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James Servus

Human slave

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a character in “Blutsband”, as played by Deafmute



Name:James Servus
Race:Human bonded to Spirit Vampire


Personality: James, is obedient, respectful, and silent. All the best qualities a slave can have. He has never needed to be disciplined in the 5 years since he was marked. He serves his master completely and without question, on the surface. A deep anger rages beneath the surface of this child. He was one of the few humans marked against his will, and his service though outwardly submissive, it entirely involuntary. He is intelligent and driven, and the sum total of his mind is tasked to finding a way to get his revenge.

Sexual Orientation:Heterosexual

Likes:James enjoys playing the cello. The only comfort in his life is the hours he will play alone in his room, dark and soulful pieces he writes himself.

Dislikes:James loathes his bond, the fact he can feel his jailer's heart beat, every second of every day. A reminder of the prison he can never escape. He hates the feeling as his mistress draw the energy of his life out of him to cast magic. A thing she does often and frivolously. By extension James has developed a hatred for all the vampires, but the spirit ones the most. And more than anything he can't stand the "voluntaries", a derogatory term he has placed on the humans who have willingly given themselves to the vampire in what James feels is a sick twisted fetishistic relationship. None of the vampires care about the Humans, no matter what they say, or at least that is what James would say.

Biographic History: At 6 years old, James's loving parents were killed in a car accident. A drunk driver careened over 5 lanes of traffic missing every car only to collide head on with their vehicle. James had been ejected from the car only to miraculously survive. Twelve weeks in intensive care before James opened his eyes, and in the midst of his once perfect carefree world collapsing around him, she appeared. The petite angelic figure of a woman, came seemingly out of no where, funded his entire hospital stay, and offered to adopt the young boy. An offer that was processed and okay-ed by the state with uncanny ease. James first days in the manor of the Duchess were... unsettling to say the least. A drastic change in lifestyle from the suburban middle class home he had been raised in, the manor provided a cold comfort to him. Servants met his every need and the Duchess herself was quite warm, tucking him in each night and eating meals with him, but it was all very rigid. His time was completely ordered, a trait he would come to find out was one of the strongest in the house. One night he was awakened by a servant in the middle of the night, completely dressed in black. The servant led him down into the cellar where The Duchess stood. surrounded by all her servants. A ritual began, one that terrifies James still to this day to remember. At the end of the ritual a single mark appeared on the back of his neck. A silver crown, the mark of the Duchess's family, the mark of a spirit vampire's bond, and for James, the mark of enslavement. Duchess Vontessa did not ascribe to the newer beliefs among her kin towards humans. She viewed them as lesser creatures, slaves, perhaps at best... pets. James was an ideal canditate for her, a young viral male with no attachments. The perfect specimen to groom to her needs, and the most supple energy source for her magic. Hailed as the top flame wielder in generations Vontessa seeks to claim the head seat of the Spirit Vampire hierarchy. James sits a silent witness as she plots her take over, but James plots as well.


Hair Color:A deep mahogany brown hair, sets off his still very boyish features.
Eye Color: His hazel eyes have a very volatile nature. Hollow at most times in the absence of prying eyes a fire fills them that no one could mistake for passivity.
Weight: 150lbs, muscular.
Hight: 5'8"

So begins...

James Servus's Story

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A single candle lit the massive sitting room, flickering with every minute waft that stirred the stale air. Shadows twisted in every corner of the room dancing like demons in time with the small flame. The Duchess Vontessa lounged on a small overstuffed couch, penning a letter to one of the many individuals she would need to help her secure the throne.

Traditionally the spirit throne is taken by merit of magical prowess, and withing the noble circles there were few who could contend with the shear potency of Vontessa flames. Of course the source of her skill was her own, but the potency in the flames could only be attributed to her bond, to James.

The thought that his life force was potentially a source of her greatest chance at the spirit throne, sickened the disenfranchised boy. There had been nights that he had held a knife to his wrists praying for the will to take his own life just to deprive her the power his body involuntarily gave her.

Standing in one of the darkened corners, watching the Duchess carelessly use her magic to play with the candles flame, feeling the life force trickling out of him, James reconsidered the knife.

"James" the Duchess called out in the sing song voice that one would use to call a dog. "I am feeling dry, please fetch some wine from the cellar won't you." there was no question in the request it was an order, James had to stop his hand from running down the burns on his arms in remembrance of the last "request" he failed to fulfill.

Nodding silently he strode to the cellar. As he passed through the main hall he noticed a letter lying opened on a table. The letter bore the crest of the house of Der Kneer, a blood vampire clan, which from his understanding was in direct line to the blood throne. Had Vontessa been reaching out even to the bloods for support? The feud made such a thought seem ludicrous, but maybe...

Swinging his eyes around the room James pick up the letter and read it quickly.

Lady Vontessa,

I regret to inform you that in spite of your generous offerings, I must decline your proposal. I have doubts to your claim
that you could further secure my ascension and the scandal that would arise should such a plot be discovered would
certainly lead to a revolt. However should you manage the spirit throne on your own, I will look forward to negotiating with

With regards,
Lady Ilse van der Kneer.

James couldn't believe his eyes. Vontessa acutally had contacted the bloods and proposed some sort of plot. James quickly returned the letter to its place on the table careful to ensure that it was exactly as he had found it. He wasn't sure how he could use this information, but somehow, someway he would use this to help him get his revenge.

Vontessa's voice called out harshly from the other room, "James! Where is my wine?" James sneered in contempt before hurrying off to the cellar.

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Snow gathered on top of James' dark chestnut hair, melting slowly, leaving him feeling cold and wet. Standing before the enormous Gothic manor, James held to his stoically blank face as his mistress tapped her foot impatiently.

"These bloods!" She spat, "Making a woman of my status wait for this long is inexcusable..." she continued to rant off to herself, clearly not speaking to James, such conversation was never done with him.

James was accompanying the Duchess and her entourage on yet another political move, and to Jame's astonishment it was once again a blood that she was seeking to involve herself with.

The feud between the bloods and the spirit vampires spanned back longer than James could ever discover. Spending large amounts of time in the duchess's numerous libraries. Jame's had put a lot of time into understanding his enemy. As far as the scholars could tell, the feud began early in the two vampire races' existences. Some postulated that it was the result of competition over the human food source, others claimed that it was over territory. However, all the scholars agree that at least at one point in history, the feud escalated due to a blood feeding on a spiritus's bond. Since that point conspiring with a blood vampire in anything has been not only frowned upon but looked upon as being the epitome of disgust.

James knew that the Vontessa was not stupid, if she was meeting like this in the open, then she must have something, something big. The question is what?

Finally, the massive door opened, a butler dressed in all black bowed low ushering the group into the entrance way. The mansion was every bit as extravagant as Vontessa's own, though it was quickly apparent that the style of the blood vampires was markedly different than the spiritus. Dark crimson curtains adorned much of the walls and windows. Elegant tapestries and heirlooms decorated the high walls covering everything all the way up to the massively vaulted ceilings. Magnificent paintings glorifying the ancient bloodlines lined the halls.

James sneered the outrageous opulence of it all. It was gaudy to his eyes, one look at the duchess said she felt the same. James grimaced internally at the shared sentiment quickly dropping his eyes to study the floor, in an attempt to occupy his mind.

The butler motioned for them to follow him as he lead them down a dark hallway into a sitting room. "My Lord, Vicktor Ivanov, will be with you shortly, he apologizes for his delay, there were internal matters he had to attend to." Bowing again the butler took his leave.

The duchess frowned impatiently at his departure. "He had better not be long..." she complained, though for all her complaints she made no move to leave.

A few moments later a dashing young blood waltzed into the sitting room. Giving off a short formal introductory bow the handsome young man addressed them, "I am sorry for the delay, My name is Vicktor Ivanov, to what do I owe this unusual visit." his voice full of a forced politeness. thinly veiled.

The Duchess dismissed her other entourage leaving only James and Vicktor still in the room with her, before she began. An air of arrogant disdain dripping in her words. "I am the Duchess Gabrielle Vontessa, third cousin to the late King Glaskov, and highest member of the Vontessa clan. I am aware that you are seeking the blood throne just as I am seeking the spirit throne. My own hold on the seat is strong, but who knows how long the fighting will go on as each minor seat tries to fight for their own ludicrous claims. My understanding is that the same is true for the bloods." She paused turning to look back at Vicktor who gave a slightly irritated nod. "I have... information that could help us both. Information that could guarantee our respective claims get the credence they so clearly deserve." Drawing out a long silence she pursed her lips seemingly still questioning if she wanted to give up this last piece. " I know who killed the Blood Queen and the Spirit King. If you help me find the assassin our crowns will be assured."

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#, as written by Gladis
(Deafmute, I'm not mad at you or anything, don't worry. But I would prefer if you didn't control the actions of my characters in the future... it is actually considered godmodding. There is no need to change what you have written now or anything, just thought I'd inform you. ^^)

Victor arched an eyebrow, and although he was slightly annoyed, not to mention even a little uneasy about the spirit vampires visit- she had peeked his curiosity. Motioning for her and what he believed was most likely her bonded humans to take a seat, he sat down himself, his back straight and his hands placed in his lap. Even if his curiosity had indeed been touched, he could not say that he wasn't doubtful about her words and proposal. He knew Spirit vampires were exceptional liars and tricksters- they had always been.

"That is a very interesting little piece of information you carry with you," he finally stated, looking ever so slightly thoughtful before a diplomatic look crossed his face again. It was very much like his fathers, and showed no emotions at all. Truly... it was simply blank. Yet his voice did still imply how much he disliked this situation, if only a little. "but I must confess there is no way I can believe what you say is true... or dare make a deal with you yet," he leaned over the table and watched her with his pale red eyes for a moment, a small and empty smile tugging the corners of his lips. "Do you have any proof against the suspect?" he asked, tipping his chin with his finger before he straightened up again.

"I would indeed be capable of finding an assassin, and the death of the culprit would indeed suit the both of us very well... or at least the imprisonment of him/her. However, if we have no proof it will undoubtedly not do us any good." He was interested- very interested, in fact. But he first wanted a guarantee it would all work the way they wanted plus that it would actually help him with gaining the blood throne. Besides, he did not like the idea of working together with a spirit vampire... although... if he would gain from it, Viktor guessed he could look past his hatred for them... at least for the time being.

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The Duchess sneered, "Of course I have proof, I'm no twat!" Her eyes flared from a deep blue to a fiery orange as her anger heated up. She dug into her bag and retrieved a small chest about he size of a shoe box. The chest was a plain steel mold but it was seamless, with no visible way to open it. Holding it in both hands she held it in front of the blood vampire.

Before Victor could inquire, the duchess's eyes began to glow the orange irises shifted to a golden sheen. James grimaced, as he felt his life force drain form him. There was a tingle all over his body as what he could only akin to a shiver ran up his spine. From the top of his head to the tips of his toes he felt a crawling trickle as a slow wave swept up all focused into the back of his neck. The silver crown shaped marking on his neck began to glow as well attuning to the duchess's call. The call tickled his brain in a way that felt like nothing he could describe a sense of blissful peace, but James hated it. The experience made him feel dirty, violated in a deeply personal way. Holding in his rage he silently prayed for death, either his or hers.

As the duchess channeled. A thin red line of fire burned around the circumference of the metal box. A perfect split. Releasing her hold on James's soul, Vontessa's eye returned to their original blue. Smiling at her own cleverness, she opened the container, to reveal a small doll. Little more that dirty rags strung together into the shape of a small girl, the doll still managed to emanate a sweet aura, clearly some small girl had loved it once very dearly.

"This.." the duchess explained. "is a doll that belonged to my niece. The only child of the late King Glaskov. I found it on the steps outside the manor where they were killed. Her existence has been kept a secret from all but the closest of relatives. She is at this time the most dangerous living spirit spiritus, a single look from this child can kill, and Judging by the way both the Queen and King died, there is no question in my mind that her powers were responsible. Since her existence is a secret almost no one even knows she is missing. I have investigated these past days since the murder and she is no where to be found. Is that proof enough for you?" The duchess smiled cruelly, taking a seat on a cushioned chair she waited for her news to soak in.

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#, as written by Gladis
Viktor leaned back in his seat, watching the spirit vampire pull out the chest- which by the looks by it was impossible to open. Well, at last anyone without magic, he assumed. Subconsciously playing with one of the locks of his hair, he eyed her carefully, keeping back a chuckle at her statement. That still remains to be seen, no? What a bold and irritating one... He thought to himself as he watched her open the box with magic- confirming his suspicions. So, she was a fire user? Interesting indeed. Well, at least he thought she was a fire user, judging by the looks of it.

A sly smile remained on his lips all the while as he watched her pull out what could barely be called a doll at all, and spoke about how it was her nieces. Quirking an eyebrow slightly, Viktor released his lock of hair and straightened up in his seat slightly, studying the doll carefully. After a while, he spoke.

"You are trying to tell me it was a child who murdered the king and queen?" he asked slowly, looking thoughtful. "I don't know if I should laugh or weep... it is all so pitiful and ironic," he trailed off, thinking back at how his own stepmother had died. If Raphael could murder his own mother, then why shouldn't another child be able to do the same to her father? "I wonder, though... what motive would the child have to murder her own father? And not only him, but the Blood queen too? There are still pieces missing... and evidence that it actually was her. If one has this power, then why shouldn't another be able to have it too? If I were a little child and my father was murdered, I would have panicked and fled too... she could have dropped the doll on her way out. It does not exactly make her guilty... necessarily..." Victor spun, trying to look at the murder and how everything seemed from all perspectives.

"Then again... if it actually was her, and we could prove it with more than the doll and their manner of death... well, then... I would be more than interested in helping you dispose of this child. However... I may be a blood vampire, but not even I would like to be responsible for the murder of a child- if she proves to have been innocent- that is. Despite her being a spirit vampire," he said the last sentence in slight disdain, but it was true. "Before I start looking for an assassin... we should investigate this case further- just to be on the safe side," his expression lightened up slightly and the sly smile returned to his lips, "or what do you say? Does anyone else know of her existence?"

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Gray Walked up to the front of the spirit vampire's mansion. How pathetic, having to ask a blood vampire for help, he thought and and opened the door. It was a typical mansion, nothing surprising. He took swift strides into the mansion and he left his hood on, usually taking it off when he went inside but he didn't care, it was a spirit vampire. They didn't need respect from him. He made his way to the room of this spirit vampire and who did he see? Viktor Ivanov, seems he got a letter from her as well. What the hell?, he thought and walked in towards them.

"A child? Killing her own father and the blood queen, interesting" he said with a grin, ignoring Viktor completely. He crossed his arms giving off a slight smirk. " I will be willing to murder the child if she is proved guilty. I don't think Mr. Ivanov is fit for murder, by I on the other hand murder all the time. I could get it done quickly with no mess", he said politely and professionally like his father taught him to. "Also, I have some information that will be very helpful in finding her location, she should be put as a top suspect. Once we pin point her location we will have to send a team to follow her around for a few weeks, where ever she is staying we can put up unnoticeable security cameras and wire tabs. It would only take a minute . A few nights ago I was on my way home and I saw a spirit vampire running to a near by building, I could sense an aura of another spirit vampire, it was weak but held great power, it was a child's aura. That other spirit vampire I saw was running to this aura I sensed. So I can assume this: Our suspect is in Eastmoor, she is staying with another spirit vampire and this spirit vampire probably has no noble ties so she is unaware of the murder and has no idea who the child is. Of course this still needs to be investigated but it does give us a jump ahead" he said waiting fora response from one of them.

He stood there casually after he leaked all of the information he had. I can't believe I'm helping a spirit vampire, but if it's to murder another one then I guess I have no problem with it., he thought have a slight, devilish smirk on his face

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A wave of open disgust washed over the Duchess as a second Sanguinem entered the room, barging in with no apparent respect for the privacy of the meeting. Through gritted teeth Vontessa responded to each of the bloods. "So good of you to join us master Morlock." biting sarcasm dripped with each word, "Of course I had intended for our meeting to be separate and only if Vicktor had refused my offer, but seeing as you now have slithered your way into this deal I leave it up to Master Ivanov and yourself to decide who will claim the fame once the child is brought to justice. It of course makes no difference to me." turning her glare to Vicktor the duchess continued, "Search for all the evidence you like, I know magic and I have seen the child's work before when she killed her mother. There is no question to my mind that she is the culprit. We can undoubtedly prove her guilt under inquisition once she is found. The evidence of her power being examined by the spirit court will verify it I assure you."

Sealing the metal chest and doll back with her magic she turned towards the door. "I have spies working throughout Eastmoor searching for the girl, but I know all to well the skill you bloods have for hunting. The courts on either side will not wait much longer to appoint successors so we have no time to waste." pausing as she gripped the handle she added, "I warn you however do not engage the child without my help. If she has found a new bond, she will kill you and there is nothing you could do to stop her." Satisfied that her work was done she exited the room, James in tow head subserviently downwards.

So this is what she has been up to! James's mind raced. Whatever happens I cannot allow her to find that child, but if the child is as strong as she claims perhaps I could use her myself... The gears turned inside James's head as he formulated a plan. The Duchess's informants communicated strictly by letter, letters which James's would have access to, she would never know if some never made it to her...

As they strode through the halls they past a single vampire drinking the blood of a young maid. The Duchess turned up her nose at the sight of the human slowly wilting in the arms of the monster. James held back the bile in his throat as they passed virtually unnoticed by the pair, entwined in an almost sensual embrace. The girl moaned like a harlot at the touch of the blood's fangs, her apparent willingness to serve the vampires sicked James all the more. Scum, the only thing worse than a vampire is a human that worships them!!

As they exited the manor back out into the frigid bite of winter, The Duchess shuttered, "I will have to burn all these cloths, being so close to the lesser species makes my skin crawl! But soon those hounds will sniff out my prize and I shall take the throne. Any amount of suffering is worth that." A snap of her fingers and the limousine pulled up to ferry them back to their home... and back to James's prison.

This girl is the key to my freedom, I will find her first. James's fists clenched ever so slightly, the only outward indication that he was thinking anything. Soon, Vontessa will die!

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#, as written by Gladis
Yuri sighed happily as she ran her hand through his hair, shutting his eyes and simply enjoying the sensation. He liked being close to her like this, and being fussed over and all that. It was something he had lacked in his childhood, something he was trying so hard to achieve. All he wanted was to be loved, and he knew that his brothers didn't love him. Then one who possibly cared at least a little, was Viktor. But caring and loving wasn't the same thing. His oldest brother cared about him because he saw it as his duty as the head of the family. Clarence just liked to pick on him, and Raphael did not have such obligations as Victor regarding the youngest in the family. Andrei... didn't give a damn because he never did. And well... their father hadn't really cared about Yuri either. Neither had his mother, but he disliked thinking of the past like that. Besides, his mother had no choice but loving him now... even if she was dead. Yuri knew that Avalon didn't love him either, but it felt good being so close to someone.

His smile widened as she hugged him back and he opened his eyes again, smiling up at her sweetly. However, as she started speaking about not only being there for him, but all of his brothers, Yuri's smile slowly faltered and his expression darkened. This was her maid, he had decided... and he hated the thought of having to share her with anybody else. It was given that she would never leave, would never be capable of leaving... but she would still belong to all of them. Well, at least until either all of the brothers but one had moved out, or the others were dead... or, the worst case scenario for Yuri... one of his older brothers had claimed her as theirs through love. He would have no chance against that, because... who would a little brat like him? No one.

His expression went even darker as she stepped from his embrace and made him let go. Yuri's arms fell back to his side, and a few strands of his purple hair fell into his eyes, obscuring his cloudy look slightly. The childish teen couldn't have cared less about the insults, not right then, but he couldn't bare the thought of her denying him AND having to share her with his brothers. Somehow, he would have to make her HIS. He tightened his grip of Teddy and hugged him to his chest, shaking his head.

"No..." he said darkly, flatly. "No, I am not alright with that at all. You will play with me NOW. Somebody else can make dinner..." he said sharply, his voice low. It wasn't the voice of a child he usually used. It was the voice of a growing teenager, one soon to be man... it was a voice similiar to his own fathers, and it was filled with authority.

Then, suddenly his head snapped up, Yuri's purple hair falling out of his face and his eyes wide, a crazed look flashing through them. "NO!" he screamed at the top of his lungs, "I DON'T WANT TO PLAY WITH YOUR SISTER; I WANT TO PLAY WITH YOU, NOW!" his voice was filled with desperation and rage- but pain too. Without any further warning, he charged at her in an attempt to tackle her down to the floor.

Once she was done, he roughly turned her around onto her back and then crouched down over her, straddling her between his knees and wrapping his thin hands around her throat. "WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT!" he snapped, gazing at her with a strange look in his purple eyes, "WHY?! WHY WOULD YOU SAY YOU CARE ABOUT ALL OF US?! WHY WOULDN'T YOU JUST LOVE ONLY ME!" he roared, tears springing to his eyes and starting to roll down his pale cheeks, "W-why won't you play with me?" he asked, his voice becoming slightly gentler as he let go of her throat. He hadn't held her that tightly, so surly it would have been uncomfortable, but it wouldn't have been too serious. "W-why...why won't you play with me?" he asked in a soft sob, grasping hold of her shoulders and this time very tightly. "Why, Avalon? Why do you pretend to care about me? If you truly did care, then you wouldn't love the others... y-you wouldn't let Andrei do this to you," he whispered, carefully letting go of her shoulder with one of his hands, while still clasping the other one tightly.

With a shaking hand, he carefully let his fingers run over the bite would on her neck, shaking his head slightly. "Why, Avalon?" he asked in a desperate whisper, more tears rolling down his cheeks as he leaned closer to her, grasping hold of her shoulders with both his hands again. He leaned down, so that his lips were only inches away from her neck, almost as though he was going to bite her... when he suddenly moved his head back up again and looked at her carefully. '

"Y-you're mine, Avalon... you're not allowed to love anyone else, because you're mine... WHEN WILL YOU GET IT INTO YOUR THICK SKULL?!" his voice had switched from hopeless sobbing to another rage filled scream within seconds, as had the look in his eyes. He tightened his grip of her shoulders even further before bursting into more tears and slowly reverting back to a ever so slightly calmer state again. "Please play with me now..." he whispered, his voice barely more than a whisper. "Please? I-if you don't... I will break," he said quietly, leaning down closer to her again. Now his face was only inches apart from hers. "Teddy and I will break, don't you understand? B-because... because we love you," he whispered before gently pressing his lips against hers, relaxing his crushing grip of her shoulders.

Victor arched an eyebrow as Grey suddenly burst into the room and started throwing annoyances and insults about him. His mouth twitching slightly in irritation of the Gray boy's terrible manners, he forced himself to keep focusing on the disgusting spirit vampire instead. Viktor could not understand how the creatures dared call themselves vampires, when they didn't even drink the blood of their victims... like vampires SHOULD.

He sighed at her words, grimacing slightly before giving a nod of his head. "Very well," he said, hesitatiing before he continued, "I... will take your word for it. It is true that we are skilled in hunting, I shall so that that it is done..." he trailed off and glanced at Murlock, a slight, diplomatic smile flitting across his lips, "and if you would like to join the hunt, I would be more than willing to let you..." he said, keeping his voice synced to his expression. Calm and diplomatic, but nothing more than that.

"Farewell, my lady..." he said as he politely as he watched the spirit vampire and her servant leave, refraining from showing the repulsion he felt. Honestly, at least we killed most of our victims quickly, many of us even painlessly. But she? She kept them around and drained them of their life and energy, slowly, surely, but still. Shaking his head at the notion, he thought of their servants. Well, okay... so maybe they drained some of them slowly- but at the very least there was pleasure in it for them too. The spirit vampires just took and never gave anything back... that was where the two races differed, or at least that was how Viktor viewed it all.

Turning his attention to Murlock, he cleared his throat and arched an eyebrow. "Now, where in the world did your manners go? You barge into one house after the other... honestly. Maybe you should change your name to 'Stalker'," Viktor shook his head, folding his arms over his chest. "If it would not be too much to ask for, I would like you to leave... now." he said, politely but sternly.

Viktor suddenly glanced towards the door when the sound of someone yelling reached him. He had heard it faintly a few times before- but being used to it and having more important things to think of at the moment, he had payed his brothers screams no heed. Now, however, he was sure something was going on. Viktor really didn't wish to leave Murlock alone in his manner, but seeing as something was clearly happening in another corner of the house, he saw no other choice.

With a sigh, she started towards the noise, his walk brisk and his expression bemused.

It darkened even further when he saw the scene unfold before him: his younger brother leaning over the maid, yelling something before....

Yuri yelped as something suddenly grasped hold of his hair- or rather someone.

"That is quite enough of your shenanigans, Yuri," Viktor said flatly, pulling the younger vampire away from the maid before slapping him hard across the cheek. Then he grasped hold of the boys neck and rammed his back against the wall. "You have gone to far, Yuri!" he scolded the boy, shaking his head as he let go, watching the child sink down along the wall, sobbing softly as he cowered from his from his brother.

Yuri's purple eyes were wide in pure fear, the cold gaze in Viktor's eyes scaring him more than anything. It reminded him of their fathers- it was so much like their fathers. Shakily, he pulled up his legs to his chest and hugged his knees tightly, still sobbing softly and averting Viktor's eyes- though he could still feel them burn into him. "I-I'm sorry..." he whispered, his voice tiny and hardly more than a whisper. His cheek was red from the slap and his back was aching terribly. All Yuri wanted right then was to grasp hold of teddy and run to hide somewhere... but he had dropped Teddy to the floor as he tackled her, and besides that, he was too scared to move at all.

Viktor snorted and didn't reply to his younger brother, his pale red eyes filled with rage. Shaking his head, he crouched down by Avalon's side and carefully helped her sit up. His expression softened slightly. "How are you feeling?" he asked. It is true that he views humans as nothing more than food, but that doesn't mean he likes seeing them being mistreated... his servants were to him like maybe a dog would be to you. They were one step above the average 'only food' humans.

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Gray looked at Viktor as he asked him to help him with the hunt. "Well of course, I could most definitely join you in the hunt." he said keeping his professional tone on with every word. The spirit vampire left he noticed Viktor wasn't very happy. This amused him and he smirked a little. "Barging in? No no, I got a letter from her asking me to be here. So I couldn't of been barging in. Stalker, well I do stalk people but I'm not willing to change my name" he said. This is hilarious, thinking he has athority, he thought to himself smirking more. He wants me to leave? Ha, he thought then walked closer to him in a threatening manor.

"I would like you to listen carefully, Ivanov. I will be the one to kill this child. You know why, Mr. Confident? Because I won't let you get your filthy paws on the blood throne, and I'm going to make sure of that. I'm ten times the vampire you will ever be." He backed away and turned on his heel. "So please, don't get in my way" he said turning his head towards him then heading out quietly.