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Haleigh Dawn Nyalease


0 · 280 views · located in Glenshire Orphanage

a character in “Boogiemans Orphanage”, as played by ~*NovaleeTehNinja*~


Name:Haleigh Dawn Nyalease
Age: 15
Appearance: Dawn has a pearl white hair color, and though it is quite a odd color it is very beautiful and soft. Her hair goes down past her well sculpted chest and is allways in perfected, elegant dolly curls. SHe has a bit of a fringe with her bangs and allows them to lightly cascade over her eyes. now her eyes, also quite odd, are two different colors, one a soft golden color while the other is a sharp blue like the depths of the oceans. She has a small, and bueatiful face, and her skin is almost porcilen perfect. She is almost never seen with a smile on her face though. She has a short height standing at 5'0'', and she only weighs around 90-100 pounds. She has slim legs and soft curves. she has quiet a delicate and fragile look but can be very violent.
Clothing: Dawn perfers more of the elegant, and gothic type of lolita. She dresses in black and white or other dark colors for her clothing. She wears mostly dresses, and skirts. Mostly her attire is shown in the picture above.
Likes:The night time, the moon, cats, dresses, darkness, quiet, being in large spaces, being alone, tight rope walking
Dislikes:Being with large crowds of people, daylight, the sun, loud annoying people, being in small confined or crowded places, dogs, clowns
Personality: Dawn is a very quiet girl, only speaking if spoken to or if she thinks she must put her in put in. She only speaks in small sentences most of the time and thinks looks sometimes say more then words. She loves being alone and is quiet smart for her age. SHe can be timid and scared easily especilly in small places, and what not. SHe is terrified of clowns and perfers to stay away from them.
Background: She was born in York, england, thus makeing her british. Her mother and father very happy people, and she was a happy young girl too. SO what made her a almost mute fiffteen year old? One night she had been tucked away in bed and her mother and father were still up, in the living area of the house. Well suddenly, Dawn was awakend by a loud crash and then screams and crys. Being a curious seven year old Dawn wandered down to the living area and peeked around the corner. What she saw would forever haunt her, most of the valueables had been taken and her mother and father had been shot to death. SHe quickly called the police, and when they came they had a few officers gather her things and send her to Mademoiselle.
(she has a slight british accent when she does talk)

So begins...

Haleigh Dawn Nyalease's Story