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Koichi Takashi

Love is unexpected in many ways

0 · 213 views · located in Tokyo, Japan

a character in “Book of Heavenly Love”, as played by Trickster132


Name: Koichi Takashi



Description of Appearance: Koichi has average length brown hair and piercing light brown eyes. He wears a thin black jacket and a white cotton shirt with a red tie. Koichi also has a tattoo on his

back showing an abstract design of an eagle with outstretched wings, he has an average build with some muscles here and there


Koichi has the looks of Adonis but he lacks the charm and wit of a pick-up artist. Even though, he is outgoing and social, he closes up near girls and stays silent most of the time.

(More on his personality will be revealed in the Roleplay)

Likes: Tennis, Running, Music, Girls

Dislikes: Homework, Love, Books

So begins...

Koichi Takashi's Story


Characters Present

Character Portrait: Isis/Keiko Character Portrait: Koichi Takashi
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"Ugh, Just another regular day" Koichi said as he awoke, he brushed his teeth and did his usual routine, Since school is currently boring as usual, Koichi decides to just hang out around the ramen shops. For breakfast, he got a quick bite at a Japanese convenience store (7-Eleven). At Lunch, he ate some ramen at renowed ramen shop in his neighborhood. By the time it was nightfall, he was so tired, he didn't see where he was going, he stumbled to the Guggenheim museum recently built in Tokyo, Japan

The security guards were lazy at the time and by the time, Koichi found his way to the Egyptian exhibit, he saw an amulet used to worship the goddess, Isis. He just stared at it and said "Let's hope there's no goddess cursing me" to himself and then he chuckled to himself

As he left the Egyptian exhibit, before Koichi arrived at the Egyptian exhibit, a security guard left a tea kettle full of hot water and probably relaxed and drank tea here. Koichi bumped into the tea kettle and hot water from the kettle spilled onto an amulet

Suddenly, a purple aura emitted from the amulet and out came a female figure, Takuya trembled and was surprised at the same time