El Fuego

"Isn't he that idiot vigilante in a lucha libre mask?" - citizen of Las Flores [MAJOR WIP]

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El Fuego!
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Ceasare Lupo

Visual Age: late teens
Factual Age: 15

Hair: Dark brown and cut by his mother, he's perhaps in need of another one as he's a tad shaggy to be called clean-cut
Facial Hair: He's trying so hard grow some, if you squint there's a few hairs on his chin... maybe. Leave him alone he's trying ok.
Eyes: A very pretty and bright shade of green, courtesy of his mother
Build: His body is growing into a man's but he very much so still awkward and gangly in it. Being on the track team has made him fit but you wouldn't notice it because he's in the middle of a growth spurt. He's wiry.
Skin Tone: Mocha Cappuccino skim milk light on the whip cream.
Height: 5' 10" and growing
Weight: about 150 lbs and gaining
Voice: His voice doesn't crack nearly as much as some of his peers but when it does he finds it incredibly embarrassing. It usually happens when he's excited. His voice is still mostly heavily boyish but it's getting deeper. It's a pleasant honest sounding voice. While he is fluent in Spanish he has no accent for the most part, but can end up dropping into spanish if he's overly excited or angry. He grew up speaking both languages in his household.
Handed: Right
Body Markings: Lately he's covered in bruises and scrapes and split knuckles.
Scar Tissue: None that are major, a few small ones here and there.
Unique Body Features: People tend to think his eyes are rather striking and unique.

[short description here please]

Undetermined/ perhaps bi-curious but for the most part heterosexual, if only because it's the fairer sex that tends to be, well, fair.
  • Ceasare is very easily flustered around pretty people.

Positive Traits: Good Heart + Adaptive + Empathetic
Negative Traits: Stubborn - Idiot -
[description that gets more in depth here please, at least three good paragraphs]

  • His Luchadore Mask, which had flames on it
  • Girls
  • Sci-fi and fantasy movies
  • Mom's cooking
  • His Cat
  • Protecting the weak

  • Doing chores
  • His mother's wrath
  • Homework
  • Bullies
  • Roast Beef
  • Mayonnaise
  • Getting the shit beat out of him
  • Killing (has yet to)

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