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Yukiteru Nokosuke

"Sometimes, when a war starts, it's best not to chose any side."

0 · 257 views · located in Melancholy;The City of Poverty

a character in “Bonds Through Chains”, as played by けい-けゃん


Name: Yukiteru Nokosuke (Yuki)
Age: Still young, 16
Gender: Male
'Race': Merchant
Height: 5'4
Weight: 112
Skin Tone: Fair

(Ignore ears if possible >w< If not, believe it to be a head band as apart of his character~)

Personality: Yuki has two similar sides, a cheerful and optimistic side, and one that's teasing and sometimes even a bit flirty. One his cheerful side, he's always happy, having that same funny little smile on his face. He'll never give up on any job, mostly his job of selling items (mostly books and apples). He'll cheer people on, no matter who they are or what they think of him, and is very easy to make him laugh or grin. Though, from time to time, if someone comments on his height in a negative way, he'll get quite annoyed. The other side, he's one of those mischievous little boys who likes to screw around. This habit is taken from his childhood where he would steal things worth little value, but looked nice to see. He's also a bit flirty, but most of that is just meant as a joke. Most times.
β˜†Selling his wares
β˜†Staying even with both sides (Staying neutral in other words)
β˜†Going into the outside world (Aside from both cities)
β˜†People calling him short
β˜†If he were to get into the poverty
Interest: None At The Moment
Bio: Yuki was born a slave actually, seeing how he still has marks of chains around his ankles which is why he covers it with his pants or boots. His mother and father tossed him aside once they couldn't afford to take care of him in the city of slaves, and he had to live on his own, making him have to take risks by sleeping near dangerous slaves, and stealing from those highest in the rank of slavery. When a wealthy person was about to buy him as their own, once he was released from the chains and the gates were open, he dashed off to a far off village where he began his new life. No one knows of his true rank as a slave, but his reputation grew positively when he became a merchant. His real home is still that village with another kind family, but he only visits occasionally, saying it would be rude for him to impose on their kindness. It's his money that keeps that family alive.
Other: Yuki's chained marks are actually all over his body, including whipping marks and cuts from being pushed around or beaten by slavers or other slaves.

Thoughts on Other Characters:(Coming!)

So begins...

Yukiteru Nokosuke's Story

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Kida leapt from building to the ground, and then jumping over a few carts here and there. He just stole something that would be rare to find in the city of slaves, a pair of headphones. He already had a music device he also stole, but headphones is what he needed, so he took the risk of stealing them from one of the slavers in the area. Of course, he was being chased now like a deer being hunted by the hunters. Now the only question was if the deer could outrun the hunters. Kida was always the type of person to take these large risks for something as important as that.

"Oi! Kid! Get back here!" He heard the fat slaver yell at him, chasing him but at quite a slow pace.

"Not a chance." Kida muttered as he ran closed to the gates of his city. There are no way he could get out obviously, but someone would surely see him there and stop the fighting. Though, it was unlikely. They were all just fleas in the end to any of the wealth.

Misaki headed on her way for the city of slaves. She, once again, snuck out of her house, and carried a large bag of foods, bottles of water, and other things such as blankets or clothes. She hated poverty, so the way she helped to end it was to contribute to giving the poor things from the rich. She's be scolded, and hated on like always, but she didn't mind because she knew this was the right choice. Slowly, she pulled the hood of her cloak over her head to conceal her face from the guards watching over the wealthy's city, and passed without a problem, the guards just thinking that she was some sort of merchant who was moving on to the next place to sell their goods.

Yuki stopped, with his giant bag of apples and writing, and looked at the road that split into two, each leading to a different city, "Hmm..." He tapped his finger on his chin as he thought to himself out loud, "Now, which city to go to... The wealthy would do nice and i'd make a huge profit there!" He said cheerfully, already beginning to think of all the money he'd make for his family and village miles away from where he stood, but then Yuki made a slight frown as he murmured, "But the slaves need food too... But I would lose money doing that..." He sighed tiredly, "Which side to pick now...."

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Kida paused while he saw someone talking to him, 'A wealthy person...? Here already...?' He wasn't interested in being bought just yet, in fact, he wanted to leave the city of slavery instead of being bought to work as he always did. Kida blinked at this man for a while, and didn't answer until one of the random slave onlookers yelled out for him to answer the rich man, which annoyed him enough, so he simply replied, "I stole headphones. They are rare here." He held them up, but far enough from all of the slaves who were looking at him with jealousy, "Unlike your city, we're not living in lavishness where these could easily be afforded." He frowned a bit, not taking a liking to any of the wealthy, no matter who they were. He wasn't going to trust someone anymore after what happened to the little girl who used to visit him and who died of an illness. She wasn't saved, even with the wealthy's wonderful medical abilities, and because of that, his hatred of the rich grew even stronger, despite who they really may have been.

Misaki noticed that a lot of people were now in the city of poverty. She looked around and saw that there were many wealthy lurking around, either just to look, or to buy. She saw a beautiful woman, two men in fancy clothing, and a young man talking to a chased slave, 'Of course... no one would be here to save them...' Misaki felt a small touch of pain in her chest as she felt a tug onto her cloak by a little girl who was much skinnier than she thought they would be. After taking a glance around, she knelt down, and gave this little girl a piece of bread as she ran off with joy, 'They've gotten much more skinnier...' Misaki slowly stood up, pulling her dirty cloak over her head as she then saw someone in the distance, also seeming to be helping a little child, 'Huh...?' She looked closer, not believing what she saw as this wealthy black haired young man was also tending for the poor, "That's... impossible though..."

Yuki decided to head for the city of slavery first. Although his family was very important to him, and their health was also very important, he wanted to also help those who's life were in much more danger than his family's. He saw many poor people, sitting on the side of the road, hiding, and even robbing each other to help them self, "It's even come down to this much greed?" He asked out loud, a few people spitting at him for his words. He didn't mind though, because that's who he used to be also. Yuki found an old woman sitting on the side, coughing very hard as he kneeled down, reached into his bag, and pulled out what appeared to be a shot, "Don't mind me Ma'am." He smiled slightly and put the needle into her arm and ejected the medicine, hoping that it would lead to her living to see the next day. Yuki, too, was once a slave, so the least he could do as a run away, was to repay the people he left behind.

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Kida felt a gentle pulling on his arm as his eyes drew to a woman grabbing it. He didn't know this blue haired woman, and he didn't understand what she meant until she gave him that look to play along as he did. His acting was never good, so he tended to stutter a bit, "U-uh... Y-yeah.... R-right... I'll be... going back then..." He said slowly, wondering why someone of the wealthy even tried to stick up for a dirty and mere slave as him. Though, it did make him wonder if she was standing up for him, or if she was just planning on buying him and treating his kind like the wealthy always would. But of course, he remained suspicious first, not trusting any of the wealthy until he had proof.

Misaki wasn't planning on buying any slaves today though. If she did, she'd be in big trouble because she'd obviously let them go free into the city and her strict parents would find out that their money disappeared with no benefit. It made her sigh, thinking about it. Most of the wealthy only cared about profit and gaining something from someone else. It made her sick just to even hear the word wealthy. She decided to take a last effort in giving a few more items to the poor before her parents realized their daughter had gone missing.

Yuki, in the distance and near the entrance, saw a couple of people, seeming to be a few slaves, one having pink hair and looking much different than the others, and two of those from the city of wealthy and lavish. It didn't seem like the best time to interrupt, but he raised his hand while approaching, as if he was in a classroom, "Excuse me, but is there anything going on around here? There can lead to quite a lot of conflict in this city if you bring it so easily." He said, a small smile on his face like always. He didn't read what they said and meant, so he began to assume there was some sort of conflict.

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"Mr. Akiviri, it is most wonderful seeing you again. Please excuse my slave for his most unacceptable behavior, I am still working on him you see."

In Ivan's mind it was pleasing to see a familiar face in the crowds of poverty stricken creatures. Elayna's father had been trading with the Akiviri family for quite a while. It is not much of a surprise that several thousand slaves take up a lot of food and clothing so cotton and crops were always bought by the tons. The Clare family was just a very convenient source. The slave that stole the head phones had caught Ivan's attention for he did have use for ballsy slaves. While those who obeyed everything they were told were sent to harsh labor, those who wanted better living were given the roles of higher chained slaves. Slaves who ordered, execute, and enforce laws onto other slaves were given better quarters and more privileges such as the right to marry or own certain property. He had one of his higher chained slaves who ended up owning a slave beneath him. He gave the slave corp the name of the Ofamucatus.

"This slave you have here. What is he like?" He asked Elayna. "Does he normally steal or disobey orders?" Ivan wanted to know the answer so he could perhaps buy the slave off of her, cheap if possible. Though if not it did not matter because one could not put a price on a potential soldier. He turned his head when he heard the sound of another voice coming closer. It was a small young boy who was questioning whether or not they were discussing a conflict. "No this is a discussion between acquaintances and business. Now run along boy, back to your family." He waved his hand in a random direction and turned back to Elayna waiting for an answer.