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Finnian Andrius Carmichael

"My sister say's I'm like the Ultimate Nerd."

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a character in “Boot Camp for Heroes”, as played by CameraShy


Alone by Eyeshine || Kitchen Sink by Twenty One Pilots || Take It Out On Me by Thousand Foot Krutch || Welcome To My Life by Simple Plan {Main Theme Song} || In The Shadows by The Rasmus || Holding Onto You by Twenty One Pilots

【Basic Knowledge】

|Full Name|
Finnian Andrius Carmichael

Finn || Finny || Ginger || Thing Two



Bisexual || Panromantic


|Face Claim|
Cameron Monaghan

【Fun Facts】


For a boy who was raised in a very cautious, glass-like world, he sure likes to smash boundaries. Hyperactive, energetic, and impulsive; he lives on a precarious edge. As a result, he’s not very good at decision-making, and often does stupid things without thinking about the later consequences. Finnian has a quick-temper, and a quick tongue. Although funny usually, he can get very snarky and sarcastic. And when he’s in a grumpy mood, he’ll be sure to let everyone know. He’s pretty mouthy, and frequently says things without the consideration for others’ feelings. He’s neither the most sensitive nor the most empathetic person. Don't be fooled though, Finnian is all bark and no bite or at least that's how most people look at him. It takes a lot to actually get him to fight physically with someone.
Now on with the good, Finnian is laid-back usually going with the flow of things. He is also very independent knowing when he needs help and when he doesn't. Bravery is something else he has but his bravery can be reckless most of the is also very hard working giving it his all on anything he does.

~ Even though he talks a lot, he is a keen observer. Learning from a persons body language and their choice of words he can read between the lines like no other.
~ Hacking has taught Finn many things, one of which being the importance of patience. He knows everything has a time and is willing to wait longer then most for it to happen.
~ Multilingualism, Finn speaks Spanish, English, Japanese, and Italian.

~ His twin. He would do anything for Patricia and would risk everything to protect her.
~ Swimming; large bodies of water are a big 'No No' for him. He never learned how to swim.
~ His mouth often gets him into the most trouble.

Coulrophobia- The fear of clowns || Claustrophobia- The fear of confined places || Astraphobia- The fear of thunder & lightning

Finnian has the ability of Technology Manipulation. This enables him to manipulate technology and technological constructs, computers, robots, hardware and other devices that can be termed as "technology". Manifested as a special form of electrical/telekinetic manipulation, a special form of "morphing" which allows physical interaction with machines, or even a psychic ability that allows mental interface with computer data. Also enables him to control the flow of intricate machinery and can allow him to assemble or disengage their programming at will. Can operate most technology just by touching or looking at the object.

Cracks his knuckles before he starts typing on a keyboard.
Bites at the tip of his thumb when he is in a serious conversation or is feeling anxious and worried.
His arms are almost crossed as if he is trying to cover himself.

Computers || Chess || TV shows like Adventure Time, Regular Show, & Young Justice || Research || Hacking || Patricia's Cooking || Reading || Pie || Tall Men || Flavored Water || Sleeping In || Horror Films || His twin, Patricia || Web Surfing || Fixing Old Junk

Black Coffee || Spams || Cream or Jelly-Filled Food || Shrimp {Allergic} || When people refer to his twin with 'He' || Oreo Cookies || Unnecessary Violence || Early Mornings || Lemony Foods || Being Demeaned || Underestimation || Firewalls || Water || Extremely Thin Women || Scrawny Men

Hacking || Reading || Watching Old Movies

So begins...

Finnian Andrius Carmichael's Story


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#, as written by Sonohra

Jeremiah woke up to see his campers sleeping in their beds. His bed was a double bed and in the center of the cabin. The rest were single bunk beds, lined against the walls. He got up quietly, made his bed and left the cabin. It was 6:15 am. The sun was coming up, but it was cold and brisk. Jer looked at the other cabins, and walked bare-foot to the cafeteria, where he would help the cooks prepare breakfast for the campers. Everyone was allowed to sleep in till 7. Breakfast was served at 7:30 and cleaned up by 8:30. When his morning duties were finished, he headed back to his cabin to wake everyone up.

The closest bed was Finnian's. He shook his shoulder gently and said, "Time to wake up, buddy." He moved onto James, Ross, and Arabella, and did the same before moving to his dresser and taking off his sweatpants. He knew that undressing in front of the campers was not a good idea, but he had no real choice. It was either that or go to the outhouse to change. Jeremiah never felt like it, so he always changed in the cabin. "Come on, kids. Time to wake up~"


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Amira ‘Red’ Devaroh

Amira was up by 5:35 am. Meditation passed the half an hour or so she had to kill. Even though she had been at camp for several years she did not leave the cabin until 6:00 am on the dot. Better to not piss off Jeremiah on the first day back. Dressed in black shorts, a white tank, and grey running shoes with her hair pulled up she headed out on her morning jog. She had been cutting out this path in the woods for three years now. She knew where every fallen log, every rocky ledge, and every vine infested part of the trail was. She could almost run her path with her eyes closed. She took deep even breaths as she picked up her pace, sweat beading on her forehead. She spotted her old cedar tree with a slight indent in the middle and grinned. This is where her trail got fun. About a year and a half back she had started picking up parkour...and now she incorporated it into her run every morning. She ran up the tree, using her momentum she pushed off the center indent and grabbed a branch, swung around twice Olympic style and landed on another branch. She felt it bow under her weight and sighed.

"Couldn't have gained that much..." She grumbled to herself as she shot forward jumping for another branch, then swinging from another. She loved her morning run and was fairly proud of her athletic abilities. After a half an hour of branch bouncing she landed lightly on the ground and continued on her run.

Amira only stopped her run for one thing, the relatively large creek a little further than halfway through her run. She paused long enough to wash herself down in the stream, braid her hair and catch her breath....and then she was off again. When she got to the end of her route, at the edge of camp, she started her cool down stretches.

Checking her watch she smiled. It was only 7:00 am. A new record for her.

Amira spotted Jeremiah and waved but didn't bother trying to make conversation. He was busy and she wasn't much of a talker in the her opinion, it would be a perfect world if everyone only hugged and drank coffee before 10:00 am.

Amira finished her stretches and went to her cabin. She changed into a black Godsmack v neck tee, a pair of skinny jeans and her wedge boots and headed to the kitchen. She liked to help out in making the food when she could.

"Hey guys" She called to the staff. She got a warm welcome back of hugs and pats on the back before she started making breakfast with the rest of the staff.


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Character Portrait: Jeremiah Wells Character Portrait: Noah Clarke Character Portrait: Finnian Andrius Carmichael Character Portrait: Jacelyn 'Jace' Wells Character Portrait: Arabella Esstence Character Portrait: Amira 'Red' Devaroh Character Portrait: James Stone Character Portrait: Ross Reid
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Ross Reid

With a nudge to his shoulder Ross rolled his eyes awake with large yawn, kicking off his blankets and placing them under his legs all while rubbing his eyes and cracking his knuckles. A couple of minutes passed, figuring he should get up he let out a sigh while throwing his legs off of the bed and onto the floor. Mornings were not his strong suit, a schedule wasn't either and to be on a schedule where you had to be up by 7 was just awful. Ross did a slight jump to get the blood flowing and proceeded to change, or at least to a point. He changed out of tank top and into a white baseball shirt with grey sleeves he didn't bother to change out of his red plaid pajama bottoms and slipped on an old pair of skate shoes.

Stepping outside gave him a slight chill but it was nothing too extreme. Shrugging it off he made his way to the cafeteria, there wasn't many people around that he could see but not everyone immediately goes for the where they keep the food as soon as they wake up, he may be smaller be he can pile food away. When he got to the cafeteria he tripped inside, catching onto a chair before he slowly let himself slide to the ground. "Good job Ross." he murmured getting back to his feet. Shaking his head he couldn't help but laugh at himself and with a smile on his face he grabbed an orange and sat in a chair closest to the wall with his feet up on another waiting for everything to be ready.