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Border Between Game and Reality

Border Between Game and Reality


While in Earth there is peace... In another world, created by humans, there is... WAR. The key for survival is knowing... who your TRUE enemy is.

766 readers have visited Border Between Game and Reality since yamada created it.


This is a mix of code lyoko, .hack, angelic layer, and virtua quest, but also entirely different. Hope you'll like it!
Also, don't be surprised by the length of this introduction ^^'

The world of gaming... once in the past, you were all alone in the game, against computers of all kinds. Then, the invention of Multiplayer came, and connected players inside the game, against the game or against themselves. Now, with creativity is at its best, virtual Reality Multiplayer Games are here. The first, and most successful VRMG, is where this roleplay is based.
The game is called Eternita, and it acts like a second world, except for a few changes. The first thing you'll notice is, that the players' form in real life, and their form in the game, are totally different. Actually, the players can decide their own look at the game, including hairstyle, height, etc. What they don't decide, is a gadget which is attached to their arm, receiving messages from other players, and even video chat in real time. The players can decide its color though.
The creator of the game, known as "O" in the game, created the game not only as a basic roleplaying game with dungeons, but also as a meeting place to hang out, and meet new friends. He also tried his best to include a large variation of places, in several themes.
(Why "O"? 2 reasons for that. one of them is, that O sometimes means 0, and he is actually player number 0 in the game. The other reason is, that "Ou" in Japanese means "King", and he is the king of the game.)
The places in Eternita:

New Age city - This city is the main city in Eternita, known for the 4 skyscrapers in its center. The first 3 skyscrapers are the guilds' houses (See the guilds below for explanation), which are equal in height, and the 4th skyscraper is the administration tower, which is a bit higher than the other ones. The spawn point (Where everybody starts when they log in) is right outside the Administration Tower. Also, there is a battle arena not far from the Admin Tower, where people who enjoy the battles in this game can go against other players. Fights can range from 1x1 to 6x6 . If you are defeated and "killed", you will respawn in New age city, and won't be able to get out of New age city for the next half an hour, but it doesn't effect any other things in the game. as the name of the city suggests, this city looks futuristic.

Forest of secrets - This forest is about 10 minutes walking south of New Age city, and its known for a secret place which is found deep within it. There are a few monsters with average strength, but overall, its a nice place to take a walk on, because it has a calming environment.

Sea of faith - Located west of 2 places above, THIS ocean can be quiet one day, and can suddenly be with waves of 3 meters the next day. If you are planning to visit the beach, you need to have faith in this sea to be calm in that specific day... Or you could be swallowed by the waves while walking in the sand, and get killed by nothing.

North of New age city, there are lots of snowy mountains. They have no name whatsoever, but they're shaped like a target - the short ones are farther away from the center of the area, and the tallest mountain is directly in the center. The last player who traveled there is the one who found the maze inside it (see below), but returned to New Age city after that to tell what he found.

In the same area of the mountains, there is a mansion which looks like 2 identical mansions which got fused together, but one of the mansions is upside-down. Inside, there said to be a maze where the ceiling counts as path too, as if there wasn't any gravity. No one found what's in the end of the maze, or what it actually is for. surprisingly, no monsters are in there.

For the scary stories lovers, theres a ghost town east of New age city. Pretty far away from it, but rumored to really have ghosts in it. The monsters you'll find there are strong, and are for the good fighters among us. Why only strong monsters? The game creator said that "The ghosts killed the weak monsters, and possessed the strong monsters".

There are many other cities and towns in the game, but some of them are controlled by one of the three guilds. Here is a list SOME of them, their location, and who controls them:

Serpes - south west of the Forest of secrets, pretty close to the Sea of faith. controlled by Hikari.
Eclipse - south east of the Forest of secrets, in a desert kinda far away. Eclipses tend to happen more often there. Controlled by Uraia.
Border city - Located near the ghost town (Not too near though...), This town has a gap (Teleporter) which leads to somewhere near New age city. All the guilds want this place for themselves, so there is a fierce battle there veery often, and its not controlled by anyone.
Despera - Located near Eclipse, north west of it, and it looks like a wild west town... including the monster bulls. Hikari doesn't want this city, and Uraia... has a little problem with the bulls (Their cloths are red), so Rasca took the cake.
Eien - Located east of the snowy mountains. From above, it looks like a city with walls in the shape of an infinity sign, but from the ground, this city has 2 walled sections - the west one, and the east one. Once someone entered the west side, he can't go to the east side, except by leaving through the west entrance, then entering through the east entrance. It appears that this city isn't controlled by any guild.

There are 3 guilds in this game. Although players cannot build their own guild, they can join one of the guilds at any time they want. The guilds are: Rasca, Uraia, and Hikari.

Symbol: The purple condor
Leader (Name in game): Raven

Symbol: The red spider
Leader (Name in game): Shade

Symbol: The blue angel
Leader (Name in game): Aqua

(Raven and Aqua are girls, and Shade is a boy.)
The guilds have huge wars between themselves very often, mainly for dominance, but no one wants to interrupt them, because going against a guild means a 100% failure rate, and forming a group only means joining the fight themselves... The good side in those 3 guilds is, that inside the guild, except being a soldier, new bonds and friendships can be made.
Each guild has a big secret, which only the Leader of each guild knows, and the game creator, who is also connected to the secret. Even the guilds' most advanced members after the leaders don't know the secret.

The game may seem attractive, but it too, like its guilds, has a big secret. Something which may be connected is, that the more time you were logged in, the more tired you will be after you log out. Another thing is, that there are energy barriers in some places in the game, preventing the players from going into some kind of restricted areas. These barriers are guarded by robots, and this gets a little suspicious over time. It is said that these guards can deactivate the barriers somehow.

-So, what happens OUTSIDE the game?

You're a student, and school is OUTSIDE the game, and assuming you are not the type to log in to the game early in the morning, Afternoon to the night is your only log in time... if I'm wrong, tell me, but it makes sense...
Also, you might have classmates who play the game, and you may want to talk about what happened in the game in the next school day...

So basically, there are TWO TIME PERIODS - SCHOOL, AND GAME, and you shouldn't underestimate any of these.

What SHOULD be in your character's data is:

Name: (All kinds of names go for me, don't take the guild names or the guild leaders' names as an example for anything...)
Age: (Between 10 and 17)
Name in game: (This name doesn't need a last name.)
Appearance in game: (As I said, its different from the regular appearance.)
Guild you're in: (If any.)
Weapon: (All are accepted except shotguns and stuff like that.)
Also, optional, but if you can, your character's theme music: (well, instrumental music will work better for me, but whatever you put there is fine. As I said, optional.)

IMPORTANT NOTE! "O" is not playable right now, so dont even BOTHER to make a character out of him...

After you're all set... LOOOOOOOOOOG IIIIIIIIIIIN!

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As Zerex began to stumble backwards he quickly dug his scythe into the ground stopping him from falling backwards. He then grabbed her by the foot and stepped on one of the wheels. He then swung at her but gave her enough time to swing at him making it a draw. When they were at the respawn point, Zerex walked over to her and offered a hand to shake. "Good fight" he said smiling at her.


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#, as written by yamada
[Rasca's tower, Raven's room]
"That Zerex continues to interrupt me... I will "Reward" him in the same coin... or should I say... Restrain unit, hehehe... Looks like I will have to do it personally, as you said, my dear Inistar..."

Raven walked out of the room, and towards the colosseum.

[The colosseum]
"Tch... because of that Zerex, I failed my mission..."

Suddenly, a voice from above came from the royal seats. "Don't you worry about that, you did the best you could... Now I have to do this personally... hm? A guild member... "Dividend", it is? Too bad you came too late for that... In second thought, you can be my bodyguard together with that knight when I talk to Inistar privately..." Raven turned her head towards Inistar. "As you called me, I came here! I, Raven, the leader of Rasca, would like to talk to you privately! Zerex! hear me now! You did what you thought is best for Inistar, and for that, I shall reward you! After the conversation that is..."
Raven jumped from the royal seats, and Landed safely using her pitch-black wings.

"Now, shall we go to somewhere private, Inistar?"


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#, as written by 360Tan
(I don't think you could dig into the ground but whatever)


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(I don't know what you quite mean by that but I don't see why I cant put my blade into the ground and stop myself from falling backwards)


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#, as written by yamada
(The battle field in the technologically advanced colosseum is like the field of Angelic Layer -
The somewhat shining floor is tough, so the sychte could only scratch the floor.
If you agree, I change the result of the fight since Zerex DID fall... but the fight was interrupted by Raven. I'll continue the story.)

"Well, that can't be helped I guess..." Rayo said to his now companion in bodyguarding, guarding a door to an inner part of the colosseum. "Wait... you wanna listen to their conversation there? I do..." He said while putting his ear to the door.

At the other side of that door, Raven and Inistar were alone.
"I have some questions for you to answer. I won't be satisfied unless you answer them... The first one is: For what purpose you play this game? I don't see enjoyment in any of the fights, nor any other emotions, as if you're a ghost, and you rarely even leave the colosseum... So... for what purpose... you are here, if not... to enjoy?" Raven's face was completely serious this time, rather than her regular mysterious smile.

'Does she REALLY have a beast in her, just waiting to be shaped...?'

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Eternita by yamada


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Allison Luki (Mei)

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The boy is 15 years old, and in the virtual world... he means business.

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Completely average school girl by day, badass fighter by night...err, afternoon.


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Re: [OOC] Border between game and reality

Tan... believe it or not, but this is EXACTLY what it does -

It teleports the one its attached to to Rasca's "jail" by force, 3 seconds after its activated.
It was originally meant to capture some b******s and b****es trying to mess up with the game, but looks like Raven is using it for her own purposes...

If you are saying its not possible, what would you think about whats to come I don't know...
But what's sure: Raven wants to talk to Inistar PRIVATELY.

And at Xiphonii's post:

I fixed my latest post to your post ( ;) ), but that draw with Inistar makes it difficult to build up...

The first solution is Inistar and Zerex returning to the colosseum then our posts will connect.

The next solution is that with the draw, no one will go anywhere to respawn, and will remain in the colosseum.

The final solution is for the fight to actually be interrupted by Raven.

Oh, and Pride, you wanted to know how is this like code Lyoko?
[Phoenix wright: TAKE THAT!]

The players got no level, and all depends on their special design and fighting skills, like in Lyoko.

As I said, there are energy towers like lyoko in the game, although they are surrounded by guarded barriers...

Also, COLOSSUS!!!!!!!! Coming soon enough.

Also, guys, I have collected music for you, if ----> I <---- were to choose them:

Inistar: Heartfelt fancy , because its rock with a hint of cute in it, like Inistar's shell...

Dancer, you... Bad Apple!! (well, you're not really a bad apple, but this theme is dancing thats for sure... and lol Zerex doesn't get this theme, you do.)

Zerex: The unavoidable battle ... Yea... it just fits him in my head.

Did I make the right decision?

Re: [OOC] Border between game and reality

umm. question :D

What exactly does said chip do.... It can't just transport me to Rasca.... and somewhat illegal in games prolly but whatev XD

Re: [OOC] Border between game and reality

Oh, you're in Rasca... You know, the name Raven is based on the guild name Rasca, not the opposite, so calling it Raven-y would sound weird to me... but I laughed at this too, don't get the feeling its a grave mistake... but the name is Rasca.

Summary from me, funny style:

We got passed the school period, that you can see in the early posts of THIS OOC.

Poor Elrenpride's character, who I forgot the name now, got a detention with 17 worksheets, finished them 5 minutes after they were given to him, and apparently bored the teacher to des XD (4kids [4suckers] don't allow "death"!)

In game time period, Rayo walked around the streets of New Age city for a bit, then entered the colosseum, where he saw Inistar (codename: the emo) 's last move in her battle against someone I don't know (NCC = non-character character?), and basically kicked his ass. He looked at the "ROYAL SEATS", which were regularly empty, and for his surprise, he found Rasca's leader, Raven, looking at Inistar. He tried to get away walking, but not far from the entrance of the colosseum, Raven caught him for a talk from behind. The conversation was like this:

Raven: "I need you to get Inistar summoned to me for a talk. Here, have this, its a Rasca Restrain unit, and what it does is, when activated and placed on a player, it will summon him/her to me, surrounded by a shield, so that person won't be able to hurt me. your mission is to get that placed on Inistar. got it?"

Rayo: "Uuuuuuuuh... sure..."

Zerex, which is Elrenpride's character, heard that conversation (OMG!!!!!!!!!!!), and decided to tell it to Inistar.
Zerex really did run into the colosseum, jumped above the rail, and got into the battle arena, which Inistar was in. The comentator thought it was another battle, but after that, Zerex held his Sychte devensively, and told her the whole story.

Luckily for Rayo, Zerex didn't mention names, so he just waited in the croud, and when Inistar turned her back to him... BANG........ and the results of that bang arent here yet XD.


...oh, was it long? sorry~ :3

Re: [OOC] Border between game and reality

Um...according to my bio I'm part of the raven-y guild, so sure. Can I get a quick summary of what's happened so far?

Re: [OOC] Border between game and reality

SHOT?!?!?!?!?!?! you mean it crashed or what? I don't like the sound of that "shot"...
Sorry for counting you as a "slacker", you see, my definition of "slacker" is someone who creates a character in a roleplay, and doesn't post in it. Also seems to depend on the last visit somehow.

OK, if you find a way to get in the story, go ahead.

My thoughts: Awesome by analysis, huh... maybe you could analyze Inistar or what? *thinks too hard* Ok, do whatever you see fit, I already got smoke coming out of my head...

so, 4 active, one of them revived from slacker position, 1 person who was once active, but died to slacking, and one complete slacker. THIS IS MY JUDGEMENT! (<-- STILL kidding)

Oh, and tell me one thing: Do you want to participate in the guild wars? or you want to join a guild inside a post? I wanna know~

Re: [OOC] Border between game and reality

Alright, I'm back. Sorry guys, comp was shot. That makes 4 active, right?

Re: [OOC] Border between game and reality

Now, when I know you're not just slacking off, we can proceed. too bad were 3 active out of 6 total. 3 slackers there are... And you know what's also too bad? That I can't be online with you because you're online only at 3 AM my time or such. I'm sleeping in such hours ^^'

Ok owatan, it all depends on you (r character) , if you (Inistar) accept Raven's "shady" invitation for a "talk" (or maybe not only?), or decline it, and "foil the evil plan!!" ... or maybe not evil? but its shady non the less. Just notice, that Raven is only USING Rayo for her plans, Rayo is just a pawn.

& lol at "Rasca scum" ^^

Just note that I only said what is already given, that Raven's invitation is shady, and "Rasca scum" not only plans on talking... maybe ^^. What you think inside your head is kinda none of my business, but I messed with it now, didn't I? kinda? ^^

In case you didn't see through it already, Rayo's weapon is a big sword (But still can be one handed).

Also, Tan... Raven's not there, when she left from the conversation with Rayo, she went to her guild's tower, waiting for Inistar to get there... for their "talk"... She isn't in the colosseum.

Re: [OOC] Border between game and reality

posted has happened before I had a chance. and FIRST PVP, I look forward to it...though even with me running on 75%... a scythe is at a VERY BAD disadvantage when it comes to earth and fire wheels. All I have to do is get inside your reach and it's over.

Re: [OOC] Border between game and reality

Ayayayayaaaa... Look at the situation:

*The last post is mine, so its not a good idea to double post

*I started something with my last post

*I thought everyone just slacks off, but... Everyone just WAITS for someone to post.
What I say to all of you: DON'T WAIT! Tan, if you have an idea, DON'T HESITATE JUST POST!

Note: I changed Raven's look because I found a better picture... Not just better, but it fits better to my plans.

Re: [OOC] Border between game and reality

It's alright Tan...I can wait...

Re: [OOC] Border between game and reality

SOMEONE, ANYONE POST....I'll post later if no one has.. I has an ideas :D

to busy now though XD

Re: [OOC] Border between game and reality

-speech deleted-
Agreed. 100%.

Re: [OOC] Border between game and reality

Someone really needs to post...

Re: [OOC] Border between game and reality

Oh well, if you want Megatanks, I may add them at a later point, but what I CAN tell is, that what will be there is... THE COLOSSUS... AND MORE THAN ONE OF THEM.

Now go, my faithful posters! Post!

Re: [OOC] Border between game and reality

Is there Code Lyoko monsters? I sort of want to slay Megatanks. :'D

Re: [OOC] Border between game and reality


When you start seeing XANA like monsters roaming the cities like hell and killing players, don't ask ME what happened...

By the way I didn't know how XANA is written until I saw it on youtube... My country calls it ZENA :S .
Oh, and I think the energy towers will be somewhere.


Air Gear is cool, with the tank boy (Buccha isn't it?), and the awesome roller blades.
.Hack ... is EPIC. Except of the repeating storyline with the twilight... But its still epic with "ZA WAAAAARUDO!!"

Oh, and I'll say it again: "TSUKASA NEEDS A HUG!!!!!!!!!" ... Plus he is cute :3 .


@your post - GJ! (oWo)b

Hm... So you're going to the quarters huuh... GJ! (oWo)b
Looks like she is based on Angelic layer... :3

@Air Gear manga
ZOMG I didn't know it stops that early O_O
So... I didn't really finish it... uuuuu...

Posts now: 10
Time period: Game



.Hack reference ahead!


Re: [OOC] Border between game and reality

WAIT, STOP AZLYNN *shakes violently*

What are you doing watching Air Gear, BAKA!!!
Don't you know the anime cuts off like at a 7th of the way through, YOU MUST READ THE MANGA >.<

Re: [OOC] Border between game and reality

Haha, sorry I haven't responded to here, I've been off doing stuff xD But yeah, I usually am quick to posting my character anywhere, whether its this site, or any of the others I use. I tend to pull characters that I created long ago in my head, but never used, into action, and tweak them around some to make them fit the roleplay they're in.

And I never even started the others, I got consumed by Air Gear almost immediately after watching G.U. But if I can pry myself away from it, I may try watching some of them. My main motivation for G.U. was the main character, Haseo :3 He's so awesome in many ways.

Re: [OOC] Border between game and reality

May I ask, how is this rp like Code Lyoko? just wondering.