Carter Rose Leeh

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a character in “Bonded by Blood”, as played by ♥ILoveParis♥


Carter : Dalton’s Blood Bond

Full Name: Carter Rose Leeh
Gender: Female
Personality: Carter has quite the personality, really she does. She is very outgoing not a shy bone in her body. It seems like she doesn’t have a filter from her brain to her mouth, she says whatever pops into her mind. Sometimes she says the wrong thing then regrets it, she usually apologies or a fight starts.
She has a very short temper don’t make her mad. If you make her mad she will either yell at you or smack you. She usually yells and doesn’t hit unless it’s something horrible. She knows what will hurt you and she will say it. She won’t be the first to apologize either you have to, she will stomp off and give you the silent treatment until you apologize. She is really good at the silent treatment, she once last 5 months without talking to someone, also known as her mother.
She can’t flirt to save her life and that is a fact. Every time she tries to flirt she ends up embarrassing herself big time, and scaring the guy off. She just sticks with having crushes or straight out telling the guy, saving every the trouble of watching her make a fool out of herself.
She is one of those people that thinks they can fix everything by themselves when they can’t. She is always trying to fix a problem then failing to fix it. She would never admit that she fails though, she would just lie.
Carter is a very independent person, she likes to do things on her own and doesn’t need anyone else to help her. If you ask to help you can almost guarantee a no, that may come off as a little rude but she doesn’t mean to be rude she is just trying to say no.
Carter always tries to think of the upside of something bad. If someone is crying in a corner because there boyfriend that they have been dating for 7 years dumped then she would say, “Hey at least you can make out with any guy you want and not have to worry about your boyfriend finding out.” She just can’t find and upside for the whole vampire thing though, and trust me she has tried.
She is a very good liar. As a kid she seemed to always be lying to parents like most kids do. The thing about her is she didn’t get caught very often. Being a good liar has come in handy a lot in her life and she never forgets the lie she told.
She hates people that think there all that. Yea it is okay to think the dress your wearing is pretty of whatever but she hates with when people are always telling other people how hot or good at something.
She can sometimes be a bit annoying. She’ll ask thousands of questions which the answers don’t really matter and at times she will never shut up. Her mouth is always running and annoying people. She doesn’t be annoying on purpose it’s just her.
Appearance in Description: Carter has natural wavy ash brown hair that is about 4 inches shorter than half-way down her back. Her hair is really dry which she hates. She has green eyes, which are most likely her favorite thing on her body. She had a lot of freckles on her face which she covers with make-up. Most people have never seen her freckles, they are very light and like a said before always covered up. When she smiles she has a dimple on her nose, she loves her dimple. She has a blemish free face. She is 5’2 feet tall and 106 pounds so she isn’t very big.
Light Pink
Dark Red
Animal Science
The Color Light Brown
Rude People
Sorta Vampires
Thoughts on being Stolen and Becoming a Blood Bond: Right now Carter is a bit confused about what is going on. She is a bit curious about what is going on with everything; she doesn’t completely get the whole Blood Bond thing. She gets that it’s a punishment but doesn’t get why she ended up getting punished too. She just wants time to think everything through about what going on, but she knows she can’t undo what has already been done. Sooner or later she is going to get mad, she is going to take out how horrible it is to drink blood and be a stupid vampire out on someone, and it’s not going to be pretty. She liked the movie Twilight but this is nothing like the movie.
History: Growing up Carter’s mother owned a bakery called ‘Sweet Treats Sweeties’ which Carter started to work at, at the age of 10. She would get people what they wanted and then they would give her there money. Carter was always good at math so that was a perfect job for her. She didn’t get paid for her job but she still loved it.
Her father was a lawyer and didn’t spend much time at home. He always seemed to be at work and busy. When you was home he spent all his time with Carter. Carter loved when her dad was home ,they had so much fun. They used to go to the zoo when she was younger and as she got older they did different things.
She never had to worry about money because her dad was a lawyer, but her mother worried about her business a lot. It was slowly losing more and more money. Carter knew that sooner or later it would close down if they didn’t do something, so she started selling drugs. She never did them just sold them, she didn’t even make them. She gave it to her mom but didn’t tell her where she got it. It has been her little secret all along.
After the drug dealing thing was done Carter just forgot about it. She went off to college for animal science and acted like it never happened. She was studying to work with animals at State parks and stuff, which was a job she has always wanted.
While she was busy being a child her parents’ marriage was falling apart. They started to quit pending time together as a family and her dad started being gone more and more. Finally one day he filed a divorce. Later she found out that her dad had been cheating on her mom. Carter quit living with him of while when she was first broke the news, but then moved back in half the time because she missed him.
About 5 months after she moved back in her mother disappeared. She had been missing for 2 years before she showed up at her father’s door step saying that she wanted to have Carter for a half the time. She had just run away from home she was never kidnapped. She never told them why she left though. Like a good child Carter moved back in with her mom and they acted like it never happened.
Theme Song: Damn I need a theme song. It’s late I’ll look for one tomorrow.
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