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Catya Varias

"You are never in the beginning, always in the end. Those who don't apreciate what little time we have, they don't deserve to live."

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a character in “Blutsband”, as played by VampireGirl98



Age: 17
Gender: Female
Race: Blood Vampire
Family: Aunt Michelle Varias, Sister Claira Varias

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Likes: Old fashion in both clothing and internment. She likes classic books like "Romeo and Juliet" or "The Picture of Dorian Gray". She likes dancing ballet and has done it since she was four. She also has a week spot for chocolate cookies. Catya is somewhat of a lone wolf. She likes classic music. She likes horror movies.
Dislikes: Pop music. Croats, beans and pepper. She has a curtain dislike for romantic comedies. Video games are of the radar. She doesn't like tulips or pink roses. She has a distaste for cartoons, TV dramas and reality shows. she doesn't like being dirty. And hates being wrong even more. She dose not like arrogant people or weak people who tend to cry all the time. She is not likely to forgive someone who has messed with her or her family.
ImageBiographic History: Catya lived happily with her parents and had always been very close to her cousin. However, all happiness fled her when she reached the age of six. While visiting the queen (her cousin); someone put the manor they were currently living in on fire and her mother as well as father passed away. While fleeing the inferno with her younger sister, Catya accidentally summoned a familiar; a small black raven who came to be called Morrigan. What happened that night scarred Catya greatly, and gave her an intense grudge towards the other vampiric race. Apparently they had been the ones responsible for the fire. Up until now, Catya and her sister have been living with their aunt. When word of her cousins death reached her, Catya swore not only to avenge her beloved cousin's death, but also to become queen in her place. So, she packed her bags and traveled back to the place she despises so much; the town where her family was murdered. Will she manage to win the crown? Or will someone try to stand in her way?


Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Purplish Red
Weight: 55 kg
Hight: 166 cm

So begins...

Catya Varias's Story

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Catya made her way to the inn with hasty steps. She didn't want to be caught in the sun light. Dawn was already on it's way, and she hadn't slept in three days. Catya knew she would soon go to school on human hours; she had never done that before. Anyhow, she at least wanted to be on her best side if she was going. It was Saturday, so there were only two days left until school started. She also knew that wasn't the only reason she was tiered. Catya hadn't had blood in days and it was taking its toll.

The air was freezing, as she hurried on. She soon saw her first glimpse of the inn she was going to reside at until better living accommodations had been found. For how long would she be in this cursed town? She didn't know. But she knew it was going to be her home for a while. Her pace quickened. Then she stopped right in front of the door, suddenly unsure of herself. She stood there for a minute, trying to make up her mind. Catya had as much right being here as anyone else, right? She was young but surely not the only one? Catya shook her head. They had called her after all. She opened the door decidedly and walked inside, up to the front desk.
"Hallo, I am Catya Varias, I have reserved a room," The young vampire stated, her speech bearing an ever so slightly Romanian accent. Catya spoke excellent English, but well, you can never fully hide your true identity. The crow on her shoulder gave a slight squeak as he glanced around curiously. She glanced up at him, and gave her a slight, reassuring smile. Yes, everything would be fine.

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#, as written by Gladis
Viktor snorted in slight annoyance as he watched the girl bolt, and the meek vampire after him. There was so etching off about Abert, he knew. He remembered him well, although only barely, from what his father had thought him about his relatives. Howeber, that was not what he found strange about the child. It was that fact that he indeed- did smell like a child. He had never had blood in his life before, Viktor realized. He had not yet become a true blood vampire... despite his age. What a disgrace to the van Kneers- what a disgrace to their race. The whimp was reason enough to follow them, or so Viktor reasoned.... but that was not the only reason. He had seen and smelled that girls blood- and he wanted it. He wanted it badly. It was not like her blood bore the most amazing smell he had ever experienced... but it smelled good. Better than what he had had in quite a while.

Forcing himself to calm down and keep composure, Viktor started following their trail in the snow, and the lingering scent the girl had left. He wasn't running or hurrying, but he did walk in a acceptable pace, ignoring the fact that he no longer was as silent as before, but nonetheless still graceful. His feed made a slightly crunching noise as they made impact with the crisp snow and frozen ground, and his eyes glimmered even brighter than before. Now when he had caught her scent, he would be Abel to find her... no matter where she went or where Albert tried to take her. Biktor had already decided he didn't like the kid; he was a Whimps excuse for a vampire. Even more so than Yuri... and that said a lot.

A small smile formed on his lips when he had almost reached the inn, his hair feeling wet by the time, as so it was snowing heavily. He was glad for it. Despite the sun being up, the snow clouds prevented it from reaching him in that way. "Perrrrfect..." he purred as he stepped into the inn.

He glanced around and arched an eyebrow as he spotted another blood vampire... and her familiar. After a short moments thought, he realized it was Catya... another distant relative. It didn't matter to Viktor, though. He would be the one to claim te throne. he was sure of it, and he would not let anything stop him... not even little crow girl.