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Rin Itou


0 · 562 views · located in Bōkaru Academy, Japan

a character in “Bōkaru Academy”, as played by Keen


❈Rin Itou❈


|❈Measurements❈ |
Height: 5'9"|Weight: 139 lbs.|

Getting to know me better!

|❈Nickname❈| "Kinda hard to shorten Rin ya know?"
Rin doesn't go by any nicknames

|❈Gender❈ | "I actually get this question more often than you might think."

|❈Age/Birth Date❈ | "I'm 17, wish I was a bit older though, being treated like a child is irritating."
January 27th, 1996

|❈Sexual Orientation❈ | "I like cute girls and the occasional boy too."

|❈Eye Color❈ | "I kinda wish my eyes were a bit brighter and more vivid, but I guess they make me look more intelligent."
Blueish Grey

|❈Hair Color❈ | "I like to keep it short, much easier to manage."
Rin's hair is dark blue, short, straight, and soft. She doesn't style it in any particular way but it looks like she takes very good care of it.

|❈Likes❈ | "Of course I love music and singing, but that isn't all there is to life."
- Alcohol
- Coffee
- Music
- Rain
- Penguins
- Hats
- Games

|❈Dislikes❈ | "I'd prefer to relax and be comfortable, there's too many things to keep people busy nowadays."
- Cellphones
- Being busy
- Girly clothing
- Spicy food
- Loud places
- Bullies

|❈Fears/Phobias❈ | "The future's pretty scary huh?..."
- Being stuck in a boring dead end job
- Ending up alone romantically
- Afraid of dogs

|❈Habits❈ | "Nothing really beats kicking back with a nice cup of coffee, a new game, and some nice tunes."
- Music and singing of course
- Gaming
- Collecting various types of coffee

|❈Physical Appearance❈ | "I like to keep in good shape, you won't find me out in the fields or anything though."
Rin is fairly pale as she prefers to spend most of her time inside rather than outside. She stands a bit taller than most girls and has a tight build, not from any particular athleticism but from routine exercises and a relatively health diet.

|❈Personality❈ | "It's just who I am."
To most people Rin is a kind, cool, mature, and intelligent individual. Many people also see here as a cold or aloof person as she prefers to keep most people at an arm's length, letting very few people truly close to her. Rin is also a bit lazy and often unmotivated regarding any sort of real work, but she always ends up doing enough just to get by in the end. Despite her efforts to portray herself as mature in many aspects of her life, she'll often give into her more immature impulses in private.

|❈Eating Preferences❈| "I guess it's kinda strange for someone my age to be so conscious of eating healthily, but eh, it just feels better."
Rin prefers to eat lightly and healthily, rarely partaking of salty or sweet snacks or greasy foods, that said it isn't completely unknown for her to treat herself on certain occasions. She also has a rather weak resistance to anything spicy and avoids spicy foods at almost any cost.


You shouldn’t know this..

|❈Secrets❈ | "Everyone's got some secrets, and no, I don't intend on sharing mine."
- Her glasses are fake
- Infatuated with penguin plushies and other small penguin-related items
- Afraid of dogs
- Keeps alcohol in her room

|❈Serious Problems/Flaws/Addictions/Disorders/Disabilities❈ | "So I like coffee... A lot. I don't really think it's a big deal."
Though it's hard to call serious, Rin has a fairly heavy addiction to caffeine, on days where she's unable to satisfy this addiction she becomes rather moody and will often get headaches. Inside her dorm room, hidden and locked away she keeps a bottle of wine and a bottle of scotch, she's normally very responsible with her drinking but on the rare occasion when she's truly upset she can sometimes go a bit too far.

Any other interests that the character has or has had, such as philosophy, economics, or weaponry.

|❈Relationship Status❈ | "It's nothing too serious but... I guess I'm kinda hopeful about it."
Rin is currently only involved in an online relationship, the relationship is healthy enough but she has yet to meet them face to face nor even over webcam.


What has your character been or done through in the past? They may regret the choices they made in the past and have started to stray from that path and change their ways. Or maybe they became addicted to what was once a mistake and is not part of a everyday life for them.

Who does your character know or doesn’t know? It’s as simple as that.
{Example}Character Name|Stranger,Acquaintance,Friend,Enemy,etc.

Who is in the character's family? Immediate? Siblings? Children? With whom is the character in contact? How are the relationships? Healthy or unhealthy? Why? Also, describe both the current family relationships and childhood relationships with family

|❈Thoughts on Others❈ | "CHARACTER PERSPECTIVE"
What does your character think about the others they may or may not know?

|❈Voice Sample and Instrument Sample❈ |
Hacking to the Gate - Kanako Itou
Sprinter - Kalafina

Instrumentals (Piano/Keyboard):
Elegant Summer
Gate of Steiner -Piano-

So begins...

Rin Itou's Story