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Alex King AKA The Guardian

heroes get remembered legends never die.

0 · 235 views · located in Eastyard Boarding School

a character in “Blurry Lines: Establishing Them”, as played by AlexTHEKINGKing


Name: Alex King
Alias: The Guardian

Visual Age: 15
Factual Age: 15
Hair: Bleach blonde, short and messy
Facial Hair: None
Eyes: Blue
Build: Athletic
Skin Tone: Tanish
Height: 5'8
Weight: 127lbs
Voice: Normalish for a teen.
Handed: left
Body Markings: a few freckles
Scar Tissue: some scars in random places from random stupid teen stuff
[b]Unique Body Features: None

Alex was a prodigy boxer, and kickboxer, a great all around fighter, it was one of his favorite things to do. He loved to skate and hang out with his dad, mom, little sister and his boxing trainer, before he was brutally gunned down in front of Alex. a few weeks after the gas leak. Alex was crushed it was his best friend. He has dedicated his life to finding his trainers killer.

Sexuality: Straight

Personality: Boxing and kickboxing have taught Alex to be able to stay calm and collected and explode when he needs to. He loves to joke around with his friends.
Motivation: Protecting his family, supporting his family, finding his trainer's killer, getting money and staying alive.
Fears: Dog's and his little sister getting taken away.
[b]Goals: To find his trainers killer, and to get out of the ghetto downtown part of town.
Good Stamina+Kind+Ok moral fiber
Hot headed-involved with crime-takes risks
[description that gets more in depth here please, at least three good paragraphs]

Hanging out with friends
Taking risks
Rap Music

Fake People
Country Music
Being considered poor

Alex had a girlfriend, she broke up with him when she found out he was doing "Illegal" things to make money. He is really close with his 5 year old sister. His best friends Antonio and Mario. He lives with his mom who is an alacholahalic, his dad left them a year ago.

Superhuman agility, strength, and endurance. He is able to control and breath fire, his body is flame resistant.

Weapons: Anything he can find in the streets.

Fighting, stealth, shooting, evasion, lying.

School, Controlling behavior, soccer, Holding his tongue and quitting

He lives in the middle of the lower class downtown district. His family lost everything after the gas leak. He doesn't really have a costume, just a jason ski mask with a black hoodie with "Guardian" Sewn on in japanese , for now atleast, he keeps the mask in his back pocket.

(Guardian logo) ... vr_512.jpg
(The mask) ... i?wid=1360

Alex will do just about anything to make money. He may or maynot of been involved in a few Armed Robberies, home invasions, kidnappings, shootings and drug deals, but he usually tries to stay on the straight and narrow, working on the docks. He Used to belong in the upper middle class of Las least until the gas leak and his dad left. After that his girlfriend left him. He considers himself lucky for still having Mario and Antonio as friends. He goes out every night ether to make money collecting some bounty money or by doing some other things.

So begins...

Alex King AKA The Guardian's Story