the counter, who was ready to punch in their order. Think fast, Maria. "Eileen, aren't the new bounties coming in tonight? We should probably get back soon. We'll eat here another time." Hopefully she wouldn't be too upset by the idea. "Buying and bringing everything is a bit impractical, so instead... we'll get a dozen doughnuts, apple pie and strawberry shortcake. Got that, Mark?" Hopefully that would be enough to sate her, at least temporarily.

The brunette cheerfully nodded, punching in her order and efficiently scanning her card right away. "Yup, I'll get it ready within five minutes. I can separate two rings so you can eat it on your way out, if you like?" Maria nodded, pleased with the service.

She took a seat near the counter, placing back her wallet into her purse. The troubles of carrying around so many things. "Alright, once our goods arrive we carry them back to the hall, okay Eileen?" Maria was personally looking forward to that shortcake. "I don't think I'll be able to carry them all by myself."

"Oh, you know my name? Excellent. No need to share, then." Eileen couldn't recall introducing herself to this new girl. But she had a very valid point; the bounties were coming in tonight! It seemed the excitement would never end. "Is about time! I have waited for too long, sitting on couch and storing foodstuffs. I will take big challenge this time. Too much wait." Without any confusion, the "big challenge" would refer to the five-star bounty. Her head ran wild with thoughts on what the target could be. Perhaps this time it would be a full dragon! Or a unicorn, it had been a long time since she'd caught a glimpse of that thing. When Maria sat down, Eileen just paced around the counter in thought, her energy leaving her unable to stay in one place. "You are new to Blue Empire, no? What is your name? What do you do? Many people in guild, very incredible magicks! I love to do meet new people." She dropped her arms onto the counter and rested her head upon them, looking at the new girl, as she awaited an answer. "Also, I will do share and carry sweet treats to guild. Is no problem. Just give donut to mouth and I will be the help."

A chuckle escaped. "I'm a bit new around here, so I haven't set my sights that high yet. It sounds exciting though. And yes; Castor, my roommate, gave me a quick rundown of who was who in the guild." Blue eyes watched Eileen, as if that would help contain the energy the woman possessed as she paced the floor. The sudden barrage of questions caught her offguard; Maria wasn't used to people being curious about her. She simply blinked in surprise, slightly overwhelmed by Eileen's intensity, then swiftly recovered.

"My name is Maria, I've only been a member for a month." A small smile formed on her lips. There was a hint of pride in her voice as she spoke about her powers. "I can replicate other people's magic with a touch. I'll show you next time, we might wind up in the same group after all."

"And here's your order, ladies. From top to bottom it's the cake, pie, and then donuts." Mark came out of the kitchen, three boxes stacked on top of each other. He placed their purchases on the counter where Maria sat, and disappeared back into the kitchen to bring out the donuts they'd eat on their way out. "Enjoy your food!"

Without hesitating, she picked up one of the sugary rings and brought it to Eileen's lips. "I'll carry the cake and you can handle the doughnuts and pie?" Seemed like a fair enough division of work; after all, the blonde did pay for the meal.

"Castor is your roommate?" There was a touch of jealousy in her voice that didn't bother hiding itself. "You are lucky girl. It is very hard to get in his... ah well. I suppose that you are both lucky, hm?" She laughed lightly before clamming herself up with the doughnut and offering Maria a wink. Taking the pastries and pie, as well as the cake, she easily strode outside the door and back to the sidewalk. Half a donut rested on the top box as Maria caught up with her. "I do want to look to your power. We could do a fun many thing, Seselg." And thus, Maria's nickname was bestowed upon her. "Let us go. I have an itch for the hunt."

"Lucky?" There was a look of disbelief on Maria's face before she realized what exactly Eileen was referring to. A look of distaste followed by a hollow bark of laughter made thoughts clear. "No, nothing like that. If he ever made a move like that to me, I'd probably use his own powers against him." Unfortunately for Castor, Maria was dead serious. Memories of her mother and her "assistant" were still something that came to mind whenever relationships were brought up, and made her hesitant of them. So what if she was twenty years old and never been in one; worse things could happen. The blonde wouldn't mind remaining single forever.

The name Eileen gave her was strange, but one she decided she liked well enough to respond to. "Say-seul... I can't pronounce it. What does that mean?" Definitely harder than French, one of the languages she grew up with.

She caught up to the taller woman's stride, looking at the three boxes Eileen had chosen to carry. "Wait I was going to carry the cake... never mind." The excitement Eileen had over the bounties was infectious; Maria could feel herself quicken her own pace. The walk back to the Guild Hall proved shorter than their walk towards the pastry shop.

Upon entering the lobby area, the strange pair was greeted by quite a party, Castor having another stranger in tow. The place was abuzz with excitement with the new bounties.

"Hi everyone, we brought back some sweets." She called it to no one in particular, gesturing for Eileen to put down the boxes on the nearest table. People would go to it at their own pace. Biting down on her donut, she turned towards her new friend. "Eileen, do you want to see if we can work together on any of the bounties? I'm up for anything... probably"

Eileen did as gestured and dropped the boxes with care that seemed out of character for her. Food truly was no joke to the huntress. "Seselg, dear, we need not ask for the permissions. We sign up as group. Though I do not know if Sycdan will allow newfriend on five stars..." With a shrug, she finished her donut and wiped the crumbs off the top box and onto her hand, which then all popped in her mouth. Once her food was down, she gave Maria a wink and moved towards the bounty board. Stomping a foot on the nearest table, she let her voice boom through the hall. "Eileenoch da Siever will be taking the five star hunt!" She called out with no hesitation in her voice, letting it carry its way through the hall that would either silence in her presence... or go on ignoring it. "Any hunter brave enough to fight alongside me and take home big prize and meat, step forward! Cabanyda vun ic dra sela yht dra sah!" She passed a gaze over Maria, letting her know that this was her last chance to ditch. When it came to hunting, there was no fun in it for Eileen unless there was a challenge.


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#, as written by Byte

No. It's quite alright. Not like anyone was reading that or anything, assholes.

Oliver had suddenly become aware that there were others surrounding the board, eager to snatch the bounties that she just happened to be glancing over. 'Real, nice guys. Thanks. Stick 'm up your asses while you're at it.', clearly they were just being total dicks for no adequate reason but to feed their own gaping mouths. Like, fucking Hell, it was begging for scraps all over again. But in this case the leftovers were some fuck-off cuddly bear, a featherless killer chicken and an ugly-ass shape-shifter thing.

Talk about spoiled for choice!

Maybe she could get away with another pretend-solo bounty, but those skinwalkers weren't exactly her cup of tea. More trouble than they were worth, really, and Oliver wasn't feeling the aesthetic of this stitched together excuse for an Eldritch nightmare. 'Not to mention the skin thing.' Made her own skin crawl like that one time she walked in on those rats having a go. Awkward to say the least.

Right, she should probably take her pickings now (and probably find a pet to drag with her). Much to her own chagrin.

A tiresome gaze took another notice of the remaining (arguably compelling) bounties that still littered the board, before finally deciding she'd dig the Nandi Bear job if there was anyone competent enough to help her catch this white rabbit and- Oh, fucking jackpot. How convenient. And she didn't even have to organize a search party, that made things easier then. Eileen, in all her splendor and grandeur, loudly made her demands on taking the best piece of the pie, prompting Oliver to shift awkwardly as she took note of the rambunctious woman barging through the masses. Not one for subtlety, was she? 'Eh, whatevs...'

At this point, she kind of figured that, you know, give or take. Things were dead boring up in this place, and if her semi-roomie was gonna be part of the tour, then maybe things wouldn't be as bad as they looked.

Heck, if they didn't want her help, then obviously this wasn't a good idea and she'd go off on her own. 'Nothing to go on about.' And Oliver was just about to debate the pros and cons of having to be invested in something (for the nth time) when she walked up to the somewhat taller woman.

“Don't soil your pants or anything, but... I might want to help you tame that circus bear.” Oh, you clever girl you.

Oliver quietly jerked her head towards the board, suggestively pointing that the task was still available for the taking. Funnily enough, for all the boasting about wanting fame, fortune and all the power in the fucking world. Not everyone had the guts to take a shot at the most difficult thing on the board. And neither did Oliver, but... Well, it could turn out to be an interesting experience. She could use the distraction either way.


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Everything almost immediately started going towards the ‘Hell in a hay basket’ saying sort of way, if he was remembering it correctly. Maybe taking the poster from the board wasn’t the nicest or most polite thing to do, but it was the only way to prevent people from aiming for the same creature he was and possibly fucking up his chance. His chance at a free 36 grand, subtracting the 10% for the guild uptake, was interrupted by Geraldine as he was ordered to take someone along with him. Really? I’ve been doing shit like this longer than some of these guild mates have been aware of their powers. Do we not remember the Minotaur who was using the sewers as his own personal game of cat and mouse? Or what about the Ouroboros snake that was terrorizing a corporate skyscraper? What about the imps?...Actually let’s not remember the imps, that was embarrassing. Kayle thought this to himself as he looked back to see the chaos that was now the contract board.

Another member seemed to pipe up in his defense, and Kayle got a glimpse of a long time guild mate, Emery. Couldn't say he knew the guy personally, but like any other long time member, he made a note to know their names and general information. Fire user if he was correct, at least there was someone out there who wasn’t doubting his ability. Someone was yelling out about sweets, but Kayle wasn’t in the mood for food even if he had needed to eat it. Moving his eyes back towards the board, he contemplated changing his ‘quest’ up if he was going to be forced to bring along someone else, when a charmer decided to take to the stage. Eileen, of course you would do something like that. Kayle thought as he shook his head with a slight smile. Eileen was one of the few people that he would consider a friend in this guild. They had shared drinks a number of times, when Kayle could get past the burning that is, and she was generally fun to have around. He hadn’t done any jobs with her, but today could bring a change to that.

Kayle looked at the paper in his hand, giving a sigh as he looked back up at the crowd in front of the board. There were so many things going on at once that Kayle kind of wondered about the point of it all before deciding that if he needed to have a tag along, they might as well go big. Kayle wandered back up to the board, stabbing his piece of paper back up on it before taking his phone out and snapping a picture of the Nandi Bear. He might have ripped this one down too, if he wasn’t worried that they might not be able to pull it off. Five stars were rated such for a reason, so he wanted to make sure that people would try after them if they were to fail. Next, he wandered over to where Eileen was standing, seeming to talk to the girl whose name was still evading Kayle.

“Circus bear? You make it seem like there’s going to be clowns involved.” Kayle paused for a second, giving a frown. “I hate clowns.” Kayle then gave a light smile to show that he was joking...mostly. He looked over to Eileen. “Hey, if you’re up for murdering a massive teddy bear made of hate and spite, let’s get this show on the road.” Kayle stepped up onto the table, standing over top of the crowd. He shook his hands to the side slightly before bringing them into a clap.

Blue lightning sparked from them, creating a loud but not deafening crack that he hoped had grabbed everyone’s attention. “Alright fellow creators of a loud and chaotic guild hall.” Kayle started, looking at everyone. “Myself, and evidently these two lovely ladies to my side are looking to take on the five star bounty, aka the ‘Nandi Bear’.” Kayle said looking over everyone. “We’ll be taking my car to the mountainside to look for this beast, but unfortunately my car only has enough room for 4 plus a driver.” Kayle wiped his hands off on his trenchcoat slightly as tiny sparks flew from his fingers. “So, counting Eileen and…” Kayle looked down at the girl who he still didn’t know. “, that leaves two spots open. If you want in, find the black Subaru with the spoiler and raised hood out in the parking lot. We’ll be waiting there. First come, first serve.”

With that finished, Kayle hopped down and started walking towards the door, eager to simply get moving. He looked back at Eileen and the other girl, motioning for them to follow.

“Coming?” Kayle stated more than asked as he started walking towards the door. He passed by Castor and what appeared to be a new girl on his way out, giving a polite nod as he did so. “Castor.” Kayle stated in greeting, making his way out the door.

Making his way out the door revealed a rather dark night, but that was most likely for the best. The Nandi bear would hopefully be out hunting if that were the case, and their chances of finding it would go up if only because they would then become it’s prey. Not exactly a reassuring plan. Kayle walked away from the front doors, towards a small parking lot where his black Subaru was parked. He reached into his coat pocket, pressing the button on his key chain to unlock the doors with a click of the car’s lights. With that being done, he leaned against the hood of his car and pulled out his game once more as he waited for people to show up.

This time...this time I will kill you King of Suffering! Kayle thought to himself as his game lit up and started broadcasting sounds of sword clashes and frantic yelling.


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Castor sighed as he became immediately overwhelmed, which honestly wasn't a surprise to him. Sure, he had been eager to get back home to the guild, but he had only been back for ten minutes or so and he already wanted to leave again. Objects were flying around, people were being loud, Gerald(ine) was being a whiny and jealous tool, as per usual, and now he was being approached by another member and prodded with questions. He had had enough. He shook his head slowly at Aella as he shrugged and stared at her with a blank expression.

"She didn't tell me her name yet. Why don't you ask her yourself, I have to... do something. Anything. Away from here. Right now."

With that, he locked eyes with Josephine for a moment, trying his best to silently urge her to escape as he was about to, and then turned away to venture to his room. There he changed clothes, slipping into something that allowed him to more comfortably move around in at various speeds, and grabbing a small, collapsible buckler. As it was now, the buckler was a simple wooden rectangle, but it could be folded out with a quick flick of the wrist into an 18 in. diameter shield. His rapier was still hung at his waist.

His next stop was outside, or more specifically, Kayle's vehicle. Castor had been an Officer of the Blue Empire guild essentially as long as the guild had existed, and so he knew when members were just seeing dollar signs after looking at any specific bounty. Five star bounties shouldn't be taken lightly, they're dangerous, often incredibly so, and they're difficult. Even with groups of people. Hell, sometimes they were difficult even with Castor on board.

Seeing as he was the second to arrive at the vehicle after Kayle's little announcement, Castor approached the man himself and held out his hand in front of him, palm cupped and facing skyward, as if he was waiting for something to be handed to him. Something like a set of keys. Because he was the only one who actually knew where they needed to go, because like always, the members had gotten all worked up and decided to set out before getting any of the necessary information from either of their Officers.

"C'mon. Hand 'em over. You don't even know where you're going, or what a Nandi Bear is. Whoever else shows up won't know, either."

Castor would have to fill them in either as he drove or before they left.