Richard Henderson

I need to get back, I don't care what you have to say about it.

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Richard Henderson: Maria's Blood Bond

Full Name:Richard Henderson

Nickname: Richie-by parents and family; Ricky-by friends and everyone else

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Personality: Apathetic towards almost everyone around him, the only exception to this rule is his little brother who he is always gentle, kind, and attentive to. He doesn't like to let anyone know how he feels because he doesn't want anyone to worry about him and as a result he has only two friends. Another reason fro his indifferent mask is because he doesn't want anyone getting too close to him then end up abandoning him. He is always questioning everything around him and is always questioning why people feel or act the way that they do. Whenever he's stressed out he turns on his iPod and goes for a run, no matter what the weather outside is like. However, if he's angry at you, even though he won't tell you or do anything to you right there, he'll let the situation cool and then strike back with a prank of some sort; which, even if they may be harmless, he makes sure will leave some sort of embaressing mark so that you have to walk around in public like that (he believes that public humiliation is the best sort of revenge).

Appearance in Description: He is 5'10" tall and weighs 145 lbs. He has a medium build and has a slight definition to his muscles. Always wears dark colors and never wears shorts. Often wears sneakers or converse. Always has on a necklace that was given to him by his little brother.

-writing poetry

-waking up early
-being called Richie or Richard

Thoughts on being Stolen and Becoming a Blood Bond: He isn't just angry with the situation, he's furious, but he doesn't show it. He thinks that his little brother will think that he's abandoned him, which is the last thing that he'd ever do. Right now he wants to escape so that he can go see his brother, but if he fails at that he vows to make Maria's like a living hell. To him dying would have been merciful compared to this, at least then there would have been a body to find and burry. Over all, he hates his new life.

History: He had a pretty normal childhood, nothing of note really except that he liked to keep to himself for the most part and he was very friendly with everyone always smiling and his parents fought sometimes, but that was normal for any couple. However, everything changed when he was ten and his mother told his dad that she was prengent again. His father was furious and the fighting escalated, him wanting her to have an abortion and her wanting to keep the child. It ended with him walking out on them and a few weeks later she signed some divorce papers. Ricky locked himself in his room for a couple of days crying over the loss before pushing it down and started taking over some of the household chores. It was then that he started being distant with everyone, not wanting anyone to get close enough to hurt him by leaving him like his dad did.

A few months after his brother Timothy (he called him Timmy though) was born his mother took on a second job and he would usually watch after his brother until she came home. Because Timmy was only a baby and needed love and affection, he would give it to him the best that he could until it became natural to always do that when around him. As the years passed, he and his brother became very close and for his eighteenth birthday Timmy got him the necklace that he now always wears with money that he had either found on the street or doing odd jobs for the other people in their apartment complex. Through all of this he lost most of his friends except for two, Jem and Ryan, who lived in the same complex as he did and had seen the way that he interacted with his brother. They understood what he had gone through and so stayed by his side in hopes that he might open up to them again someday.

Theme Song: Still looking for one


So begins...

Richard Henderson's Story

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~Maria-Maria's apartment~

A high-pitched whistle snapped Maria out of her daze, her mind wheeling back into the real world. She glanced over at the man laying on her couch and let out a soft sigh, pushing herself out of the comfortable window seat she'd been daydreaming in. The presence of the man in her apartment made her slightly uncomfortable, but she'd just have to grin and bear it. Well, probably just bear it. Lifting the kettle from the stove top, Maria pulled two mugs from the cupboard and filled them with the steaming liquid. Dropping tea bags into the mugs, she made her way back into the kitchen and set them down on the coffee table. She hated the idea of allowing this guy in her apartment, more so letting him be part of her life.

Walking over to the couch, she looked down at him, taking in his appearance again. His hair was tousled from sleep, his lips parted slightly as he snored softly. His expression was so...relaxed. She had to admit, he was pretty attractive for a human, which only caused her to raise her guard more. The whole idea of taking on a human blood bond didn't really phase her, but she still needed to be careful. She had no idea what this human was like, let alone how he'd react to this whole...arrangement. Well, she would just expect the worst. She almost didn't want to wake him up. He looked so peaceful and he still had no idea what was about to happen to him. She'd be happy to leave him there and letting him remain completely oblivious to the situation. Right now, as he slept peacefully, she looked at him with sadness and envy. Brief memories of her human life flipped through her mind for a moment and a frown etched itself across her face.

She picked up a water bottle sitting on the table and unscrewed the cap, Slowly, she tilted the bottle over until water spilled over the top and splatted onto the man's face. She figured he was a light sleeper, judging by how he didn't even stir when the kettle whistled. A smirk replaced the frown on her lips as she pushed the depressing thoughts of her past life from her mind and focused on the task at hand.

"Rise and shine, sleeping beauty." She tilted the bottle more and emptied the water onto him, soaking his hair and shirt. Sure, this probably wasn't the best wake up call, but she figured she should have fun while she could. She dropped the empty bottle onto his stomach and walked over to the love seat across the coffee table and sat down, settling into it. Lifting the mug of hot tea to her lips to hide the smirk that spread across her lips, her green gaze settled on the man as she watched him from behind the rim of the cup.

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Richard-Maria's Apartment

A high-pitched whisteling pierced trough his foggy mind but he let that go as his mother making her usual morning coffee, which meant that he would have to be getting up soon. Do the dishes, finish the laundry, get his brother up and ready for school, make breakfast, and the list goes on. A few more minutes of sleep wouldn't hurt anyone, and he could sure use it considering that job that he'd just gotten had really wiped him out. Unfortunatly, it seemed that it was demanded of him to be awake immediatly as he felt water being poured on his face and a female voice telling him to get up.

Annoyed was all he could think that would describe how he felt about this but he wouldn't give his mother the satisfaction of rising a reaction out of him. She'd been doing these sort of things a lot lately, her excuse was that he should open up more and to hang out with people his age and to have fun and enjoy life. Richard just thought that she was being delusional, nothing good ever came from opening up to anyone, all it did was make you vulnerable for betrayal and heartache. He'd thought that she would've learned that by now when his father walked out on them so many years ago.

He gave it a few seconds for the water to stop before he sat up and calmly wiped the excess water off of his face so that he could see before throwing his feet over the side of his bed to face his mother with a blank stare. It was then that he noticed that he wasn't on his bed but on a couch and that it wasn't his mother in front of him but some girl, in fact he wasn't even in his own home. He looked at her blankly for a few seconds, confused as to why he was here before deciding that he didn't care and stood up looking for the door. "I apologize for the intrusion, thank you for your hospitality, but I have to get going now," he said evenly as he spotted the door and made his way to it to leave.