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Ivan Akiviri

"A slave is property and nothing more."

0 · 388 views · located in Melancholy;The City of Poverty

a character in “Bonds Through Chains”, as played by Roku Mushabuki


Name: Ivan Akiviri
Age: 21
Gender: Male
'Race': Wealthy
Height: 6'0''
Weight: 190
Skin Tone: Pale white


Personality: Ivan has been told that he is just like his father. This meaning that he is cruel and deceitful. When disobedience occurs it usually ends in a brutal death, if not then a long but miserable life. Though unlike his father, Ivan had been known to have occasional fits of rage. They usually spawn at moments of extreme boredom or when he is insulted.
-To be feared
Interest: N/A
Bio: Ivan was born as the sole heir to the Akiviri fortune. At a young age he was taught in the ways of business and corruption for politicians would be needed to be bought off for certain activities. He often enjoyed the luxury of tormenting fresh slaves with unbelievably demeaning tasks. His father liked this side of his son so he set Ivan as being in charge of the household slaves. At one point a male slave killed another slave so Ivan killed the murderer through impalement and burned the slaves family alive in full view of the other slaves. Years later he is an adult and he has been handed over more responsibility by his father.
Other: The Akiviri family owns various mines varying from iron to gold. The mines are worked with using slave labor and the work is quite dangerous.

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So begins...

Ivan Akiviri's Story

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Ivan walked through the streets of the slave district with slavers showing him fresh slaves to buy. Many were sickly and not fit to work a mine but he found four strong men who could endure the labor. The slavers stopped in front of one bearded slave that had a deep frown on his face. "This is Jordan. Fit. Slim though. He could pull the wagons instead of straight work." The slaver named Flitch said. Ivan pulled Jordan's lips up to check his teeth but the slave tried to nip at his fingers. "I will buy it. You four!" He pointed to his already bought slaves, took some of the rope Flitch had been carrying for the bondage, and handed it to his slaves. "Take a hold of this slave. I want want each of you tie this to it's limbs and pull as hard as you can. The first one to pull off a limb will serve me in my home instead of a mine. Get to it." The slaves frantically did as he said and tied the rebel accordingly.

It had been about an hour with breaks included before an arm was torn off. The winner yelled in joy as he knew the reputation that the Akiviri mines held within the slave district. The slavers then cut the injured slave's throat. "Now that it is dead let us carry on." He told Flitch. They passed through numerous areas, buying mostly women and children as they went. The women served well when it came to rewarding loyal slaves. As for the children, they were more of an investment. Eventually the group came to the gates. In the distance he saw a slaver chasing after another slave. When he got close he intervened by ordering the slaver to stop. The slaver stopped as he knew who Ivan was since the young Akiviri bought slaves so frequently. "Slave! What is your name and why was this man chasing you?" He asked the pink haired boy.

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Within the muddled, dirty, stench ridden crowded city streets that was comprised of the Slave City of Melancholy, another exceeding rare thing passed by Misaki first and then Chrono second. It was an automobile. A very rust clad and old automobile, one most likely long since used by a dozen drivers and chauffeurs that catered to elites before finally being discarded. For someone to resemble the parts and repair to become mobile meant distinction. The car pulled right up to the sight of the slaver operation and the letters painted crudely along it made the other slavers go silent. Four people emerged out of the car, all wearing nice comfortable clothes for this district, one man had a horrible gash across his face, one woman with rather homely features about herself and a tattoo covering her right face, one rather huge man with scars… and Tanaka Hiraku.

“Watch the Car Kiyoshi…” The rather aged man spoke up to the driver with the ugly growth on his face. He bowed respectfully to his Big Brother, as was the title for their gang leader as he went back into the driver seat subtly testing the saw off shotgun underneath the driver wheel.

The other three walked over, the veteran smuggler and slaver took a rather rancid piece of chewing tobacco from a cheap tin box and began to chew. He walked right up to the bearded man. “I am in the middle of business!” He gripped for a moment before the larger man next to him gave the slaver an eye evil prompting him to shrink. The other two slavers that had been a part of his small crew were keen for their knives, but as the woman undid he jacket she showed she was holstering a side-arm… with the discarded parts of men she liked to cut out of people tied next to her hostler. The two other shrunk like frighten bunnies.

“We were in business first Fujiyama… when you decided to sell product without giving me my operational cut. Failing to conclude past business before continuing with present business is bad business.” Buyers were important to this part of the city yes, but Tanaka could not afford people stealing from him, he had a reputation to uphold. He took one look at the wealthy boy, not even a bodyguard to accompany him, most unwise.

“Please mind our interruption, we will allow you to conclude your business.” He spoke before he spoke again. “Hodo please take Fujiyama for a drink of tea.” The other man eyes went wide, he knew what that meant as he desperately tried to make a break for it grappled by the massive man as he dragged him towards the car. He looked to the other two slavers. “You’ll get some courier packages the next couple of days, I do hope you appreciate that.” Of their former boss piece by piece “Please continue your business with this nice gentlemen here. I am will be awaiting my share by tonight.” No one stole from him: period.

Life was savagery here in the slums, and those who ruled were the biggest of monsters. He casted only one look at the other boy on the side. No words, no thoughts. The slave should have considered himself very fortunate it was just that.

There was a tranquil silence that stirred inside his precious Elysium, Kaito did not even dare to break it. It was like a wordless pact he had made with the private conservation that spanned out for endless acres in all directions. No cards, no noise, no people besides the occasional slave gardener or grounds keeper that passed through on a compact soundless motor car for some more maintenance. Above everything else, the number of grounds keepers on staff were an alarming number, to preserve, monitor wild life and tend to natural works in this place took a few dozen full time men. Kaito wanted them to be slaves because freemen could leave this place and for rather estranging reasons he wanted the staff to live on the very thing they took care of. They would treat it much better if they were forced to live in it.

The private man just waited for the men to pass. They said nothing, just tipped their hard hats at the sight of their master. Kaito was not a very cruel master but a very possessive and eccentric one. He had noticed the slaves often acted much differently around him, nervous. He said nothing, soon they were gone and he was alone once more. No noise, no people, simply… peace. Silently he turned his attention back to his proverbial palace built to house him and the staff of Elysium. It was an unspeakably massive building fit for the extravagance of an emperor.

He crossed both his arms behind his back as he stood there starring out to the palace he had made to live away from the city, away from the noise, the crowds, the people, the diseases, the horribleness. He needed to get back inside, there was a central console inside his home that had accessed to the city’s power grid and the various proxies that he networked to run his affairs from the comfort of his palace. The city most enigmatic eccentric was not in public sight, but his actions still held a great deal of weight that echoed through out every corner of the city.

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Kida paused while he saw someone talking to him, 'A wealthy person...? Here already...?' He wasn't interested in being bought just yet, in fact, he wanted to leave the city of slavery instead of being bought to work as he always did. Kida blinked at this man for a while, and didn't answer until one of the random slave onlookers yelled out for him to answer the rich man, which annoyed him enough, so he simply replied, "I stole headphones. They are rare here." He held them up, but far enough from all of the slaves who were looking at him with jealousy, "Unlike your city, we're not living in lavishness where these could easily be afforded." He frowned a bit, not taking a liking to any of the wealthy, no matter who they were. He wasn't going to trust someone anymore after what happened to the little girl who used to visit him and who died of an illness. She wasn't saved, even with the wealthy's wonderful medical abilities, and because of that, his hatred of the rich grew even stronger, despite who they really may have been.

Misaki noticed that a lot of people were now in the city of poverty. She looked around and saw that there were many wealthy lurking around, either just to look, or to buy. She saw a beautiful woman, two men in fancy clothing, and a young man talking to a chased slave, 'Of course... no one would be here to save them...' Misaki felt a small touch of pain in her chest as she felt a tug onto her cloak by a little girl who was much skinnier than she thought they would be. After taking a glance around, she knelt down, and gave this little girl a piece of bread as she ran off with joy, 'They've gotten much more skinnier...' Misaki slowly stood up, pulling her dirty cloak over her head as she then saw someone in the distance, also seeming to be helping a little child, 'Huh...?' She looked closer, not believing what she saw as this wealthy black haired young man was also tending for the poor, "That's... impossible though..."

Yuki decided to head for the city of slavery first. Although his family was very important to him, and their health was also very important, he wanted to also help those who's life were in much more danger than his family's. He saw many poor people, sitting on the side of the road, hiding, and even robbing each other to help them self, "It's even come down to this much greed?" He asked out loud, a few people spitting at him for his words. He didn't mind though, because that's who he used to be also. Yuki found an old woman sitting on the side, coughing very hard as he kneeled down, reached into his bag, and pulled out what appeared to be a shot, "Don't mind me Ma'am." He smiled slightly and put the needle into her arm and ejected the medicine, hoping that it would lead to her living to see the next day. Yuki, too, was once a slave, so the least he could do as a run away, was to repay the people he left behind.

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"Would you prepare me a basket of food?" Elayna asked Yui, the chef as she walked into the kitchen. Yui looked over to the woman and nodded. "Sure Elayna, but hadn't you eaten two hours ago? Surely you wouldn't be that hungry again." The older woman said with an raised eyebrow. Elayna sighed. Oh how she wanted to tell Yui what she was doing, but was afraid she would go and tell her father of her plan. Elayna cleared her throat and answered. "Ah, you see, for some strange reason, I've been more hungry than usual. That is all." The Yui nodded in understaning and handed Elayna the basket of food.
"Bon apetit!"
"Merci beaucoup!"

The woman had arrived in the city of poverty and had almost shed a tear. There were people lying in the shade, looking almost dead. She wanted to cry, it hurt her emotionally to see others going through something as horrific has this. Now that she thought of it, why did she keep on coming back to this place? It made the woman despressed and mopey most of the time, but she came for the people. She was there because she wanted to help out. As Elayna walked around, she got several stares from people because of her clothing. She frowned, realizing that she had forgot to change out of her formal attire of a dress and heels into clothes of a merchant. But of course, it was too late now and there was no turning back.

Looking to see if anyone was watching her, she quickly handed out the contents in the basket and pieces of gold to several people. Elayna hurridley walked away before she could have heard their thanks. As she walked away, she saw what looked like a pink-haired slave being confronted by slavers. The woman knew what she was going to do, it would be risky, but she had to do it. Taking a deep breath, Elayna marched over to the pink-hair boy and grabbed his arm to what seemed to be roughly to others, but was actually very gentle. Mustering up what tiny bit of courage she had now at the moment, she spoke in a harsh and heartless manner. "Slave, trying to get away yet again I see. Well, you'd best prepare yourself for your upcoming whipping tonight." She said, her eyes pleading with the pink-haired boy to play along. Elayna turned over to the slavers, she recognized one of them as Ivan Akiviri, heir to the Akiviri forturne. Her father often tradded cropps and cotton with his father. Walking over to Ivan, she held her hand out elgantly for him to kiss it and cleared her throat. "Mr. Akiviri, it is most wonderful seeing you again. Please excuse my slave for his most unacceptable behavior, I am still working on him you see."

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"Mr. Akiviri, it is most wonderful seeing you again. Please excuse my slave for his most unacceptable behavior, I am still working on him you see."

In Ivan's mind it was pleasing to see a familiar face in the crowds of poverty stricken creatures. Elayna's father had been trading with the Akiviri family for quite a while. It is not much of a surprise that several thousand slaves take up a lot of food and clothing so cotton and crops were always bought by the tons. The Clare family was just a very convenient source. The slave that stole the head phones had caught Ivan's attention for he did have use for ballsy slaves. While those who obeyed everything they were told were sent to harsh labor, those who wanted better living were given the roles of higher chained slaves. Slaves who ordered, execute, and enforce laws onto other slaves were given better quarters and more privileges such as the right to marry or own certain property. He had one of his higher chained slaves who ended up owning a slave beneath him. He gave the slave corp the name of the Ofamucatus.

"This slave you have here. What is he like?" He asked Elayna. "Does he normally steal or disobey orders?" Ivan wanted to know the answer so he could perhaps buy the slave off of her, cheap if possible. Though if not it did not matter because one could not put a price on a potential soldier. He turned his head when he heard the sound of another voice coming closer. It was a small young boy who was questioning whether or not they were discussing a conflict. "No this is a discussion between acquaintances and business. Now run along boy, back to your family." He waved his hand in a random direction and turned back to Elayna waiting for an answer.

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Ms. Cheng stood there again quietly. Once again she was over estimated and passed off of any value because of Mr. Hatekeyma's own egnimatic wishes in the past. "No." Was the diffentative answer. It stab almost like a knife as the older woman gave her stare down.

"It is not Mr. Hatakeyma who will be buying this company it will be me. I am the one handling this exchange and I consider this treatment an extreme insult." She said with a little bit of bitterness distilled into her tone though covered well at the most. "The denial of my meeting with your father speaks that you don't believe I won't keep my word and be trust worthy and shows that you completely disrespect the wishes of my employer."

If she or her father was not willing to play by the rules, then it was a warning sign of things to come. "Now you can explain to your father just how you destroyed a multi-million dollar deal in a few minutes of time, unlike your father Mr. Hatakeyma has a great trust in subordinates." Was all she said as the older woman approached the lot again waiting for her car to return. She didn't even take the files or the crane as her instincts as a professional told her this deal would bring the company nothing but troubles.

There was a snide snobbish apathy among the wealthy to the street to even acknowledge Tanaka and his blatant violence. He should not complain, as the slaver and his three associates simply departed with their one man. The other slaves on the streets winced horrible as the large one of the four dragged their victim to the car and began to savagely beat him with brute strength alone. The woman aided her associate in the beat down before she popped open the trunk the two tossing the man inside. The slaver took one long look at the group around one pink hair slave. He thought nothing of it simply retaking his seat in the car and the old rust clad motor began to cruise off. Slaves silently went back to their affairs.

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Elayna inhaled air. She was NOT expecting Ivan to ask that question, but nonetheless, she had to keep her act up. "This is the fifth time I had caught him in the act of stealing, and I shall make sure he pays immensely. Also dear, do you have any punishment suggestions? I need something new to torment the rest of my slaves with." Those very words spewing out of her mouth made her want to gag out of disgust. Never had she thought she'd ever say those words, even if it is only for pretend. When she got back home, she was sure she would cry herself a river.

(Sorry for this horrid short post.)

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"This is the fifth time I had caught him in the act of stealing, and I shall make sure he pays immensely. Also dear, do you have any punishment suggestions? I need something new to torment the rest of my slaves with."

It was troubling to think that her slave had disobeyed her more than once. She obviously didn't break her slaves properly. Ivan signaled over Flitch and spoke in his ear. "Bring me random slave. A child. Preferably a little girl. Perhaps blonde and healthy." He whispered to the slaver. He waited patiently as he waited for Flitch to return, just looking between Elayna and her slave. He took out a small vile, a syringe, and filled the syringe with the liquid from the vile. "This is concentrated venom from the Fiddleback Spider. With a concentrated version the lag time of feeling the agony of the venom is shortened significantly from eight hours to the span of a few minutes." He told both of them. Soon Flitch came back with a pale blonde girl who was probably six years old. "Name's Blossom."

"Blossom." Ivan looked down at the girl. "Hold still." As Flitch held the girl's shoulders, Ivan injected the venom into her arm. He stood as he waited for a few minutes until the effects kicked in. She fell to the ground and began to vomit violently. "You see the venom is awful for she will endure this for a good ten minutes though this is only for a demonstration. In about five minutes her skin will become so tender that when rubbed vigorously it will blister easily." After the fivem minutes of watching the girl vomit and shake he ordered Flitch to rub her face until the skin peeled so much that she would be unrecognizable. She was screaming at that point in which, after a minute, Ivan kneeled down to her and forcibly snapped her neck.

"After each time your slave disobeys you, no matter has insignificant it may have been, kill an innocent in this type of fashion. Then Burn the victim's name into the slave's forehead. If the slave continues to disobey repeat the process but burn the names from their face to their toes." He told Elayna as he forged a grin on his face. "I would personally like to see the name engraved. Blossom is a lovely name after all."