Sherman Doyle

"Even God is useless in my presence."

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a character in “Blurry Lines: Establishing Them”, as played by AeJylhis


"Even God is useless in my presence."

Shermanius Doyle

Visual Age: 22
Factual Age: 27

Hair: Messy, jet-black hair that always looks like he just got out of bed.
Facial Hair: NA, he shaves
Eyes: Steel-grey, dancing with interest and malicious intent
Build: Very fit, muscular
Skin Tone: Fair
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 189lbs
Voice: Dangerously soft, gilding and almost bored
Handed: Left
Body Markings: NA
Scar Tissue: Large scar across the back of his waist
Unique Body Features: NA

Sherman is dressed sharply, always a designer brand upon his well-built frame. His messy hair seems to give him a nonchalant air, though his intelligent grey eyes seem to say other wise. He is attractive, very, and dangerously so. He walks with an air of confidence and makes everyone willingly submit to his superiority. He always has a sly and somehow smirk on his face, as if he's thinking of something that we all can't even begin to fathom. Unseen in men, he has naturally and perfectly sculpted lips. Women find him very attractive, what with his wealthy, attitude, and attractiveness. He also enjoys smoking.


Motivation: God-complex and a sinister mind of a madman
Fears: NA
Goals: To obtain all sorts of abilities from the superpowered humans
Positive Traits: calm + diplomatic + intelligent
Negative Traits: psycho - controlling - cruel

Sherman's mind is incredible and yet sadly, his uses for it are diabolic. He has a very prominent God-complex. With little regard for anyone, he doesn't seem to have a fear at all, as he knows perfectly well that he can escape from anything bad. Sherman always gives of this air of calmness, yet deep inside there's this psychotic cruelty. Always the diplomat, Sherman prefers to negotiate terms, although he isn't afraid to use fine threats, a little violence or even the assistance of mind-control to tip the scales to his favor. He dislikes being defied and this can be seen as a controlling side that he has. There's just this very eerie calmness when he stares at someone writhing in pain, almost as if he's enjoying it.
...and then the smirk comes.

- Superpowers
- Himself
- Seeing people in pain
- Watching the conflict between villains and heroes
- Science

- People with no superpowers
- Failures
- Being defied
- God and religion
- Times where he has no powers to use

- Single and without a family.
- Has two bodyguards that accompany him everywhere, Pete Maxwell and Janette Brown, who possess Super Strength and Mind Control respectively. Janette's Mind Control is activated by eye-contact or verbal command, but doesn't induce a trance-like state to the person affected, which makes detection nigh impossible, however one can resist if they realize that they are under mind control and break free.

Power Transfer - Coined the ultimate superpower by Sherman himself, his power allows him to shut down any superpowered human within a certain range from him, also transferring the power to himself. In other words, Sherman turns every superpowered person into a human and he gains their powers. While initially just a seeminly ordinary person, Sherman's power allows him to escalate out of control the more superpowered humans are within his range, gaining each ability as his own as well as turning all his would-be friends AND foes into useless scum. This power is innate and activates no matter friend or foe. The power itself also allows Sherman to have an aptitude with all the abilities he gains, making him just as efficient with them as the original owners. While the amount of powers he can gain is unlimited, the power's range has a limit and once the superpowered human is out of this range, the power Sherman gained will be lost and returns to it's owner. So in other words, to win is to not fight him at all!

-A phone that has been encoded to receive and make anonymous calls, a smart gun which has been programmed to two settings; to incapacitate with a burst of electricity or to destroy with a shot that causes the target to explode.
-He always has a body double to represent himself in public.

- Natural empathy with abilities
- Intelligence of a madman
- Very calm, has no feelings for anything, could kill a baby without flinching
- Skilled in hand to hand combat and a rather good shot
- His Power Transfer can make him incredibly strong

- Nothing special without any superpowered human around him
- Tends to let superpowered humans live because he wants to 'harvest' them
- Enjoys toying around with people
- Pride
- Often underestimates his enemies, with good reason[/size=90]

Sherman is a filthy rich billionaire, and I mean filthy. The money was earned through mind control and he has almost all of politics within his grasp. He lives in luxury in his own mansion, which has a secret lab underneath. State of the art technology underneath his mansion seems to continuously be at work with top scientists for Sherman's diabolical plans.

Shermanius Doyle's origin story is very vague. He's secretive with his life and he seems to enjoy that fact alot. There are many theories, but this one seems to be the most common, Sherman was a bastard child of his mother, who had been raped and kept as a sex slave by gang members. She endured those 9 months of sexual abuse and gave birth to Sherman. Exhausted and tired of the world, she passed on, leaving her son at the mercy of the gang. The baby was strung up and used as a punching bag. However, Heaven seemed to smile at the child, and help arrived. One of the police officers was one of the very first superpowered human and his Regeneration power was transferred to the baby, healing the dying child, saving him from death. The same policeman died that day, shot several times... But Sherman was safe.
He grew up, an intelligent creature, filled with amazement and wonder at the world. He reveled at his superiority. Unlike other power users, he knew what his was and he became obsessed with it. This eventually led to him planning. He was going to take everyone's power in this world and become the greatest, most powerful being in the world. He was a madman, but he was brilliant. If he was the strongest, who would dare stand to oppose him? Who would be able to even stop him? He would be the ultimate ruler of the world and he would be a God to them. With this God-complex in mind, he began his research, hiring and recruiting people to his cause, mostly by underhanded means.
He was going to find a way to increase the range of his power... and no one would be able to stop him.


So begins...

Sherman Doyle's Story