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A roleplay based on the story of a number of vault hunters as they endeavor on their quest to find "The Vault." A mythical place that is said to be the jackpot for the VaultHunters of Pandora.

658 readers have visited Borderlands since U R S I D A E- created it.


Planet Pandora is a sparsely populated wasteland where the rule of law gets rewritten daily in the smoke of the last gun battle. Civilization consists of small outposts on the fringe of human influence, in an area called The Borderlands. Pandora's one tourist attraction is a mythical vault packed with fantastic riches, supposedly stashed eons ago somewhere by an advanced alien culture.
Fortune hunters, corrupt corporate mercenaries and lowlife bandits roam the landscape, searching under every grain of sand for the treasure. Since most intelligent life on Pandora has the occupation of Vault Hunter, society has gone to hell--making the outpost and outback areas damn dangerous. And with hundreds of thousands of weapons at their trigger fingertips, why talk things over when machine gun fire settles disagreements much more effectively.
Think you can find The Vault? Maybe go it alone? You bet you're tough enough. . .Keep all that loot for yourself. . Or bring in a few allies to watch your back. Cooperation could be vastly profitable and it's wise not to be the only item on the menu when a pack of starving skrags breaks loose.
You ready to risk it all? Whether you're a gun crazy Soldier , an eagle eye Hunter , a power wielding Siren , or a fist throwing Berserker, the real quest is freeing the formidable powers within yourself. Every firefight makes you stronger. Every successful mission pushes your deadly skills toward the next level. The conquest of The Vault is about to unfold and with it--your story.

Toggle Rules

[Vault Hunter's Rulebook]
1 Cardio - keep the RP going , you'll enjoy it more lol
2 Double Tap - make it as fun for others as you would it like for it to be for you
3 Public Bathrooms - try to keep me & other RP'ers up to date on your posting schedule
4 Limber Up - be able to keep up with the RP's no matter the speed of posting
5 Oh God - No Godmodding , this is a skill based RPG
6 Dont Be A Hog - share things you find with others in your team
7 Enjoy The Little Things - take heed of every small or big quest i dish out
8 No Skimmin' - actually take time to read this & other posts
9 Questionnaire - don't be afraid to PM if you have any questions

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Re: [OOC] B O R D E R L A N D S [x]

Well, I was wondering if our characters had to adhere to any of the written classes you have here. As much as I liked the Borderlands game, I hope that an RP of it could grant a little more leeway with characterization.

Re: [OOC] B O R D E R L A N D S [x]

i see a couple of people have viewed the OOC for this ! don't be afraid to jump on in guys & feel free to post on here any questions you may have .

[OOC] Borderlands

[Vault Hunter's Rulebook]
1 Cardio - keep the RP going , you'll enjoy it more lol
2 Double Tap - make it as fun for others as you would it like for it to be for you
3 Public Bathrooms - try to keep me & other RP'ers up to date on your posting schedule
4 Limber Up - be able to keep up with the RP's no matter the speed of posting
5 Oh God - No Godmodding , this is a skill based RPG
6 Dont Be A Hog - share things you find with others in your team
7 Enjoy The Little Things - take heed of every small or big quest i dish out
8 No Skimmin' - actually take time to read this & other posts
9 Questionnaire - don't be afraid to PM if you have any questions

Character Classes

Hunter-Hunters usually have an animal of prey as a sidekick that follow them into battle. Most of the time, this class ends up being a sniper rifle master favoring a powerful handgun as a secondary.
28% - +60% Corrosion Damage
0 - +4 Deadly Skill
0 - +4 Lethal Skill
0 - +4 Killer Skill
0% - +89% Corrosive Resistance
0% - +27% Corrosive Elemental Effect Chance
54% - +96% Pistol Fire Rate
0 - +4 Deadly Skill
0 - +4 Loaded Skill
0 - +4 Relentless Skill
0 - +23 Pistol Ammo Regeneration
0% - +78% Pistol Accuracy
28% - +56% Sniper Rifle Damage
0 - +4 Aerial Impact Skill
0 - +4 Swift Strike Skill
0 - +3 Out For Blood Skill
0% - +44% Action Skill Cooldown
0% - +2 Scavenge Extra Items
28% - +56% Team Accuracy
0 - +4 Predator Skill
0 - +4 Animal of Prey Skill
0 - +4 Focus Skill
0% - +78% Team Critical Hit Damage
0% - +66% Team Accuracy Recovery
2 - +3 Team Scavenge Extra Items
0 - +4 Swipe Skill
0 - +4 Ransack Skill
0 - +4 Out for Blood Skill
0 - +2 Team Find Rare Items
0 - +10 Team Health Regeneration
15% - +95% Sniper Rifle Critical Hit Damage
0 - +4 Focus Skill
0 - +4 Caliber Skill
0 - +4 Animal Call Skill
0% - +85% Sniper Rifle Accuracy
0 - +19 Sniper Rifle Ammo Regeneration
2 - +15 Team Health Regeneration
0 - +4 Fast Hands Skill
0 - +4 Riotous Remedy Skill
0 - +4 Remedy Skill
0 - +4 Swipe Skill
0% - 63% Team Reload Speed
0% - 31% Team Damage
Soldier-Soldiers are most likely former Crimson Lance mercenary, able to launch Scorpio Turret, a weapon that attacks automatically while shielding the soldier & his teammates. Assault Rifles & Shotguns are their choice in weapons being that it's the standard issue as well [LOL]
0% - +64% Shotgun Damage
0% - +75% Shotgun Fire Rate
0 - +4 Scattershot Skill
0 - +4 Defense Skill
0 - +4 Quick Charge Skill
0- +19 Shotgun Ammo Regeneration
-Heavy Gunner[Soldier]
0% - +75% Weapon Magazine Size
0 - +4 Impact Skill
0 - +4 Overload Skill
0 - +4 Metal Storm Skill
0% - +39% Weapon Damage
0% - +60% Weapon Fire Rate
0% - +24% Team Extra Experience
0 - +4 Deploy Skill
0 - +4 Grit Skill
0 - +4 Defense Skill
0% - -26% Team Recharge Delay
0% - +20% Team Recoil Reduction
0% - +42% Assault Rifle Damage
0 - +4 Assault Skill
0 - +4 Overload Skill
0 - +4 Impact Skill
0 - +15 Assault Rifle Ammo Regeneration
0% - +180% Assault Rifle Recoil Reduction
-Shock Trooper[Soldier]
36% - +56% Electrocution Damage
0 - +4 Fitness Skill
0 - +4 Grenadier Skill
0 - +4 Refire Skill
0% - +78% Shock Chance Resistance
0% - +33% Elemental Effect Chance
-Support Gunner[Soldier]
1 - +20 Team Ammo Regeneration
0 - +4 Stockpile Skill
0 - +4 Impact Skill
0 - +4 Barrage Skill
0% - +39% Team Magazine Size
0% - +52% Team Accuracy
1 - +20 Team Shield Regeneration
0 - +4 Defense Skill
0 - +4 Aid Station
0 - +4 Quick Charge Skill
0 - +5 Team Health Regeneration
Siren-Sirens posses the skill to Phasewalk or become invisible & move at extremely fast speeds. These characters prefer gun firing incendiary, shock and corrosive rounds.
16% - 36% Team Cooldown Reduction
0 - +4 Phoenix Skill
0 - +4 Girl Power Skill
0 - +4 Intuition Skill
0 - +2 Team Find Rare Items
0 - +20 Team Shield Regeneration
18% - +42% Team Shield Capacity
0 - +4 Resilience Skill
0 - +4 Diva Skill
0 - +4 Inner Glow Skill
0% - +36% Team Ignite Resistance
0% - +33% Team Corrosive Resistance
28% - +56% Ignite Damage
0 - +4 Spark Skill
0 - +4 Phoenix Skill
0 - +4 Diva Skill
0% - +36% Elemental Effect Chance
0% - +78% Ignite Resistance
24% - +56% SMG Damage
0 - +4 Quicksilver Skill
0 - +4 High Velocity Skill
0 - +4 Girl Power Skill
0% - +39% SMG Elemental Effect Chance
0 - +23 SMG Ammo Regeneration
32% - +56% Corrode Damage
0 - +4 Venom Skill
0 - +4 Inner Glow Skill
0 - +4 Mind Games Skill
0% - +36% Corrosive Elemental Effect Chance
0% - +78% Corrosive Resistance
28% - +56% Electrocution Damage
0 - +4 Radiance Skill
0 - +4 Slayer Skill
0 - +4 Silent Resolve Skill
0% - +78% Shock Chance Resistance
0% - Elemental Effect Chance
24% - +42% Team Elemental Effect Chance
0 - +4 Spark Skill
0 - +4 Radiance Skill
0 - +4 Striking Skill
0% - +39% Team Elemental Effect Damage
0% - +19% Team Damage
Berserker-These characters annihilate adversaries with his fists while in an almost indestructible rage state. When not pulverizing enemies by hand, these characters fight using HUGE explosive weaponry.
48% - +84% Melee Damage
0 - +4 Endless Rage Skill
0 - +4 Heavy Handed Skill
0 - +4 Blood Sport Skill
0% - +44% Maximum Health
0% - -36% Bullet Damage Resistance
0 - +10 Team Health Regeneration
-Blast Master[Berserker]
28% - +60% Explosive Impact Damage
0 - +4 Liquidate Skill
0 - +4 Revenge Skill
0 - +4 Master Blaster Skill
0% - +39% Elemental Effect Chance
24% - +42% Launcher Reload Speed
0 - +4 Endowed Skill
0 - +4 Rapid Reload Skill
0 - +4 Wide Reload Skill
0 - +19 Launcher Ammo Regeneration
0% - +52% Launcher Fire Rate
24% - +56% Team Maximum Health
0 - +4 Safeguard Skill
0 - +4 Hardened Skill
0 - +4 Die Hard Skill
0 - +5 Team Health Regeneration
0 - +39 Magazine Size
32% - +56% Team Melee Damage
0 - +4 Short Fuse Skill
0 - +4 Sting Like A Bee Skill
0 - +4 Bash Skill
0% - +39% Team Maximum Health
0% - -52% Team Melee Damage Resistance
36% - +52% Maximum Health
0 - +3 Juggernaut Skill
0 - +3 Unbreakable Skill
0 - +4 Safeguard Skill
0 - +2 Health Regeneration
0% - +50% Shield Energy
18% - +30% Team Damage
0 - +4 Payback Skill
0 - +4 Hardened Skill
0 - +4 Revenge Skill
0% - +33% Team Grenade Damage
0% - +30% Team Melee Damage
*weapons are classified by their type, manufacturer & rarity

Damage: Low-Medium
Accuracy: 45-100
Rate of Fire: 3-20
Ammo per Clip: 12-70
Damage: High
Accuracy: 45-100
Rate of Fire: 0.3-3
Ammo per Clip: 2-6
Damage: High
Accuracy: 0-70
Rate of Fire: 0.3-3
Ammo per Clip: 2-12
-Sub-Machine Guns
Damage: Low-Medium
Accuracy: 50-95
Rate of Fire: 3-20
Ammo per Clip: 12-70
-Assault Rifles
Damage: Medium-High
Accuracy: 50-95
Rate of Fire: 3-20
Ammo per Clip: 6-70
-Sniper Rifles
Damage: High
Accuracy: 80-100
Rate of Fire: 0.3-3
Ammo per Clip: 2-8
-Rocket Launchers
Damage: High
Accuracy: 50-95
Rate of Fire: 0.3-3
Ammo per Clip: 1-3
-Eridian Weapons
Damage: Medium-High
Accuracy: 70-90
Rate of Fire: 0.6-2
Ammo per Clip: 2-5 shots [then must recharge for a quick second]
Very good accuracy, rate of fire, low recoil & great power
Less recoil than others with great power
Alien weapons with high shock damage and unlimited ammo
High accuracy & usually comes equipped with a scope
Extremely high damage
Almost always have some type of elemental effect
-S&S Munitions
Come with large magazines
Lightweight & quickly reloaded
All around weapons with a balance of accuracy, ammo capacity, and power
High rate of fire & ammo count

Bandits-hostile humans that have inhabited Pandora. They will kill anyone and anything in order to obtain equipment, food, and fuel. They are very similar to the Raiders in the Mad Max series, and stereotypical post-apocalypse ruffians. A bandit Psycho appears on the cover of Borderlands. The majority of the bandits were actually convicts used to mine the planet Pandora as cheap labor. When the planet was found to contain no valuable resources they were simply left behind. Although not very powerful, bandits tend to be encountered in groups. They are known to be fond of roaming the game world in vehicles. They sometimes wield quite powerful weaponry, as well as Shields, thus making them potentially very dangerous
-Skag-Quadrupeds with large front legs. They have powerful front claws and a large mouth that opens vertically. Armored plates cover much of its back and head. Skags move through a mix of a gallop and a hop, drooling all the while. Skags, as well as coming in a variety of sizes and colours, can also gain elemental effects that result in a different appearance (Fire Skags have a flaming back, Corrosive skags glow green)
-Rakks-Flying creature with a razor-sharp beak and talons and a stinger on its tail. Like all creatures, rakks have elemental properties and will often try to bomb you with their element as well as dive.
-Scythids-large, insect-like creatures that dig from the ground and attack in groups. They have wings that allow them to hover short distances. They come in a large array of sizes and types, from the small and annoying scythid crawler to the giant scythids. They will often attack vehicles and can pose a danger when massed.
Scythid Crawlers are very small scythids. They will emit a high-pitched noise (akin to a kitten mewing) and leap at the player, and can be difficult to spot due to their size and constant leaping. Shotguns are effective for dealing with them and they have very little health, so they often die in one shot. You can also use melee attacks, especially if your character is Brick (Though there is no need to waste berserk unless there are other enemies around.)
Desert Scythids are like scarab beetles, they have a dark shell and can hover around for a few seconds. It is easiest to kill them with a burst of automatic fire, a shotgun blast, or a well-placed melee attack.
Bursting Scythids are big and bloated scythids, they get close to the player and attack. They have very little health and explode when killed, damaging the player if they are too close. These are also a hazard when driving, since their explosion will deal damage to a vehicle if they are run over.
Giant Scythids act like most other scythids but are bigger and stronger. The easiest way to kill them is with a vehicle but gunfire/grenades/skills will also work just as well.
-Spiderants-arachnid like enemies, that attack in small groups, comprised out of weaker variations, led by a low number of stronger representatives of the species. All of them have frontal head and leg armor and are susceptible to critical hits on their abdomen.