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Bonded by Blood

Manhattan, New York


a part of Bonded by Blood, by WittyWriter88.


WittyWriter88 holds sovereignty over Manhattan, New York, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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Manhattan, New York is a part of Bonded by Blood.

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Elle Marrone [1] "A man of words and not of deeds is like a garden full of weeds."
Eldric Heriotza [1] "We will all be okay. Trust in me"
Calder Stephens [0] " Drinks anyone,no,alright then ".
Kasey M. Milligan [0] "You really don't want to mess with me."
Maria Lee Pretidge [0] "This could be fun!"
Carter Rose Leeh [0] "Yeah I know I'm a girl with a guys name"
Haylee Gammon [0] "Oh, bite me! Wait-.. Forget I said that."
Dalton Leonidas Ser Ulrich [0] "If the Blood Bonds are normal humans, they will die off quickly. If they do not, they will be interesting companions."
James Stephens [0] "The good news: I have plenty of time to perfect my art. The bad news: I'm a slave to beautiful vampire who might suck me dry. Joy."
Adriana [0] " Come, dance with me."

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Character Portrait: Elle Marrone
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#, as written by Korrye
Elle Marrone
Tyler's Apartment

Elle had been so happy. On campus there had been a fashion show of select students’ designs – her own included. It had been packed with her peers but more so, jammed with people from the industry in New York. She’d debuted a collection of her own making, a series of dresses and women’s apparel that consisted of what she felt was her best work. None of the models had slipped. None of the garments had ripped. And when she’d taken to the stage at the end of it all she’d been on top of the world, walking down the runway after her collection to applause! She’d had a buyer from a small clothing store downtown talk to her as soon as the show was over. She’d had several large designers discuss her work with it and offer her post-graduate internships. They were impressed! She’d done so well! When she’d left campus around midnight she had everything she could have wanted.

As she’d hit the streets she searched for her family driver. When Elle didn’t find the car or even a replacement she’d tried calling home, pacing nervously on the dark street corner in a pair of three inch black ankle boots and a black lace sheath dress. The wind had been cold, the more she remembered it. When her cell wouldn’t connect to anyone she started walking and hunting down a cab.

She’d made it ten blocks uptown when she’d been sidelined by a random hooded figure. Elle remembered walking at a rushed pace, her head down and her teeth clenched. The excitement of the show was still in thought but so was the cold. She’d been so focused on herself that she must not have heard the honking horn on the streets or the sound of shoes running across the sidewalk behind her. She’d found herself suddenly heaved forward onto her knees, a sharp blow coming to the back of her neck. As Elle hit the pavement she cried out only to fall unconscious from the force of the blow.

The pain had been the worst she’d felt since breaking her arm when Elle was seven. She’d come to to a world of agony and blurred vision only to have a stranger hold her head upright with a tight grip on her chin. She had forced herself to look up to a series of black shadowy figures and a rather loathing group of others to her right. Elle couldn’t move her head and her eyes could barely see to her left but there had been others with her, men and women around her age.

The pain had her fall unconscious again and she’d only come to when she’d had her nose pressed up against the cold skin of a man’s neck. She’d slumped forward uncontrollably and he’d tried to back away. Elle remembered hissing and yelling and then finally a pain far worse than the blow to her neck. Something had dug into her neck in the most painful way, digging deep into her muscle and searing every nerve ending in her body. She’d screamed and suddenly become fully conscious to that pain. It burned and twisted in her gut, pulling at her stomach and causing her heart to jump and skip and palpitate uncontrollably. She’d cried like she’d never cried. Every inch of her skin felt like it was being shredded and forced apart. Her bones felt like they were being shredded and stretched and stabbed all at once. It seemed to take forever and even when he pulled away she could still feel the echo of that pain. She’d collapsed by his feet, blood gushing from her neck. She couldn’t move her hand to touch it. Elle could only keep screaming until she passed out. It wouldn't stop.

* * *

It felt like a dream and yet Elle knew it hadn’t been one. As her eyelids fluttered open she found herself initially shrouded by darkness. Her eyes struggled to adjust as she tried to lift her head. Her neck cracked but the pain echoed. She swallowed glumly and felt the hoarseness in her throat from yelling. Her hands were clammy and cold. She breathed slowly, sliding her legs out from under her. She was still dressed in her clothes from the night before. Elle brought her knees up to her chin and slowly slid her feet from her shoes. They were sore from the heels. She rolled her toes before setting them aside, realizing then that her left hand was crudely tied to a concrete support beam.

She stared at the binding for a moment, recognizing her nail polish but not the shade of her skin. Elle appeared paler than her long since tanned skin. Her brow knitted and she brought a hand to her neck, remembering. With the memory came a fresh echo of the pain, enough to make her jerk and pull her hand in the binding. With the memory came the fear. She began to really pull at the ropes, watching them fray. The knot loosened and she slid her hand out hurriedly; her body in a complete flurry of movement by that time. She rushed to stand and while she expected to be unsteady on her feet she wasn’t. She grabbing her shoes in her hand and saw no sign of her purse or even a phone. God she needed a phone! She needed to get out of here!

She stood up and found that her eyes had adjusted to the darkness. She was standing in the midst of a well dressed up and high class apartment building only there were deliberate window covering to keep out the light. She could see the sun through a small crack in one. She needed out. She rushed across the living room, careful to avoid knocking anything over. Elle reached the main door and methodically removed a series of deadbolts and locks. When she threw it open she launched herself into the hall. Without a care she skipped the elevator, flinging herself into the stairwell and taking them four at a time. Elle ignored the doorman and bolted out into the street as soon as she hit the lobby. All she could manage to think about was running.

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Character Portrait: Eldric Heriotza
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Eldric Heriotza

Eldric's Apartment

Although Eldric had been the one to get everybody into this mess he wasn't pleased in the least. It had after all been an accident. He had only been protecting himself and now they where all shackled to these halflings. His feelings where a jumble of anger, intrigue, and sadness for his coven for what he had cursed them into being stuck with.

Eldric had decided when they where given the punishment that he would not make the humans experience a miserable or painful one. So when he drained her of life he did so in the most pleasurable way possible. It wasn't painless but it wasn't unbearable. He made it as "pleasurable" as possible. Even if it wasn't pleasurable for her he found it to be. Her soft skin breaking beneath his sharpened fangs, her blood gushing out of her neck and flowing down his throat coating his mouth and esophagus with rich warm blood. Her growns of pain and moans of what he hoped where pleasure both echoed in his ears and he enjoyed every last one of them. After they had all turned there new halflings each vampire returned to there apartment and awaited the awakening of the one to be shackled to them.

When Eldric got home he took this new creature to his bedroom, undressed her for he wanted to know exactly what it was that he was going to be stuck with for the rest of his life. He would admit to anybody that he was quite pleased with her curves and beauty. Then Eldric dressed her in his silken robe and laid her in his bed which where covered in sateen sheets. Leaving her to rest he put out the lights in his room and returned to the foyer. There Eldric went and pored himself one of his "special" red wines, took it to his piano, and began to play soft soothing music on his beautiful black grand piano.

(This list of music: [in the description] )