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Raphael Ivanov

"Leave me be... hmph, human annoyance."

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a character in “Blutsband”, as played by Gladis




"Why, good day, cutie... no need to be afraid, I shan't harm you... too badly."

Name: Raphael Ivanov
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Race: Blood Vampire
Family: Viktor, Yuri, Andrei and Clarence- Brothers

Personality: He is usually alone and never cares about whats happening around him, Raphael is the silent type. He sleeps in a coffin, which is also inside his room. However, he easily gets angry and resorts to violence, going as far as to break everything when he gets extremely angered. Thus, he is prone to outbursts. There is a tsundere side of him that only a very few can see. Raphael a delinquent type, somewhat violent and loves to damage things. He's also a sadist, but despite it all, can occasionally be sweet Raphael has never shown much interests in girls, or at least not genuinely. He does flirt with them occasionally in his unfriendly manner, but that is just to keep up an image. Really, he is into boys... cute and timid ones.
Sexual Orientation: Homosexual
Likes: Sadistic Acts, Blood, Screams, pretty, timid and cute boys, Disobedience- it gives him a reason to 'Punish', Good Lies, Wine, Architecture, Art, Dark Classic Music, Roses, Good Manners, Cats, Acting and Knives.
Dislikes: Whimps, Human Food, Pastel Colors, Any other kind of flower, Any other kind of music, Dogs, Annoying People and His Parents.
Biographic History: Mostly keeping in the background and to himself unless angered, Raphael doesn't seem to have any good or close relationship to any of his brothers. As it seems, he enjoys annoying all of them quite a lot, but only occasionally. Most of his past is unknown, although like the rest of his brothers he must have been through quite a lot. After all, he two shows signs of not being fully mentally stable. Quite frankly, he's edging towards schizophrenia.

Hair Color: White/Silver
Eye Color: Red
Weight: 69 kg
Hight: 182 cm

So begins...

Raphael Ivanov's Story

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#, as written by Gladis
Viktor sighed when he was gone, starting to make his way home again. Sometimes he truly didn't understand people- not even himself. All he knew was that he needed that blood, and he needed it badly. He would have to be patient, though. Yes, that was exactly what he needed to be. Racking his hand through his pale brown hair, he yawned and then sped him his pace, just wanting to get home. All this commotion was giving him quite the headache, and as he considered the comotion that would occur once he got home... his head ache worsened.

As he reached the front door, he could already hear a loud shouting (well, not actually shouting, rather crying) from inside. Sighing, he unlocked the door and stepped into the manor, shutting the door behind him before he started making his way towards the noise. What could be the matter now? He narrowed his eyes and stepped into the dining room, where the source of the crying was.

"How dare you call yourself a gentleman when you walk with such crooked posture?!" Clarence snapped at Yuri who was crying furiously in an attempt to get away from his brother, who was holding a plate with food in his hands. Everything on it had been eaten, though messily... but the vegetables. "Besides, unless you have your vegetables; you. won't. get. any. taller... how many times must we tell you that?! Now eat up!" Clarence continued his rant, closing in on Yuri who was now pressing himself into the corner. "Stupid, stupid, stupid Clarence! I don't want the vegetables!" Yuri cried out in panic, hugging his teddy tightly and sobbing furiously.

Viktor sighed as he watched the commotion, shaking his head and clearing his throat. The two vampires stopped in their brawl and turned their attention to their elder brother, waiting patiently for him to speak. "What in the world is going on now?" Viktior questioned the both of them, folding his arms over his chest and arching an eyebrow.

Clarence sighed and gestured to his younger brother in mild annoyance, before pushing up his glasses and speaking. "He is refusing to eat his vegetables... again... and now he is crying and behaving like the little kid he is no longer supposed to be! Added to that, he was running around in a dress erlier on... what the hell is wrong with our younger brother?!" Clarence said coldly in pure annoyance, though his voice was still somehow calm and as was his expression.

Yuri whimpered as he watched Viktor carefully, afraid of what his oldest brother would say. "Yuri, you have to eat your vegetables, you know... there is no way around that," he said sternly, walking over to them and taking the plate from Clarence hands, placing it down on the dining table. "However, Clarence... you should maybe try to go about it in a tad more pedagogic way..." Clarence just snorted in reply and then started making his way out from the room, shaking his head. "You can't keep our little brother from growing up forever, Vicky... it will do him no good in the end." And then he was gone.

Viktor turned back to Yuri. "You won't be leaving this room until you have cleared your plate, understood?" he said, calmly but firmly. Yuri burst into tears again, and as Viktor tried to approach him, the kid started kicking and screaming that he didn't want them. After quite a while, Victor gave up. It was just about at the same time as he could hear a rumbling from upstairs.

His mood darkening even further, he started making his way towards the noise.

Raphael cursed loudly and foully as he came rumbling down the stairs and fell right on his face. He instantly got on his feet and started shouting at Andrei who was laying on the staircase, his earphones propped into his ears... and loud snores escaping his lips.

Viktor sighed. Was there no end at all to this madness? Why did his family have to be so dysfunctional? He didn't get it. He didn't get it at all.

"ANDREI!" He roared, "GET UP! YOU CAN'T SLEEP ON THE STAIRCASE! RAPHAEL, PUT THE SWORD AWAY! You're not going to stab your brother..."

This wasn't a mansion, this was an Asylum.

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Obviously they're all enjoying their food.

The thought was a sarcastic one, which caused a smile to twitch across her face and a soft giggle to escape her. Avalon paused mid-slice of a tomato, cocking her head to the side, an amused smirk appearing on her lips. She plucked up a tomato slice and took a small bite, giving a small shake of her head at the shouting that almost seemed to rock the walls of the kitchen, which was down the hall from the mass chaos currently wracking the mansion. She had only just finished preparing lunch for the Young Lords, and of course, Yuri was arguing with Clarence, who was a bit overly-tight and strict about things. Raphael was apparently attempting to kill Andrei, as Viktor so obviously announced to the household, and the rest of the servants were undoubtedly cowering in several rooms, finding something to occupy their attentions.

It was no use for her, however; instead, she turned back to the tomatoes, continued her chopping of them, and by the time she was done, Viktor's voice had disappeared, and the four remaining brothers were once again at each other's throats. With a muffled sigh, she slid the tomatoes into a bowl with orange juice so that they wouldn't begin to brown while she was away. After moving them into the large fridge, she wiped her juice-coated hands off on a towel, removed her apron, hung it on it's respective peg, and started from the room. She grabbed a plate of steamed broccoli, grilled onions, and grilled green peppers, mixed with several thin slices of red, yet juicy and sweet, meat.

"Although I don't agree with the way that Master Clarence goes about trying to get you to eat your vegetables, he's right, Master Yuri," she said, moving over to the crying boy. She set the plate of the vegetable stir fry on the table and approached Yuri, who was sobbing and cowering in a corner of the room, her hands held up in a gesture that showed that she wasn't going to force him to eat if he didn't want to. She leaned down so that she was at his height, reaching out in a gesture for him to pass her the plate of vegetables, a gentle smile on her face. "If you don't want to eat them, you don't have to, but you'll stay short forever," she told him, lightly placing her fingers around the plate of vegetables that he was refusing to eat.

"How about this," she began, straightening away from him with the plate, immediately making her way back towards the table. She set the plate beside the stir fry, lightly dropping her fingers between the plates and looking up and back over at him. "If you will at least try this, I'll buy you a bucket full of your favorite candy. If you don't like it, than you don't have to eat it, alright?" she said, backing towards the door as a crash resonated throughout the mansion. "I'll be back in a little while to see if you ate it or not."

With that, she fled into the hallway, her skirt bouncing slightly as she moved, and the sight that befell her was definitely one of destruction. Raphael stood above a snoring Andrei, who's headphones were quite firmly in his ears, and the most disturbing part of it was the sword that glinted in Raphael's hands.

"All of you are impossible!" she sighed loudly, throwing her hands in the air as she made her way over to them. "Master Raphael, put your sword away. You aren't going to stab your brother," she said firmly, before turning to Andrei. She dropped down to a sitting position on one of the stairs that he was sprawled across, her hand falling on his arm. She shook him lightly at first before increasing the strength she put into it. It was a bit hard for a human to make a vampire move while they were sleeping, let alone one such as Andrei. One hand reached up and removed a headphone so that she could speak directly into his ear.

"Master Andrei, wake up and apologize to Master Raphael for propelling him down the stairs and nearly breaking his bones," she said, removing the other headphone and the music player that they were attached to. She rose and held it in her hand, away from the sleeping Andrei. "If you don't wake up and apologize, I'm confiscating your music player," she threatened, shaking her finger down and near his face.

Avalon turned back to face Raphael then, her head tilting back only slightly to see the face of the boy who was a mere two inches taller than her. "And you, Master Raphael, need to understand that Master Andrei has a bit of an issue with sleepwalking, and never meant to push you in any way. As his brother, you should sympathize for him and understand that he can't help the way he is, just as you can't help the fact that you have a bit of a temper problem," she scolded, a bit of her lecture falling on deaf ears of an upper class, taller vampire, who was still two years younger than she. She tapped him once on the chest for good measure, turned back to Andrei, and nudged him lightly with the toe of her black shoe, which went perfectly with her maid's outfit - sewn by herself, she would gladly boast.

"I made your favorite lunch, Master Andrei," she sang, knowing that his love for delicious foods often outweighed his love for sleep and laziness. "You had better hurry before your brothers eat it all," she warned, nudging him lightly once more.

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#, as written by Gladis
Yuri watched in disgust as she tried to trick him into eating vegetables. He shook his head quickly, grasping hold of the plate and then smashing it against the wall. "I DON'T WANT THEM!" the purple haired teenage boy snapped, his voice filled with the kind of rage only usually a little child can possess when wronged. He glared a her with pure hatred burning in his purple eyes, clutching his teddy before suddenly going strangely calm. "Humans are so annoying," he said to his teddy with a sgh, "don't you agree? I hate the kind that thinks they can tell you what tod o and how to act. Frankly, I think they should all die. Their opinions do not matter, mine do... don't you agree, Teddy?" he asked his stuffed animal softly, standing up and brushing his clothes into place.

He watched her leave, and once she was gone, he murmured. "I think we will have to discipline her later," he said with a slight nod of his head, "humans should just be quiet and so as they are told, especially MY humans... like the good little dolls they are, no, Teddy?" he giggled childishly and then skipped out into the corridor, slipping past the turmoil between her brothers and the maid unnoticed, and into the kitchen. There he walked over to the refridgirator, opened it and pulled out a package with strawberries. Smiling and still clutching his teddy with one arm, he helped himself to them. "I'll crush the agrivating little human like a strawberry..." he mused and giggled happily at the thought as he squished a strawberry between his pale fingers and then ate it. It would be fun punishing her, he decided.

Raphael hesitated before sighting and lowering his sword. "The sleezer has no trouble with sleep walking. He actually decided to sit down and sleep on the stairs himself... probably because he thought it to be too much a job to WALK down the stairs," the albino vampire snorted, his rage flaring up again as she mentioned his temper problems. "I resent that!" he snapped, "Yuri is the one with such problems, not me...ugh... I am never, ever going to sympathize to someone as worthless as that sloppy scumbag... he does not deserve to be an Ivanov!" With that said, Raphael stomped off, attaching his rapier to his side again and grumbling angrily to himself.

There were few things Andrei cared about, and almost nothing he would actually react to. However, touching his earphones or instruments were two of them.. and once that occurred; he was seriously pissed. Just as she pulled out the first headphone, his eyes snapped open, but he did it manage to react until she had totally taken the MP3 player away from him. By then, Raphael was already gone and Andrei had missed half what his brother had said, and filtered out the rest as 'unnecessary crap'.

Within seconds he was behind her, wrapping one if his arms around her waist, and grasping hold of her wrist with the other. "Waking me up was your first mistake this morning," he said, a hostile undertone in his voice though he was speaking calmly. He tightened his grip of her slightly and then plucked the earphones and music players from her hand, snorting a little before yawning. "Your second mistake was trying to tell me what or what I should not do and threatening me... how annoying, and absolutely above your authority. I think my brothers may have been too kind to you, as you seem to think you can act around your masters however you like... now, as long as this does not concern me, I truly do not give a damn... but you just now happened to touch my music with your filthy paws. That is indeed disturbing... and your third and greatest mistake today. How should I punish you, hmmm...?" he tightened his grip of her waist and caressed her neck with his fangs, momentarily stopping as she mentioned food. He shrugged. "That would mean I have to walk down the stairs... too much of an effort." he said lazily.

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The sudden shatter of a plate ricocheted like a gunshot throughout the room, loud enough that it could only have come from the room that she had left Yuri in. Who knew that vampires could be so troublesome and out of control? I know their parents weren't really caring towards them, nor did they care what they did with their time, but still ... You'd think that they would have learned [b]some self-control and maturity.[/i] In all honesty, only Viktor held a lick of sense when it came to anything. Too bad he wasn't there in that moment ... He really needed to get control over his brothers. One of these days, she honestly thought that she was going to be killed for 'disobedience' when, really, she only cared about the young Masters, and wanted what was best for them.

A heavy sigh escaped Avalon's lips, on hand raising to rub at her temple as Raphael stormed off.

"You don't mean that, Master Raphael. That's quite a hurtful thing to say, and Master Andrei really isn't that bad," she murmured to herself, lightly tightening her grip on the music player.

Her human eyes couldn't follow the swift movement that followed, especially when her mind was elsewhere, but she was jolted back to the present by contact with what could only be placed as a man's arm. As soon as he spoke, she recognized him as Andrei, and a swift chill traveled up her spine at his words. She hadn't meant to anger him. It had just ... Happened. What the dense vampires that she served didn't seem to understand, was that she only acted above what little authority she had, due to the care that she held for each and every one of them.

Yuri, who was a child in so many ways, and that she had come to hold a protective nature for - despite his obvious hatred for her.

Viktor, who was the only one that managed to hold a bit of control over the chaotic family that he had.

Clarence, who was strict and cool, not seeming to really care about much other than his brother's common idiocy.

Raphael, with all of his aggressive, agitated, and perverted natures combined into one.

And Andrei, who never had been one to listen to anything she had to say. For all she knew, he only thought of her as a blood bag that did chores and cooked for him, who would be easily expendable, were it not for her families' history in serving the Ivanov's and her skills in doing so.

She was undoubtedly only prey to him, but she couldn't argue with the fact that the feeling of his arm around her waist sent little thrills through her body. Such a strong reaction to such a small contact with him, yet it was there nonetheless.

The scrape of his fangs brought her back to the current danger at hand, sending small chills throughout her body and causing goosebumps to arise along her arms, legs, and between her breasts. She barely noticed the words that he spoke after the contact of fangs-to-throat, and when she spoke a reply, her voice was shaky and breathy, almost excited for what she could only hope would follow - the pleasurable experience of his fangs sank deeply within her throat, and the even more pleasurable feel of said fangs drawing out her blood, the pulling and tugging sensation often stirring something deep within her.

"I could ... I could always bring it to you," she managed to breathe, her voice trembling, her heart racing in her chest, so immensely that it felt as though it would burst. Her body was subconsciously relaxing, the mesmerizing lull of his fangs caressing her almost drawing a groan from her body. "I-I'm very sorry, Master Andrei ... I didn't mean ... To ... To upset you," she mumbled, fumbling for words, her uncertainty rattling her brain. How was one to react to a situation such as the one that she was in? No matter how many times it occurred, she could never remain calm during it.

"I was only trying to keep Master Raphael from hurting you," she whispered, her voice slowly beginning to near a soft whimper that was a mixture of both need and soft fear. "He ... He was angry about you being on the stairs ... And I didn't know how else to wake you." Her voice was the small whimper at that point, and despite her own will, she could not move her body in any way. She internally squirmed under his touch, a slightly pained expression appearing on her face. "Master Andrei, your arm ... It's quite tight. I'm afraid that you may be bruising my hips," she managed, clenching her jaw. The continued scrape of his teeth over her neck caused another shiver to travel through her body, however, and she sighed a bit, her eyes falling shut.

"Please punish me, Master Andrei ... Please ... I want your punishment. Drink from me," she whimpered. Years of servitude for the family had caused several small scars to appear across various areas of her body, and along with those scars came an odd addiction to the bite and feeding of a vampire. It wasn't one that she would easily be able to beat, especially if she were to remain in the residence of the Ivanov Mansion. "Master Andrei ..." she whispered, finding barely enough strength to squirm in his grip. "I'm sorry for my disobedience ..."

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"Find her. I want you to find my sister ... And kill her."

"But Miss Nerine-"

"Did I stutter, Xander, or have you begun an outright defiance against your Queen!?"

"N-Never, Miss Nerine. I could never defy you! You are beauty personified!"

A sly smile curled up the lips of the young woman, her dark eyes flashing with malevolence. "Good. Now find my sister and her children ... And kill her. The twins must live, but my sister is to die."

The large room was deadly silent, the inhabitants of it pale and wide-eyed. How were they to react? Were they to listen to the woman, or defy her? If they were to follow her orders, they would therefore kill their beloved Princess. If they refused her wishes, they would die instead.

The first one to speak was the Bonded human to Nerine, who stepped forward, his head held high and his eyes dark with with irritation.

"Did you not hear your Queen? Find the Princess and kill her, and retrieve her children! Now!"

The scurrying of the servants was nearly comical to the young woman, who leaned back in her seat, one leg lifting to dross over the other, her elbow coming to rest on the arm of the throne, her chin dropping onto the back of her hand. Her opposite lifted in the direction of Vane, her bonded mortal, who approached her obediently. The room was once again silent, having been deserted, and as soon as he reached her, Nerine tugged him onto the seat with her, the sixteen-year-old more like that of a loyal dog than a human.

"You were quite the stunning defender, Vane ... You did well defending your Queen ..."

He shivered under the touch of her fingers, which ran across his cheek and down his throat. His head fell back, and for a moment, she simply smiled at the boy.

"What an obedient little human you are ..."

The sex and blood that followed were equal in pleasure and deliciousness.


I can't ... I can't stop running ... If not for my own sake, then for Diana and Michael's!

Lycoris coughed, the cold evening air causing a shiver to wrack through her body. Her arms huddled the two bundles against her chest, her coat little protection from the chill - something that could undoubtedly cause serious harm to such young infants, even those of the vampire race. One was wailing - from hunger, cold, or both, she did not know, but she could do nothing for either at that moment. Instead, she pushed on, the snowstorm causing great difficulty each time she took a step, the snow weighing down her booted feet.

Why? Why did her sister have to be so cruel? Without Anthony alive, all Hell had broken loose, and now her sister was determined to kill her and take her children. How could someone be so cruel? With her fiance dead, she was no match for Nerine, who only wished to raise the twins as her evil followers, or something along those lines.

A soft sob escaped her lips as Lycia stumbled, clutching the infants more tightly to keep from dropping them.

The words from her closest adviser, Tsune, echoed in her mind.

Follow the trees. Enter them beside the red rock, travel North and only North, and once you reach the end of them, you will find a small village. From there, go a mile into town, take an immediate left, and speak to the man in the third house on your right.

The man had turned out to be a good friend of Tsune's, and had given her food, clothes, and a small car. He also gave her directions to the famous, or so she had been told, infamous, Ivanov Mansion, with the order to speak to Viktor Ivanov, the eldest of the five brothers, and also the kindest.

"Oh, please ... Please do not turn us away," she whispered, burying her face between her twins's bodies. When she looked up again, she could just barely see the looming home that belonged undoubtedly to the Ivanov's.

Thank God she had made it. If she had been forced to travel much longer, she was afraid that she would have collapsed.

It seemed to take her hours to reach the mansion after that, her excitement and joy building with each step, and by the time she reached it, she was more then eager to sleep for hours afterwards. After a bit of adjustment of her hold on the twins, she managed to rap loudly on the front door.

Several moments later, during which time she had managed to quiet Michael, a young woman clad in simple yet beautiful maid's outfit opened the door, a curious expression on her face. The curiosity vanished as soon as her eyes fell on the shivering young woman before her and the two bundles in her arms, and was replaced by worry and fear, undoubtedly for the children's safety.

"My goodness, whatever happened to you?" the girl gasped, opening the door more widely and beckoning for Lycorise to enter, who quickly took advantage of the invitation. "You're nearly purple from the cold, and the clothes you are wearing are incompatible with this weather. Please, follow me. Jezabel! Fetch some tea and blankets for the guest!"

Another maid appeared, gave a nod in reply, and disappeared through a doorway. The one that stood before her turned and gave her a gentle smile.

"My name is Imora. If you would follow me, please, I will settle you in a room where you can warm yourself and the children, and perhaps rest for a while. I will fetch Master Viktor and return shortly. May I ask of your name?" Imora turned, already beginning away, and therefore forcing Lycorise to hurry in order to keep up to speed with the woman.

"Lycorise Dimozi ... My name is Lycorise Dimozi ..."

Imora stopped mid-stride, opened a door, and motioned inside of it, dropping into a small curtsy as she did so. "I will fetch Master Viktor. Jezabel will return momentarily with your tea and blankets."

With that, the girl disappeared from sight, leaving Lycorise alone. She stood there for a moment, but finally, with a slight sigh, made her way into the sitting room, which was quaint, yet welcoming, and extremely warm. She lowered herself to the floor, placing the twins before her. They were gazing our with large, wide eyes, their cheeks rosy from the cold, but otherwise healthy due to the intense bundling of their clothes and blankets. In fact, they seemed a bit warm, she noted after touching their foreheads.

It didn't take her long to remove them from the blankets, during which time Jezabel had come and gone, leaving the trey and blankets for her to do with what she wished. She managed to settle the six-month-olds on a large, fluffy blanket without much trouble, and they settled in to sleep, undoubtedly tired from the occurrences of the day, and their missed naps. She moved down and stretched out beside them, her eyes too growing heavy, and within seconds she was asleep, the infants curled in her embrace.

Imora, however, was hurrying in her search of Viktor, darting from room to room. It was ten minutes after she had admitted the Dimozi woman into the household that she had managed to find the man, who had just recently finished contacting the families' physician in order to assist Avalon - whom she had always seen as sickeningly faithful to the brothers.

"Master Viktor? There is a bit of an emergency ... A young woman arrived with two infants in her arms, claiming to be a Dimozi - one of the Spirit families that is pining for a seat at the Throne? She was quite cold and the babies seemed to be so, also ... I have settled them into your Sitting Room, and Jezabel delivered tea and blankets to them. She was wishing for an audience with you - the subject of which is unknown, but I believe that it would be a good idea to at the very least speak with her," she said softly, dropping into a curtsy as she spoke.


“Big sisters are fighting again, Vina …”

Rimu sighed, moving the stuffed animal across the floor in an attempt to make it appear as though it were walking. Instead, it made a sliding sound, but the idea of it walking was enough to make her content, a small smile crossing her lips. “I wonder if mommy and daddy will intervene and butt in this time. I hope so, because if they don’t, Nee-Nee’s going to kill Ri-Ri. Nee-Nee’s so spoiled … But don’t tell her I said that, so shh,” she giggled, placing a finger over her lips. She moved the kitty’s head so that it appeared to nod, a satisfied look on the girl’s face. She paused and leaned in close, her ear beside it’s head.

“Oh, yeah, I know! She’s a psycho. I like Ri-Ri so much better. She sings to me. I feel bad, though, because Anthony died and she’s really hurt now, especially since Nee-Nee wants to kill her and take the twins. What a mean sister!”

She paused, turning Vina to look into her face. A serious expression appeared on Rimu’s as a thought arose. “What if I told Nee-Nee that Ri-Ri went to visit grandma and grandpapa? D’you think that she’d believe me?” She gasped after a moment, a giggle exploding from her, causing her to flop backwards and toss Vina in the air, catching her in a light grip. “I know, she’d be silly to believe that. But you’ll always be there for me, won’t’chu Vina?” She bloomed into another smile, hugging the stuffed kitty to her chest. “I knew that I could count on you!”


“W-we … Teddy and I came t-to apologize... for our misdeeds ..”

He was apologizing? Apparently people who claimed the impossible cannot be done would be incorrect, because the only times that she could remember Yuri apologizing, were when he would accidently bite or push her down.

"I-I don't know...what... why…sorry…we will never hurt your sister again, Teddy and I promise... we really do. W-we won't even look at her anymore... o-or think about her, if that would make you feel better. J-just please, Ethy.... please don't cry or be sad …”

Her tears had already dried, but she sniffed a bit at the reminder of her sorrow, one hand lifting to rub at her eye. She looked up at him, her green eyes wide, swollen, pink, and damp from crying. Ethel was quiet throughout his apology, her finger curling and uncurling without her conscious control.

When he held out Teddy to her, however, she was struck speechless, not merely from her own wishes to remain quiet, but from the utter surprise that instilled her. Yuri never allowed anyone to touch his stuffed animal. Even she had only done so a few times during her life.

"L-look... Teddy even wants to give you a hug…”

Ethella stared at the stuffed animal for several long moments. Finally, she looked up at him, accepting Teddy and clutching him to her chest, his face pressed against her cheek. She snuggled him for a moment before, out of nowhere, she threw herself forward, her arms wrapping around his neck and her face cuddling into his shoulder.

“… I accept your apology … But don’t hurt Avy again, okay?” she said softly, tightening her embrace, Teddy dangling from her finger tips against his back. She leaned away slightly, her nose touching his, for they were still that close to one another. “She’s my big sister, and I don’t want her to be hurt. Besides … Jealousy isn’t a nice feeling,” she mumbled, her green gaze turned downward.


Was this a dream, or had Master Andrei truly just kissed her cheek?

No matter how intensely she willed her eyes to open, they wouldn't follow her commands, and it didn't take long for her to realize that this was, in fact, reality. The heavy feel of the blankets told her as much, but she could not move. Perhaps whatever drugs the physician had given her, had inadvertently rendered her incapable of moving ... Or perhaps that had been his intention. Who knew with that old man ...

"Tell me, Avalon ........ Tell me sweet little doll ......... What is the point of life ... If all God has to give us is pain?"

Whether it was the gentile nickname for her, the way that his voice gave off a sorrowful tone, or the question itself, something about it pierced her heart. It went out to him, the fingers of her unbroken arm curling against the mattress. It wasn't until he had been gone for nearly five minutes that she was able to move.

Avalon had heard everything the doctor had said, and found it ridiculous that she would need to remain bedridden for so long. Yes, she was exhausted, and yes, she wasn't truly able to think straight, due to the drugs that he had slipped into her system, but it was her decision if and when she would leave her bed. And the decision had come to that moment being now.

It was a slow progression from laying to standing, and by the time that she was on her feet, she was exhausted. However, she couldn't quit when she was only just starting - besides, Andrei deserved an answer, even if it made her sick to her stomach to stand. She pulled a robe on over her naked, bandaged body, along with an extra blanket, which she held together with one hand.

Who knew that walking could be so difficult? It was hard for her to even leave her room, and even more difficult for her to traverse the hallway, peeking into each doorway as she did so.

When she heard the water running in the bathroom that was connected to his room, she hesitated. What if she walked in on him in the nude? Not that she hadn't done so before, so there was nothing that she hadn't already seen - in truth, she had seen all of the brothers without clothes, having had the misfortune to dare to enter their rooms early in the mornings. She had learned long before to knock before entering, but with the water running, it was doubtful that Andrei would hear her. After a moment of thought, she wrapped her fingers around the knob of the door, turned it, and slid inside.

"Master Andrei?" she called quietly, her hand lifting up to her blanket once more, the rub of the sling against her neck annoying her ever-so-slightly. She shut the door quietly behind her, moving further into the room. It was empty, but steam was curling out from the half-open door to his bathroom, and the familiar sound of water pattering against flooring reached her ears.

Bundling up all of the courage that she could manage, she made her way to the bathroom, pausing just outside the door.

"Master Andrei?" she called, a bit more loudly than before. She frowned, her expression uncertain, before she leaned in just enough to see inside.

"... The point of life is to live it to the fullest. Even in times of great despair, there is always something that you can find happiness in. No matter how difficult something may seem, you need only to find your motivation to continue going, and push right on through the barrier that stands in your path. Whether it is an inanimate object or not, you need to find that one thing, or person, that you can depend on for joy and happiness. And once you do, all of those heartaches and heartbreaks make sense. They were leading you up to you meeting that one thing or person that gives you the peace and love that you have been seeking - and it makes all of that pain worth it," she said quietly, her fingers curling around the door. Halfway through her speech, she had turned around so that her back was pressed against the door, her uninjured hand flattening against the door itself. "And there's sex," she joked, a slight smile twitching at her lips. "Sex helps with all of that, too," she laughed softly, her face turned slightly downward. "Oh, I forgot ... You are not very experienced with the art of sex, now are you? How long has it been since you took a woman? Seven months?" she teased, humor obvious in her features. "Why, you are practically a virgin in your mind!" she laughed.

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#, as written by Gladis
The sky was clouded and gray and the pitter patter of rain could be heard wide and far. The snowy ground was wet and mushy as the snow was starting to melt and Raphael started making his way through the forest nearby the Ivanov mansion. His hair had already become wet from the rain and was clinging to his head and neck annoyingly. He sighed and stuffed his hands in his pockets, just wanting to get his hunt for a new toy over with as soon as possible.

He stopped as the scent of a human female nearby caught his attention.

And then he heard her voice.

Quickly but silently, he started making his way there.

Raphael stepped out behind the human girl, an eyebrow arched and his blood red eyes bright with a playful but dark glint. "True... you're out here, all alone and vulnerable... it is as though you actually want to be attacked by a hungry vampire or idiotic pervert... what a moron you appear to be. Then again, what else is there to be expected from a blond, human girl, hmmm?" before she could react, the white haired vampire slid his arm around her waist and pulled her up to him, so that her back was pressed against his chest. He frowned as he noticed the bite marks on her neck. "Or maybe you have become addicted to our bites? How... disgusting," he stated with a repulsed snort, leaning down and sniffing her neck.

"Hmmm? You smell like Viktor... why in the world would my brother want an impudent little whore like you?" Raphael arched an eyebrow, shaking his head. It wasn't that she smelled like Viktor that made him say that. It was because she smelled even stronger of another vampire too, and... because she actually behaved like she wanted a vampire to find her. Repulsing. He thought and then frowned. Her blood did indeed smell good, but not heavenly. He truly didn't understand his brother. Oh well.

"Whom were you seeking, little human?" he asked after a while, tracing her neck with his fangs, almost pricking her skin but not quite. He was slightly annoyed at Andrei, for being so irresponsible with Avalon. Now none of the other brothers, including Raphael, had been able to feed. Then again, this was only to be expected of his older brother. Andrei was an irresponsible slob, not worthy of the Ivanov name. At least in the opinions of Raphael and Clarence too.

He smiled diabolically. "Who knows? Maybe I can help you, little human..."

Yuri smiled slightly in relief as she accepted teddy and hugged him, then blinking in surprise as he was hugged. First he was tense and stunned, not knowing how to react, but then he relaxed and carefully hugged him back. His nose twitched slightly as he scent filled his nostrils and he gulped, doing his best to keep himself steady. Like all the other brothers, it had been a while since he fed last, which probably had added to his strange mood before. Now, when she was so close to him, he could feel his hunger practically yelling at him what to do. Her head was buried in his shoulder, he could have just leaned down and...

Had it been any other person, he would have yelled at her for hugging him and told her off, before punishing by drinking her blood. Had it been any other day, he possibly would have done it with Ethella now too (it most certainly wouldn't have been the first time he bit her without permission or yelled at her without any particularly solid reason), but she had already been upset with him once this day, and he didn't want to upset her again.

“… I accept your apology … But don’t hurt Avy again, okay?”

"I-I promise..." Yuri replied quietly, biting his lip as she tightened her grip of him.

Not being able to hold back much longer, Yuri pushed her away somewhat roughly (without meaning to), quickly taking several steps away from her before turning around, so that he was facing the wall. Yuri fighting very hard to keep the hunger under control. His usually pale purple eyes were now glowing brightly and he was shivering all over. He clutched his teddy and shook his head, feeling a tear starting to roll down his cheek, not to mention that he felt dizzy after going through so much without having had any blood in such a long time. He was far weaker than usual. Still he had managed to tackle Avalon... which only indicated how weak she had been as a result of Andrei's bite.

“She’s my big sister, and I don’t want her to be hurt. Besides … Jealousy isn’t a nice feeling,”

He paused at her words, blinking away the tears and standing totally still for a moment before mumbling into the fur of Teddy's head. "I know..." he whispered quietly.

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Arcadia sighed as the first drops of rain hit her, and the soft white blanket of snow. She was upset that the pretty substance melted at the touch of water. She didn't bother putting up her hood, as her hair was already wet. She almost thought she had heard a noise behind her. She turned to look, but a bird in a tree nearby soon put her off. She turned back again, and suddenly there was yet another man's voice in her ear and hands around her waist - perhaps too tightly for her liking. She didn't listen much to his first words.

"Perhaps," Arcadia started, "I am not a whore, but perhaps I have just given up on life entirely." She spoke softly, gently. "I made it easier for Albert as he saved my life." She whispered it. She was truly upset about the whole Albert situation. "And as Viktor told me he would find me anyway, I came to find him as the Morlock boy wouldn't let me live long." She explained. "So hands off, pervert." She snapped, not happy about being grabbed and manhandled by another.

She tried to get out of his arms the second she felt his fangs on her neck. "No!" She yelled at him. "Get your...your fangs and your hands off of me!" Arcadia couldn't deny feeling aroused by his touch, but she tried to ignore the feeling. "There is going to be some evil twist to your help, I suppose." She sighed again. She wouldn't escape it but she would damn well try.

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#, as written by Gladis

Raphael snorted in disgust at her words, licking her neck thoughtfully before sighing. "And annoying you are too... would you please stop looking like you're going to break every second and then snap at me? It's disturbing... and annoying," he shook his heads and tightened his grip of her as she called him pervert, chuckling darkly. "I have no intension's of letting you go... if my brother said he would come get you, he probably will. However, why make it harder for him when I have already found you? I'll take you to my brother, there is no need to worry. Okay, you puny annoyance?" he asked, pricking the skin f her neck slightly with his fangs and tightening his grip of her even further.

"Just oblige and I won't hurt you... just drink a little blood, okay?" he chuckled, keeping hold of her with one of his arms as he moved his other hand upwards a little, gently stroking her cheek before leaning down and gently kissing her other cheek. "I will just feed... I haven't fed in so long, and you mediocre blood should do..." he murmured into her ear, smirking slightly before be bit into her ear, a thrilled look flashing through his bright red eyes. Hurting other people always gave him a thrill. Scream puny human, scream for me...

"There is going to be some evil twist to your help, I suppose."

He blinked and pulled back from her ear, lowering his hand from her cheek again and sighing.
"Why?" he asked, arching an eyebrow and licking her cheek, "why in the world do all people think that? What if I only genuinely want to help you to my brother?" he asked and pouted, "well... after I've fed, that is. You truly are annoying, punt human... if you're going to live with us, I believe my brother will have a hard job disciplining you... I truly do not understand him."

Rapheal shrugged his shoulders and then bit into her neck, hard and deep.

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Hino walked through the forest that seemed to go on forever, she finally settled on sitting in lush grass near a tree stump, she placed her plastic container of miso soup on said stump. She took off the lid allowing the steam to float i the air.
As for what Hino wore, she had on a dull green worn out scarf, with light yellow lined patterns, she wore a tank top with owls of different colors, she had on a sleeveless brown jacket with fake fur on the rim of the hood and arms, she wore black jeans with holes in the knees and wore black converses. She took a spoon and blew on her soup and savored it. Oh how she loved miso soup.

"Who knows? Maybe I can help you, little human..." Hino heard some say. She silently placed her spoon down and snuck to where the source of the voice came from. It was a white haired male holding a blond haired girl. Wait is he inching to her neck!!

What should she do???? She thought as she watched him sink his teeth in the blonds neck, she backed away stepping on a branch. She tensed.

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#, as written by Gladis
(Since I'm on my IPad, I will be replying to each one of the posts individually, and in the order they were written. So if you don't see a reply to your post yet, that means I have yet to write it or am in the process of it. It'll be slow, since I have school. XD)

Raphael laughed softly as she pleaded him not to bite her, knowing she wanted to scream. She wanted to scream badly. but she was holding it back in order to keep herself from making this even more enjoyable for Raphael. What she did not know was that seeing her struggle like this, was almost as enjoyable for the white haired vampire. Sinking his teeth into her skin made t far more wonderful, and even if he did not enjoy her blood terribly much, he was hungry so it would have to do. Raphael did notice the girl, but decided to pretend not to, at least as long as he fed.

After a while, Raphael pulled back and let go of the girl. By then he had taken so much blood she should be rather unsteady on her feet, although not fatally so. Still, the young vampire was not sated. He wanted more than blood, but he knew he couldn't take that from this girl, for as she said; Raphael's brother considered her his and no matter how unreasonable Raphael thought that was, he still reaped his elder brothers choice of action.

"Be silent, Harlot!" Raphael said sharply, narrowing his eyes at the girl and shaking his head. "You have no room to speak. What belongs your brother also belongs to us, I hope you will learn that early on in your service to him..." Raphael smiled cruelly, "or otherwise it will become very hard and painful for you, little bitch," he chuckled darkly and then turned his gaze to the other girl, tilting his head.

Now, this one was pretty enough and the blood pulsing through her veins seemed far better than the blond girls as well. At least in Raphael's opinion.

He gave her a small, handsome smile which could have made every girl faint, his red eyes invoking a friendly and totally different air than just moments ago, despite their color. Within seconds he was behind her, gently wrapping his är,s around her shoulders and leaning close to her ear, whispering gently.

"Hello there, little human... you realize that now with what you have seen, I cannot let you... no?" he asked, chuckling softly. He was holding her gently but firmly, thus preventing her from breaking free without hurting her. Pain would come later, first was always pleasure on the list. "Okay? So be a good little human and come home with your new master..." he straightened up and gently let her go, lancing down at the blond girl. "And you better come too," he said, his tone turning unfriendlier again, "if you wish to see my brother, that is. And if you don't, I will have no regrets killing you."

Raphael trailed off and narrowed his eyes as he scent if another human girl filled his nostrils. This one, however, was familiar. He quickly turned his head in the direction the scent was coming from; in the direction of the manor. Shortly thereafter, Yuri appeared from the nearby trees, hugging his teddy and giggled crazily to himself, like he would doe so often. Raphael sighed and arched an eyebrow.

"What now, brother... have you let your little pet escape?" Raphael asked, spitefully.

Yuri stopped in his tracks, his head jerking upwards to face his brother... although he didn't quite seem to be there. Yuri's whole body was shaking and his maddened gaze intended slightly. "SHUT UP, SHUT UP, SHUT UP!" the boy screamed, looking ready to attack Raphael any moment.

"Oh... look who's gotten a little angry," Raphael chuckled softly, remaining fully calm despite his brothers tantrum, "why now... since you're so good at crying, won't you cry a little for me, little brother? If you do it well, I may reward you by telling you the location of your toy. Your rage dulls your senses: there is no way in hell you are going to find her like this. Howl for me, little brother," Raphael laughed and yet his voice somehow remained elegant.

Yuri gritted his teeth and glared at Raphael in pure hatred. Yes, if it was anyone he despised more than anything, it was the albino in the family.

"How pitiful... can't even shed a few tears to please your brother? What about screams, then? What about screams when I shred your beautiful little body into pieces with the help of my tools, my knives..." Raphael suggested in a sing song voice, the tone of his voice and expression almost matching his younger brothers in terms of creepiness and insanity, "or maybe I shall kill your little pet, hmm? Then you can burn her body too, like you did our sweet mothers... and stuff the ashes inside your teddy. Wouldn't that please you? Then she could never run away from you again..." Raphael laughed again, evading Yuri with ease as his younger brother charged at him, screaming in rage.

Without hesitation Raphael drew his and swung at Yuri, impairing the young vampires shoulder with it and pinning him to one of the nearby trees. Upon hearing Yuri's scream of agony, Raphael's manic smile became intenser- as did the maddened glint in his eyes.

"See? It wasn't that hard screaming for your big brother now, was it?" Raphael asked, walking over to Yuri and leaning over him carefully. He reached out his pale hand and gently stroke the purple haired boys cheek before murmuring, "and look, you're even crying... what a good little brother you are," the albino mused, before pulling out the sword from Yuri's shoulder.

Yuri let out another pained scream, followed by several sobs of fear and agony. All rage from before had fled his expression, been replaced by fear as he clutched his injured arm and shuffled away from Raphael in the snow. Tears were rolling down his pale cheeks, like blood was trickling down his arm and soaking his clothes.

Raphael smiled and sheathed his sword again, tilting his head at Yuri. "Now, shall we find that little humans of yours? Or are you as weak as you appear and can't take a little pain?" his voice had remained calm and spiteful throughout all of this. He turned to face the two humans and tilted his head, bowing slightly before speaking elegantly, politely.

"Forgive me for the delay, my ladies... it seems I will have to help my brother, as he is so obviously incapable of doing anything at all himself... if you wouldn't mind, could I ask you to come with me?" It was not like he was going to give them a choice, but this amused him.

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Arcadia wobbled precariously on her feet. Viktor's brother had taken so much that she was now very lightheaded and shivering, and not just from the cold. Her ear and now her neck were painful, but was dulled by the addictive feeling of his bite anyway. She rubbed it with her bandaged hand and sighed again. He let her go and Arcadia managed to lean on a tree nearby to get her balance. He called her nasty names but she didn't care much.

She looked back over at the brunette girl, and saw out of the corner of her eye that the white haired male had seen her to. "Run! Run, go!" She yelled, not caring about punishment. He couldn't drink anymore, so that was OK. The vampire had caught up to the girl anyway, and Arcadia leaned her pounding head against the tree she was leaning on.

He leered down at her, and she looked at the ground. She nodded a couple of times, and let go off the tree. She staggered slightly, but soon regained her balance. Arcadia shuffled carefully over to the brunette, and attempted to not make even more of a fool of herself. Her injured hand unconsciously played with Albert's scarf. She missed him a lot, even though they had only spent a day together. "Shh, come on, what's your name? I'm...called Cadi." She shortened her name to try and keep her from being recognized. "Come on," she repeated, "we don't want to make him angry." She indicated to the vampire, before turning and stumbling after him.

Suddenly he stopped in front of a purple haired male. She sighed, not listening to the conversation they were having. She was therefore surprised when the white male drew his sword and stabbed the younger boy. Arcadia flinched, but otherwise had no reaction. The white haired male then 'suggested' that they helped. Cadi sighed yet again and stumbled again, a fresh wave of dizziness overcoming her. Then, after she had gotten her balance back again, she started off after the brothers like a good little girl.

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"Run! Run, go!" yelled the blonde girl.
Hino's mind screamed run, but when she looked into the white haired male's eyes and saw a small handsome smile, her body froze and her knees felt like gelatin, his eyes though were red gave a friendly aura to him than before.
She was so distracted that she didn't notice arms wrap around her shoulders, firmly.
Hello there, little human... you realize that now with what you have seen, I cannot let you... no?" a voice chuckled.
She looked at the corner of her eyes to see white hair.
"Okay? So be a good little human and come home with your new master..." she heard him say.
Master? She thought.
She watched as he straightened up and gently let her go, lancing down at the blond haired girl. "And you better come too," he said, his tone turning unfriendly again, "if you wish to see my brother, that is. And if you don't, I will have no regrets killing you."
Her body tensed. He was nice a minute ago.
"Shh, come on, what's your name? I'm...called Cadi." She saw the exhausted blond say "Come on," she repeated, "we don't want to make him angry." She indicated to the vampire, before turning and stumbling after him. Hino crossed her arms angrily, all she came out here for was to enjoy her miso soup, maybe go to the store and buy more plushes."

", I refuse to go, nobody is my master, if you let me go I'll pretend I saw nothing okay." She asked timidly.

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#, as written by Gladis
Eve's eyes fluttered open as she heard the door slam and someone enter. She sat up in the couch, the familiar in her lap narrowing his eyes and hissing at the stranger in a hostile manner. His black ears were flattened against his head and his blue eyes flickered to ember in a threatening manner, just as he showed his fangs. Instantly, Eve let out a small, frightened scream, quickly climbing down from the couch before starting to shuffle away from him, the daemon jumping down onto the floor as well, keeping on his guard. Obviously, this man was a blood vampire. Only an idiot would fall for his claim. Blood vampires and spirit vampires hated one another, even Eve knew that much. There was no chance in hell he would have been entrusted with taking care of a spirit vampire child, especially not the kings... even if Eve's true identity was not clear to Dae.

"N-no..." Eve stuttered out, voice and expression filled with fear as she shook her head, staring at the vampire in bewilderment. "N-no... you're...a...liar..." she whispered, feeling her back bump against the wall. Glancing around, she noticed she had pushed herself into a corner... which hadn't been very intelligent at the time, but Eve hadn't really thought before she acted. Her heart as well as mind were racing and she was breathing quickly in panic, trying to get a grip of the situation.

Andrei yawned and stretched out on the bed, opening his eyes as he noticed Avalon wasn't there anymore. For a moment, he was struck by confusion. That moment was over quickly, however, and soon a flush of embarrassment settled on his cheek as he noticed there was another man in the room. Automatically, he pulled his blanket over himself and hid beneath it, silently listening to the end of their conversation and then waiting for him to leave. He couldn't hear all of what they were saying, but by the sound of it Avalon was crying... which Andrei wasn't entire sure how to react to. Should he feel sorry for her? Well, yes... he did... but what do you do when you feel sorry for people? He wasn't really sure at all.

Sighing, once he heard the door close, he peeked out from under the covers and glanced down at Avalon on the floor, hesitating before crawling over towards her direction, though remaining on the bed. Andrei glanced down at her for a while, still not entire sure what he could do about her sadness, before reaching out his hand and placing it on her shoulder- carefully.

"Hey, little doll..." he said softly, a look of gentleness and affection flashing through his pale red eyes, "I'm sure your little sister will be fine, alright? I mean, Raphael is out there so he will probably find her and bring her home safely," Andrei did realize that this probably didn't comfort her, but even if Raphael was a moronic and sadistic idiot, he wouldn't touch Ethella. Andrei was sure of that. Honestly, he believed in his words about Raphael bringing the girl home safely.

Andrei sighed softly, gently playing with her strange hair and shutting his eyes, stifling another yawn. "Just you calm down, okay? Freaking out like this won't help you heal, and it won't do you any good in general..." he stated, opening his eyes again and leaning down, carefully kissing her cheek. Even like this, he found aroma of her blood tempting. However, he was content with the amount of blood he had gotten before and would not need feeding for today... or tomorrow, for that matter. Besides, Andrei DID worry about her health. He truthfully and honestly did. Was... her health all he cared about, though?

'Damn it, Andrei! Don't think like that, don't even consider it! Falling in love with a human can never end well... never... ever. What if all vampires suddenly went falling in love with humans? Their race would die out... and... they would eventually vanish. It is a terrible, terrible thought... and a terrible, terrible deed of a blood vampire especially. No! I cannot effort to start caring about a mare human... not even if she saved me from the 'fire devils' that one time'. He smiled weakly at his own idiocy both back then and now and shook his head.

"Just calm down..." he murmured soothingly.

Raphael watched the two girls suspiciously as he walked through the forest, rain whipping against his face and soaking his clothes as it started becoming worse. This was real spring weather. Sighing, he racked his hand through his wet, white hair and paused as the brunette spoke, turning around and arching an eyebrow, placing his hand on the hilt of his sword again.

", I refuse to go, nobody is my master, if you let me go I'll pretend I saw nothing okay." She asked timidly.

Raphael's expression went dead as he locked his pale, long fingers around the hilt, a look of discontentment flashing through his crimson eyes. "Do I have to repeat myself for you too, puny human? You may be pretty and your blood may smell good enough... but like I told the blond girl, I would only find pleasure in disposing of you," his lips curled into a small, cruel smile, "no one would ever find out, puny human... and you would just become another one of my 'dolls'. A pretty one, added to that... but still. Is that truly what you wish for?" he asked slowly, tilting his head to the side and chuckling darkly before walking over to her, grasping hold of her chin tightly and tilting her head up, leaning his face close to hers.

Just as it seemed as though he was about to kiss her, he pulled back again and shook his head, starting to walk once more and letting go of her chin. "I would suggest you come along, if you care about your life... that is," he said, still smiling like that as he made his way through the forest, sniffing the air regularly and glancing around.

After a while, they arrived when Ethella had collapsed. He sighed and leaned down, carefully picking her up before throwing her over his shoulder and glancing at the other three, Yuri keeping silently in the background, clutching his arm as tears rolled down his cheeks. At least he wasn't making any sound. With his injured hand, he was trembling to keep his grip of teddy, who now was as drenched as everyone else with rain. In fact, the purple haired young vampire was shivering, which came as no surprise to Raphael. After all, Yuri had never been outside the house before... weather was something entirely new to him, as was this kind of chilly air and the forest surrounding him. If Raphael was allowed to guess, he didn't think Yuri would go out in a very long time anymore.

"Get moving..." he said grumpily to the three of them, starting back towards the mansion."

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"Do I have to repeat myself for you too, puny human? You may be pretty and your blood may smell good enough... but like I told the blond girl, I would only find pleasure in disposing of you," she watched his lips curl into a small, cruel smile, "no one would ever find out, puny human... and you would just become another one of my 'dolls'. A pretty one, added to that... but still. Is that truly what you wish for?"
Hino tensed, she tried to be nice as she could but he threatened to kill her. She sighed.
Mentally she threw up at calling him master.
He chuckled darkly which made her skin crawl he walked over to her, grasping hold of her chin tightly and tilting her head up, leaning his face close to hers.
Is he going kiss me?
Just as it seemed as though he was about to kiss her, he pulled back again and shook his head, starting to walk once more and letting go of her chin. "I would suggest you come along, if you care about your life... that is," he said.
She looked down at the ground clenching her fists.

As they walked on she saw the curly blond haired one fall to the ground. She pretended not to notice.
she mentally pretended to beat up her 'master' in her mind.
As the rain got worse Hino pulled up her hood as she listened to the white haired one state, "Get moving."
"Yes master." She said with hidden venom in her tone. Where were they going?

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Arcadia stumbled forward and regained her balance again. She shrugged off her coat, but kept on her scarf, and offered it to the purple haired boy. She didn't mind the rain, after all, she couldn't have gotten any more cold than the night she had spent in that tree. "Go on, you have it." She told him gently. He looked cold, and his brother had stabbed him. Her mind drifted back to Albert, and she felt her eyes getting watery. She missed him a lot. She didn't believe what she had given up. But...She had, and now she was here. Just to touch him again, to be near him, to smell his scent...

She sniffed at his scarf, and Arcadia breathed in the sweet scent of Albert. She missed him a lot. She hoped that staying in Viktor's care would be worth it. She remembered all the sweetness of their childhood, but from what she had already seen, that was all different now. She could tell. There would be no love. All she would be was food. But if it kept her family from harm, it would be all okay. She was sacrificing herself for them, she reminded herself of that. She shook herself out of the thought.

She heard the white haired boy giving orders, and she obeyed quietly, walking (Not in a straight line, may I add) in the direction that he had indicated. She watched the darker blonde being carried and what was going on with the brunette and white haired boy, too, but she moved when told. She knew these were the people she would be with for a long time, and sighed inwardly. She missed Albert, and began drafting out a letter in her head to him.

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#, as written by Gladis
(Again n my IPad, so I won't reply to everyone at once....)

Yuri followed his brother in silence, all the while is purple eyes focused on Ethella over his shoulder. He was clutching his arm where he had been stabbed and blood red like rubies was trickling between his fingers, though other than that he did not seem to care about the wound. His tears had long since dried on his cheeks; or rather been washed away by the heavy rain. Yuri was still shivering all over, however, but tried to hide how cold he actually was.

Suddenly, Raphael stopped in his tracks and swirled around, gazing at the three of them, a strange glint once more present in his crimson red eyes. "You two!" he snapped, baring his fangs as he pointed at the two humans with his sword, "what are you doing, following me around like some kind of stackers?! Humans truly become more and more moronic with each generation that passes, my father wasn't that far off the truth, it seems... now leave, GET OUT OF MY SIGHT!" he roared, watching the blood of his younger brother trickle down along the cold steal of his sword and dripping into the melting snow; as it too, was washed away.

"DID I NOT MAKE MYSELF CLEAR?!" he roared, loud enough to wake the dead and most certainly to wake Ethella. Shortly thereafter, his voice dropped to something right above a whisper, sounding somewhat like a rasp but still melodic in a strange way, "you are soiling my repetition by your mare presence. Quite frankly, just looking at you makes me sick... " his hand started shaking slightly as Raphael spoke as though he had never seen them before, as though what occurred moments ago had never happened. His eyes were gleaming with insanity, and he almost seemed to be slightly... in his own world. Okay, not slightly.


"Leave..." he whispered, his voice dropping down to the strange, raspy state once more. He looked down, his wet, white hair falling into his face and obscuring his eyes from his audience, "you all are planning to conspire against me anyways, aren't you? Thats what they always do in the end... when the pain becomes they either flee and break... or they start to fight back. I hate all of them," Raphael whispered and then yanked his head up again, staring at them wide eyed, "I HATE ALL OF YOU!"

Yuri winced at his brothers rage outbreak and watched Ethella carefully, hoping with all his heart Raphael wouldn't drop her in the process of raging at them. His brother didn't, though. All the while Raphael kept a firm grip of Ethella, so hard, Yuri started worrying about that instead of him dropping her. "Poor Ethy..." he said quietly. Only Yuri was allowed to hurt her...

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Hino clenched her fists at her sides, and shook, one would think she's crying especially since her eyes were shadowed, But you could see her fake smile as her lips twitched "What. Did. You. Just. Say?! she said angrily.

She watched white haired male as he spoke.
Hino turned to a tree and punched it making her hand red. It showed how angry she was, no not angry, furious.
"NOW LEAVE!" He shouted to her and blond haired girl.
many birds flew away at the way he yelled.
A vein popped on Hino's forehead. Her eyes became saucers, she narrowed her eyes.

"I HATE ALL OF YOU!" He said.
Hino's fist connected to the white haired males jaw, "oh quit your whining, pitiful, hurting others for your satisfaction !!" She said shaking her fist towards him.

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Arcadia didn't listen to the sudden change in personality of the boy. He roared at them, and she didn't listen. However, she did think about Albert. A lot. He was cute, and Arcadia could never repay him for what he did. She almost smiled at the thought, but looked up at the white haired boy. The brunette girl hit a tree with enough force that she may have broken her knuckles. She shook her head at her anger and chose to not speak. It would be stupid to speak now.

Instead of listening to his rage, Arcadia watched the birds taking flight. She sniffed the scarf again, and looked up at just the right moment to see the brunette hit the albino in the mouth with a fist. Arcadia's eyes grew wide with surprise, her mouth forming an 'o'. However, she closed her mouth quickly again, and stepped back from the albino, knowing he would be furious with them now. However stubborn Arcadia may have been was overruled by self-preservation instincts.

She thought about happy times with Albert, and focused on other things. She didn't want to know about the punishment that the brunette would receive. She just stood back and averted her eyes. The whole punishment with pain idea made her feel sick to the stomach when watching somebody else having it. Instead she thought of Albert and what they could have had.

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#, as written by Gladis
Raphael's eyes narrowed as he quickly evaded the incredibly stupid girls attempt to punch him- only by a few inches, but still. Most likely, she would hit the tree. However, if she was fast enough which Raphael didn't think she was... there was a possibility she would be able to avoid the broken wrist. However, almost hitting him was as bad as actually hitting him, and suddenly, all Raphael could see was... red. Pure, flamboyantly, scarlet red. At least, that was how his eyes were glowing as she stared at her in the most dangerous kind of rage; the silent, brooding type. For a moment, he just stood there- frozen to the spot and staring at her.

Suddenly, however... a loud roar that could have awakened the death escaped his lips and he charged at her with his sword, first looking as though he was going to impale her with the sword... although he suddenly stopped in his mid tracks, remembering he was actually still carrying a girl over his shoulder. What remained him, was a yelp of concern coming from Yuri, who still just stood as far away as possible and cowered. Yes, that was indeed what he was, a coward. However, he would have been a moron to challenge Raphael in this situation... as there was no way he would have been able to beat him. Not even for the human. With a sigh, Raphael carefully placed her down in the snow- finding it curious how she had not yet awakened.

"You can have her, worthless brat..."

Raphael's expression went deathly, psychotically calm and he smiled at the human girls, a small and handsome, amazingly calm smile- judging his behavior just moment's ago. He swept a tiny bow and said in a slightly raspy voice from the screaming, but still calmly; "Forgive me for all the troubles I have caused you... my ladies. You better get out of this forest before any harm comes to you," and with that said, he turned around and started to march off towards the mansion, images off all the terrible things he would do to one of the servants. What a joy he would have in shredding a young maidens skin of her body; one piece after another. What a beautiful music their voices would make as their screams echoed through the dungeon, and what a pleasure it would be to see the blood run and stain... stain everything so wonderfully red. Torturing was like art, in Raphael's opinion. And he knew that one day this fine art he had worked so hard on perfecting... would come to use; when he disposed of one of his brothers after the other. Slowly ending their life's in the most painful ways.

His snake like smile widened as the insane look in his simultaneously increased and he suppressed the chuckle threatening to escape his lips. Okay, it was more than a chuckle. It was that kind of insane laugh you would expect from a mad scientist in a horror movie- or any other kind of mentally unstable villain, to be correct.

Suddenly, Raphael stopped in his tracks, glancing at the two girls and narrowing his eyes when he noticed Yuri was no longer with them. His lips became a flat line and all emotion from just moments before escaped his features, making him completely unreadable.

"You two?" he asked flatly, "what are you still doing here? And where did that idiotic brat go off to..." Raphael muttered the last part to himself, a slight hint of annoyance slipping into his voice as he shook his head, resuming his walk again. "Oh right... I do not give a damn. The human girl may die, if he so wishes... " he yawned and sheathed his sword once more, admitting wordlessly to himself that he shouldn't be so quick about drawing it all the time. Actually he would have to get a better control of his temper... Avalon did have a point earlier that day.

With his excellent hearing capabilities, Yuri could make out the sound of footsteps behind him very quickly. Because of his injury, however, he had no time to move. His eyes widened as a hand was placed tightly over his mouth and he was dragged into the forest. Honestly, he did actually try to bite the spirit vampire, but didn't exactly succeed. In fact, he failed miserably. Glaring up at the spirit vampire, he stopped his fist attempted of struggles.

Shivering as the stranger pushed him down onto the ground and averting his gaze, Yuri tried to let out a yelp of repulsion as his wound was licked by the stranger's... creature? Either way Yuri hated cat's, in whatever form they could appear. There was a very good reason as to why Yuri thought so badly of them. Raphael's familiar was a cat- an albino Siamese to that, and it was far from the loving and kind version of a cat you'd usually encounter. Especially Yuri and Set were not very good friends... not even in the slightest. However, it was not actually his wound the panther licked, but his thick leather coat. It was weird and wrong in every damn way Yuri could think of. He didn't understand what could it would do either, since nothing actually happened. The stranger sitting on top of him didn't really make the situation better either- he hated to be dominated. Actually, none of the brothers appreciated it much but Yuri was the one who hated it the most. Not only made it feel him uncomfortable, but since Yuri was such a skinny and small boy... he had trouble breathing with the weight of that person on top of him, and his hand over his mouth. What? Did he have the intension's of killing the poor little vampire boy?

"Forgive me, it was the only way I thought you'd come. Now if I let go of you, you wont scream will you? Wait never mind of course you will, some weird guy just let his cat lick on you."

Yuri simply squeezed his eyes shut, wanting get over with this situation as soon as possible and get to his Ethy, who was the main goal of his mission to go outside. If she ran away again, however... Yurie decided he would NOT go looking for her. The world outside was scary and cold and wet with awkward strangers sitting on poor little boys. Yuri didn't like that at all. Well, at least he still had his teddy, which he clutched tightly in this free arm.

Once he felt the weight from him being lifted, Yuri carefully stood up, not answering the vampire and simply glaring at the ground. He winced in pain the wound caused him, but ignored it; including the fact that he was still losing blood. Actually, some of it was trickling down his chin and now and then he let out small, raspy coughs, blood splattering from his mouth and onto the snowy ground. Once, he even lost his balance and fell onto his knees, coughing up blood violently.

However, eventually even Yuri managed to make it back to the human girls and Ethella. He wiped the blood from his lips and crouched down by her side, glad that Raphael finally was gone. At least he wouldn't have to deal with his most hated brother until he came back home... which he would do soon but it didn't matter.

Carefully, Yuri placed down his teddy on Ethella's chest so he would be safe from the snow, and then gently shook her by her arm with his uninjured hand, looking at her in tearful concern.

"E-ethy..." he rasped out weakly, trying to ignore the pain in his shoulder as she continued shaking her carefully, "w-wake up! Wake up! Wake up!" his voice and tears became more and more desperate each time he called to her, hoping she would somehow hear him and wake up. It would make Yuri very sad to lose his only friend... when the world was filled with almost only clowns like the human girls, or the impudent, moronic panther-spirit vampire. Yuri had already decided... that he hated all of them. "P-please..."

(Okay, guys! Remember to RP with each other, NOT ONLY me. Captio? :3 XD)

Eve flinched as he closed in on her, repeatedly shaking her head over and over. "L-liar..." she whispered weakly, "liar, liar, liar..." the familiar continued hissing at him, and Eve knew that if he didn't move away soon, he would attack. She knew he was a blood vampire, and she could remember how her father had always talked about how much he despised them... so why would he have made friends with a blood vampire family? It made no sense. Actually, it made no sense to Eve at all. What was curious however... was that he knew her name. How in the world did he do that? She hadn't ever told it to him- heck, he was a total stranger. Neither did she think her father had, since he had wanted to keep Eve a secret. Only a very few actually knew about her existence. That much was obvious to Eve so then... how?

Although his smile was indeed kind, she could sense something false about it. Why would he suddenly change attitude? Probably it was because he wanted her to let down her guard... so much Eve had figured out. Despite this and how kind he looked, however... there was another thing which made it impossible for her to trust him. It was his eyes. No, actually it was everything about him: his fair, almost corpse like complexion, that coal black hair glistering like a nights sky... and yes, those incredibly crimson eyes; filled with malice and blood lust. Those were eyes all blood vampires possessed.

"Liar..." she repeated in a small, tearful whisper, pressing herself even further into the corner, "m-my papa...w-would n-n-never..." she croaked between sobs of fear, continuing to shake her head, locks of silver hair wisping around her with her movements. She was shaking with fear, her heart beating far too quickly in her little chest; very much like a bird trapped in a cage. She was shaking with fear, just hoping he would go away and leave her alone. "P-please...go..." she whispered weakly, "away..."