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Patricia Amelia Carmichael

"Be careful when your around me. You may just be seeing smoke and mirrors."

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a character in “Boot Camp for Heroes”, as played by CameraShy


Oh No! by Marina and The Diamonds || Give Me Love by Ed Sheeran || Invisible by Skylar Grey{Main Theme Song} || Teen Idle by Marina and The Diamonds || Say Something by A Great Big World || Beauty From Pain by Superchick

【Basic Knowledge】

|Full Name|
Patricia Amelia Carmichael

Trish || Amy || Thing One || Tranny || Wannabe-Woman


(MTF) Transgender

Transsexual || Heterosexual (She considers herself more this because she's an official woman now)


|Face Claim|
Holland Roden

【Fun Facts】


Patricia, at the end of the day, is known as a people person. Never one to shy away from large crowds or unfamiliar people, Trish just has this way of connecting and getting to know others. Tiny and genuinely sweet, she has never had a problem with making friends. Why would she? She's tiny and adorable and always fun to be around. Trish has always been compelled by sudden urges, to act sometimes without thinking. She likes to do what she likes to do and she does it. There are only rare moments when she gets shy and sure, maybe those impulses aren't the most thought-out plans, but she's young. Mistakes happen, you learn from them. And who does it hurt when you have a little fun in between?

The quote "big things come in small packages" never ran so true until the day diminutive Patricia was born. Vibrant and full of life, it is never a dull day in Patricia's world. If she isn't having some 'shipping' argument with a fandom member, or singing along to her favorite Disney movie, she is doing something - anything - that requires her to be on her feet. Patricia needs to be moving or needs to be entertained. Trish likes happiness, adventure, and maybe even a little hint of danger in her life. It keeps the blood pumping and if you're down for it, then you are more than invited. A girl with a big heart, Patricia loves easily and deeply. She cares for people's well-being even when she's screaming at them and would come to the rescue of any of her friends or family, despite how small she is.

And if she can come across as a cocky little brat, then so be it. With a style that is hard to emulate and a silver-laced tongue itching to spew out some lewd commentary or flirty words, Patricia has no shame in celebrating her beauty and attractiveness. In fact, she makes it a habit of checking herself out in the mirror in case no one else does. She has always been like that. She needs to be. If she focused on the insecurities, then a part of her would start concentrating on her feelings of displacement. Despite the confidence she exudes, Trish never wants to admit how lonely she truly is without the presence of her father. She hates the thought of being alone, so she surrounds herself with as many companions as she can, even when they sometimes end up disappointing her. Again, she doesn't want to focus on negatives. Life is too short for that.

~ While she has learned to cook pretty decently, her true skill set is in baking from scratch. She is known for her love of eating and baking cupcakes.
~ Trish has an Photographic memory which comes in handy most of the time.
~ Optimistic. In the worst situation she tries to stay positive and calm others.

~ Her own morals.
~ Scatter-brained in every way one could imagine. She immediately forget things, puts them off, gets distracted, etc. She's an intelligent person, just doesn't always have control over her mind.
~ Overly critical of herself. Although she rarely ever shows it, inside she tends to be pretty harsh and always wants to do more.

Agateophobia- The fear of insanity || Monophobia- The fear of being alone || Dishabiliophobia- The fear of undressing in front of someone

Patricia has the ability of Illusion Manipulation. This enables her to do a number of things. None of which she can control yet. Patricia's abilities enable her to cause what people see, hear, touch, smell and/or taste things which do not actually exist or cause them to perceive things differently from what they truly are. People with advanced knowledge of the power can create complex and detailed worlds, while others may be able to only alter the way they or the target are perceived. Being new to the ability, she gets terrible migraines when her powers are used, and if her powers are strained, she will black out.

Separating her food, certain things cannot touch and it disturbs her when they do.
Combs hand through hair often, especially when nervous.
Bites lip when attracted to someone or showing some interest in them.

Cherries || All kinds of Music || Cereal || Intelligence || Literature || TV shows like Criminal Minds, Supernatural and The Big Bang Theory || Disney Movies || Italian food || The color green and all of its shades || Tall Men || Sleeping in || Rainy Days || Strawberry Shortcake || Granola Bars

Being Alone || Blood || Hospitals || Early Mornings || Incessant chatter || Lack of devotion || Waiting || Her Mother || Arguing || Dancing in front of others || Liquid Medicine || Bad Hair Days || Birds || Spicy food || When people refer to her with 'He' || Being restricted

Quilting || Making home movies for memories || Badminton || Yoga

So begins...

Patricia Amelia Carmichael's Story


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Amira ‘Red’ Devaroh

Amira was up by 5:35 am. Meditation passed the half an hour or so she had to kill. Even though she had been at camp for several years she did not leave the cabin until 6:00 am on the dot. Better to not piss off Jeremiah on the first day back. Dressed in black shorts, a white tank, and grey running shoes with her hair pulled up she headed out on her morning jog. She had been cutting out this path in the woods for three years now. She knew where every fallen log, every rocky ledge, and every vine infested part of the trail was. She could almost run her path with her eyes closed. She took deep even breaths as she picked up her pace, sweat beading on her forehead. She spotted her old cedar tree with a slight indent in the middle and grinned. This is where her trail got fun. About a year and a half back she had started picking up parkour...and now she incorporated it into her run every morning. She ran up the tree, using her momentum she pushed off the center indent and grabbed a branch, swung around twice Olympic style and landed on another branch. She felt it bow under her weight and sighed.

"Couldn't have gained that much..." She grumbled to herself as she shot forward jumping for another branch, then swinging from another. She loved her morning run and was fairly proud of her athletic abilities. After a half an hour of branch bouncing she landed lightly on the ground and continued on her run.

Amira only stopped her run for one thing, the relatively large creek a little further than halfway through her run. She paused long enough to wash herself down in the stream, braid her hair and catch her breath....and then she was off again. When she got to the end of her route, at the edge of camp, she started her cool down stretches.

Checking her watch she smiled. It was only 7:00 am. A new record for her.

Amira spotted Jeremiah and waved but didn't bother trying to make conversation. He was busy and she wasn't much of a talker in the her opinion, it would be a perfect world if everyone only hugged and drank coffee before 10:00 am.

Amira finished her stretches and went to her cabin. She changed into a black Godsmack v neck tee, a pair of skinny jeans and her wedge boots and headed to the kitchen. She liked to help out in making the food when she could.

"Hey guys" She called to the staff. She got a warm welcome back of hugs and pats on the back before she started making breakfast with the rest of the staff.


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Victor Artoras

Every night it was the same dream; he was already well into the vault, sticking to the shadows and minding his cover. Just ahead of him was the briefcase with the codes, the only reason he was this far into the job in this god forsaken desert facility. He just had to cross the ten feet ahead of him, grab the case, and jump out and into the night. He'd be paid, whatever plan the crazy cape he got the job from would be able to be put into motion, and the suits would be the ones to sort it out. That's when the world around him exploded into light and sound, and he woke up. Every night, Victor had to relive the last time he'd failed, and every morning he woke up in a cold sweat, swearing quietly and forcing himself to calm down. His phone buzzed it's own staccato rhythm next to his head in an attempt to rouse him before it got too bright outside, the clock flashing at him the time. "Christ, it's 6:45. Fifteen minutes this damn thing has been going off, and I've been off in my own psyche trying for that damn briefcase. I suppose I ought to get out of bed and get actually dressed." Victor thought idly, tapping out a pattern on the face of his phone and sitting up.

He rose from his bed in the center of the room, glancing around at the bunks without really seeing anything, and got dressed. Victor stared at his bed for a bit longer than necessary, debating making the bed before deciding it wasn't really worth it, and grabbed his essentials from his pack: wallet, sunglasses, lighter, and a fresh pack of cigarettes. Turning sharply on his heel and putting the sunglasses over his eyes, Victor stepped into a dark corner of the cabin and emerged just outside the bathroom on the other side of the camp, lighting a cigarette and taking a few puffs off of it. He stepped inside and took a long look at himself in the mirror, adjusting his hair and fussing with the collar of his jacket. Satisfied, Victor stepped out of the bathroom, into the darkened spot he emerged from, and out of a similarly dark area just outside of the cafeteria. He walked over to a picnic table somewhat in the shade and sat down, staring out across the camp blankly, not really registering anyone or anything moving across his field of view.