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Sandra Liland

If people want to label me a villain so be it. I'll do what I have to do while they live in their fantasies -Villain-

0 · 249 views · located in Las Flores

a character in “Blurry Lines: Establishing Them”, originally authored by darknesspawn, as played by RolePlayGateway



"I don't do what I do because I like it, I do it
because it must be done"

Sandra Liland


Visual Age: 20
Factual Age: 25

Hair: Blonde
Facial Hair: None
Eyes: Brown
Build: Slender
Skin Tone:Fair
Height: 5"4
Weight: 120
Voice: She has a very aggressive and demanding voice
Body Markings: None
Scar Tissue:None
Unique Body Features: None

Sandra's look always seems to divert those around her from her real self. People always
view her as a petite, cute and harmless person due to her bright hair and glistening eyes.
She also tends to wear clothing that completely shows her in a very positive cutesy light.
She loves to wear bright colored clothing to match her hair and will even wear hats if she
feels like it.

Motivation: To save her parents from their untimely fate
Fears: Her parents dying, Her being unable to help
Goals:Help her parents by any means
Positive Traits: To the point + influential + Objective Oreinted l
Negative Traits: Short attention span - Bratty - Eassily annoyed l

Sandra has always been a person who knows what she wants and tries her best to attain it.
It takes alot to make her quit once she has her mind made up to do something. She will
usually only stop when she knows the thing she has been fighting for is already gone, which
most likely puts her into some sort of depression. For example, when she was a child she
really wanted the new barbie doll that was out, she begged and she pleaded for it until one
day her parents gave in to buying her the doll. When she got to the store they realized it
was sold out in which Sandra responded by not wanting another toy for a few months.

In Sandras teen years she learned to be very manipulative to get what she wanted. People
always listened to her, whether it be because of a nice cutesy tone she took with some or the
aggressive demanding tone she took with others, she got what she wanted. If a person didn't
give her what she needed at the time then she would usually push them to the side because
they were not in her best interest. Because of this harsh character trait she never really
developed any friends only what she would describe as lackeys.

Sandra never liked to be indirect, she always found that trivial. If she doesn't like
someone she tells them, if she liked a girl that happened to pass her in the courtyard at
school she would tell them. She believes life should be straight to the point and any
curvatures in the line of life are bullshit.

Though she can understand some scientific terms due to her research of her own powers she
prefers to keep things in layman terms. She hates people who "go all scientific" on her
and will very likely sass them for it.

Cutsy clothing
The color yellow
Straightforward and direct conversation
Getting things done

Not being in control
People not being straight forward
Being ignored
Cold weather
Bland clothing

Friends - Sandra has no friends, she doesn't want friends either. She only wants people that
will give her the assistance she needs, if they dont have that then they are expendable

Family - Other than her Mother and Father she has no close family. The only other family
members she was close two where her grandparents who are both dead now

+ Monty (Maatika) - Sandra has had the pleasure of meeting Maatika who gave her a job offer in desperate times. She didn't ask questions, it would help keep her parents alive so that's all that matters.


Sandra has the ability to create orbs of energy with varying destructive capabilities.
However to do so she must disintegrate an object and absorb the release energy into
herself. When she touches an object she essentially yanks all the electrons out of the
individual atoms of an object severing the bonds that hold said object together. She can do
this with almost anything including gasses (though it has to be in large amounts for her to
amass enough energy to do anything with it)

When she obtains enough energy she usually goes into an energized state in which she glows
bright yellow. (any energy attack she does is yellow) In this state she is able to
manipulate her own personal gravity to a certain extent allowing her to be more agile (Increasing her jumping
height, decreasing her falling speed). In this state she can stimulate a molecules
molecular bonds at a touch essentially enabling her to stick to any surface. Her charged state also acts as a kinds of barrier, protecting her slightly from energy based attacks and projectiles.

She has a flip phone (cool beans) Two pistols she bought (people liked to harass her on her way home from work)

+Energy based fighting
+ Anything with mass can give her energy
+ Her "Energized" State gives her a sort of sheild from peircing damage
+ Demolition

-Hand to hand fighting
-Being away from solid or liquid matter (Ie. Falling out of a plane)
-Needs a suffeicent ammount of energy to reach her "Charged" state
- Leaving her charged state can be very exausting for her
- She can also become "overcharged" rendering her unconscious

Sandara lives in a pretty cheap apartment that she musters up the money to pay for with her job as a waitress. She's still very used to being supported by her parents so living off on her own is quite a hard feat. She low class just as many other people her age trying to find her way. She still find ways to have a good time with her limited money and she is not in debt so life is good for her.

Ill admit, Ive always been a little bit spoiled, I'm used to getting what I want when I want it. I suppose you could say that is a by product of being an only child. I do manage to get my away when I'm away from home as well however. Whether it be getting someone to do my homework for me, getting someone to help me cheat on tests, bumping my grades up, or even getting extra presents ive usually been able to get it ever since middle school.I always was fine with getting other people to get me through life. After all, why walk when you can be carried

I was never the most ambitious person, in terms of my future so after living it big in high school it was time to face life head on. Instead of going to college I took to being a waitress. I made a decent living with all the tips I managed to get, but my parents weren't very happy with the way I chose to live my life. They kicked me out the house, claiming I was a burden for them. That really hurt yunno, the day I was kicked out was one of the only times that I couldn't change their minds.

So yea, I was angry. The only people ive ever cared about kicked me out, I felt betrayed. In hindsight I could have done more but that wasn't my mindset then. My mindset was anger and confusion. I tried to act like I could handle it, renting a crappy apartment on the east side of town. I was alone most of the time, I had no real friends and now that my parents had pushed me out of their lives I was feelings the effects of that.

One day I came back from work angry, I couldn't tell you why I'm pretty irritable. I just started throwing things on the ground, I came to my dresser and when I touched, poof it disappeared. Well actually I think it disintegrated on account of the pile of ashes left where the dresser had once been. I don't talk much about that day. Lets just say I freaked out a bit and I lost a lot of furniture.

A few months after my discovery I learned that both my parents got in a really messy car crash. I wanted to not care ans say they had what was coming to them but I just couldnt. I ushed to the hospital to see if they were okay. I couldn't belive that both of them were potentially going to suffer the same fate. The doctor said that they were both in comas. I had them both placed in the same room hoping that maybe their auras or their love for each other would wake them both up. Of course that didn't work.

Today I just don't have the money to keep them alive and the insurance company doesn't want to keep them alive either. I cant lose them I just cant, ill do what I have to do to keep them in the hospital. I don't know how but I have too

So begins...

Sandra Liland's Story


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Between Sandra’s work as a waitress and the ‘odd job’ she came across not too long ago, she still hasn't been making enough to support herself and her two injured parents. They are both suffering from a coma and were in very unstable states.
Treatment costs unreasonable amounts of money and the health insurance companies don't want to deal with it. Sandra tried to rummage enough money to keep them alive for at least one more month but it wasn't adding up. Tips weren't earning her enough money and the job offered to her by Maatika came too late in the month to get her the money needed.

“Get down on the ground!”

So this is what Sandra has been pushed to do, robbing banks just to keep her parents alive.

“If any of you move I’ll just shoot!”

Waving her guns around and screaming like a mad woman.

“I’m fucking serious!”

She walked down through the Bank while everyone lay below her , some with their hands on their head, except for the people behind the bullet proof glass who were activating their silent alarms. That didn't matter, she could get in and out before could arrive. With the Hockey Mask perched on her face and her hair tucked into a black cap they wouldn't be able to tell them much about her appearance either.

Most robbers would take this time to get the bankers to hand them the money whilst threatening another’s life but Sandra knew she didn’t need anyone else’s help, she just needed them to get out of the way. It had always been that way for Sandra if you couldn’t help her in some way then you needed to step aside. She never really cared for those who couldn’t help her either, even now, with her common sense banging at her subconscious in an attempt to be heard she cant find herself feeling like she is doing something wrong. She can only feel that she was pushed by everyone to come this far, that what she was doing now was simply necessary.

Sandra placed one of her guns in her pants taking the time to admire just how colorful and ‘cute’ it was to her, though she was sure that the people within the bank couldn’t say the same. She placed her hand on the glass and the teller just beyond stared at her with a blank face, maybe to hide the fact that he was scared. She had never tried to use her powers ever since the night she had discovered them, but she was convinced she could handle this. She closed her eyes for concentration and within seconds the glass pane that separated the interior of the bank from the rest was gone, replaced with a pile of dust. The teller immediately jumped back screaming bloody murder; he obviously wasn’t too good at hiding his emotions.

She rushed through the open window and ran past the man not giving him a second glance. She didn’t really know how banks worked so she was just looking for the biggest door and after going through a smaller door that read ‘Employee’s’ only she found the alleged "biggest door". She could hear all the people rushing out of the bank the minute she left their sight but she paid them no mind as she placed her hand on the Vault door. It was cold, sending a shiver down her spine She let out a puff of air.

“Ok here goes.”

She closed her eyes again, but upon opening them she saw that this time her little trick had not worked.


She couldn’t have come this far for nothing, she placed her hand on the door again concentrating even harder now to get the door out of the way, this time staring intently at the door. There was a flash of light before Sandra was sent flying to the wall. Could her powers not handle such a massive door? No, there would still be at least some damage to the door even if it couldn’t get all the way through right? Sandra stared at the door which now had slight burn marks but no sign of deterioration. She looked down at her hands then back to the door.

What now?


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Central Las Flores ][ Warehouse Rooftop ][ Late Afternoon

"Come in operative Novac." The crisp median male voice buzzed in Riley's ear. Cody Larson, her handler and closest friend, had been maintaining radio silence for the past forty-five minutes while he scoured satellite feeds, CCTV cameras, and civilian cellphone feeds, looking for a suitable crime in progress for Riley to make her grand debut in Las Flores. Fortunately for them, nothing was private in this digital age.

"Talk to me, Larson." Riley responded on que, her voice steady. She gazed out over the city, the buzz of the city humming low, a backdrop to their conversation.

"Bank job on 31st. Thought it was nothing but check out this CCTV feed." As he spoke, a security camera recorded popped up in the corner of Riley's glasses. The video showed a masked woman in the bank lobby press her hand on the glass panel that separated the teller from the lobby, and in a second, it dissolved into dust. The video then cut to the same woman press her hand against the vault door. Nothing happened. She tried again, and this time was sent flying across the room. "That was thirty seconds ago. Security camera still has her at the bank. Definitely powered and dangerous, but inexperienced. Should be no problem for you."

"I'm on it."

'Then we are go. Code names only until it's done. I'm Watcher, you're Afterglow. Good luck."

The bank on 31st was six blocks away. Six blocks might as well have been six miles for a responding officer on foot, and in the current traffic, it could still take the police up to ten minutes to arrive. Luckily for Riley, she didn't need to walk or drive, and she could cross six blocks in two seconds. She steeled herself. Entering her Ionized plasma state always felt weird, which was understandable, considering her atoms were partially vaporized, then ionized and superheated until she was a bubbling mass of sentient plasma. She didn't question the science behind it, as she consistently got C's in physics, but always wondered why it felt like it did.

She ionized, instantly feeling the burst of energy and power. It felt like pop rocks, but all over, like you were bathing in them. The world took on a blue tint, and everything looked brighter and fuller, like an image with the saturation turned all the way up. Sounds were recognizable, but distorted, as if they were coming through an old speaker or a megaphone. She leapt upward, sparking into the air and sailing towards her destination. The world around her blurred past, windows shattering nearby as she broke the sound barrier. Two seconds later, she was standing outside of the 31st Street bank, de-ionized. She rolled her shoulders and popped her neck, then drew her sword. A woman to her left screamed, clearly distraught.

"Hey, don't be like that. I'm here to help!" Riley tried to assure the woman of her good intentions, to no avail.

"Vigilantes are looked down on. It's even legal to lynch them. You've got some work to do before the people look up to you, so just let her be for now." Riley let out of sigh of exasperation and turned her attention to the bank. Inside she could see where the window was dissolved, and the door leading to the back room with the vault."Security cam shows she's still in there. Take her out."

Riley entered the building and skidded across the counter with an easy grace, igniting her sword with plasma in her left and and raising a small shield of plasma in front of her right as she landed. She took a breath, then lashed out at the door with a tendril of plasma, disintegrating it. She was told to make flashy entrances. She took in the room in a split second, her mind in full cop mode. In front of her, about fifteen feet, was the lone woman, her face obscured by a hockey mask and her hair tied up under a cap. She looked confused, as if fully expecting to have destroyed the vault door. She was obviously pretty new at this.

"It looks like you're robbing a bank. Would you like help? Riley chuckled at her own joke, though she didn't think the other woman would find it very funny. "Nah, just playin'. I actually gotta stop you, so, if you'd kindly put down your guns and just come with me, then everything will be cool and I won't have to seriously ruin your day. Mmkay?"

Riley hoped the girl would just surrender. It would be much easier, and she didn't really feel like killing this person, after all, she was obviously confused. Sure, killing her in an explosive battle would get a lot of attention, but that didn't have to happen. Still, Riley readied herself for anything. A bolt of plasma to the shoulder or the thigh would probably take her down quickly, but Riley still worried about this girl's power. If she could dissolve living things, then all of Greystar's personnel were at risk. She might be forced to kill in this instance.


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Southern Gate || Abandoned Shipyard Hidden Warehouse || Late Afternoon

His breaths were escaping from his mouth in short wisps of visible mist, thanks to the incredibly cold room he was in. A warehouse, heavily modified with freezer units. Afraid of the heat? Perhaps. Though the presence of not just one or two, not even three or four, not five, six or seven. Eight, nine, ten don't even cut it.

This room was built to help cool down the fifty-something units of computers, all linked up together, forming a kind of supercomputer.

And sitting in the middle of it, a young man with his hood on, but his eerily sharp yellow eyes illuminated as it flickered between the screens, lithe fingers tapping away at keyboards and touchscreens. It seemed that everything seemed to be of no interest to him, as he sighed heavily each time he came across something on his screen. It seemed that there were different people on his screens, some seem to show a detailed file, while others showed live feeds from the cameras throughout the city.

A young woman robbing a bank. With a flick of his fingers and zapping of a bright blue strand of light, one of the screens brought up her file. After scanning it and appearing disinterested, the young man sighed and focused on the other screens.

Two people talking with each other.

"Using the codenames Watcher and Afterglow." he noted, once again bringing up their files and then he sneered when he saw-

"Greystar... let's make a note."

Instantly, the files were prioritized.

To anyone else, there were so many interesting things to watch in the room of over fifty computers. There were multiple people on those screens, killing, being killed, saving people, being saved, stealing, being stolen from, the list was endless. Not even a fly was free from his scrutiny.

The magic man, the immortal, performing a daring show today with his audience sadistically trying to kill the man before them. This would've made anyone sick, but the youth seemed to take it in stride. After all, this guy was on his prioritized scrutiny file. He was unique.

A woman with the power to stop a person in their tracks, no doubt, after all those feeds from cameras... he deduced prowess involving the manipulation of blood.

Two individuals who could disappear, gifted with the powers of stealth. One who could meld with the darkness, becoming one. The other, genetically enhanced and experimented on, achieving a chameleon-like state.

A flying teenager, with presumably powers of the wind.

So many that he could list. So little time. Information could be deleted, but nothing was unable to be recovered. Especially not from him.

After all, everything was connected.

"... Tag, you're it." he murmured, tapping the screen of his intended victim for today. A bald man with beady eyes, multiple scars across his face and tattoos all over his body. Instantly, every screen in the room showed images, files, live feeds of the guy.

"Ihvan Ligardo. 34. Suspected of: Rape, theft, assault of a police officer, drug abuse. Charged with: Multiple first degree murders, mostly involving teenage woman, served only 3 years in prison, death sentence not given. Possibility of ties to primary target: 4.1%."

The youth stood up from his comfortable chair, picking up his short sword, pistol, a pair of unique looking spectacles and his phone, that was docked into the computer layout. He started for the door, whipping on his specs before pulling on his hood even further down his face.

"Chances of meeting and subduing target: 137%."

Everything was connected. There was no way you could catch him. No way you could find him. No way to stop him.

He is Rioned Tuduarge, known as the enigmatic and dangerous 'Grid Ghost' to every organization that feared him, making a new name for himself, 'V1RU5'.


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#, as written by Perfidy

Central Downtown Las Flores || Eastyard Boarding School || Late Afternoon

Droplets covered a a leaf curled a inches from Aranza. A leaf among many others that was only just settling from the unnatural gale that had made a storm of the private gardens only moments earlier. Aranza suppressed a small shudder of pleasure as she allowed the camera to fall against her stomach, tugging at the strap that secured it to her neck. Seven! I got seven this time.

The girl, young and heavyset, sporting overly large glasses and a busted lip, stood in the middle of the foliage as opposed to the path. Her eyes alternated between the camera screen and the spot in the air that Owen had just vacated. Without meaning to, she muttered a couple awed expletives in Spanish. She really had to tune out her mother's tirades.

Aranza flipped through the images on the digital camera, stills of a young man she went to school with. Standing in the garden, suddenly amidst a prismatic maelstrom, floating dozens of feet above the ground, and finally being consumed by a swarm of small bits of folded paper before taking off. When first being assigned to the task, Aranza was not particularly pleased. The school was a horrible place to seek out any non-expendable personnel. Students with any interest in crime were brash at best and completely unusable sociopaths at worst. The few metahumans that did turn up were usually caught misusing their powers and reported to the authorities immediately. Those that actually came back to school were placed under heavy watch, and had a beaten cast to their eyes that Aranza did not think would be of use to her. Owen was the exception.

“Owen.” she whispered. The look in the eyes of the young woman could only be described as enchanted. His habits, while not particularly noteworthy at first, were noticeable. It was sheer luck that Aranza was held back after classes one day by her peers for some “tough love” that she found herself leaving shortly after Owen. Out of sheer curiosity, Aranza followed the boy only to lose him in the garden. Her curiosity piqued, Aranza spent the next several weeks waiting for him to leave late again. This time she followed more closely. The reward for her diligence was seeing Owen take off into the sky. Aranza took to trying to catch him on film.

In the following months Aranza had compiled over two-hundred photos of Owen in various states of flight. Although she had already reported his existence to Monty, the mental clone felt a certain peace while watching him. As she dusted the dirt and flowers from herself, courtesy of her hiding spot amid the taller plants, a delicious though struck Aranza:

Will I be there to capture the moment he finally falls to the ground?

Uptown Las Flores || Amaranthine Base || Early Morning

“You know the drill, Ledger: no phones.” Monty fixed the guard with a sour look.

“I am well aware, thank you.” with the petulance of someone that thought they were deserving of far better than the lot they were dealt in life, Monty handed over her phone. Both guards stepped forward with a metal detector and magnetic scanner respectively. After a few annoyingly slow passes, the all clear was given and Monty was allowed to pass in to a hundred-foot corridor that led in to the next room.

A large desk of lacquered black wood dominated the center of the otherwise featureless room. An assortment of hardcopy files were stacked on both sides of the desk, some already sorted and the others awaiting inspection. Hands folded and masked face staring ahead, Gabriel sat patiently in anticipation of Monty's latest information. An empty gesture, given the nature of their bond. It was still necessary to maintain the appearance of “lowly bookkeeper” reporting to the “paranoid enigmatic mafia lord”.

Monty took a few steps forward and leaned her backside against the edge of the desk, turning to regard the masked man with a smile.

So, Gabriel, how are things? Her mental voice was dripping with sarcasm.

The mask is itchy. Gabriel's response was curt without being rude. Monty frowned. This particular clone had assumed the role of Gabriel over a year ago and had grown increasingly taciturn with the relative isolation the role entailed. Knowing that he was in essence herself in the same position, Monty could not help but feel the faintest pang of sympathy. Very faint.

Well, I have news that you should bring to the next gathering. Monty began counting off the most recent developments on her fingers. We have located seven new metahumans who are interested in joining the Amaranthine. They shall remain nameless until properly inducted. Greystar has yet to find a counteragent to the two latest drugs on the market, meaning we can keep a few of our remaining non-compliant backers under our thumb for the moment before those bastards buy their way free of us.

The raised fingers slowly curled in to a fist as Monty had to take a brief moment to collect herself after that one. Greystar was becoming an increasingly difficult to dislodge thorn in her side. A substantial chunk of the Amaranthine's legal profit was the donated funding of a couple dozen of the wealthiest business families in Las Flores. The Amaranthine secured these payments by keeping the stupid children of the families doped up on the most dangerous drugs that could be secured, drugs that required constant dosage lest serious health risks pop up. Greystar had already provided “cures” to three of these families, and Monty would bet her left arm that they were working on others.

As I was saying. The last order of business for you to go over next meeting would be that of the MYTHIC. They have been stepping on our toes as of late, and somehow got their suppliers to to get them access to chrace a week before our own was ready for distribution.

Gabriel twitched slightly at the mention of the newest psychoactive drug to hit Las Flores, chrace. Monty felt his longing. None of the mental clones had yet tasted of chrace, so the sensation could not be shared by their neural network. A new pleasure, a new sensation. Pushing away the intrusive impulse, Gabriel nodded. If that is all...?

“I'll see myself out.”

As Monty strode through the corridor and exited the subterranean office to retrieve her things from the guards, she stiffened. One of her older clones, a bankteller, was staring down an extremely familiar power-user that had just finished disintegrating a glass panel and was now facing a Greystar operative. Monty clenched her fists so hard that she thought she would draw blood. The guards simply thought she was annoyed by the leisurely pace at which they returned her belongings.

Keep observing. I would like to know if I lose a potential asset.

The West End || Glades Park || Late Afternoon

Things are not going well for the Amaranthine, Monty reflected. Accompanied by a lanky man of afghan descent–Ismail, another mental clone–she went about the rest of her day knocking off appointments from her list. Potential recruits, payments, shipments, and loans were all handled by Monty. She had to keep up the appearance of a busy little bee for the Amaranthine. Liking the micromanagement that the disguise entailed was a perk that the dark woman had not foreseen.

Near the end of her list, Monty found that she was supposed to pay Sandra Liland today. A frown tugged at the corners of her mouth as Monty crossed the task off of the list. Sandra proved to be a far shorter lived experiment than Monty would have liked. Even if she did survive the encounter with Greystar, Sandra would be incarcerated or put under surveillance for the rest of her days. In any case, Monty would not be visiting her any more unless some miracle made the girl worth running the risk.

The last of her appointments for the day was looking into a potential recruit. Spotted a few weeks ago by one of the other gang members, the lanky little boy could purportedly create electromagnetic disturbances over a wide area. Perfect for knocking out cameras, lights, and electronic grids for quick raids. The boy, Kyle Gregson, was contacted shortly after his discovery and offered a job. Today they were to meet in a park in the lower side of town.

As she and Ismail entered the park, Monty fell back into her thoughts. Her power was crumbling as surely and inexorably as the sea wears away at the face of a cliff. The Amaranthine was growing, surely, even richer than it had ever been before. Not quickly enough, though.

The most obvious threat was of course, Greystar. If they could do here what they had done already in Europe, then this was all for naught. The only thing keeping them from overrunning the country with metahuman restrictions were a few flimsy civil-rights laws. In the meantime, the organization was making examples out of power-abusers and criminal organizations. That would be fine if they were not succeeding. Slowly, very slowly, Greystar was earning the approval of the people.

Then there was the matter of those three. The mental clones who were too smart for their own good, and in possession of bodies belonging to people influential enough to abuse their power. One had started a gang of his own, and the other two were threatening to reveal Monty for what she was unless they were afforded new positions of power.

Melrose and the Gridghost were the least of her major concerns. The new kid on the block, Melrose and her MYTHIC were causing problems all across the board. Monty felt in her bones that a demonstration would be needed to put them in their place. The Gridghost was another matter entirely. The only thing she knew of them was that they were watching almost everything in the city, courtesy of what glimpses of the strange program the ghost used that her people could catch. Which is to say, mere wisps of a presence. The only reason Gridghost was not higher on her list of concerns was the method in which Monty preferred to keep her real information to herself: Telepathy. Everything that needed to be said was being communicated in a way that the ghost would not catch anyway. Unless they could read minds. In that case, Monty was doomed anyway and would roll with the punches as they came.

“Ledger,” Ismail's thickly accented English broke Monty from her stupor. He was pointing at a wispy young man in a wheelchair up ahead. He was playing a morose tune on the violin. Ledger perked up in interest almost instantly. “Is that him?”

“I believe so. Thank you, Ismail. Go wait by the gate.” Ismail nodded once and gave the boy ahead one last glance before returning to the entrance. Short dark hair, white, skinny, and small. He matched the description to a tee. Monty strode up to September, her heels clacking on the pavement and golden bangles clinking with every step. She stood in front of the open violin case, taking in the scene with unhidden curiosity.

“Hello. I believe you desired to meet me.” Monty fixed September with a warm smile, glancing to the sides to make sure that no one was near enough to hear them. “We have been observing you for a while. So is that how you do it? The violin transmits your abilities? An odd way to use a power, but I've seen less convenient methods.”


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Central Las Flores][Commercial District][Late Afternoon

The clerk knows why i have come to the hardware store. He let's me off free with the tools i need, waving at me with his bandaged arm. He has proven to be a loyal and resourceful man in times of need. He too supports my cause. He is too tired to scream anymore. He is too tired of them to be afraid anymore. Several rolls of thin electrical wire, a canister of washing soda, a cement saw. The order from the sawmill should be arriving in the next days. I need to prepare, there are lots of people out there needing to be liberated. My next objective is getting my hands on the last piece of my mosaic. Mosaic, shattered pieces re-arranged to form a bigger picture, a bigger message.

I haul the equipment to the back of my SUV. As i do so, a strong gust of wind hits me. It almost blows me on my back, but i push up against the car, wondering what was the cause of this. The air smells like electrical burns, coming from further down the street. I hop on and drive towards 31st street. Approaching 31st i almost drive over a hysterical woman. I glance over the commotion to inv-...

Bank robbery.



I can smell it. I drive back towards the commercial district, parking the car away in an alley, not before grabbing the silenced handgun. It probably wouldn't help against electric mutants, but better safe than sorry. The other mutant i am not sure of, no distinct smells. The lack of authorities around the perimeter worries me. I move in closer to the bank building. A safer approach would be from the vents above. I climb along the side of the building until i reach the rooftop. Heat, coming from the air ducts. I remove my street attire and throw them off the edge to a dumpster lying in the alleyway. The only thing remaining is my chameleon suit. I used to wear this all the time in my mission days, almost feels like a second skin. It's true purpose is to blend in with my innate chameleon abilities, enhancing them as much as possible. I remove a large grate and slip into the ducts, crawling towards the bottom floor. I hear faint talking coming from below. It feels like the trenches all over again.


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Feeling defeated Sandra sat at the wall beginning to realize the mistake she had made. She didn’t test her abilities ahead of time. Maybe her powers ran out of juice, or maybe she just couldn’t damage a door of that caliber for some reason or the other. She was angered by this for a moment shooting the door a mean glare behind her before deciding that there was no use thinking about it anymore, there was no time for that, it was time to go.

"It looks like you're robbing a bank. Would you like help?”

Another voice made itself known on Sandra’s side, obvious sarcasm coated her otherwise smooth voice. She quickly turned to look at whoever had the courage to follow her in. A woman stood there in all black with what looked like a glowing shield and sword. Sandra’s eyes widened at the sight, she didn’t think someone like this would come to stop her. She only prepared herself for the normal law enforcement.

"Nah, just playin'. I actually gotta stop you, so, if you'd kindly put down your guns and just come with me, then everything will be cool and I won't have to seriously ruin your day. Mmkay?"

As she thought the mystery woman was indeed being witty. Sandra stood to her feet and pointed both her pistols at the girl. Oh how Sandra hated women in black clothing, she preferred bright and energetic colors and now she was staring at some harlot that went completely against her fashion belief system. Her distaste for this new woman slightly made her less scared and surprised at her sudden appearance within the bank, but she still found it hard to say a word, which was quite uncommon of her. She gulped in anticipation and started

“Look here Bitch! I don’t think you understand my situation so you need to get the Hell out of my way”

Her voice was indeed being muffled by the mask but she so loud and aggressive with the way she spoke that a muffled tone hardly mattered, one could even argue that the people outside could her yelling, that happened to be quite common
“I don’t care about the little light show you got going on there, I’ll still shoot!”

As Sandra was talking she was slowly backing away from Afterglow, hoping that if she could touch the wall she would be able to get out of the building and out of this horrible situation. Unless her powers fail again, in which she would probably be doomed to whatever the public seemed necessary to do to her. They would probably hang her, gas her, maybe even torture her, but the method of her removal didn’t bother Sandra as much as the Fate of her Parents if she couldn’t support them.

“Back the Fuck off!”


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Riley adopted a more defensive position when the girl pointed her guns and grimaced at her words. She never liked it when people swore. Back in her police days, Riley would have gone for the kill the moment a suspect raised their gun, but she would much rather take this girl in than kill her, so she held to hope that this situation could be resolved peacefully.

"Okay, why don't you help me to understand then. I don't want to hurt you." She spoke calmly, a skill picked up during crisis negotiation training. "We can talk this through."

Sandra didn't bother to respond to Riley until she was firmly against the wall and as far away from her aprehender as possible. When she reached the wall it she jumped a little as she hadn't been broke eye contact with Riley in fear she would try something.

" For right now, they only thing you need to understand about my situation is that I need to go, Ok"

Sandra put both her pistols away so that she could plant them on the wall behind her. She also thought that it would be nice if Riley thought this was a gesture of peace and let her guard down.

Sandra didn't bother to respond to Riley until she was firmly against the wall and as far away from her aprehender as possible. When she reached the wall it she jumped a little as she hadn't been broke eye contact with Riley in fear she would try something.

" For right now, they only thing you need to understand about my situation is that I need to go, Ok"

Sandra put both her pistols away so that she could plant them on the wall behind her. She also thought that it would be nice if Riley thought this was a gesture of peace and let her guard down.

Riley smiled as the other girl holstered her guns, and in a show of solidarity, dropped her sword and drew its plasma into her shield.

"Why the rush? My friends are keeping the police occupied, so we can talk." Riley really didn't want to kill this girl, but she saw what her power did to the glass window. If she tried it on the wall, Riley would have no choice. "Whatever kind of trouble you're in, my friends and I can help you."

Sandra's voice tone switched from a confused kind of yelling to a more angry one
"No way am I falling for that, I'm not stupid!"
Sandra was almost sure that the cops would be here any minute, it was now or never to get out of here. The only thing talking to Riley would accomplish is sealing her own fate and the fate of her parents, and she was not having that.
"I know this trick!"
Sandra pressed her heels against the wall hoping that maybe increased contact with the surface would make the task of getting rid of it easier
"Your just stalling for the cops to get here so I have no where to go"
Sandra's hands and forearms were firmly against the wall, she had no clue if her power would work this time or not but it was time to try.
"So no, Fuck you!"
Sandra closed her eyes, focused on the getting the wall out of her way and before she knew it the wall had disappeared into dust just as the bullet proof pane before it. She had to step back a few steps to regain her balance and was glad that despite her random choice in wall she was greeted by sunlight.

"Damnit!" Riley growled through grit teeth as the girl dissolved the wall behind her. "Didn't wanna do this!" She thrust her right arm forward, clenching her fist as she did. Immediately, her shield of plasma shaped itself into a thick, spear-like shape and hurtled through the air towards the other girl. Another shield formed just as the first blasted off. At her feet, plasma engulfed her blade and lifted it into the air, coming to rest gently in her outstretched left hand.

Sandra was surprised at how quickly the other woman was able to re materialize her weapons, and even more surprised how quickly she launched one of those weapons at her. Sandra dove out of the way, the spear just barely grazing her mask on the upper left side. This allowed for a patch of her red hair to fall out into sight.

She hit the floor hard and was just at the edge of the sight line offered by the hole in the wall, oh how she wished she could have jumped a little further. She got up to her knees quickly grabbed her two pistols and began to fire. Sandra had never actually used her guns before so she wasn't really aiming, she was just spraying in the area hoping something advantageous would happen.

The only thing that she was able to notice in the moment of rapid fire was the noise of a helicopter flying over head, she was running out of time. Sandra emptied her clip and began to run.

Riley ducked behind her shield, expanding it so that it protected her body. She counted twenty-four shots, meaning two emptied clips, but only seven made the distinctive fizzle as the bullets disintegrated against her shield. Watcher was right, no training whatsoever. Riley glanced out from behind her shield in time to see the other girl take off around the corner of the open wall.

Riley followed, rounding the corner into the alleyway. Above, a police helicopter hovered about, a sniper poking his rifle out the side. Riley jerked back as a shot rang out, the bullet racing in front of her face and smashing the remainder of the bank wall beside her. She raised her shield and expanded it to cover her against the sniper's angle of attack. She was under explicit orders to not attack the police, so the best she could do was protect herself. The other girl was almost to the end of the alley now, and Riley could hear the sirens of the approaching police fleet. In a last ditch effort, she thrust both her hands forward, firing two bolts of plasma at the girl that spiraled towards her like burning helix.

Sandra turned her head just in time to see the attack coming straight at her at alarming speeds, the only way she could dodge this is if she jumped onto the floor again and if she did that her pursuer would surely catch up and do her in anyways, she had a better chance on her feet. The only way she could think of doing this was...
Guess I gotta try
Sandra stopped, pivoted around towards Riley and placed her hands right in front of her, the streams of energy making contact closely after. All of the energy seemed to go right into Sandra however the shock of the blast put her exactly where she didn't want to be, right on the ground.

Ok well, I can do that

Sandra tried to stand herself from a hands and knees position, but it suddenly it became hard to move, like some force was pushing down on her, she couldn't even talk. Her eyes just darted back and forth at the sidewalk wondering what that girls attack did to her. Thinking what a bad decision taking that head on was.

Sandra was beginning to feel slight pains, her body started to flicker a bright yellow before fully covering her in a golden sheet of of energy. Sparks of electricity shot out of her body, blowing out lights. She was able to stand up new but everything that was happening was completely out of her control. She didn't feel out of control however, she didn't even feel scared, the only thing she could feel at this point was intense pain.


Her voice now had an electronic sound to it, like she was a computer or like she was speaking into a fan. She began to float up into the air, which She cared about slightly more than the pain that was affecting her entire body at once.

The other girl screamed, but it wasn't the kind of scream that one makes after receiving severe plasma burns. She began to glow a bright gold and float upwards.

"Tell me you're seeing this Watcher?"

"Did she just absorb your plasma? Shit. She looks like she's about to explode. Hit her again!" Riley nodded, braced herself, and launched another helix straight at the girl suspended in midair.


She moved quickly and sporadically within the air. It looked as if she was teleporting 3 feet in any direction only to transport herself to her original position to repeat the process. The Helix that was launched at Sandra missed because of these quick and random movements.

This reaction was not caused by the Plasma doing damage to her physically however. Sandra's body was at risk of an Overcharge due to her suddenly absorbing a high concentration of energy after only absorbing meager amounts before.


The amounts of electricity began to shoot of more frequently and with more power than before, the strain on her her body increased causing her to scream even louder than before and her movements were more sporadic. But then it all ceased for a moment, the electricity stopped, the movement stopped, the screaming stopped.


Then it happened, Sandra's body released most of her energy in the form of an EMP, three different ones to be Exact. Lights exploded, Police sirens stopped, and the Helicopter that had once been observing the area was now finding its way down to the ground.

"....agnetic out..." Watcher's voice fizzled to static and then silence. A split second later, a crash rang out over the city. The helicopter had connected with the pavement. There was a faint ringing in Riley's ears, and then it hit her. The final burst of the EMP dissipated her plasma, causing it to dissolve harmlessly into the air. Riley's whole body began to tingle, like a limb falling asleep, and she collapsed to her knees. Her vision went blurry, and she could barely make out sounds around her. She'd lost track of the other girl.

Riley gathered her strength and tried to focus, desperately trying to ionize the plasma in her body again. It was like trying to pull start a lawn mower, each attempt stuttering out until finally it kicked on. It felt like jumping into a cold lake on a hot summer day. She reached down and retrieved her sword, then fully ionized herself, entering into her plasma state. There was no time worry about the other girl, or the police, or anything else. The only thing that mattered now was escape. She took off into the air, arcing out of the alley and onto the main street. The nearest safe house was in East Las Flores, so that's where she headed.

After the the blast Sandra slowly came back down to the floor, she almost fell upon touch down but managed to stay on her feet.The energy that once coated her from head to toe had dissipated and all her pain was replaced with a euphoric feeling.

She could hear screams in the distance following the crash of the helicopter. In he wake of her once seemingly noble cause there were many lives ruined, and right in the epicenter of all the chaos was Sandra...but there was no time to think about that. Now was the time to run and that's exactly what she did, she didn't know where she'd go or what she'd do, but she had to go.


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#, as written by Perfidy

The West End || Glades Park || Late Afternoon

Well that was interesting. It was a rare occurrence indeed when they made themselves any more noticeable than a peripheral blur. Whatever this boy was, the indistinct apparitions that clouded the edges of Maatika's mind were interested to know. So much so that for a few moments they held off on their eternal quest to drive Monty to insanity and revealed themselves, crowding the young man in an eerily silent semicircle of static figures.

Monty was careful to maintain eye contact, but allowed her smile to dim somewhat as if a little disappointed; she was, but it was good to let others know too. The phantoms slunk back in to the recesses of Monty's mind just as quickly as they had come. All except one. Monty could feel the pinpoints that served as its eyes boring into the her back like hot pokers. His name rushed to the fore of her mind unbidden: Nathaniel Nelson. An office worker. Two kids, although they spend most of the time with his ex-wife. Recreational drug user.

In the following seconds she realized why his attention stood out so vividly among the dozens that held her in constant regard: it was fading.

It took a great amount of effort not to spin around and stare the phantom dead in the eye. Monty instead rubbed her arm uncomfortably, as if the situation was suddenly awkward beyond belief. Reasonable enough, considering September's clarification. Reasonable enough, considering the last glimpse she caught of the shade that was Nathaniel was that of him stepping past her to stand in front of September. The link binding the phantom to her psyche snapped with a sensation akin to having a thread yanked from one's garment.

“Oh.” her voice came out more subdued than Monty intended, bleeding more emotion than she would like. She affected a half-hearted smirk. “I see, my apologies. I must have been mistaken.”

Monty took a quick step toward September but was sure to keep an amount of space between them that one would consider polite. A blue and black business card was withdrawn from her obviously expensive handbag, and gently placed it on September's knee. Her hands shook ever so slightly from a sudden rush of adrenaline, a crude mirror of September's infirmity. Monty nodded once and smiled again. “If you ever have some free time, I would enjoy hearing about you regardless. Collecting stories is something of a hobby of mine, and you look like you have a tale to tell. Call me any time.”

The card was fairly minimalist in design. Ledger's Bookkeeping, Accounting Services and Job Placement.

Another curt nod. The clicking of heels against pavement retreated as Monty made her way out of the park. At the gate, she found Ismail waiting by the gate with a scrawny youth sporting a mop of unruly black hair. Ledger scowled and held up a hand as Ismail opened his mouth and silenced the apology she knew was coming. This time she was more direct.

“Kyle Gregson?” she asked.


“Walk with me.” as they began moving towards the black car in the parking lot, Ledger could not suppress the urge to scratch at her wrist. The leather glove made the effort clumsy at best, and she had to slide it down a little to attack the offending itch. What she saw set her heart to racing. One of the minute names inked into her flesh squirmed and dug at Monty's skin as it slowly burned away, leaving the smallest of gaps in the list.

She did not need to guess which name had been erased. Or where it had gone, either.

Cafe Mystigue || Central Town || Early Evening

The one bright spot of her day was completely overshadowed by the torrent of news Ledger was receiving via calls and messages from her clones across the city. The bank debacle had gone critical. Something, presumably the Greystar, had completely wrecked several square miles of electrical equipment, wiring, and telecom signals in the Commercial District. Ledger resisted the urge to call Sandra. In all likelihood, the girl was dead or subdued if a Greystar could pull that kind of power out for a single bust.

As it was, Monty rode quietly in the back of a sparkling polished black Ford Fusion driven by Ismail. Ismail had a particular love of vehicles, a trait presumably inherited by the original occupant of the clone's body. They had dropped off Kyle a few minutes ago and were on their way to secure one of Monty's investments.

The car pulled to a stop in front of an unremarkable squat building with a too-bright sign. Monty signaled for Ismail to keep the engine running as she stepped out of the car and into the cafe. Mystigue. Monty had to keep herself from sneering at the pretentious name. It was a glorified coffee shop, not a bloody art show.

Cheap coffee and artificial sugar assaulted her nostrils as soon as she entered. Thankfully, the reason for her arrival was in plain sight. Monty caught the tail end of some explanation of offering first aid as she strode up to the booth Mako was seated at.

“That will not be necessary...” Monty appeared to consider the right word to use to address Selene before offering a wan smile, “Miss. I will be escorting my charge here to receive proper treatment.”

One quick look was all Monty needed to see that Mako's latest hunt had gone awry. What little skin she could see between the fabric of the girl's clothing was an angry red and even inflamed in some places. Monty scowled and unbuttoned her jacket to drape it over Mako; the blood loss would be making her cold about now, and it would help keep her inconspicuous. She proceeded and place a gentle hand on Mako's cheek and bring her in for a warm embrace.

“Mako, I'm so sorry. I've received so many calls and texts today you were almost lost amid the din.” Monty pulled back and smiled in a self-depricating manner. “Almost. Come, Ismail has the car waiting outside. Let's go get you cleaned up.”

Monty shot Selene a quick nod of gratitude before leading Mako off toward the exit. Internally, she sighed. Kids.