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Mr. Caramel
Heroic gestures are wasted on this society, SO WHY AM I RISKING MY ASS LIKE THIS?!⌋

Caramel is the only name he or anyone else knows, but here is another picture for your viewing pleasure<3

19, but he lies about his age and says he's older all the time.

It's easy to see why Caramel is a manwhore. He's flippin gorgeous. His well toned body and unimposing height of five feet and eleven inches make his view a nice one. His face is angular and his features sharp and eatern, his mix of blood probably has some eastern in it anyway. Caramel is the result of a mix of many things probably, and while he is no blueblood at least he looks good enough to have clientel groveling to get a room with him. Long black tresses lay straight down his back, which are layered and choppy to give him a more devilish look, while golden eyes and large hooped earings make him exotic. He dresses in a manner fitting for those at Mitress Yoebe's whorehouse, but his room reflects a rather plain but comfortable taste. A fight in his room would result in practically no injury, since the numerous pillows and ruge cushion any and all falls. Pick a spot and you could probably fall asleep then and there. His face at work is expressive and full of attitude, which again is easily overlooked because of his...well because of his looks. His eyes turn purple when he meditates or has a vision.


The Fact He Can Help a Little
Sex is last on the list but still there

Madame Yoebe
His Job
His Power

Cynical and witty, Caramel lets no slip of the mind go unpunished. His commentary shoots straight and true, words are never minced. His detailed way of thinking lets little room for error on his part or for others. Patience is not his virtue, unless of course someone around the room is lacking it. A pessimist, unless someone else in the room so happens to be one. And a jerk, unless of course someone else in the room so happens to be one. See the trend? He evolves his attitude to match the atmosphere, finding what is needed most and coming forth with it. It's kind of an asshole thing to do, but he can't help it, he doesn't even know he's doing it. While this makes him a hypocrite nine times out of ten, it does make for a usefull trait. He benefit's a group greatly by becoming what they need. Being the leader of something or in charge is also something he has no issue with, falling into the role fairly easily or finding someone suited for the role and shoving their face in it.

His ironic and easily aggitated demenour is undoubtedly on some level depressed. While he does what he does because he feels it to be necessary, he finds very little to take joy in these days. A sharp whistle will get some jackass to turn around so he can barade them, or a nightmare filled nap awaits him. Although he is obsessed with tea. Things have been crappy his whole life, and he isn't better for it. Being intelligent can sometimes make you feel as though you should have morals, and while his would care for dignity, his job takes that away, making him bitter.

This is of course a suppressed Caramel, as really during work hours he has to actually open his door and speak with people instead of locking himself in his room. In fact he has to have sex with them, soooo...yah. nLuckily his intelligence and training at the whorehouse has forced him to learn to be a charmer. His patience and tolerence for people and idiocy goes up durastically, and he becomes sensually soothing and relaxing. He's good at seducing, and tactful when he wants to be, but only if he wants to be.

The other whores serve as poor friends, and although he begrudgingly pretends to enjoy their company, he will go out of his way to be alone. As for Mistress Yoebe, he has luckily and skillfully avoided her advances and eye. He's slippery and hard to keep, a recluse undoubtedly. Candy is someone he particularly avoids too. But the damn woman tends to be everywhere at once!

His more recent frequent visitors include an Officer, a Priest, a married business-woman, and an old rich man.


Ever have an out of body experience? Caramel has, he has one every time he meditates. Giving him free reign of the city is what this power does. Secrets can't really be kept from him, and the fact that he has worked out a way for him to be in multiple places at once means that he can have a full range of things. There seems to be no time limit to these moments, although the city limits sseem to be as far as he can go from his room.

Another thing that is as much of a curse as it is a help to others are his dreams. He can see into the future while dreaming, although he hasn't figured a way to control it. These visions have only crossed into his waking hours once or twice, and they were paticularly violent, leaving him stunned and in pain. He's had to be hospitalized once because of it, but he has never told the truth about why he suddenly appeared to be having a seizure. He keeps his powers secret, and as far as anyone knows he doesn't have any. These visions seem to increase in strength when he is drunk.

A poison knife hairpiece serves as his protection, as well as a small firearm hidden somewhere...he's not sure if knows where though. He also has a laptop and phone, the best of the best for Mistress Yoebe's blah blah blah.

Taking in a lot of information at once amd retaining it is his forte, as well as multi-tasking. Digging up dirt on someone is easy for him. As well as manipulating others and of course seduction, as could be expected from a whore.

While meditating his body is vulnerable, and he can't tell if he is being hurt either. He simply has to keep an eye on himself in case anyone knocks on his door. While strong and combatant, he is not as specialized as some supers or Villains, although can hold his own..


That whore-filled mansion is where he lives. And guess what his job is? Duh

To keep a long story short, he is an orphan that came to work for miss Yoebe after the orphanage kicked him out at age fourteen. By then he appeared to be quite mature, and was put to work regardless of his age.

Two months ago he got a vision while with a customer that put him in the hospital. This gave way to a silent investigation into the Super Soldier projects. He knows the femal is to show up soon, and waits until she does to put into action a plan that will hopefully not turn into the dark future he foresees in his dreams ever night.

So begins...

Caramel's Story