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Xun Yu Zhong

Resurrected Dragon Head. King 14k. Tormentor Of/Tormented By Shaya Kim.

0 · 684 views · located in Xun's Mansion

a character in “Blue Haze”, as played by Gizibae



"489" refers to the "Mountain" or
"Dragon" Master (or 'Dragon Head')

標題 Dailo.
幫派 14k.
年齡 Thirty three.

Little is know about Xun Yu Zhong except that he came from wealth, and power.
A strong line of Triad heritage runs through his blood, and an iron will follows.
Not many have dared to defy him in any way. Not many have lived to do so.
Some have suggested that Xun is too unyielding, and too defiant.
Where others have followed him to the ends of the earth in loyalty.
It seems there is nothing this man can't do.

So begins...

Xun Yu Zhong's Story

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#, as written by Gizibae
Swing swing, went the pendulum as it swayed towards the other side of destiny. Xun Yu Zhong was not above superstition as it cradled his brain these days. The murky waters where his thoughts ran in cold blood, sat stagnant with the idea that someone out there might be lurking and ready to officially end him. He knew the consequences of double crossing those who had served a higher purpose. They flew above and beneath the sun, while he slunk into the darkest reaches.Image

The mansion was immaculate. A perfect glass prison, furnished with the finest things money could by. His empire was growing, flourishing off of the scraps that the Sun Yee On left behind. They were mortal enemies by history and yet somehow managed to work in sequence with one another. No doubt, the idea was to corner a forbidden market. A white man's world. A red river had flooded the streets over a decade ago. A war between three. A triangle of Yakuza, Triads and the French mob. He hadn't been in Marseilles for more than a year, and yet the stories haunted his every waking moment. Bloodshed, violence, revenge... all these things comforted Xun in ways no one could seem to understand.

His memories of Rio felt distant, though the scent of Shaya Kim still obsessively lingered about his nostrils and pictures of her delicate frame still adorned the top of a fire place's mantle. The Dragon Head often caught himself, captivated by the woman's spirit. Deeply engrossed in what may have been and what had become of her.

Every time, rage overpowered the idea of love, or what he thought it should have been.

He stood in front of a bedroom mirror, A large crack up in the corner served as a reminder of when he had put his fist to it, weeks before. Fingers were firmly wrapped around the handle of a Glock 34. Thoughts of emptying the barrel out into an enemy's skull caressed his imagination with swift and concise strokes. Stoking the blaze that hungered for order in chaos.

The setting changes from Marseilles, France to Xun's Mansion


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#, as written by Gizibae

Sick fantasies of death and turmoil twirled against the very fibers which held Xun's sanity together as bullets settled quickly into the barrel of the gun. Cocked and ready. He had placed it into a fine leather holster that hung loosely beneath his jacket Imagebefore finally walking away from the mirror, if only to peer out of a large window. There had been a few whispered complaints about how he might be losing his marbles, so to speak. Though, his posture still held that of a leisurely form.

A young henchmen had carefully knocked against the wooden door frame of the Dragon Head's room. Still green behind the ears, and too curious to see that he had sold his soul to the devil, himself. The boy was more than likely a 49er attempting to make his way up the rung. His bow was deep, his eyes settled upon the floor. " You wanted to see me, Dailo ? " Xun had turned just slightly to address the childlike soldier. " I want you to get a hold of Jing. He's been out partying for too long and has forgotten his place. I need you to remind him that I am still in power. " The boy's eyes widened. " Oh, and tell him that if he doesn't report immediately back that his job will be your's. "

"...Yes, Dailo... " Imminent fear swallowed the young man's insides and his face had paled but he was obedient enough to carry out those orders, even if the Red Pole would more than likely break his jaw. Heavy footsteps carried him away, leaving Xun alone with his own wicked thoughts and desires.

Lazy enforcer. Jing had been slacking. His aptitude for anything related to the job had been blurred by loose women and alcohol. Too much money lined those expensive linen pockets, and pride had gotten bigger than honor. Xun had never lost track of what was right in front of his nose, but his second in command had. Extensive history would have been the only thing keeping the two together. That and the fact that when pushed to an edge, Jing could perform. The Dailo had plans for that.

It was then that he had also exited the bedroom area, and descended the stairs on the way. A glistening chandelier adorned a spacious entry way as hired help warily walked on egg shells around him. One of the maids had almost dropped one of the pictures of Shaya on the mantle.

" Careful, bitch. That picture is worth more than your life. " He retorted, coldly.

Anyone who knew Xun, also knew that he always meant what he said.