Ceceill Oaraich

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a character in “Blutsband”, as played by Jozarin


Name: Ceceill Oaraich
Age: 26
Gender: Female
Race: Sanguinem Lamia
Family: Sjeosam Oaraich (Father, dead), Maeget Oaraich, nee Sawih (Mother, Alive)

Personality: She is polite to practically everyone, even spirit vampires. Despite this façade, she is a highly sadistic creature that takes great pleasure in nearly draining the life from her victims. She, however, does care for her thralls. She is in general solitary, and has few close friends.
Sexual Orientation: Homosexual
Likes: Human Girls, Blood, Athletics, Hiding
Dislikes: Rivals, Death (wasted opportunity), Doing nothing, Weapons.
Biographic History: There isn’t much to tell about her history, Growing up, she always kept at least two thralls with her in school, when they left her school, they inevitably either fell in with other vampires, or became drug-addicts, some even becoming the slaves of spirit vampires. In high-school, she managed to do reasonably well, and joined a clique of some of the more influential students. When in college, she obtained a degree in psychology, in part from determination, but mostly by blackmailing the teachers. In the last two years, she has had an interest in the occult, particularly its symbols’ capability for torment.

Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Deep red, with a brownish tinge.
Weight: 38 Kg
Height: 170 cm
Brief Appearance Description: Quite tall and thin, with black hair and white skin, she can be a distinctive figure in many settings. She has a few tattoos, with occult imagery. She normally wears either robes or a suit. Occasionally a mask will cover her face.

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