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Nerine Dimozi

"Welcome to my domain, my little pet ... Care for a bit of sadism with your meal?" {WIP}

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a character in “Blutsband”, as played by Kura Ravengade





| Name |
Nerine Lycoris Dimozi

| Nickname{s} |
Nee-Nee, Rin, Rina, Erin

| Age |

| Gender |

| Race |
Spirit Vampire

| Family |
Lycoris Nerine Dimozi {Sister} ~ Alive
Primula Neris Dimozi {Sister} ~ Alive
Enessa Viola Tinsil Dimozi {Mother} ~ Alive
Tovon Jacobson Dimozi {Father} ~ Alive



| Personality |

| Secret{s} |
She secretly feeds on the blood of Humans

| Sexual Orientation |

| Likes |
Torture, Pain, Sex, Bondage, Attractive People, Delicious Humans, Pleasure, The Color Blue, Seduction, Victory

| Dislikes |
Unattractive People, Rejection, Loss, Denial, Boredom, Annoying Sounds, Snow, The Cold

| Biographic History |



| Hair Color |
Crocus Petal Purple

| Eye Color |
Gypsy Love {A color that is the shades of dark red and dark purple combined}

| Weight |

| Height |

| Brief Appearance Description |

So begins...

Nerine Dimozi's Story

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"Find her. I want you to find my sister ... And kill her."

"But Miss Nerine-"

"Did I stutter, Xander, or have you begun an outright defiance against your Queen!?"

"N-Never, Miss Nerine. I could never defy you! You are beauty personified!"

A sly smile curled up the lips of the young woman, her dark eyes flashing with malevolence. "Good. Now find my sister and her children ... And kill her. The twins must live, but my sister is to die."

The large room was deadly silent, the inhabitants of it pale and wide-eyed. How were they to react? Were they to listen to the woman, or defy her? If they were to follow her orders, they would therefore kill their beloved Princess. If they refused her wishes, they would die instead.

The first one to speak was the Bonded human to Nerine, who stepped forward, his head held high and his eyes dark with with irritation.

"Did you not hear your Queen? Find the Princess and kill her, and retrieve her children! Now!"

The scurrying of the servants was nearly comical to the young woman, who leaned back in her seat, one leg lifting to dross over the other, her elbow coming to rest on the arm of the throne, her chin dropping onto the back of her hand. Her opposite lifted in the direction of Vane, her bonded mortal, who approached her obediently. The room was once again silent, having been deserted, and as soon as he reached her, Nerine tugged him onto the seat with her, the sixteen-year-old more like that of a loyal dog than a human.

"You were quite the stunning defender, Vane ... You did well defending your Queen ..."

He shivered under the touch of her fingers, which ran across his cheek and down his throat. His head fell back, and for a moment, she simply smiled at the boy.

"What an obedient little human you are ..."

The sex and blood that followed were equal in pleasure and deliciousness.


I can't ... I can't stop running ... If not for my own sake, then for Diana and Michael's!

Lycoris coughed, the cold evening air causing a shiver to wrack through her body. Her arms huddled the two bundles against her chest, her coat little protection from the chill - something that could undoubtedly cause serious harm to such young infants, even those of the vampire race. One was wailing - from hunger, cold, or both, she did not know, but she could do nothing for either at that moment. Instead, she pushed on, the snowstorm causing great difficulty each time she took a step, the snow weighing down her booted feet.

Why? Why did her sister have to be so cruel? Without Anthony alive, all Hell had broken loose, and now her sister was determined to kill her and take her children. How could someone be so cruel? With her fiance dead, she was no match for Nerine, who only wished to raise the twins as her evil followers, or something along those lines.

A soft sob escaped her lips as Lycia stumbled, clutching the infants more tightly to keep from dropping them.

The words from her closest adviser, Tsune, echoed in her mind.

Follow the trees. Enter them beside the red rock, travel North and only North, and once you reach the end of them, you will find a small village. From there, go a mile into town, take an immediate left, and speak to the man in the third house on your right.

The man had turned out to be a good friend of Tsune's, and had given her food, clothes, and a small car. He also gave her directions to the famous, or so she had been told, infamous, Ivanov Mansion, with the order to speak to Viktor Ivanov, the eldest of the five brothers, and also the kindest.

"Oh, please ... Please do not turn us away," she whispered, burying her face between her twins's bodies. When she looked up again, she could just barely see the looming home that belonged undoubtedly to the Ivanov's.

Thank God she had made it. If she had been forced to travel much longer, she was afraid that she would have collapsed.

It seemed to take her hours to reach the mansion after that, her excitement and joy building with each step, and by the time she reached it, she was more then eager to sleep for hours afterwards. After a bit of adjustment of her hold on the twins, she managed to rap loudly on the front door.

Several moments later, during which time she had managed to quiet Michael, a young woman clad in simple yet beautiful maid's outfit opened the door, a curious expression on her face. The curiosity vanished as soon as her eyes fell on the shivering young woman before her and the two bundles in her arms, and was replaced by worry and fear, undoubtedly for the children's safety.

"My goodness, whatever happened to you?" the girl gasped, opening the door more widely and beckoning for Lycorise to enter, who quickly took advantage of the invitation. "You're nearly purple from the cold, and the clothes you are wearing are incompatible with this weather. Please, follow me. Jezabel! Fetch some tea and blankets for the guest!"

Another maid appeared, gave a nod in reply, and disappeared through a doorway. The one that stood before her turned and gave her a gentle smile.

"My name is Imora. If you would follow me, please, I will settle you in a room where you can warm yourself and the children, and perhaps rest for a while. I will fetch Master Viktor and return shortly. May I ask of your name?" Imora turned, already beginning away, and therefore forcing Lycorise to hurry in order to keep up to speed with the woman.

"Lycorise Dimozi ... My name is Lycorise Dimozi ..."

Imora stopped mid-stride, opened a door, and motioned inside of it, dropping into a small curtsy as she did so. "I will fetch Master Viktor. Jezabel will return momentarily with your tea and blankets."

With that, the girl disappeared from sight, leaving Lycorise alone. She stood there for a moment, but finally, with a slight sigh, made her way into the sitting room, which was quaint, yet welcoming, and extremely warm. She lowered herself to the floor, placing the twins before her. They were gazing our with large, wide eyes, their cheeks rosy from the cold, but otherwise healthy due to the intense bundling of their clothes and blankets. In fact, they seemed a bit warm, she noted after touching their foreheads.

It didn't take her long to remove them from the blankets, during which time Jezabel had come and gone, leaving the trey and blankets for her to do with what she wished. She managed to settle the six-month-olds on a large, fluffy blanket without much trouble, and they settled in to sleep, undoubtedly tired from the occurrences of the day, and their missed naps. She moved down and stretched out beside them, her eyes too growing heavy, and within seconds she was asleep, the infants curled in her embrace.

Imora, however, was hurrying in her search of Viktor, darting from room to room. It was ten minutes after she had admitted the Dimozi woman into the household that she had managed to find the man, who had just recently finished contacting the families' physician in order to assist Avalon - whom she had always seen as sickeningly faithful to the brothers.

"Master Viktor? There is a bit of an emergency ... A young woman arrived with two infants in her arms, claiming to be a Dimozi - one of the Spirit families that is pining for a seat at the Throne? She was quite cold and the babies seemed to be so, also ... I have settled them into your Sitting Room, and Jezabel delivered tea and blankets to them. She was wishing for an audience with you - the subject of which is unknown, but I believe that it would be a good idea to at the very least speak with her," she said softly, dropping into a curtsy as she spoke.


“Big sisters are fighting again, Vina …”

Rimu sighed, moving the stuffed animal across the floor in an attempt to make it appear as though it were walking. Instead, it made a sliding sound, but the idea of it walking was enough to make her content, a small smile crossing her lips. “I wonder if mommy and daddy will intervene and butt in this time. I hope so, because if they don’t, Nee-Nee’s going to kill Ri-Ri. Nee-Nee’s so spoiled … But don’t tell her I said that, so shh,” she giggled, placing a finger over her lips. She moved the kitty’s head so that it appeared to nod, a satisfied look on the girl’s face. She paused and leaned in close, her ear beside it’s head.

“Oh, yeah, I know! She’s a psycho. I like Ri-Ri so much better. She sings to me. I feel bad, though, because Anthony died and she’s really hurt now, especially since Nee-Nee wants to kill her and take the twins. What a mean sister!”

She paused, turning Vina to look into her face. A serious expression appeared on Rimu’s as a thought arose. “What if I told Nee-Nee that Ri-Ri went to visit grandma and grandpapa? D’you think that she’d believe me?” She gasped after a moment, a giggle exploding from her, causing her to flop backwards and toss Vina in the air, catching her in a light grip. “I know, she’d be silly to believe that. But you’ll always be there for me, won’t’chu Vina?” She bloomed into another smile, hugging the stuffed kitty to her chest. “I knew that I could count on you!”


“W-we … Teddy and I came t-to apologize... for our misdeeds ..”

He was apologizing? Apparently people who claimed the impossible cannot be done would be incorrect, because the only times that she could remember Yuri apologizing, were when he would accidently bite or push her down.

"I-I don't know...what... why…sorry…we will never hurt your sister again, Teddy and I promise... we really do. W-we won't even look at her anymore... o-or think about her, if that would make you feel better. J-just please, Ethy.... please don't cry or be sad …”

Her tears had already dried, but she sniffed a bit at the reminder of her sorrow, one hand lifting to rub at her eye. She looked up at him, her green eyes wide, swollen, pink, and damp from crying. Ethel was quiet throughout his apology, her finger curling and uncurling without her conscious control.

When he held out Teddy to her, however, she was struck speechless, not merely from her own wishes to remain quiet, but from the utter surprise that instilled her. Yuri never allowed anyone to touch his stuffed animal. Even she had only done so a few times during her life.

"L-look... Teddy even wants to give you a hug…”

Ethella stared at the stuffed animal for several long moments. Finally, she looked up at him, accepting Teddy and clutching him to her chest, his face pressed against her cheek. She snuggled him for a moment before, out of nowhere, she threw herself forward, her arms wrapping around his neck and her face cuddling into his shoulder.

“… I accept your apology … But don’t hurt Avy again, okay?” she said softly, tightening her embrace, Teddy dangling from her finger tips against his back. She leaned away slightly, her nose touching his, for they were still that close to one another. “She’s my big sister, and I don’t want her to be hurt. Besides … Jealousy isn’t a nice feeling,” she mumbled, her green gaze turned downward.


Was this a dream, or had Master Andrei truly just kissed her cheek?

No matter how intensely she willed her eyes to open, they wouldn't follow her commands, and it didn't take long for her to realize that this was, in fact, reality. The heavy feel of the blankets told her as much, but she could not move. Perhaps whatever drugs the physician had given her, had inadvertently rendered her incapable of moving ... Or perhaps that had been his intention. Who knew with that old man ...

"Tell me, Avalon ........ Tell me sweet little doll ......... What is the point of life ... If all God has to give us is pain?"

Whether it was the gentile nickname for her, the way that his voice gave off a sorrowful tone, or the question itself, something about it pierced her heart. It went out to him, the fingers of her unbroken arm curling against the mattress. It wasn't until he had been gone for nearly five minutes that she was able to move.

Avalon had heard everything the doctor had said, and found it ridiculous that she would need to remain bedridden for so long. Yes, she was exhausted, and yes, she wasn't truly able to think straight, due to the drugs that he had slipped into her system, but it was her decision if and when she would leave her bed. And the decision had come to that moment being now.

It was a slow progression from laying to standing, and by the time that she was on her feet, she was exhausted. However, she couldn't quit when she was only just starting - besides, Andrei deserved an answer, even if it made her sick to her stomach to stand. She pulled a robe on over her naked, bandaged body, along with an extra blanket, which she held together with one hand.

Who knew that walking could be so difficult? It was hard for her to even leave her room, and even more difficult for her to traverse the hallway, peeking into each doorway as she did so.

When she heard the water running in the bathroom that was connected to his room, she hesitated. What if she walked in on him in the nude? Not that she hadn't done so before, so there was nothing that she hadn't already seen - in truth, she had seen all of the brothers without clothes, having had the misfortune to dare to enter their rooms early in the mornings. She had learned long before to knock before entering, but with the water running, it was doubtful that Andrei would hear her. After a moment of thought, she wrapped her fingers around the knob of the door, turned it, and slid inside.

"Master Andrei?" she called quietly, her hand lifting up to her blanket once more, the rub of the sling against her neck annoying her ever-so-slightly. She shut the door quietly behind her, moving further into the room. It was empty, but steam was curling out from the half-open door to his bathroom, and the familiar sound of water pattering against flooring reached her ears.

Bundling up all of the courage that she could manage, she made her way to the bathroom, pausing just outside the door.

"Master Andrei?" she called, a bit more loudly than before. She frowned, her expression uncertain, before she leaned in just enough to see inside.

"... The point of life is to live it to the fullest. Even in times of great despair, there is always something that you can find happiness in. No matter how difficult something may seem, you need only to find your motivation to continue going, and push right on through the barrier that stands in your path. Whether it is an inanimate object or not, you need to find that one thing, or person, that you can depend on for joy and happiness. And once you do, all of those heartaches and heartbreaks make sense. They were leading you up to you meeting that one thing or person that gives you the peace and love that you have been seeking - and it makes all of that pain worth it," she said quietly, her fingers curling around the door. Halfway through her speech, she had turned around so that her back was pressed against the door, her uninjured hand flattening against the door itself. "And there's sex," she joked, a slight smile twitching at her lips. "Sex helps with all of that, too," she laughed softly, her face turned slightly downward. "Oh, I forgot ... You are not very experienced with the art of sex, now are you? How long has it been since you took a woman? Seven months?" she teased, humor obvious in her features. "Why, you are practically a virgin in your mind!" she laughed.

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With a small nod in reply, Imora turned on her heel, leading the way to one of the studies. As she walked, she mulled over what exactly could have led the Dimozi girl to the door step of a family of insane blood vampires, in the dead of a winter storm, with two babies in her arms - both of which she had put at risk of the cold.

Not that it was her business, per-say, but the girl most definitely had something to hide, the bottom of which she was determined to get to. Unless, of course, the woman revealed her motives to one of the Young Masters.

When they reached the room, she opened the door, immediately dropping into a curtsy before Master Viktor.

"Madame Lycoris Dimozi, my Master," she said timidly, backing away and disappearing around a corner, off to perform her chores.

Lycoris wasn't asleep for long, and when footsteps grew nearer to the room that she had been placed it, she was jolted awake. She shot up on the blanket, her hand fumbling for the dagger that was hidden beneath her shirt. As soon as the door was opened, she was on her feet once more, the dagger glistening in the poor lighting of the study.

When Imora revealed herself, however, Lycoris lowered the dagger, the potential threat gone and replaced by one of the young vampires that ruled the mansion.

Viktor Ivanov.

She knew quite a lot about the family - actually, she knew quite a lot about more things than she should know about, which was one reason why her sister was so keen on killing her. Knowledge was a treasure, but also a curse - at least, for her it was. However, in this exact moment, perhaps it was the key to her and her twins' survival.

Lycoris returned the dagger to it's sheath as the eldest lord of the mansion entered, calling all attention to himself. Thankfully, the twins continued to sleep, not causing any disturbance whatsoever, and she moved forward so as to prevent Viktor from being forced to walk too far into the room.

"You are Viktor Ivanov, I presume?" she asked, tilting her head slightly, her purple eyes looking him up and down, taking in the full appearance of his body. After a few moments, she met his gaze, her own dark and intense. "I have come to seek the aid of the Ivanov brothers. In my own opinion, we are all vampires, and specific races do not matter. I do not wish to gain any throne of any sort; I look only for safety at this moment in time. My fiance was killed, hunted down and slaughtered by a group of vampire hunters, and therefore left me to care for our two young children alone. I may be but of a child myself in age, but I am far older in maturity. I am unsure of whether or not you have heard of my family, but I suppose that I shall explain myself to you nevertheless."

"My twin sister, Nerine Dimozi, is attempting to hunt me down and have me join my fiance. In the process, she wishes to take my children and convert them to her evil mindset. I have managed to so far escape, but I fear that if I continue to travel much longer, not only will I succumb to the harshness of winter, but I will also loose my babies," she said softly, her hands clapsed before her. For a moment, she was quiet, but soon continued. "I ask you naught for shelter for myself, but at the very least for my children. They ... They are not troublesome," she said quietly, turning and moving back to the blanket. She lowered herself beside them, kneeling, her hand moving out to gently brush some hair from one of the twins's faces. "I understand if you are hesitant to help me ... Taking two spiritual vampire babies could be difficult. But at the same time ... You have so many servants here, would it be so hard to assign two of which to them?" she whispered, tears dotting her vision. After a moment of staring at them, she looked up at Viktor. "I know it is a lot for a stranger to ask, especially a spiritual vampire, but I am begging you take do this. I would even be wiling to stay and become a maid here, if you were to wish it. I would care for them, as I have been, seeing as they are my children, but I would also serve you and your brothers. I-I have money," she said quickly, scrambling back to her feet. She patted her coat, which she had laid across a seat, before removing a pouch. "My family comes from great money, and I can pay you for your help." She moved over to him, fumbling to open the pouch, and after a moment, it dropped from her hands, spilling golden coins across the floor. She shook her head, tugged on a lock of hair, before dropping to her knees.

"I'm sorry, I'm such a klutz," she whispered, tears sparkling in her eyes. "B-But I can offer you a personal healer for your family. I-I am connected to the Spirit Element, and can heal anyone that I wish to. I would need to find a human to bond with, but ... I can offer you the abilities of a powerful healer in the process," she hurriedly explained, attempting to pluck up the coins. She suddenly stopped, dropping the coins in the pouch before placing it in the floor. Her hands fell to her lap, a few tear dropping onto the backs of them. "Oh, what's the use ... It was foolish of me to come to you for help ... A person would have to be crazy to agree to help me in such a manner," she whispered, her voice hitching a few times. Several heartbeats ticked by before she spoke again. "If you would at least be willing to give my children and myself shelter for tonight, I would be eternally in your debt, Sir Ivanov," she murmured in a docile tone of voice.


A loud knock resounded through the room around a half an hour after she had nodded off. When Avalon awoke, it was hazily and sleepily, for she was still far too tired to be fully rested, or even anywhere close to such. The knocks grew more frantic with each passing second, and with a small groan, she opened her eyes. Andrei was still asleep, so she supposed that answering the bedroom door was left to her.

Somehow, she managed to stand, fumble around for her robe, tug it on, and stumble tiredly to the door. When she opened it, she was met by the worried face of Vincent, who looked down at her, his expression stricken.

Immediately concern slashed through Avalon, and with a look cast at the bed, she returned her gaze to the man. "What is it?" she whispered.

"It's Ethella," he said quietly, her lips drawn tightly across his face. Avalon frowned, her heart hammering in her chest, and she felt her shoulders drop.

"What happened?"

Vincent cast a look at Andrei's bed before returning his gaze to her. "She's run away. Master Yuri went after her ... He was extremely angry. I'm afraid that he may hurt her." His hand rose, and clasped in it, was a piece of paper, with the familiar scrawl of Ethella's handwriting slashed across it.

She took the paper, unrolled it, and quickly scanned the words. As soon as she finished, however, she felt her knees grow weak. Before she could stop herself, she had dropped to them, tears welling up in her eyes, her heart seeming to have stopped beating.

"No ... No, she couldn't have left ... She was ... She was just here," she whispered, her voice hoarse and choking slightly. Her lower lip trembled, her hand clenching around the paper with a loud crumpling sound. "We have to find her ... She can't survive in this storm, and she won't be able to survive in the human world. She doesn't know how ..." she said, an odd buzzing in her ears - the buzzing of stun. "I promised that I would watch out for her ... And I haven't ..." She lifted her arm and rubbed at her eyes, coming away with the wetness of tears. "Please ... Find her, Vincent. Send the servants who have finished their chores. I just pray to God that Yuri hasn't found her yet ..."

Vincent, obviously unsure of how to respond, finally nodded and left the room, shutting the door silently behind him.


"Etthy! Etthy, where are you?!"

Ethella froze where she stood, her eyes widening. Fear jolted through her, the tone of Yuri's voice maniacal and frightening in so many ways. Chills shot through her body, and she felt her heart pick up to an immense speed. Her breath caught, and she couldn't stop the trembling that began in her body.

She couldn't stop now, though. If he found her ... She couldn't even begin to imagine what he would do to her. Tears rose to her eyes, and immediately she was off again. Oh, she didn't doubt that he would catch her. But she wasn't about to just give up and allow him to find her easily. No, she would make it a difficult hunt.

The thought of the word brought the picture of a tiger stalking a gazelle through a quarry. The image wasn't pleasant, and she sniffed a bit, her hands clenching into fists at her sides.

"Stay away ... Stay away from me! I don't want to go back to that wretched place!" she whispered heavily, the exertion of running through the cold sucking the breath from her lungs. It stung her nose, and she could feel her lips chapping already.

What would she do when he found her? He would undoubtedly see it fit to punish her, and his punishments were often the most cruel. She wouldn't be able to fend his attack off. Why he was so determined to find her was beyond her, but she felt the fear of it nevertheless.

She suddenly stumbled, tripping to the ground. She slid through the snow, her bag slding several feet away. It was so cold, despite her many layers, and she hadn't a clue as to where she was. She could feel her eyes growing heavy, and not too long after, she slid into a cold, unconscious state, the snow slowly beginning to cover her heavily-clothed form.